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Monday, March 30, 2015

Mumia Abu Jamal Reportedly Hospitalized - Life In DANGER!

Legendary freedom-fighter, radical journalist, innocent political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal has reportedly been hospitalized for a "medical emergency".

As most of you reading this may know, Mumia, age 60, was falsely accused in the December 1981 killing of some wretched cop in Philadelphia, whose name is not worth mentioning at this time. Mumia was convicted and sentenced to Pennsylvania's Death Row in July 1982, and has been incarcerated ever since. Mumia has strongly maintained his innocence this entire time, and he has become the most famous and internationally recognized political prisoner in America. In December 2011, Mumia left Death Row for the first time, his sentence having been commuted to "life without parole". In addition to being a life-long political activist, Mumia was also a prominent member of the Black Panthers - Philly chapter. He was also closely associated with the M.O.V.E. organization, a radical Leftist group who believed in Pan-Africanism. Both groups have been heavily targeted by both the F.B.I. and local/state police terrorist agencies.

It was reported today on Monday March 30th 2015 that Mumia was rushed to the Schuylkill medical center in Pottsville, PA for a so-called "emergency". So far, no details regarding his medical condition have been released. No one has yet been allowed to see him - including his attorney Bret Grote, as well as family members. There WILL be updates on this story, as they are made available.   

UPDATE: Mumia said to to be surrounded by guards, family and friends refused access to see him. For more info. on this, go this Democracy Now link HERE.

UPDATE: Mumia is being treated for complications related to diabetes. His wife Wadiya Cook and brother Kieth Cook have been permitted to see him. According to family as well as lawyer Grot, Mumia has been hospitalized in intensive care. Mumia had complained for the past several months about his health. However, inadequate medical care in prison eventually lead to Mumia falling into a severe medical emergency. More details on this can be read at Colorlines HERE. Additional reliable info. can be read at BlackAmerica Web HERE.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

SanFran Cops Caught in Racist Text Scandal

What further proof does one need that all, ALL cops are fucking scumbags? Maybe not every cop is gunning down someone, or choking someone out, or beating, raping, arresting someone unjustly. But for every tyrant piece-of-shit cop out there who does commit violent heinous crimes against the citizenry, there are ten to twenty who are simply foul human beings, and carry their foul behavior over into their line of work. It is these lowlife, wretched cops who keep the 'Blue Wall Of Silence' fortified - not just those "few" bad actors. 

For every terrorist cop who kills or beats someone down, there are dozens who can be counted upon to look the other way and keep their mouths shut... except when it comes to sending racist and homophobic texts, then these pigs are full of talk! 

Several gang members of the San Francisco Police Gestapo (SFPG) have been caught up in a scandal involving the sending and receiving of racist and homophobic text messages, while on duty. It all had begun with the disgraceful downfall of one sergeant over something completely different. From there, the case expanded into the text scandal in which multiple cops had been implicated. Former SF sergeant Ian Furminger had recently been convicted on federal conspiracy charges. He also robbed street level drug dealers in his spare time. As part of the investigation into Furminger's criminal activities, he was also subsequently revealed to have been the primary actor in a series of bigoted text messages. That investigation had initially implicated four other cops, in addition to Furminger. But soon after, it had expanded to include as many as ten suspect cops. On Tuesday March 17th 2015, SF District Attorney George Gascon had announced a review of over 100,000 convictions for "potential bias". The entire SF Terrorist Police regime is now under scrutiny, thanks to one rotten apple. Except it has always been far more than just one, hasn't it? 

Former SF sergeant/now convicted felon Ian Furminger seen here, looking as miserable as ever. That's what he gets for being a piece-of-shit!

One of the numerous texts passed amongst SF cops. As part court documents, these texts are now available to the public. 

