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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Latest Dirty Trick Employed by Cops

Been to a protest recently? Better make sure you mask-up fully! 

An Oakland activist got fired from his job for taking part in his LEGAL RIGHT to demonstrate against the police-state!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yet Another Innocent Child Murdered by Vile Cowardly Cop

 photo andy-lopez-flyer_zps2605ec8d.png

In yet another case of horrifying police terrorism, Andy Lopez, a 13 year-old child, was recently gunned down by a sheriff's deputy in Santa Rosa,CA. The murder took place on Tuesday, Oct. 22nd. After several days of media protection, the pig who murdered Lopez has been formally identified as Erick Gelhaus, a sheriff's dep. for Sonoma County. A full account of this cowardly, child-murdering pig can be read here: 

HERE is what the pig looks like:

Gelhaus is also a "contributing author" to a right-wing publication concerning tactical and firearm use:

Now a federal investigation is currently under-way, to try and determine whether this pig's actions were justified when he blew Lopez away within ten seconds of engaging this child. Meanwhile, a vigil and march have been held in Lopezs' honor.