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Sunday, May 31, 2015

We Need To Talk About Cleveland...

Oh dear, we've been here before. 

For the past few years Cleveland, OH has had its fair share, to say the least. Cleveland may be a lot of things, historically. Some of those things might even be good. But for the time being, Cleveland is the city where Tamir E. Rice met his untimely demise at the hands of a vile, wretched cop. The infanticide/aggravated murder of Rice was first covered HERE. November 22nd 2014, 12 year old Tamir Rice was playing with a toy gun at a local recreation center. Someone(unidentified, scared White man) called 911, describing a "Black male with a gun, possibly not real". Within two seconds of cops showing up, Rice was shot in the stomach. Possibly life-saving medical attention was denied, and during those crucial moments a 12 year old child was left to bleed out on the snow-covered ground. It was not until a staggering FOUR MINUTES LATER, did an off-duty, much more well trained FBI agent show up to give Rice CPR. And when the boy's 14 year old sister ran to his aid, she was quickly tackled(and possibly molested) by cops on the crime scene. She was cuffed and thrown in the back of a squad car as her younger brother lay in a pool of his own blood. Rice died in the hospital the following day. Initial police reports described Rice as a "20-something year old male, pointing a gun at other people". It describes responding officers as having "felt threatened". That they gave Rice orders to "drop the weapon". None of this bares even a vague resemblance to reality, not at all. 

THIS is what Cleveland is currently most 
known for. An update on the Rice case will be provided towards the end of this post. But we are revisiting the Ohio city because it's not all that's been going on there.

On Saturday May 23rd 2015, officer Michael Brelo, was acquitted in the double-murder of 43 yr-old Timothy Russell and 30 yr-old Melissa Williams. Brelo, 31, is a gang member of the Cleveland Police Gestapo(CPG). Out of an investigation which initially saw dozens of cops suspended(most with pay), Brelo was the one single pig to have accually faced trial for the double-homicides of Russell and Williams. On November 29th 2012, the Black couple were driving in their Chevy Malibu when they were racially profiled and pulled over by racist Cleveland police. This incident led to a chase(because the couple were in fear for their lives, with damned good reason) which involved more than 60 patrol cars and more than 100 cops from multiple jurisdictions. At least 137 bullets were fired into Russell and Williams' car. When the vehicle came to a stop, Brelo - jacked up on steroids - jumped on top the hood of the car, as if in an action movie, and fired 15 shots(emptying his clip, basically) directly into the windshield. Williams and Russell were each shot 24 and 23 times(respectively), overall. Both had suffered numerous fatal wounds. They were innocent, unarmed, and had never posed a threat to officers at any point. According to many reports on this, cops went berserk when the car Russell was driving had backfired. Police apparently had mistaken this for "gunfire"... and how convenient. 

Melissa William's autopsy report can be viewed HERE
Timothy Russell's autopsy report can be viewed HERE.

Black genocide in Cleveland: The two victims seen here, along with their bullet-ridden Chevy Malibu.
Maniac cop: This is what's left of the windshield of the car that Timothy Russell and Melissa Williams were riding in, when Cleveland psycho cop Micheal Brelo emptied his clip into the vehicle. Both occupants were killed instantly. Brelo was acquitted of their murders on Sat. May 23rd. 

In this forensics photo shown during trial, bullet trajectories as well as shoe prints from officer Brelo climbing the vehicle's hood, are displayed. This is nothing short of depraved, extreme OVERKILL! No attempt to arrest, no chance to surrender, no crime ever alleged. The two innocent people inside were simply executed...

