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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Murder of Aaron Campbell: 5 Yrs. Later

On this day five years ago, Aaron M. Campbell was murdered by gang members of the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG). 

On Friday January 29th 2010 Aaron Campbell, 25 at the time - was shot in the back. His killer is/was officer Ronald Frashour, but several other cops have had both a direct and indirect role in Campbell's murder, on that night... they will be gotten to in a moment.

Despite attempting to surrender, Campbell was shot with beanbag rounds, followed by lethal live ammo. After he was shot, Campbell fell to the ground but was denied any medical attention - a human rights violation. A police K-9 dog was sicced upon him, after he was mortally wounded. He was allowed to bled to death just mere feet away from the front door of the apartment where his girlfriend, Angie Jones, had stayed. His dead body was then handcuffed, and those cuffs were not removed until his autopsy was conducted a few days later. He was shot with an AR-15 military assault rifle. Campbell himself was unarmed, though a gun was found in the apt. later on. His was but one of a number of high profile police murders that have taken place in Portland over the years.

Aaron Campbell, along with sister Lashell Douglass, visiting their ill brother Timothy.

Campbell tending to his brother Timothy in the hospital. 

Campbell's brother, 23 year old Timothy Douglass had died of heart disease and kidney failure just earlier that day, leaving him devastated. Their mother Marva Campbell Davis speaks of losing both here sons HERE. By later that Friday evening, Campbell was going through a mental health crisis and was said to have been suicidal. Concerned about Campbell, a relative had called 911. Campbell was hold up at Jones' apt. He had a gun and was suicidal. He was distraught over having just lost his brother that morning, to whom he was very close. Jones, along with her three children, were in the apt. as well. When cops along with a S.E.R.T. (special emergency response team) unit arrived, were prepared for an armed siege. This should have been nothing more than a welfare check. One 911 dispatchers relayed info. of a situation involving a) a Black man, b) a gun, c) children in the home, the worst possible scenario was assumed. But shortly after authoritarians arrived, officer James Quackenbush had contacted Campbell on his cell phone, and the two developed a repertoire. That was GOOD police work, so far. It would not last. Once it was [seemingly] understood that cops were not dealing with a violent hostage crisis - but a despondent man who had just lost his brother and never attended harm to anyone, the entire situation should have deescalated right away. Jones and the children had existed the apt. At some point, officer Quackenbush had instructed Campbell the exit as well, unarmed of course. But somewhere along the way, there had been a break-down in communication between cops on the scene. This fuck-up on their part would cost an innocent man his life. An a mother her second son in one day.

Crime scene: the Sandy Terrance apartment complex outside which Aaron Campbell was murdered by Portland cops in Jan. 2010. 

Campbell walked out of the apt. backwards, with his hands behind his head. Officer Quackenbush probably instructed him to do as such. However, other cops apparently had not expected Campbell to exit the apt. when he did, nor were aware of Quackenbush's instructions to him. Once outside the apt. cops began barking conflicting orders at him... and this is the part were details get all murky. Campbell's hands were already plainly visible. Even not knowing what Quackenbush knew, it was obvious that Campbell was no threat what so ever. He was not armed and turning himself in. Withing mere moments of walking out, officer Ryan Lewton fired six bean bag rounds at Campbell's back - a "compliance measure" since the victim apparently was not obeying orders fast enough. This caused Campbell to reach towards his back in pain, DUH. Officer Frashour immediately "mistook" this reflexive movement as Campbell "reaching for a gun". Campbell was shot once in the back, at close range. He fell to the ground, a K-9 dog was sicced on him, he was denied all medical attention, and was left on the ground for around 30 minutes until he had bled out. Campbell was dead by the time cops put cuffs on him.     

Campbell's mother Marva C. Davis, standing midst police accountability activists,  gives an interview to reporters.          
Protesters call for the firing of Ron Frashour, the pig who shot Campbell in the back with an AR-15 assault rifle.

Here is a list of the pigs who have played a role in Campbell's murder - whether directly or indirectly: 

Offc. Ronald Frashour
Offc. James Quackenbush
Offc. Ryan Lewton -
Offc. Jeff Elias -
Sgt. Liani Reyna -
Sgt. John Birkinbine -

This is apparently officer Ron Frashour. Identification has not been independently confirmed. No other photos of this pig can be found, it seems.