Meanwhile, in the wake of the SF Police Terrorist regime's texting scandal (textgate), one of the dirtbag cops implicated has taken the easy way out, and resigned. Officer Michael Robison, a 23 year veteran of the SF police, turned in his resignation, as confirmed by his lawyer on Wednesday March 18th 2014. Robison had been one of the four other cops accused in the initial texting scandal. According to reports, Robison had knowledge that he was about to face termination, so decided to take the chickenshit way out instead. Typical. In addition to Robison and (convicted felon) Furminger, the names of the other three cops implicated in the initial text scandal are as follows:

Officer Michael Celis
Officer Rain Daugherty 
Officer Noel Schwab

These other three cops are apparently still trying to hang on to their sorry-ass jobs. As for Furminger, the disgraced former sergeant is expected to surrender himself to authorities in early April, to begin serving a three year five month prison sentence. GOOD! It would be nice if these goddamned cops were actually made to do prison time for MURDERING innocent people. But whatever it takes. Of interesting note, it is worth mentioning that officer Robison is also openly Gay. Robison, who's 46, first joined the SF Police Terrorist regime in 1992, as an openly queer cop. The more naive amongst us might be inclined to think that an out-of-the-closer queer cop might be just a bit empathetic to those who have traditionally bore the brunt of police vitriol and violence - which certainly includes queer positive folks. However, one may quickly remember that an African American cop cannot be counted upon to be any kinder to his fellow Black citizens, any more so than his White comrades. So often in fact, that Black cops prove to be even more vicious towards citizens with similar complexions. And while female cops are generally a bit more humane than their male counterparts (female cops having rarely been involved in violent beatings and killings of unarmed persons. Involvement in police sexual assaults of innocent persons being statistically nonexistent for the lady cop), the truth is, they too are willing participants in an authoritarian system which inflicts terror and death in the guise of "law enforcement" upon defenseless people. THEY TOO can be reliably counted upon to turn their heads and keep their mouths shut, whenever fellow officers do the very crimes that they [themselves] might not have quite the stomach for. 

It is called the 'Blue Wall Of Silence' for a reason, and there are very few exceptions to this. Those very few who dare to maintain their humanity, those very few who wouldn't keep their mouths shut, those very few who proved to be exceptional... they don't stay cops for long. See: Cariol Holloman-Horne. See: Christopher Dorner. It is, as one would say, the nature of the vile beast.    

YMCA: (now former) cop Michael Robison appearing on the front cover of the March 1998 edition of The Advocate, a widely distributed magazine which caters to an LGBT readership. 

This is just a few of the transcripts released, of the text messages that were swapped amongst various SF terrorist cops, including Furminger and Robison.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Confounding Case of Miriam Carey

 This one is BIZARRE, no doubt about it. This case is also infuriating and sketchy on every level. An innocent woman is dead. Her daughter is without a mother. No one has been held accountable. And this case remains shrouded in complicated mystery and unanswered questions. One common and tragically familiar thread here is that the victim is Black and the police who murdered her are all White (presumably). 

SO, nothing new there!