Brelo was found not guilty by an all-White jury on two counts of involuntary manslaughter on Saturday May 23rd. Once again, a psychopathic, racist cop gets away with the crime of murder. Outrage, street actions, and clashes with police ensued. Protests were largely non-violent, but that changed the moment heavily armored police gestapo began to ruthlessly crack down. Overall, 71 people were reportedly arrested over the Memorial day weekend. Brelo still faces some "disciplinary" measures, but the possibility of going to prison is no-longer a concern for him. The cowardly cop has reportedly fled the city shortly after trial, and is hiding out for the time being. Brelo will most likely never work the streets of Cleveland again(due to the high profile nature of the case), but is certainly free to relocate to another unsuspecting city and continue his career as a murderous piece-of-shit cop. Meanwhile, Cleveland is not done yet. The city still has the pending racist slayings of two other innocent Blacks to contend with in the coming months. Investigations into the November 2014 infanticide murder of Tamir Rice by rookie pig Timothy Leohmann is ongoing. And in the wake of Brelo's post-verdict, renewed interests has also been placed upon the depraved police murder of Tanisha Anderson

Anderson, 37, was brutally slain by Cleveland cop thugs on November 12th 2014. Even though her murder had occurred ten days before Tamir Rice would be gunned down, Anderson's case received little national attention at the time. Continuous events in Cleveland, as well as a growing movement to draw attention to female victims of police murder have rightfully placed a renewed spotlight back on the Anderson case. 

Anderson was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. According to reports, she was going through a mental health crisis when family members with whom she lived, called 911. Naively hoping some sort of medical service would show up, two cops came instead. Within a few minutes, these violent pigs had slammed her head into a sidewalk, grinding her face into the pavement, with a knee in her back as she was being cuffed. She lost consciousness, was denied any medical attention, and was pronounced dead at the hospital later that night. Anderson was never violent nor a danger to anyone, but was acting disoriented and wondering out in the freezing Mid Western cold, wearing only a nightgown. Since Anderson was half-naked, there's a good chance cops molested her as well. As mentioned before in previous entries, sexual assault is simply par for the course for any woman/girl who has an interaction with a male cop. That's just a damned fact. One of the thugs involved in Anderson's death is officer Scott Aldridge, of the Cleveland Police Gestapo(CPG). Aldridge happens to be a LIAR with a history of violence - surprise, surprise. The other cop is officer Bryan Myers. Myers' personnel file can be viewed HERE, with some redactions. Aldridge's personnel file(same redactions) can be viewed HERE.

Nearly eight months later, neither of these two bastard-ass cops has been criminally charged in any way. A so-called "investigation" continues to drag on, but many details regarding Tanisha Anderson's violent death remain unknown. Both cops remain on paid vacation.  

As for the case of Tamir Rice: much the same is to be said. Timothy Leohmann, the rookie pig who shot Rice, has also not faced prosecution. In fact, neither Leohmann nor his more seasoned partner, officer Frank Garmback, have ever been questioned by investigators. Between the two cases which happened within ten days of each other, not a single indictment has been levied, not a single cop has lost his worthless job, not a single head has rolled. Only a couple of funerals. On a particularly sad(and cruel) note, Tamir's body was cremated on May 4th. His family had been keeping the boy's body on cold storage for months, in hopes that further crucial evidence might have needed. Plus, the trauma of a possible exhumation later on was... undesirable to say the least. Unfortunately, months of needless foot-dragging by investigators(and the $75 per-day extortion cost of preserving Tamir's body - even as evidence in a criminal investigation) proved to be too much for his mother Samaria Rice. Law suits against the Cleveland Terrorist Police regime in both the Rice and Anderson cases are pending.
To view a data base which keeps a tally on all police murders in the U.S. dating back to 2013, go to Killed By Police...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chicago Pays Victims of Police Torture, As New Claims of Abuse Arise.

The city of Chicago will pay out a $5.5 million settlement to victims of police torture. The settlement is the first of its kind in the U.S. and will be divided amongst dozens of people. The recipients had all been tortured by Chicago police thugs during a period spanning from the 1970's to the early 1990's and almost all of them are Black men.