In February 2010, a grand jury declined to bring criminal charges against Frashour. However, in the wake of their ruling the jury did issue a list of concerns, stating that Campbell deserved better.

As a result of events on Jan. 29th 2010, officer Frashour was fired that following November. In addition, sergeants Reyna and Birkinbine, as well as officer Lewton all received 80-hour suspensions - without pay. However, through arbitration Frashour managed to regain his sorry-ass job in October 2012. This entire clusterfuck of gross (if not criminal) police malfeasance has also resulted in some very expensive litigation for the city of Portland. This includes (among other things) nearly two years worth of back-pay to killer cop Frashour, after his reinstatement, as well as a $1.2 million wrongful murder civil suit. That suit was first filed in November 2010 and settled in February 2012. A statement by Marva Davis and stepfather John Davis released to the public, which coincided with the suit's filing can be read HERE

So far as anyone is aware now, killer cop Frashour remains in the employ of the Portland Police Gestapo, though whether or not he still wears the uniform and has direct contact with the public is less clear. Every other cop involved in Aaraon Campbell's murder has either maintained their positions within the regime, or peacefully moved on - albeit not without blood on their hands. Campbell's family is also moving on, having won a settlement years prior. It is little consolation for having to bury a son/brother/father. It should be made perfectly clear, that over the course of this tragedy Campbell never committed a crime, nor was he accused of a crime. He was cooperating with police early on. He did what he was told. He was not armed, and made it clear to at least one wretched cop, that he attended harm to NO ONE. And anyone who thinks that police behavior on that night could be characterized as "negligent", is a fucking idiot rube! Campbell was lured out of that apartment. He was set up. He was MURDERED! And not a single criminal charge ever came of it. Not one single cop lost his/her job. 

Well... one did. But then he got it back, with nearly two years back pay for his "troubles". 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Jersey Cops Gun Down Motorist w/ His HANDS UP

In yet another act of blatant, racist murder, a Black motorist has been ruthlessly gunned down by vile, wretched pigs. One again, the victim had his hands UP, when he was shot. But this damned time, there is video of the crime! 

The police murder of Jerame C. Reid had taken place on Tuesday December 30th, 2014. However, a dashboard-mounted camera capturing the incident in its entirety had only recently been made public, making this a national story. The incident took place in Bridgeton, NJ. Back on Dec. 30th, 36 year old Reid was a passenger riding along with friend Leroy Tutt, 46. Tutt, who was driving, had been pulled over by two blood-thirsty gang members of the Bridgeton Police Gestapo (BPG) on a pretext of "failing to halt at a stop sign". The two pigs involved in this criminal act are officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley. The stop appeared to be routine at first. [driver] Tutt was asked to relinquish his license. Then, as if someone had flipped a switch, the the pigs when ape-shit. Apparently, a handgun was found in the glove compartment. Officer Days immediately goes into an insane rage, shouting expletives and death threats at [passenger] Reid to keep his hands up and to not move. Withing seconds, the situation drastically escalates, with both cops screaming at both the car's occupants, as they have their hands up. In the video, Tutt can clearly be seen with his left hand extended out of the driver's side window. Officer Worley grabs hold of his arm. Reid then exists the car from the passenger side, with both hands up. It is obvious he has no weapon. At this point, the cops could have simply tasered Reid. Instead, they both open fire, executing Reids on the spot. Tutt is arrested.     

Graphic video of the entire murder can be seen HERE. ***TRIGGER WARNING*** 

For clerical record, officer Braheme Days, the main antagonist in this incident, is a sell-out Black. His partner, officer Roger Worley, is a peckerwood White. Leroy Tutt and Jerame Reid are both Black. The murder victim is survived by his wife Lawanda Reid and a three month old child. It is not yet known whether any harm came to the other occupant of that car, Leroy Tutt. Days and Worley were both rewarded with paid vacation, pending an investigation. Blah, blah, blah...  

Dirty-ass, low-down, self-loathing pig Officer Braheme Days seen here, shucking and jiving for his masters.

Days' partner in crime and filthy, bastard-ass pig, Officer Roger Worley seen here.

