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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Gruesme Murder of Aaron Campbell - 4 Yrs Ago

Four years ago on, Aaron M. Campbell was murdered by Portland Police Gestapo (PPG) just outside the front door of his apt.

January 29th 2010 marks the 4-year anniversary of the murder of Aaron M. Campbell at the bloody hands of Portland terrorist cops. Campbell was shot in the back and left to bleed to death just beyond the front door of the Sandy Terrace apt. complex where he had lived.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pig-Monster Flips, Slaughters Whole Family/Self

Why does this shit seem to happen in the most fucked-up states?

So we're back in Utah again and this latest act of horrifying police terrorism comes in the form of a cop who, supposedly without any warning, just up and murdered his wife, two young children, and mother-in-law, before blowing his own head off. A gruesome murder/suicide that's shocking even by typical cop standards!

This atrocity happened on Thursday Jan. 16th 2014 in Spanish Fork, UT, a small city of about 35,000 people close to Provo (home to Brigham Young University). The mastermind behind this unspeakable crime was officer Joshua Boren, 34, of the Lindon police gestapo (Lindon and Spanish Fork both appear to be two very small cities located right next to each other. Both lie within Utah County and are part of the Provo-Metropolitan area) there. Boren also moon-lighted as a parole officer, and when co-workers reported that he did not show up for his night shift, police were dispatched on a courtesy call. When they visited his home, one cop had looked through a window and noticed blood and shell casings on the floor. Alarmed, they entered the two-story house. It was then that Boren's fellow comrades discovered the five bodies Thursday night.  

In addition to Boren's own corpse w/ self-inflicted gunshot wound, the victims are:

Marie King, 55 - Boren's mother-in-law
Kelly Boren, 32 - his wife.
Joshua "Jaden" Boren, 7 - his son.
Haley Boren, 5 - daughter.

Typically, cops simply reserve to beating their own family, while murdering women and children who aren't immediately related to them. And while it is not unprecedented for these monsters to murder their own wife and children, it remains a rare phenomenon.

Family wiped out: the sick murderer, Joshua Boren, seen here with his family. Presumably, during happier times.

Mother and child dead: Kelly Boren, with daughter Haley.

First son gone: Mother Kelly, pictured with her son Josh Jr.

Utter tragedy: Mother-in-law, grandmother Marie King.

According to a Lindon police lieutenant, Josh Boren and his wife were experiencing marital problems over the past few months. However, fellow cops have claimed that Boren seemed "up-beat" in just the last few weeks before he slaughtered his family and committed suicide. Apparently, there were no warning signs that would have indicated any serious issues regarding the killer cop's mental state. Further more, it has not been revealed that Boren was under any sort of investigation or scandal. No suicide note was found at the scene of the massacre.  

Lindon police officials have said that Boren worked for the Utah County sheriff's dept. for 7 years before being hired on to the Lindon police in Oct. 2013. Lindon is a tiny town of just over 10,000 citizens with a police force of 15 uniformed officers (now 14). It is located right next to Spanish Fork, which is where Boren and his dead family once lived.

Absent any answers or motive, speculations are running wild as to what could have driven Boren to do it. Thing is, small towns do strange things to people... to their psyche. It can be very hard on anyone to have to endure... but for cops especially. In a small town like Lindon, UT - employed to a force of 15 to patrol over such a tiny village of virtually all White people, with no Blacks, Latinos, homeless, or street kids to taze, shoot, or beat the shit out of. One might summarize that the sheer boredom alone was what drove Boren to psychotic madness.

There really isn't much more to add to this for now. A seemingly happy family has been exterminated in an instant and [so far] no body seems to know why. The pig-monster who did this left no warning signs, no note, and no indication that he would do such a thing.  It is tragic and heart-breaking and fucked up and there isn't a damned thing anyone can do about it. Yet another pig who gets away with it.

All one can take from this is, if THIS is how these monsters - the police - regard their own families, then what the fuck chance do the rest of us have??? Lock and load... your life may depend on it!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Retired Cop Guns Down Dad in Theater... Over TEXTING?!

Ok, here we go again!

In this latest act of horrifying police terrorism, 71 year old retired cop Curtis Reeves Jr. was in a movie theater when another man was texting during the previews, the previews. Reeves became soo infuriated that he pulled out a concealed gun and blew this man away right there in the theater, jesus fuck!  