The crimes in question were all mostly perpetrated by former police Cmdr. Jon Burge. Burge, now 67, was commander in the Chicago Police Gestapo(CPG) whose reign of terror lasted from 1972 to 1991. He and his so-called "midnight crew" of rogue detective cops are known to have tortured hundreds of people - mostly all innocent Black men - during this period. Burge had also as a sergeant and military officer during his "service" in the American War of Aggression on Vietnam, in the late 1960's. Burge had committed numerous war crimes during this period, which was both routine and encouraged in the U.S. military then. He would adopt tactics used in that war to torture arrested people in a Chicago police station. This begin as soon as he became a police "detective" in 1972(detective being in "" since a detective's duty is to investigate crimes. But Burge was clearly not concerned with this, and in fact was committing crimes during his entire tenure as a cop). And beating confessions out of innocent people barely begins to cover what happened. Burge and his cohorts would also electrocute suspects by means of a "black box". This was a tactic directly borrowed from Vietnam, when American soldiers would use a crank-up field telephone to deliver electric shock to captured war prisoners (innocent civilians, mostly). In addition to electrocution(and vicious beatings, obviously), suspects were also suffocated, mock executions were conducted, and men's genitals were attacked using sado-homosexual methods. This all was largely done to extract false confessions, but probably for fun as well.   
Chicago cops torturing suspects, employing tactics they used during their stint as soldiers in the War on Vietnam. This was an early example of military methods(even those banned by international law, such as torture) having been directly applied to a civilian population - via law enforcement. This concept of the "war coming home" would come to manifest itself in very visceral and ugly ways, decades later.

Chicago's shameful legacy: Demonstrators hold up tapestries displaying the names of various torture victims, and when they were tortured. 

This black box with its wires and crank shaft is quite similar to the device Jon Burge used to deliver electric shock to innocent men from 1972 to 1991. The false confessions extracted from the use of this box lead to many dozens of convictions, including some death sentences. Nearly all of these convictions would be vacated or annulled years later. 

In October 2008 Jon Burge was arrested and charged with two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of perjury. In June 2010 he was convicted on all three counts.   In January 2011 Burge was sentenced to a measly, pissant four and a half years in federal prison. He was released in October 2014. He had served less than four years(typically, 90% of federal sentences are served) of his sentence. Numerous civil suits against Burge, the Chicago Terrorist Police regime, (former mayor) Richard Daley, and various other actors are pending. Keep in clear mind that this obese sub-human pig never served a day in prison for having actually tortured people and ruining lives... but for simply LYING about it during a series of depositions beginning in the late 1980's. Despite the fact that he is now a convicted felon, Burge continues to collect a $54,000 pension. Below is a chart displaying the true cost(and counting) of Burge's 19-year crime wave:


Even as this historic settlement to compensate torture victims, as well as formal acknowledgement of past police crimes in Chicago are being laid out, fresh and recent allegations of extreme abuse at a notorious police black site come to bare. NOT A SINGLE LESSON LEARNED! Chicago's Homan Square - a facility in the city's industrial quarters - is a notorious "black site" that cops having been using since 2005. Targeting Cops first covered this issue HERE, and since then new and increasingly garish allegations keep pouring out from this police Warehouse of Horrors.   

One particularly vile account of police torture at HS comes from a man named Angel Perez. Perez was, and remains innocent by all accounts. He was never arrested, so much as kidnapped by Chicago cops. Those this has on;y recently come to public light, these allegations date back to October 20th 2012, when Perez initially profiled and stopped during a police DWL stop(Driving While Latino). Perez was working as a restaurant delivery driver at the time. He also had a minuscule amount of personal marijuana on him, which cops discovered during an illegal and unconstitutional search. From there, the screws were placed on Perez, as they used this pissant "drug find" as leverage to compel Perez to "aid" police in pursuing an alleged drug dealer. When Perez met with detectives the next day, as he had agreed to(under coercion/duress/threat of arrest/who knows...), he had extended his hand for a shake. Instead, cops turned him around, cuffed him, took him to HS, and sodomized him with the barrel of a police-issued Glock.        