Never one to break from routine, corporate mainstream media has wasted no time tarring and feathering the victim, post mortem. Reid's past conviction for shooting at cops (as a teenager... Reid was 36 at time of his death) was dredged up, as well as an apparent 2014 arrest for minor drug possession. So naturally, this all makes the victim's life worthless. You see, this is a typical pattern that media - in conjunction with police regimes and prosecutors - has followed for decades. So, whenever a Black person - whether innocent or suspect (the later, especially) - is murdered by either cops or racist vigilantes, here are a few guarantees you can count on happening:

- If the victim had any sort of criminal record, no matter how irrelevant, you WILL hear about it.
- If the victim had been suspected of an alleged crime, that will be harped upon, so as to justify that person's death.
- Any resistance on the victim's part - be it asserting one's Civil rights or attempting to preserve one's live - will be used as an excuse to justify their death.
- And in cases where the victim is simply too young (child/preteen) to vilify, any number of face-saving tactics will be employed as to absolve cops of wrong-doing. Even if NO measure of guilt or fault can be unfairly placed upon the victim. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

St. Louis County Cops Beat WRONG Man... Oops!

Meanwhile back in St. Louis County, MO, a 22 year old college student was viciously beaten by a gang of cops over suspicion of a crime. Cops beating suspects is obviously nothing new. It is something that should never happen, but unfortunately, will always be with us, so long as we have cops. 
But it is much worse when these pigs beat INNOCENT people by mistake!

The horrific police encounter took place on Thursday January 15th 2015. It happened in St. Ann, a small city of over 13,000. St. Ann is a suburb to St. Louis, and lies within greater St. Louis county (same as Ferguson, if that gives you an idea of where this story is going). Joseph Swink, a Black 22 year old college student, was violently beaten by White pigs, whilst they were in pursuit of an alleged suspect with various arrest warrants. That suspect was later identified as Anton Simmons - a man reported to have had 17 separate warrants out for his arrest. Swink is an accounting student who was attending his studies at University of Missouri-St. Louis. He has no criminal record. Swink was driving back home from an internship along Interstate 70, just outside St. Louis. At this moment was when police thugs, jacked up for a beating, were engaging a dangerous high-speed chase with Simmons. As Swink tried to clear a path for fast and furious on-coming police cruisers, he had lost control of his vehicle and crashed. As the car began filling up with smoke, Swink quickly exited - only to be tackled by ferocious juiced up cops. Swink immediately found himself at the hands of a severe police beating, which resulted in serious lacerations to his right ear and left side of his face. Also, his car was now totaled. Basically, cops jumped the first Black guy they saw running. A report of this disgusting incident can be viewed HERE

Wrong Black Guy! Joseph Swink seen here. Swink was mistakenly brutalized by St. Ann cops, during a high-speed chase for a completely different man who only vaguely resembles him.

DOH! Aaron Simmons, the suspect St. Ann police were in hot pursuit of, when they ended up beating an innocent man in his place.

St. Ann Gestapo Police Chief Aaron Jimenez, seen here. 

In addition to a half-ass apology on behalf of the chief, the St. Ann Terrorist Police regime may likely pay Swink's medical bill. Incurred when Swink was being treated for severe injuries - caused by cops beating his face in.   
For his part, St. Ann Gestapo Police chief/self-loathing Latino Aaron Jimenez has "apologized" to Swink for the mistaken occurrence. Chief Jimenez also insists that his officers used the "least amount of force possible" when apprehending Swink - who immediately turned out to be the wrong fucking guy. Cops realized their "mistake" when other cops radioed in that they had a suspect in custody, from a completely different location - which happened to have been the right fucking guy! Wow. 

None of the cops involved in this crime have been identified, and they never will be. Needless to say, aggravated assault charges will never be levied. If the St. Ann police regime does indeed compensate Swink for medical costs, it will only be to persuade him from filing a civil suit against them. No word yet as to whether Swink will be compensated for the loss of his car - also a direct result of police actions. Hopefully, his insurance will cover that part at least. What should be pointed out is the fact that, these pigs were already jacked up to kick somebody's ass. That they did this to an innocent man who would not possibly have resisted, pretty much shows the sheer intent of how these vile pigs operate. The only language they speak is violence and brute force, and if you're a "suspect" then most times you don't even have the option to surrender without a severe beating. 

THIS is what police are like. This is their true nature. And frankly, it remains to be seen whether any amount of "reform" will ever change sadistic cop culture.     