On Monday January 13th, 71 year old retired PIG Curtis Reeves Jr. was in the Cobb Grove 16 movie theater in Wesley Chapel, FL (Tampa Bay metro area) about to watch the film 'Lone Survivor'. Reeves had his wife and son, a cop himself, with him at the time. Another man, Chad Oulson, 43, was said to have been texting his 3 year old daughter's babysitter during the PREVIEWS, before the feature itself had started. According to witnesses, Reeves had gone to theater management to whine about Oulson texting. When he failed to get his way, Reeves returned to pick a fight with Oulson, who's wife Nicole Oulson was with him. Oulson, refusing to be bullied, stood up for himself. The two men (well, one man and one pig-ass coward) began arguing and at some point, Oulson was alledged to have thrown popcorn at Reeves. Reeves then pulled a .380-caliber pistol from his pants pocket and shot Oulson point-blank. 

Movie killer: Curtis Reeves, seen in bullet-proof vest during court hearing following killing. Chad Oulson and wife Nicole, insert.

In an instinctive yet feeble attempt to protect her husband, Nicole tried in vain to shield Oulson. Reeves shot through her hand, the bullet hitting Chad Oulson in the chest. He died at an area hospital a short time later. 

Reeves was arrested on 2nd degree murder charges, despite the ex-cop's claims that he "feared for his life" and that he was "defending himself". The feature film hadn't even begun yet when Oulson and his wife were shot.

 What we have here is yet another COWARD, a THUG who attempted to bully a random person, and when that person stood their ground, this piece-of-shit human pulls out a gun and shoots him dead. And in FL too... GEE, sound familiar???

It should also be noted that the theater in which the shooting had taken place has signs that prohibit patrons from bringing concealed weapons into the building. So this former "top cop" blatantly disregarded theater policy and likely did so repeatedly, this was his first crime. Reeves was initially denied bail during his first court appearance on Tuesday, Jan. 14th. and was denied bail again during a later hearing. Reeves remains in jail where he belongs as of Jan. 22nd.

Movie killer: Retired cop Cutis Reeves, seen here in what appears to be a bullet-proof vest.

Father murdered: Chad Oulson, seen here with his wife and daughter.

Nicole and Chad Oulson were waiting to see the movie 'Lone Survivor' at the Tampa-area theater on Monday when Chad's texting during the previews led to a violent confrontation, authorities said. 

Crime scene: Movie theater where Reeves shot an unarmed, defenseless Oulson to death over texting.
Oulson, 43, died from a single gunshot blast to the chest. His wife, who had her hand on him during the deadly encounter, was wounded. 

Some of Reeves' long-time friends have defended the pig's honor, lamenting on what a "nice", church-going man he was. However, other people have commented on the geriatric cop's 'dark side'. Former comrades claimed that Reeves, during his patrol days, was known to be kind of a dick, even by typical cop standards. Shortly after retiring as a police captain in 1993, Reeves became a security director at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL. Former co-workers at the theme park described Reeves as a stark, stiff authoritarian as well as a control freak who impressed corporate management, but fostered fear and discontent with his fellow staff.

Reeves' family and buddies might say they've only known him as a "nice guy", but this bloodthirsty pig has a history up to very recent that suggests otherwise. Since the senseless Jan. 13th murder of Oulson, a woman identified as Jamira Dixon has come forward, accusing Reeves threatening her in the very same theater during a screening of 'The Hobbit' back on Dec. 28th 2013.

"It could have been us." Jamira Dixon recounts her run-in/near-miss with a volatile Reeves just weeks prior to Oulson being gunned down.
Dixon and her husband, Michael, right were at the same theater with their family on Dec. 28. She said Reeves grew irate when she and another man started texting during a showing of the 'The Hobbit.'

Oulson's wife Nicole, now a widow, gives an interview here:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kelly Killer Pig-Beast Wants His Job Back... WHAT?!

You've gotta hand it to Glasseye, this pig has got some fuckin' BALLS!

Former Fullerton officer Jay "Glasseye" Cicinelli, one of two cops acquitted in the beating murder of Kelly Thomas is now attempting to get his old job back. WOW!