“I hear that a big black nigger dick feels like a gun up your ass.”  - What Angel Perez alleges police detectives said to him inside Homan Square, right before they sexually assaulted him with a gun barrel in Oct. 2012. Perez recently filed a law suit, specifically naming officers Jorge Lopez and Edmund Zablocki as the chief cops who tortured and assaulted him.

Explicit accounts of what police did to Perez can be read HERE, in all their revolting detail. Chicago police also took glee in letting Perez know what a, "sexy little bitch" he would be in jail. It gets worse, of course it does... but let's avoid redundancy here. Point is, these cops are fucking sick! They are monsters. They are not human! Again, we come back to that concept of the "war coming home"... 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

#SayHerName: National Attention Drawn to Women Murdered By Cops

It has been said many times before that police are every bit as sexist and misogynist as they are racist. But while this is absolutely true, such a statement [unfortunately] also tends toward the idea that woman (Black women in particular) merely suffer sexual violence at the hands of cops... while men continue to be the ones shot, choked, and bludgeoned to death.

But in fact, this is clearly not the case, as many women of Color (and women in general) are often murdered by cops. Their ages range from the 7 year old Aiyana Stanley-Jones (murdered by police gestapo thugs during a botched raid in May 2010), to the 93 year old Pearlie Golden (murdered by a TX cop in May 2014). And while there have been a few high-profile police murders of women which have made national and international headlines over the past several years, none seemed to have captured the level of attention as that of Michael BrownEric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, etc. And let's get something perfectly straight - MEN (mostly Black and Latino, if White, always desperately poor, homeless, and/or mentally ill) often face the prospect of grievous bodily harm, or death during police encounters. But WOMEN (mostly Black or Latino) face the prospect of rape, in addition to death. Even White females can at the very least, expect to be raped, sexually assaulted, molested in some way, or blackmailed into sex during a typical police encounter.   

On Thursday May 22nd 2015, a campaign called #SayHerName sought to bring much needed attention to those many women murdered by cops, by launching simultaneous protests in more than a dozen U.S. cities. In San Francisco during a protest of hundreds, many women went topless as part of their demonstration. They shut down traffic in the city's financial district during rush hour. This tactic appears to have been borrowed from that of FEMEN, a radically leftist Feminist group most active in Russia and the Ukraine. However, demonstrations in SanFran were much more solemn, as they were in the rest of the country.   

From left to right: Miriam Carey, Rekia Boyd, and Michelle Cusseaux. 

From left to right: Kayla Moore, Shelly Frey, and Tanisha Anderson
What happened in Ferguson last summer blew wide open some unrelenting truths, as well as an urgency for dialog about the police-state and systemic racism in America... as well it should have. But that dialog has been disproportionately focused on Black men and boys, while Black women and girls murdered by police have largely been relegated to the fringes. If not completely over-looked. To an extent, this is understandable - as an absolutely cohesive  terrorist organization, police regimes have been on a total rampage. So it is quite difficult to keep up with all of the Black and White, Arab and Latino, women and men, young and old, homeless and disabled who have been killed by police needlessly so. And very few of these cases even received the attention they deserve. 

Still, there is no excuse for why women get over-looked to the extent that they often are. Every female police murder victim needs to be known by first and last name, every bit as much as their male counterparts. Regarding Tamir E. Rice - the 12 year old boy who was gunned down last November by a wretched cop within two seconds of showing up - that case is one of the more horrific examples of racist police murder there has been in recent years. But people should also be just as familiar with Aiyana Stanley-Jones - the 7 year old girl who murdered by a cop during a police fuck-up in May 2010. Her case is in some ways, even more horrifying than that of Rice. All the worst, since the pig who killed Jones has walked free. He remains an active cop to this day. Rice was in Cleveland, Jones was in Detroit - just two of many children murdered by police monsters over the years. Ans some of them happen to have been girls. Everyone should know this truth! 