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crybaby Cop Caught on Camera, After Killing Unarmed Man

If there is one thing more rare than a cop facing criminal prosecution for anything, it is a cop crying. At least, a cop being caught on camera crying. Well, that is exactly what happened in the case of one Montana pig, who "broke down" after shooting an innocent man. Well, boo-hoo for him, no doubt he was all broken up about it. As for the man officer Crybaby murdered... well, that sucks for him too.

The crybaby cop in question is officer Grant Morrison, five-year gang member of the Billings Police Gestapo (BPG). The man Morrison murdered was 38 year old Richard Ramirez. The killing had actually taken place in April of last year. However, a dash cam video capturing the sobbing cop has only recently been publicly released. On the night of April 14th 2014, officer Morrison had pulled over a car with four men inside. One of those men was Ramirez, said to have been a passenger. Reasons remain unclear as to why Morrison saw fit to pull the vehicle over in the first place, identities of the other three men in the vehicle were never released. The cop had demanded all four men show their hands, but that Ramirez did not. Morrison claimed that he saw Ramirez "lowering his arm and reaching towards his waist band", so Morrison claims... guess no one will ever really know for sure. Morrison also claimed he thought Ramirez might have had a weapon. After ordering him to show his hands a few times, Morrison shot Ramirez in the chest three times. It later turned out that Ramirez had indeed been unarmed. He was alleged to have been high on methamphetamine, at the time. [It must be noted that Morrison's interactions with Ramirez that night were never fully caught on camera. And it has never been explained why Morrison could not have employed a "less-than-lethal" device, such as his taser. So, it is merely Morrison's word against that of Ramirez. And obviously, only one of them is talking.]

Upon realizing that Ramirez did not have a weapon, Morrison broke down, crocodile tears and all. This pathetic display was captured by the dashboard-mounted camera of another patrol vehicle, as several other cops arrived on the crime scene.

Cry me a river: Billings Cop Grant Morrison seen here, still red-faced from a recent crying spell, most likely. 

Happens to White men, too: Police murder victim Richard Ramirez, seen here. He was gunned down by officer Morrison last April - an altercation stemming from a simple traffic stop. Ramirez was later found to have been unarmed. A MT grand jury recently cleared Morrison of wrong doing. 

Julie Ramirez (left) and Bettie Ramirez, sister and mother of the deceased, sit anguished in a Billings courtroom during jury proceedings at a coroner's inquest into the police murder of Richard Ramirez. The Ramirez family attends to file a wrongful murder suit against the Billings Police Terrorist regime.

On Wednesday January 7th, a grand jury in Billings declined to bring a criminal indictment against officer Crybaby. Ramirez's family however, was understandably distraught by this decision. They strongly criticized the inquest as biased and one-sided. One of Ramirez's sisters, Renee Ramirez, said that testimony about her brother's past alleged drug use was irrelevant (which it is). Also, all but three of the 15 people called to testify during the inquest were vile, wretched cops. Every cop testified about his past "interactions" with the deceased. It is also well known that cops routinely LIE and purger themselves on the witness stand, in court. They also do this with total impunity, so there is that. In the wake of the jury's decision, the Ramirez family announced that they plan to file a wrongful murder suit against the Billings Police Terrorist regime. Officer Crybaby probably had spent most of 2014 thinking his career was over with... after shooting a White man. Now, he has nothing to cry about. 

Billings Gestapo Police chief/obese pig Rich St. John seen here. According to chief St. John, this was the fifth police killing in Billings in a past eight years he was head of the regime. All of them were found by grand juries to have been "justified".

Incredibly, this isn't even the first time officer Crybaby has killed... though it is likely the first time he has cried about it. On February 11th 2013, Morrison shot and killed another man, Jason James Shaw, during a routine traffic stop. On that day, Morrison claimed that Shaw "had a crazed look in his eye", and thus, had to shoot him. Shaw was reported to have been 32 years old at the time. Morrison shot him in the stomach, and he died at a local hospital later that day. A toy bb gun was said to have been found in Shaw's coat pocket later on, though he never pulled it out. Officer Crybaby was cleared of any wrong-doing in that murder, as well. Further details on James Shaw's murder can be read HERE.
Dash cam video which captures part of that incident can be viewed HERE.  

Officer Crybaby's first victim: Jason James Shaw seen here. Shaw was gunned down in Feb. 2013, during a typical traffic stop. He was unarmed.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sniper Team Uses Mug Shots of Black Men As Target Practice!