On October 3rd 2013 a 34 year old dental hygienist named Miriam Iris Carey was gunned down for seemingly no reason at all. The second of five sisters, Carey had grown up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. As an adult, she lived in Stanford, CONN. Her murder took place in Wasthington D.C. - quite possibly the most heavily fortified, monitored, and policed jurisdiction on Earth... outside of Israel. Several Secret Service agents and Capitol Police Gestapo (Metro police terrorists for the city of D.C.) fired a total of 26 bullets at Carey - extreme overkill, standard police method of death for People of Color. Carey was inside of her black Nissan Infiniti coupe when she was hit with five bullets - three in her back, one in her left arm, one in the back of her head. These wounds have been confirmed in her official autopsy report, which can be read HERE. Her [then] 13 month old daughter Erica was seated in, what had to have been a brightly colored and obvious child's car seat in the back. Clearly, this baby's life was of no concern to cops/agents on the scene, who seemingly went mad with rage. Carey's daughter was physically unharmed in the deadly police attack. One silver lining in this nauseating case, is that due to the girl's very young age at the time, it is hopeful that she will have escaped any memory (and accompanying PTSD) of seeing her mother die in a fusillade of bullets, shattering glass, and splattering blood. Even though Carey's death took place in Oct. 2013, there has been surprisingly (and suspiciously) little coverage of it. Especially compared to many other high-profile police murders, which had received (and continue to receive,) much more attention. When Carey was first murdered by SS agents and Capitol cops in such an incredibly public display, it apparently caused quite the stir for a couple of news cycles. Then... total media blackout. This case has largely come back to light now, due to her family's persistence, as well as a recent Democracy Now report. That report can be viewed HERE.
As mentioned earlier, for such a dramatic and public authoritarian murder, this case has received suspiciously little coverage. Excluding various opinion blogs and libertarian-leaning sites espousing all manner of ridiculous conspiracies (none of which will be repeated here in this blog), there are very few credible, mostly unbiased media outlets which have given this any attention at all. Even then most articles concerning this case date back to 2013, in the days and weeks after the incident. Much of the information in those early articles has since been proven incorrect, though proper follow-ups are also hard to come by. However, in addition to the Democracy Now coverage mentioned, the Washington Post has and article which came out in November 2014 - 13 months after Carey's mysterious death. the WP article is extremely comprehensive, corrects much of the initial disinformation, and asks many tough yet necessary questions, which remain unanswered to this day. That article can be read HERE. An article from The Root, posted back in September 2014, is of good quality as well and I also recommend it. That article can be read HERE. It also mentions other White House-related security breaches, in which the assailants in those cases had been arrested - not KILLED. One particular case cited, is that of Omar J. Gonzalez - a 42 year old Iraq war vet who suffered from PTSD. In Sept. 2014 Gonzalez jumped a gate, ran across the presidential lawn, and made it inside the White House - armed with a knife. Within minutes, he was subdued by security. A later search of Gonzales' vehicle turned up machetes, axes, and 800 rounds of ammunition. Gonzalez was arrested without further incident. He was NOT KILLED. By comparison, Miriam Carey seemed to have taken a wrong turn, breezed past a makeshift "barricade" that some plainclothes cop had set up, drove down a D.C. street at about 19 miles per hour in a 25 ml. per hour zone, before being blocked in by cops and SS agents, who then proceeded to riddle her car with bullets. NO regard to either the baby in the car, nor the public's safety had been given. NO orders for Carey to exit the car were ever given. NO attempt to take her into custody ALIVE were made. Obviously, president Obama's precious fucking life was nowhere near in danger, and the White House itself was not even within eyesight of the spot where authorities murdered Carey. She was unarmed and had never been arrested. That autopsy report turned up no presence of narcotics nor alcohol in her system. Many have questioned Carey's apparent mental state at the time, citing a documented bout of postpartum depression, as well as earlier reports of police encounters. Reports which have never been verified, and are largely on the word of Eric Francis - Carey's then boyfriend and father to Erica. But none of this adds up, as the WP article points out. The woman was well-educated and held down two jobs - a dental practice in Ardsley, NY where she last clocked out on Wed. Oct. 2nd 2013. Her other job was also a dental practice in the Bronx, which she had been scheduled to work on Sat. Oct. 5th. She lived in an up-scale condo in Stamford, CONN with her daughter (the child's father, Francis, also reportedly lived at this residence until some months prior). A single mother who commuted more than 20 miles to work in two different cities every week - doesn't sound crazy to me! Also, her 13 month old daughter was with her at the very moment she died, so Carey was hardly on some suicide mission.

It sounds and looks like Carey took an honest wrong turn down some high-security area, turned around, tried to leave, and than panicked (likely out of fear for her child) when cops began jumping in front of her car with weapons drawn, all of a sudden. As mentioned before, they were all plain-clothed and never announced themselves as law enforcement. So in all certainty, Carey was scared to death and understandably so.

Carey's funeral was held on October 15th 2013 in NYC. Carey's family filed a law suit against both the Capitol police and SS in July 2014. Erica is currently living with her father, who has many questions of his own to answer... but he demands to be paid to give info. Carey's mother and surviving sisters are currently in a custody battle against Francis for the child, now three years old. The SS agents and Metro officers involved in Carey's murder have yet to be publicly identified - and likely never will be. A year and a half later, many puzzling questions still remain. One of those questions, is whether Black lives really DO matter. The answer to that one remains elusive...                 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ferguson Pigs Shot, Suspect Taken

What goes around, comes around.