To view a list of 15 women of Color murdered by cops, visit the Huffington Post link HERE. For a list of ALL victims of police murder, visit the Killed By Police data base HERE.  

Obama Signs "Blue Alert" Bill Protecting Terrorist Cops

There should be little doubt by now that Barack Obama has done more to usher in the totalitarian police-state, more so than any other American president before him. That's saying an awful lot, since all U.S. presidents going [at least] as far back as Nixon have done their part - but it happens to be goddamned true. 

In the wake of highly publicized police murders across the country, as well as hyper-militarized police responses to subsequent protests of said murders, president Obama announced on Monday May 18th that he would ban certain types of military hardware from use by local police regimes. This might have seemed like a teeny tiny step in a positive direction... but alas, there was a caveat. The very next day, Obama signed a so-called "Blue Alert" bill into law, establishing an unnecessary, uncalled for, and expensive system for protecting cops against so-called "threats". This new oppressive law acts as a sort of "Amber Alert" system for cops, see: a national data base to be set up in which all police agencies local/state/federal can patch into, in order to quickly assess so-called "threats" against officers anywhere. 

Below are NYC cops Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. They both are quite dead. Ramos and Liu were ambushed and killed by a would-be assassin in Brooklyn on Dec. 20th 2014. The so-called "Blue Alert" bill Obama signed this past Tuesday was in response to the two cop killings. 

Obama signed the bill in a public showcase surrounded by television cameras, as well as the families of dead officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. Reminder: Ramos and Liu were two NYC lowlife cops who were ambushed and shot dead in Bedstuy-Brooklyn last December. Their assassin was a man named Ismaaiyl Abdulluh Brinsley. He was from Baltimore, Maryland, a city which would come to be in the news much more in the following months. Shortly before killing Ramos and Liu, Brinsley had announced on his Twitter account that he would be, "putting wings on pigs" and "putting pigs in a blanket". His actions were alleged to have been revenge for the police choking murder of Eric Garner months earlier, though this theory remains up for debate. Shortly after delivering wings to Ramos and Liu, Brinsley headed to a nearby subway, communicated one final tweet, and shot himself in a restroom.     

Capitulator-in-Chief: According to Obama, Black lives do matter... but cop's lives matter much more.   obama-signs-blue-alert-bill

Still waiting (patiently) for Obama to sign that "I CAN'T BREATH" bill that would ensure automatic job loss as well as criminal prosecution of all cops who murder innocent people. It must be sitting on his presidential desk. I'm sure he'll get around to signing it any day now...  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Police Terror Bombing of MOVE - 30 Yrs Later

Wednesday May 13th marked the 30-year anniversary of the Philadelphia police fire bombing of the MOVE organization. That fire destroyed 65 homes and resulted in the grisly deaths of 11 innocent people, including five children. It was unequivocally one of the most barbaric examples of police mass murder in contemporary American history. Local, state, and federal police, as well as city officials have been directly implicated in the consummation of this crime against innocent Black civilians. To this day, not a single wretched cop nor city official has been held accountable, nor faced criminal prosecution.

MOVE is a Philadelphia-based Black liberation group that was founded in the early 1970's by John Africa. The group has always been non-violent, but took rightful measures to defend themselves from an onslaught of police terrorism (It should be known that at the time, the Philadelphia Police Gestapo(PPG) was one of the most brutal, racist, and thoroughly corrupt police regimes in the U.S. To this day, the PPG have done little to clean up its act). MOVE adheres to numerous socially-conscious issues of importance, including Pan-Africanism, animal rights, environmental conservation, and social equity for all People of Color. Members often engaged in public protests using bullhorns and challenged city policies they deemed to be racist. Ramona Africa is one of only two survivors of the 1985 police bombing and was 29 at the time. The other survivor was Birdie Africa (later named Michael Moses Ward), 13 at the time. His mother was one of the 11 people who perished in that beastly police attack. Birdie Africa/Ward died from an accidental drowning while vacationing with family in September 2013. He was 41 years old. Legendary activist and world-famous political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal was an early supporter of MOVE. As a freelance radical journalist, Abu-Jamal did extensive reporting on behalf of MOVE and closely alined with its members. Listen to his cometary on the 30th anniversary of the MOVE terror bombing HERE, courtesy of Prison Radio.    