Murdering an innocent, helpless man and GETTING AWAY WITH THAT MAN'S MURDER is simply not enough for this monster, is it? Goes to show you that these pigs, these creatures are utterly shameless beyond believe! Here's hoping this dirty bastard-ass beast is never employed again! Let him stay jobless and become homeless. That way, some time in the future another gang of cops will beat his sorry ass to DEATH!  

Glasseyed pig-beast, seen here.

And just what the fuck is up with this dude's EYE, anyways??? Was he born looking like Frankenstein's Monster, or was he shot in the face, or something? Very piggish features, indeed. Though he may have gotten away with murder, one thing's for sure - I would not trade places with this son-of-a-bitch for anything on Earth!

Sucks to be him right about now.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Pig-Monsters Murder Innocent Man, Get Off Scot Free! WTF?!

Cops are known for committing some pretty horrifying, unspeakable atrocities, this is FACT. Beating helpless people to death is particularly gruesome. That such crimes are often documented on camera and video makes them all the more nauseating.

That these fucking monsters still flat-out get away with such crimes is too just much to take!

On July 10th 2011 Kelly Thomas was viciously beaten within inches of his life by gang members of the Fullerton Police Gestapo (FPG) in Fullerton, CA. They stuck a Taser in Thomas' face and electrocuted him 6 times. They crushed his throat and broke multiple bones. They beat him relentlessly with batons (deadly weapons) even after Thomas had been on the ground and completely subdued. Within ten minutes he was lying in a pool of his own blood. Thomas had NO drugs and NO alcohol in his body. He was never armed and never put up resistance. He begged for his life and called for his dad. Thomas was eventually taken to UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange, CA. where he was declared comatose. He died 5 days later.

 Fullerton is a small city in northern Orange County with a population of over 135,000. If you're not already familiar with this case, the "before/after" comparison of Thomas below should speak volumes.

The fucking pig-monsters who did this to him were officers Jay Cicinelli, Manuel Ramos, and Joe Wolfe. I say 'were' because these cowardly monsters are no-longer employed as Fullerton cops - all three were fired as a direct result of what they did. Thing is, in this case a cop losing his sorry-ass job simply will not do!

Thomas was a homeless man who had been living on the streets of Fullerton for years. He suffered from schizophrenia. The pigs who murdered Thomas were initially responding to a 911 call of someone "breaking into cars" in the area. It later was revealed that call came from a manager at the Slidebar Rock 'n Roll Kitchen. This is important see, because it also has since been revealed that Slidebar's owner, Jeremy Popoff, apparently had a policy of keeping away "undesirables" at any cost and that the restaurant itself is known for frequent cop calls (some people have also openly suspected Slidebar to be an unofficial cop hideout. This has not been verified as of yet). It later turned out that there were NO such break-ins and according to a former bouncer of Slidebar's, Michael Reeves, Thomas was doing nothing more than picking up cigarette butts and minding his own damn business. It is Reeves' assertion that Slidebar had a policy against homeless people and that the 911 call made that night was FALSE. Reeves was fired in September 2011 for talking to investigators and is currently suing his former employer for wrongful termination.  

Interesting note: Popoff is also the lead singer in a local shit "alternative" Rock band called "Lit". Judging by the photo below, he is a grade-A douchebag.

Popoff has never been charged as an accessory to Thomas' murder. The manager who made the 911 call has never been charged with making a false report. Many citizens have nonetheless implicated the business and a facebook page has been set up, calling for Slidebar to be boycotted. GOOD!  

Cop-calling scumbag POS Jeremy Popoff, wearing fedora, standing next to his attorney inside Slidebar.

Michael Reeves, at a press conference announcing his lawsuit against Popoff and Slidebar.

When Cicinelli and Ramos first arrived, they found Thomas sitting on a street curb near a bus station, close to the Slidebar. Details remain less than clear after their initial contact with Thomas. Police reports have always maintained that Thomas put up "resistance", but anyone who's watched the gruesome surveillance video can see that police accounts were false. In the video, one can also see Thomas being besieged by multiple cops. Ramos can be seen putting on a pair of latex gloves in front of Thomas. It has also been confirmed that Ramos said to Thomas at this point, "Now see my fists? They're getting ready to fuck you up!". Thomas can be audibly heard begging and pleading for his life. At one point He's calling for his dad and begging for help, saying he can't breath. The electric shocks from the multiple Taser discharges can also be clearly heard. 

