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Sunday, February 10, 2013

News on Ex-Cop Chris Dorner

Ex-cop/former marine CHRISTOPHER DORNER/BLACK TERMINATOR clips three people, including LAPD pig - massive manhunt ensues!
UPDATE - Feb. 12th 2013: Hard to tell whether this shit is even real, since the AUTHORITIES are the ones providing the "details". But it's been reported that Hero Dorner is engaged in a shoot-out with police Gestapo! More later once this becomes verified. UPDATE - Feb. 12th 2013 6:14pm: Dorneris said to be hold up in a cabin and engaged in a fire-fight with cops in Big Bear,CA. No confirmation at this immediate time as to whether Dorner is alive, dead, or even if his where-abouts are known. Well this may not end well for Hero Dorner and we're all prepared for that. But i just hope he takes out as many of these bastard-ass pigs as he possibly can! Regardless, millions of people are in solidarity with him! He's already achieved immortality!