Ramona Africa, one of two people to have survived a police terrorist fire bombing, which killed 11 other people. Ramona carries scars from that fire to this day.

Michael Ward *aka Birdie Africa was the only child survivor of the 1985 police terrorist fire bombing in Philadelphia. That fire killed 5 other children, as well as Birdie's mother. Birdie died from drowning in 2013 at age 41. 

One love: Members of Black liberation group MOVE, prior to the 1985 Philly police terrorist bombing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

George Zimmerman Shot At - Escapes Death

Guess who's back in the news? Child murderer/thug/coward/shit nugget George Zimmerman has been involved in yet another shooting. However, the circumstances are a bit different this time, as it was Zimmerman himself who was shot at

Much information remains to be seen in this case, but here is what is known so far: On Monday May 11th 2015 Zimmerman was driving in Seminole County, FL when another man allegedly fired a shot at Zimmerman's vehicle. The single bullet went through the passenger's side window. The bullet did not hit Zimmerman, but he was struck in the face by flying glass. He was later treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital. The man who allegedly shot at Zimmerman has been identified as Matthew Apperson. Apperson had already been involved in a previous "road rage" incident with Zimmerman from 2014, in which Zimmerman was said to have threatened Apperson's life. It has not been yet confirmed whether Monday's shooting was related to that prior altercation between the two man last year, but much evidence points to that theory. According to various reports, Zimmerman did not return fire. It has not yet been confirmed whether Zimmerman was actually armed himself, or what role he played in this latest incident... other than being shot at(for a change). 

Payback: Matthew Apperson and George Zimmerman pictured here. Apperson allegedly shot at Zimmerman Monday May 11th. The shooting may have been connected to an apparent "road rage" incident between the two, stemming from last year. 


More information will be published here, as it becomes available. To read previous blog submissions regarding the murderer of Trayvon Martin, as well as his past, numerous other run-ins with the law, go HERE.  

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Murder of Keaton Otis - 5 Yrs. Later

Tuesday May 12th 2015 marks the five-year anniversary of the police murder of Keaton Dupree Otis. He was gunned down by vile gang members of the Portland Police Gestapo(PPG). The four-year anniversary of Otis' murder was acknowledged HERE in this very blog a year ago. Needless to say, a lot has happened since that time. The following summer would see the galvanizing reverberations of terrorist police killings, with the murders of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, among several others. The remaining year would be rounded out by the murders of Tamir Rice, Antonio Martin, and Akai Gurley. And 2015 has so far seen the police murders of Jerame Reid, James Howard Allen, Antonio Zambrano-MontesWalter ScottEric Harris , and Freddie Gray, just to name a few. Among many others, there really is something of a genocide underway. Modern day lynchings being committed by heavily armed, funded, and militarized gangs of police thugs in this country!
Never forgotten: Keaton Dupree Otis seen here.

Much of what you need to know to educate yourself on the case of Keaton Otis can be found in a Facebook tribute page HERE. A collective of info. can also be accessed in a previous Targeting Cops blog entry on Otis, a link to which is to be found at the top of the page.