Officers Cicinelli and Ramos seen here beating Thomas.

After Thomas died from multiple severe injuries five days after his beating, including broken ribs and skull fractures, citizens were outraged. Video of the assault went viral and Thomas' murder became internationally know. Cicinelli, Ramos, and Wolfe were all fired in July 2012. Rare that cops lose their jobs at all, but it's fucking outrageous still, that it takes a goddamn YEAR for even that to happen! Six Fullerton pigs in all were placed on "administrative" leave (paid vacation) following the brutal murder as well as the massive public backlash that ensued. Ramos was eventually charged with second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Cicinelli and Wolfe were both charged with involuntary manslaughter and felony excessive use of force. Ramos and Cicinelli's murder trial began on Dec. 2nd 2013. Wolfe's murder trial had been initially set for a later date.

On Tuesday January 14th, the unthinkable happened. A jury of 12 dipshit fucking idiot jurors found Jay Cicinelli and Manuel Ramos NOT GUILTY in the vicious, unmistakable murder of Kelly Thomas! Further more, the district attorney's office of Orange County announced shortly after the verdict that they would no-longer pursue a criminal trial against Joe Wolfe.

Yet another gross miscarriage of justice, but what the fuck else can one expect in this country? Immediately after the "verdict", Thomas' father, Ron Thomas (a retired police officer himself, incidentally), vowed that he would carry on with a civil suit against his son's killers. Thomas' mother, Kathy Thomas, declared that Cicinelli and Ramos "got away with murdering my son". Meanwhile, citizens have taken part in various protests in Orange County and throughout CA. Many have gathered at the bus depot where Thomas was murdered.

In Grieving: Kelly Thomas' parents, Kathy and Ron, shortly after hearing that the monsters who murdered their son would not be punished.
  'So I guess it's legal to go out and kill now': Kelly's mother Cathy (left with his father Ron Thomas) speaks to the press following the verdict Monday

Justice Un-served: citizens, protesting on Thomas' behave react to the verdict.
Mixed feelings: Shocked supporters of Kelly Thomas react Monday after his accused killers were acquitted
Controversial: Thomas' death led to days of protests in Fullerton, a Southern California college town, forced the recall of three City Council members and led the police chief to step down.
At a loss: Though Cathy Thomas (center, with supporters of her late son) tearfully admitted she'd had a restraining order against her son, she maintains he was a harmless man who was wrongfully murdered


These pigs love to add insult to grievous injury. as if literally getting away with murder was not enough for them, these filthy goddamn pigs have announced that they are "monitoring the internet" for so-called death threats, post Thomas verdict! You believe this shit?! They've got some goddamn nerve, no doubt about that. The one and only silver lining that might come out of this utter travesty is that the general citizenry might finally be waking up to the fact that we are all under the boot of a Gestapo Police-State!!!    


This all brings to mind other cases of horrible injustice. Many have compared this to the ruthless beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles Police Gestapo (LAPG) in 1991. Those comparisons are valid, as both share some key obvious similarities. However, Thomas' murder bares an even closer, nearly identical semblance to a case here in Portland, OR: The murder of James Chasse Jr. in 2006. Except in Chasse' case it is even WORSE because the three disgusting pigs who beat Chasse to death were never fired, nor criminally charged! The three pigs who murdered Chasse are:

Portland officer Christopher Humphreys
Portland Sargent Kyle Nice
Sheriff's Deputy Brett Burton

Just thought people needed reminding, is all. Never forget, never forgive! 


Not the end, not by a long shot...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Filthy, Anti-Gay Pig-Beasts Stage "Uprising" in UT

The ratchet state of Utah is a special kind of 'fucked up', but more on that later.

In addition to their racism and sexism/misogyny, cops are also known for their profound, vitriolic HOMOPHOBIA. Attacking and murdering People of Color is a common part of the policeman's history. So is sexual assault and molestation of women. For historical context of the policeman's attacks on the Queer community, one needn't look any further than Stonewall.