Officers down: Loathsome Ferguson cops inspect this riot helmet, belonging to one of two cops who were shot early Thursday morning. This particular cop was shot right in the face. Notice the blood splatters on the ballistic shield. 

On Thursday March 12th 2015, two Ferguson pigs were shot while standing guard outside the local police terrorist headquarters. Video footage of the scene can be viewed HERE. The video is shaky and of poor visual quality, but the audio is very clear. Citizens had been rallying near by, largely in response to a recent DOJ report citing rampant racism and legal extortion (arresting and fining the city's majority Black population way out of proportion, using them as a tax base) as the source of most of Ferguson's woes. In addition, Thursday's peaceful street actions were also a response to the DOJ's failure to prosecute killer cop Darren Wilson.  

Street actions in Ferguson have been on-going since peckerwood Wilson gunned down unarmed Black teen Michael Brown back in August of 2014. To be clear, condoning or celebrating any level of harm that might befall a law enforcement officer - no matter how utterly wretched that officer may be - is indefensible. That being said, a reasonable argument can be made that, what happened Thursday was most likely due to the Ferguson Police Terrorist regime's total refusal to fully and honestly acknowledge citizen's grievance. And now one can only wonder why such a thing had not happened much sooner. Thursday's shooting also comes in the wake of Ferguson Gestapo police chief Thomas Jackson's resignation. [Former] chief Jackson was finally forced to step down after the DOJ's report came back. Many citizens who rallied outside the Ferguson Police Terrorist stronghold were also addressing Jackson's resignation.

St. Louis cops arrested a suspect on Saturday March 14th in the shootings. He has been identified as 20 year old Jeffery Williams.It is not yet clear whether the alleged shooter Williams had deliberated targeted the two cops - one having been shot in the face, the other in the shoulder. Williams has been charged with aggravated assault. The two cops injured cops have not yet been identified. The one who was shot in the face is reported to be 32 years old, from Webster Groves, MO. The other is 41 and was shot in the shoulder. He is a St. Louis County officer. Their injuries were reported to not have been life-threatening. They both are expected to live.

Poppin' cops: Alleged shooting suspect Jeffrey Williams seem here.

UPDATE: shooting suspect Jeffery Williams made his first court appearance today on Monday March 16th. He was formally charged with two counts of first degree assault along with a weapon's offense, and his bail was set at $300,000. Williams was said to have used a 40mm handgun in the alleged shooting. There are reports that Williams was abused by cops during his arrest Saturday. These allegations were addressed by his lawyer while in court Monday. Contrary to earlier media reports - and police descriptions - the shooting was not an "ambush" and it's likely that cops weren't even the initial targets. Williams himself insists that he was not aiming at cops, but instead someone with whom he had a personal dispute. Later reports also indicate that Williams was possibly robbed earlier that day, and that the shooting was an attempted retaliation. Initial police speculation also [strongly] suggested that Williams was part of the protest group. This also is not true.  

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Migrant Worker Murdered By Cops in Pasco, WA.

A Mexican Farm worker was murdered in cold blood by sadistic pigs in Washington state. The murder occurred in the small town of Pasco, WA on Tuesday February 10th 2015. The victim has been identified as Antonio Zambrano-MontesGang members of the Pasco Police Gestapo(PPG) fired 17 bullets at Montes and he was hit 5-7 times. Montes was 35 years old. He was not armed with any weapon and posed no threat to police.  

Another racist police murder: Antonio Zambrano-Montes seen here.

Montes was allegedly throwing rocks at passing vehicles at a busy intersection. Montes, who grew up in Michoacan Mexico, had been working on an orchard farm in Pasco for the past decade or so. Reports say that he had a history of mental health issues, including depression and was likely enduring a mental crisis at the time of the incident. Cops on the scene claim that "low level force" including a stun gun was used to "no effect" (typical cop lie). Montes was continuing "threatening behavior", leaving officers with no choice but to resort to deadly force. However, video footage capturing Montes' last moments clearly shows the victim running away from cops, hands up before being gunned down. He was unarmed. That video can be viewed HERE.  