For a comprehensive look at all U.S. killings by police going back to 2013, check out the independent database Killed By Police HERE.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Man Who Filmed Gray Arrest - ARRESTED

So this is becoming a familiar pattern - police kill innocent person, by-stander records police murder on video, releases video to public, outrage ensues, by-stander later arrested by vengeful cops. This case of police retaliation against citizens who dare to record police crimes has been well documented with the case of Ramsey Orta. And Feidin Santana, the man who captured the police execution of Walter Scott, is now having to watch his back and with damn good reason. Now, another brave citizen cop-watcher is dealing with the wrath of criminal police thugs. Kevin Moore, the man who recorded the infamous arrest of Freddie Gray on his mobile device last month, has himself been falsely arrested by Baltimore terrorist thugs! 

Moore was arrested on Thursday April 30th, and later released. He was never charged with a crime. Moore, who lives in the same West Baltimore neighborhood as Gray did, captured the [latest] infamous video of Gray being dragged to a police van on April 12th. You can hear Moore in his video berating the animals as they rough up Gray. You can watch an Al Jazeera interview with Moore HERE

Moore was unjustly arrested last Thursday night while riding in a car along with two other individuals, identified as Chad Jackson and Tony White. Jackson and White were reported to have been members of Ferguson Cop-Watch. Moore was later released without charge, while the other two men were said to have remained in custody.  

Modern-day slave catchers: Baltimore thugs seen here loading Freddie Gray into an awaiting police van. Gray was arrested April 12th after he "made eye contact" with a cop, then supposedly ran away. During his detainment, Gray suffered a severe spinal injury which lead to his death a week later. Baltimore state's attorney Marolyn Mosby later described Gray's arrest as 'illegal' and 'lacking probable cause'.

Police would later give the lame excuse that they simply wanted to talk to Moore as a "material witness". An obvious line of bullshit, as well as a typical cop lie. Cops also released an image of him to local media and evening news, saying he was a "person of interest". Moore says that this tactic was an act of intimidation, since he was already interviewed by police and they knew who he was. In fact, Moore insists that ever since his footage of Gray's arrest went viral, he has been the target of continuous police harassment


In other related news, A teenager who was seen on television using a traffic cone to smash the window of a police patrol vehicle turned himself into authorities. 18 year old Allen Bullock was captured by news cameras smashing a cop car window during street actions in the wake of Freddie Gray's funeral on Monday April 27th. After his photo was broadcasts, Bullock's parents urged him to turn himself in. Bullock now faces eight individual criminal charges and a possible life sentence. His bail is $500,000! This, for smashing the window of an empty police cruiser. Bullock remains in jail and his parents are too poor to afford even 10% of his insanely high bail. Meanwhile, the six monsters who have been charged in Gray's murder have all posted bond themselves, no doubt paid by their police union. All six pigs charged with, or in connection to Gray's murder had bail set at between $250K to $350K - significantly lower than the $500K Bullock now faces. All six of those cops were released from central booking on Friday May 1st. 


And lastly, one of the six animals facing criminal charges in Gray's death also has a documented history of domestic violence, it's been revealed. Surprise, surprise! Former Lt. Brian Rice was once disciplined for threatening his ex-girlfriend's husband with an insane murder/suicide pact. In April 2012, Rice was forced to undergo a mental health evaluation after threatening to kill himself. Rice has also had personal weapons confiscated at least twice, according to court records. Andrew McAleer, a city firefighter and husband to Rice's ex-girlfriend Karyn McAleer, filed a complaint against Rice in January 2013. There was also an incident in June 2012, in which Rice showed up at the McAleer's home at around 2:00 in the morning, reeking of alcohol and yelling death threats. These multiple criminal/psychotic episodes have resulted in hospitalizations, guns temporarily seized, and restraining orders filed against pig Rice. But he was never arrested, nor did he lose his sorry-ass job. Rice should have been behind bars himself. But instead, he, along with multiple other cops, were allowed to continue their reign of terror unimpeded. Until one day, an innocent man got his spine broken... resulting in death. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cops In Gray Murder Charged, Pictured!

On Friday, MayDay 1st 2015, it was announced that the six monsters implicated in the murder of Freddie Gray would all face criminal charges! The announcement was made by Maryland's state attorney during a highly anticipated Friday morning press conference.