Recently gay marriage (*aka* 'marriage') has been at the center of a broiling debate in Utah. On Friday Dec. 20th 2013 U.S. District judge Robert J. Shelby, based in Salt Lake City, issued a ruling that struck down UT's ban on same-sex marriage, declaring it UNCONSTITUTIONAL and rightfully so. Given the fact that UT is a slime bucket cesspool of Mormon filth (Mormons tend to be even more fanatically, violently homophobic than even the rest of their christian counterparts), the ruling was surprising. About 1300 LGBT couples rushed to exchange wedding vows at court houses across the state.     
Ruth Hackford-Peer, right, and Kim Hackford-Peer are married by Rev. Curtis Price, while hugging their two children in the lobby of the Salt Lake County Clerk's Office on Dec. 20.

Surprisingly, the sky did not fall. Nonetheless, Mormon bigots hoped that a "higher power" would intervene. They got their wish [momentarily] in the form of the Supreme Court putting a hold on Judge Shelby's ruling, immediately putting a halt to any further state-wide gay marriages and placing in legal limbo the 1300 marriages that had occur since Dec. 20th (note: 6 of the 9 Supreme Court justices are Roman Catholics. Catholics are but second to Mormons in terms of homophobia - fyi).

 Since then, U.S. attorney general Eric Holder announced that the marriages would be recognized by the federal government and may be entitled to federal benefits. Meanwhile, the ACLU is preparing a lawsuit challenging UT's senseless opposition to marriage equality. With a battle for equal and Civil rights now underway in UT, the Gestapo have started to mobilize: enter Richard Mack.

Former sheriff Richard Mack is the full package - a fanatical cop, a Mormon activist/zealot, and unrepentant redneck bigot. Born in Arizona (another fucked up state), Mack spent the early part of his worthless law enforcement career as a low-down cop in Provo, UT, a small shithill Mormon enclave about 43 miles south of Salt Lake City. He attended Brigham Young University, an un-accredited racist college based in Provo. He's also a member of the Church of jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints, a large and very dangerous Mormon cult founded in UT. Mack also carries water for the Oath Keepers, an extremist right-wing, "patriot", armed militia-esque, domestic terrorist organization. In 1988 Mack moved back to AZ to become sheriff of Graham county. During his tenure as a dirty AZ sheriff, he also attended the FBI Nationalist Academy, which makes him officially fed'd. In fact, this pig seems to have intimate connections in both UT and AZ. Born in AZ, he aligns with the Mormon cult and becomes a cop in UT. Goes back to AZ to become a sheriff, his closest counterpart being none other than No. 1 arch fucking nemesis Joe Arpaio. Eventually, Mack would go back to UT, bringing a crusading gestapo with him, to wage a culture war against LGBT persons under the thin guise of "states' rights"

AZ pig Arpaio - one of Mack's closest allies.

In addition to being a fanatical cop and religious cult member, Mack is also a Libertarian right-wing fascist authoritarian who's known for his political stance regarding "state's rights", gun control, and racist nationalism.

"Oath Keepers" - domestic terrorist group to which Sheriff Mack belongs.

On Saturday Jan. 4th, Mack, flanked by a group of fascist cops called the "Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association" held a rally in Highland, UT. The purpose of the ad-hoc klan rally was a direct reaction to the very recent debate over same-sex marriage in the state. During the event, Mack and fellow pigs called upon law enforcement all over the state to "uphold the Constitution" and "carry out the rights of the state against the federal government". In other words, the state of Utah has and maintains the "right" to prohibit the Civil and human rights of individuals and how dare some commie federal "activist" judge try and violate state sovereignty!  Sheriff Mack's uprising actually saw little turn-out, other that a modest number of fellow homophobes and curious on-lookers, eager and nosy to ogle the ensuing train wreck. The clown car klan gathering of fascist current and ex-cops did little to change anyone's minds, but they did succeed at gaining a great deal of national coverage. But perhaps that's what these freaks sought more than anything else, anyways.

The fight for marriage equality - in UT as well as the rest of the country - rages on with Queer people gaining more and more ground. Here's hoping they (as well as their straight comrades) continue to win their battles. As filthy low-down pigs such as Sheriff Mack demonstrate, these battles will be hard fought!

Pig-beast/homophobic human waste Sheriff Richard Mack, seen here.