Three pigs were directly involved in the execution of Montes. As part of standard operating procedure (SOP), all three pigs have been placed on paid vacation, pending investigation. They have been identified as:
Officer Ryan Flanagan
Officer Adam Wright
Officer Adrian Alaniz  

Pasco residents take part in rally, protesting Antonio Zambrano-Montes' murder by police terrorists in February.

Ad for a rally held here in Portland, OR, in solidarity with Pasco residents demanding justice for Montes' murder.

Montes' death at the bloody hands of cops has rightfully enraged local residents, and garnered national attention. Videos of Montes' killing by terrorist cops have been viewed by millions of people by now, placing an international spotlight on Pasco, as well. Numerous rallies in Pasco as well as other cities have decried the unjustified use of deadly force against unarmed citizens such as Montes. One particular rally held on Feb. 14th saw over 1,000 attendees. Days later, solidarity marches took place in Portland and Seattle.  

Montes' death is but one in a series of high-profile racist cop murders of Latino people in the U.S. just this year. On January 26th 2015, 16 year old Jessica Hernandez was murdered by cops in Denver, CO. She was alleged to have been driving a stolen car - hardly a crime which warrants summary execution. She was unarmed and posed absolutely no danger to cops. Hernandez was an American citizen, born in Denver.

On February 20th 2015, a cop in Euless, TX murdered 31 year old Ruben Garcia Villalpando during an unwarranted traffic stop (driving while Brown). The victim was a documented Mexican national. He was unarmed. Villalpando was living in the U.S. legally and had worked as a mechanic for ten years, prior to his death. 

Final note: the attorney who represented the families of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Tamir Rice, has also agreed to take on the Pasco case. Benjamin Crump will be representing the family of Antonio Montes for the foreseeable future. In fact, many people have already drawn comparisons between Pasco and Ferguson. Speaking of Ferguson, it is also worth noting that Pasco, WA has a population of about 68,000 people. Over 55% of residents are Latino/Chicano. Yet, the police force is mostly all White.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Chicago's Police 'Black-Site'.

In the years since the so-called IXXI "attacks" (if you believe the official version), the term 'black-site' has entered the public consciousness. Typically it conjures up images of Arab men - usually innocent - being kept and tortured in secret CIA prisons. Off the books and in far-flung countries, whose regimes are little more than craven puppets for the U.S. empire.

Recently thought, news has been made public of a black-site being held right in Chicago, IL. Run by the Chicago Police Terrorist regime, it has all the trappings of an 'off-the-books', over-seas prison. Americans/Chicago residents were effectively being disappeared by special police units. In fact, all Constitutional rights were suspended within the facility. Here is just a sampling of crimes committed by cops at HS:

- No official arrests records: detainees deliberately omitted from data bases.
- Legal council denied for up to 24 hours.
- Severe beatings and other acts of torture.
- Cuffed or shackled in place for excessively long periods.
- Minors as young as 15 were detained.
- Homicide. At least one man was found dead inside an "interrogation" room. 

In addition to all this people were never charged with any crimes - not while at HS.  
The war brought home: This warehouse located in Chicago is the police-run, black-site jail known as 'Homan Square'. For years, mostly Black and Latino detained citizens would be brought here, their arrests kept off the books. Torture, beatings, and forced confessions were (and remain) routine here.

Known as 'Homan Square', the warehouse/police torture site is located on Chicago's west side and police operations were said to have been set up there in 2005. A few White political activists were kept there. Otherwise, it has mostly poor Black and Brown-skinned people who were victimized. Typically, once innocent people were  arrested and taken to Homan Square, they would be held for up to 24 hours (or more) without legal council or Miranda rights read. No official record of arrests were kept, therefore, it was impossible for people's whereabouts to have even been known during their detention... illegal as it were.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

DOJ Report On Ferguson: INSANE RACISM, Extortion, etc.


An extensive, six-month Department Of Justice report has recently been concluded and released to the public. It confirms what the residents of Ferguson, MO have been decrying for months: that the Ferguson/St. Louis County police regimes are not only thoroughly racist, but the city municipality itself disproportionately and illegally targets Black residents for extortion. 