Cops being charged with any crime relating to the death of a citizen - even one who was completely innocent - is a rare act, indeed. And perhaps it happened this time because some of the pigs involved are themselves Black(and self-loathing). Maybe because the very nature of what was done to the victim was so horrific, so egregious that something had to be done. Maybe because Baltimore had been burning and under police siege for the past week. Maybe because this happened in the backdrop of soo many other high-profile police murders. Now begins the long arduous road to, what hopefully will resemble justice of some sort. Let's hope we do not get short-changed on this on.

Top row from left: Ceasar R. Goodson Jr., Garrett E. Miller, and Edward M. Nero.  
Bottom row from left: William G. Porter, Brian W. Rice, and Alicia D. White. 

As previously reported HERE on this blog, six gang members of the Baltimore Police Gestapo(BPG) had been placed on paid vacation, following their implication in Gray's horrific death. Those cops are as follows:

Lieutenant Brian W. Rice, 41.
Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr., 45.
Sergeant Alicia D. White, 30.
Officer Edward M. Nero, 29.
Officer William G. Porter, 25.
Officer Garrett E. Miller, 26.

Ceasar Goodson was the driver of the van which held Gray. He's been a gang member of the Baltimore Terrorist Police regime since 1999. He faces the most serious charges of: second-degree "depraved heart" murder, involuntary manslaughter, second-degree negligent assault, failure to render aid, and misconduct in office.

Garrett Miller faces multiple assault charges, as well as: false imprisonment and misconduct in office.

Edward Nero is charged with multiple counts of assault, as well as false imprisonment and misconduct in office.

William Porter is charged with: involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, and misconduct in office.

Brian Rice is charged with: involuntary manslaughter and second-degree assault.

Alicia White is charged with: involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, and misconduct in office.

It is worth noting that the dynamics of this particular case are a little different from most other cases of police murder. Typically the victim is a Person of Color - so, no change there! All the officers are White. And city councilpersons, the mayor, and district attorney are usually all White as well. But in Baltimore's case here, the city's mayor, 45 year old Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, is Black. The state attorney, 35 year old Marilyn Mosby, is Black. The city's police commissioner Anthony Batts, is Black. And of the numerous cops involved, half of them are Black. It's also worth noting that the Black cops are more severely and heavily charged.

Even though infamous photos depict a limp and incapacitated Eddie Gray being dragged by three White cops. Hmmm...*349/FreddieGrayArrest.jpg

Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Maryland state attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Baltimore police commissioner Anthony Batts.

And in other news, Freddie Gray's death was officially ruled a homicide by the state's medical examiner. This ruling on Gray's cause of death was also announced on May 1st. His neck was broken and his larynx was completely crushed. He also had injuries to the back of his head. 

In addition to this, it's also been revealed that medical attention was deliberately denied to Gray for at least 40 minutes. At some point Gray asked for an inhaler, but was never provided one. And contrary to prior erroneous news reports claiming that Gray was armed with a switchblade knife, it turns out that he only had a simple pocket knife. Perfectly legal to own in the state of Maryland. This knife played no part in Gray's illegal arrest. Initial police claims and media reports that Gray was engaging in "self-harm" while in the police van proved to be a LIE. It was later revealed that the van had made several stops before taking Gray to central booking. One stop picked up another prisoner, identified as Donte Allen. Police reports initially quoted Allen as claiming that he heard Gray "banging against the walls of the van". However, when interviewed directly by reporters later on, Allen sharply denied making any such statements. Watch an interview with Donte Allen HERE

For the record, Allen had been initially arrested the same day as Gray for petty theft - allegedly stealing a cigarette. Allen denies he stole anything, and in fact was never charged. Allen remains free but is a crucial witness in this case. Like the individual who recorded Gray's violent arrest on his mobile device, Allen now faces potential retribution from police. He needs to stay safe and watch his back.