Well, the new year is off to a lovely fucking start. A team of terrorist police snipers in Miami-Dade, FL have recently been found to have used the mug shots of young Black men as target practice at a shooting range. Not caricature cutouts of "hypothetical" Black men... the booking photographs of actual, existing human beings. Anyone who still insists that cops are not inherently racist is clearly on their side, and thus, must be regarded as the enemy! 

This is sick. Only a sick-minded animal (no offense to animals) would even think of such a thing. Then again, we're talking about cops here. The shooting range where this occurred - Medley Firearms Training Center - is located in Medley, FL, an incorporated town which lies within Miami-Dade county. The whole incident was blown open, thanks to a group of army guards persons who had arrived at the range to conduct their annual weapons qualifications training on Saturday January 10th. One of the FL national guards persons was Sergeant Varlerie Deant. It was then that Sgt. Deant and the rest of her group discovered the bullet-ridden mug shots. They had been nonchalantly left behind by the North Miami Beach snipers team, which had just used the facility prior. Finding out that police specifically trained to sniper specifications would use people's mug shots for target practice is disturbing, by itself. That they would only use the mug shots of Black teenage males is even more shocking. But upon closer inspection, once Sgt. Deant had realized that one of the photos was of her brother, Woody Deant, she was horrified. 

Army Sgt. Valerie Deant seen here. Deant was brought to tears, upon discovering that one of the men whose mug shot was used for target practice by vile cops, was in fact her brother Woody. 

Targeted by cops: Woody Deant seen here. The mug shot of his which cop snipers used as target practice dates back 15 years, when he was just 18 years old. Since then, Mr. Deant has been nothing short of a law-abiding citizen. However, racist peckerwood cops continue to place a bulls-eye on him.

Gestapo Police Chief J. Scott Dennis seen here. Chief Dennis supports the actions of his officers, when they decided to use mug shots of only Black men as target practice. Due to fallout from the controversy, he's been forced to suspend the sniper training program - at least temporarily. Why do all these police chiefs tend to be skinheads?

Deant's fellow comrades had to console her as she broke down. When she notified her brother Woody, he was understandably shocked and left speechless. His own photo has one bullet hole going through his forehead, another through the right eye. The mug shot was said to have been taken 15 years ago, when Woody Deant had been arrested in connection with a drag race which tragically, left two people dead. He was 18 years old at the time. Deant took the mug shots - photos of six individuals, himself included, printed out on a single sheet of paper - and uploaded them to his FaceBook account, in order to draw attention to what cops were doing. This sparked righteous outrage amongst users online, leading to a very public outcry against the North Miami Beach Police Gestapo (NMBPG). As a result, the NMB police terrorist regime was forced to suspend its sniper training program on Friday Jan. 16th. This was certainly a face-saving move meant to be temporary. But a move that terrorist scumbag cops in Miami-Dade were forced to make, nonetheless - GOOD! 

  "The picture actually has like, bullet holes. One in my forehead and one in my eye... I was speechless" - Woody Deant

NMB skinhead police chief J. Scott Dennis was forced to acknowledge that using photographs of Black men "might be offensive" to some people, and was "probably in poor judgement". However, he still defends the actions of his underlings. Typical bitch cop behavior. Chief Dennis went on to make excuses - claiming that his officers use the mug shots of White men, as well. That remains to be seen, but it does not matter. The point is, commercial shooting targets for purposes of firearms training are easily - and cheaply - available. Any police regime can purchase them wholesale. COPS SHOULD NOT USE PEOPLE'S MUG SHOTS FOR TARGET PRACTICE - END OF DEBATE! In the wake of the public's heightened enlightenment to widespread, endemic police abuse and murder - of People of Color in particular - these lousy goddamned pigs pull this crap. They've got some nerve, no doubt. Caught red-handed, yet further proof of what the police truly think of the [rest] of us. 

One last thought - 
If any civilian were to use the photo of an actual cop as target practice, or even posted a photo of a cop online with a bulls eye superimposed over his or her face - that would be considered a DEATH THREAT! That individual would then be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution. Yet, the vile rotten pigs who went outside of standard procedure to do what they did - they will not be punished in any way, not even a lousy write-up. Once again, cops have full impunity to do whatever the Hell they please.