The DOJ report, which first began last September and released this Wednesday, March 4th, reveals a shocking level of unashamed racism and other criminal behavior. The 105-page report implicates not only the local police terrorist regime - but the local judiciary and city officials as well. Ferguson's population is roughly 66% Black, but has bore the brunt of more than 90% of all arrests, citations, fines, and use of force by cops. Ferguson's police regime is nearly all White. The City Council, its mayor, and the school board are virtually all White. The report details demonstrative levels of, what is nothing short of absolute terrorism waged against Ferguson's Black population.
Such discovered acts of police/authoritarian aggression includes:

- The use of stun guns as "compliance" tools.
- Deliberate racist profiling.
- False arrests and over-arrests.
- Jail house torture.
- Physical violence against arrested and detained people, without cause.
- Racist emails passed amongst cops and other city officials.
- Deliberate targeting of Blacks as a revenue source for the city.
- Out of control citations, fines, court costs, etc. levied against Blacks, disproportionately.
- Unrelenting harassment and re-arrests for failure to pay extortion fines.
- Illegal debtor's prison.
- Illegal stops and searches.
- Brazen violations of resident's First Amendment and Civil rights.
- Use of police dogs on compliant, non-violent people.

Those emails are particularly disgusting. The report states that insanely racist
emails were freely circulated amongst cops and civilian city officials. This was all done on official govt. computers, on govt. email accounts, during work hours. Unfortunately, the report does not tie actual names of individual cops and city employees to specific emails. However, at
least one piece-of-shit city official was fired, and two others placed on administrative leave in the immediate fallout.  

The report was compiled in large part, from tens of thousands of pages of
police files and email transcripts. Hundreds of interviews with residents were also conduced, providing actual names and faces to the individual testimonies of victimized people and ruined lives. In the wake of this report, many people in this shell-shocked and besieged city are still coming to grips with it all. It remains to be seen what results - if any - will be had from this.  But if anything is to improve even the slightest bit, it won't come from the cops for damned sure. Obese, gestapo police chief Thomas Jackson - who is pasty White - has [so far] had nothing to say to the DOJ report... not publicly at least.


Oh, here's an afterthought. 

On the same day that the DOJ released its scathing Ferguson report, the agency's head Eric Holder, also announced that the DOJ would decline to bring federal charges against pig Darren Wilson. SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Meanwhile, the family of Michael Brown - the 18 year old Black teen who was murdered by pig Wilson last August - has announced plans to sue Wilson and the Ferguson Police Terrorist regime. Good for them! It is also worth noting that Ferguson is not the only city in MO with serious problems. Class action lawsuits were launched against Ferguson and Jennings, MO in February. The suits allege that the two cities hold illegal debtor's prisons.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


My god it's hard to keep it, it really is. 

We're [back] in L.A. again and we have [yet] another innocent Black man murdered by vicious cops. The video above shows a violent scene spiraling wildly out of control, ending in deadly police gunfire. A very petite woman is also depicted in the video, being tackled to the pavement by a thuggish pig easily twice her size, before being handcuffed. *TRIGGER WARNING: VIDEO IS GRAPHIC in NATURE! The video was taken by a citizen cop-watcher later identified as Anthony Blackburn

Summery execution: Seven wretched cops with guns drawn seen here, surrounding a homeless man after they had just gunned him down. 

The murder occurred on Sunday March 1st 2015 in the Skid Row section of Los Angeles, CA. Several gang members of the Los Angeles Police Gestapo (LAPG), were involved. Early reports did not identify the shooting victim - only that he was homeless and according to witnesses, went by the nickname 'Africa'. He has since been identified as 'Charley Saturmin Robinet', which apparently isn't even his actual name. According to follow-up reports, Robinet was a 39 year old French national who stole someone's identity and passport in order to enter the U.S. 15 years ago. He was reported to have been involved in an alleged bank robbery not long after entering the country. After his arrest, Robinet was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison and was released in May 2014. Robinet was shot 5 - 7 times by L.A. cops - none of which have been identified as of yet. Robinet was also reported to have suffered from mental illness, and spent time in a hospital at some point. 

More on this, as the story progresses...

Charley Saturmin Robinet seen here.   
Where the murder took place.
Shooting: The attack took place in the Skid Row district of Los Angeles, which is known for its large homeless population