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Friday, March 21, 2014

LOVELLE MIXON... Five Years Later


The history of America is splattered with the dried blood of many countless unsung heroes. One such hero has just been commemorated in new independent documentary.
March 21st marks the five-year anniversary of LOVELLE MIXON'S last stand.

On March 21st 2009 ruthless street warrior Lovelle Mixon took rightful measures to defend himself when he exterminated four gang members of the Oakland Police Gestapo (OPG). What had initially began as a routine, racist "stop'n frisk" turned out to be the darkest day for the Oakland police - one of the most notorious terrorist police gangs in the U.S.

BLOWBACK, is what one might call it. And blowback, it most certainly was, as many innocent People of Color and citizens in general have had to endure a seige of tyranny from Oakland police terrorists for many years. Oakland itself being a city that has been under constant siege by a hyper-militarized, terrorist police force ever since before The Black Panther party was founded there in 1966.  Keep in mind that the murder of Oscar Grant by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) gestapo had also just taken place at the very beginning of 2009.

Mixon himself was eventually fallen by police gunfire, as scared pigs out-numbered, surrounded, and closed in upon him. Now a new documentary titled 'Ghosts Of March 21st' chronicling Mixon's final days and hours is set to begin screenings in Oakland and other cities. The trailer for 'Ghost...' can be seen here.

The four pigs Mixon assassinated before being gunned down himself were:

Officer John Hege(deceased)
Sgt. Mark Dunakin(deceased)
Sgt. Daneil Sakai(deceased)
Sgt. Ervin Romans(deceased)


Pridictably, all mainstream, corporate-prostitute media (including virtually all yellow-bellied, so-called "liberal" media) lionized these four gang memebers without question, while simultaneously smearing and villifying Mixon in the worse possible ways.

However, what had been conveniently ignored by the this wretched bias media is that Mixon had many supporters. In the days and weeks following the killings, various marches, demonstrations, and public speakings took place in Oakland and the larger Bay area of California.

'Ghosts...' is directed by independent film-maker Sam Stoker. The film will premire in Oakland this week, with following screenings to be held over the preciding weeks and months all over the country. 'Ghosts...' isn't simply about Lovelle Mixon, though. Issues of long-standing racism within Oakland and a community having to live under occupation are tackled here. Indeed, Oakland often comes up whenever one talks about an American city under occupation... well we all are, though Oakland seemingly moreso than most.

Not only the birth place of the Black Panthers, but some of the most horrendous acts of police terrorism (out-side NYC) took place here during the Occupy movement. Ofcourse, the police terrorist murder of Oscar Grant - less than three months before Mixon's death - still weighs heavily over this city.

Sam Stoker's website:

Additional info. here:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Portland Gestapo Claim Its First Casualty of the Year

A shootout occurred in Portland which ended in the death of one alleged criminal, and injury to another criminal, which happened to have been a cop.

The shooting took place on Wednesday March 12th near a Re/Max store and Wilsonville High school in the Hillsdale neighborhood in SW Portland. Officer John M. Romero, an eight-year gang member of the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG) got into a gun-fight with a man identified as Kelly Vern Swoboda, 49, an alleged suspect in several bank robberies in Eugene and Milwaukie, and the kidnapping of one female in January 2014. Romero was also a "resource officer" for near-by Wilsonville High. Romero was shoot in the hand. He will live.  

Deceased: Kelly Swoboda, seen here.

Officer up: Obese pig John Romero of the PPG seen here.

Now by most accounts, Swoboda was himself a long-time criminal who, at the time of his death, had been wanted in a few jurisdictions for several alleged crimes. He was wanted in Clackamas County for kidnapping and pistol-whipping a tanning salon employee. There was a federal indictment against him for for the robbery of three area credit unions in November and December of 2013. Authorities had also accused him of stalking students in the Portland aera.

In addition, Swoboda had a criminal history which included prison time served for bank robbery, assault, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was born in 1964 an apparently had spent most of his life in Oregon, residing in Portland, Milwaukie, Oak Groove, Estacada, and Molalla.

White trash: Kelly Swoboda seen here in multiple mug shots.

With such a track record, one could assume that Swoboda was pretty much a loser his whole life. Comments to various on-line articles regarding the shooting have openly theorized whether this was just another case of "suicide-by-cop". Speculation, yes - but by no means unprecidented. Of course, Swoboda could just as easily had become a cop himself, had life's circumstances turned out just a little more differently.

 After-all, there really insn't that much difference between the deceased and the man who killed him - officer John Romero. Pedictably, local bias media has regailed Romero as a hero who took down a "bad guy". As well as biased puff-pieces of how "adored" he was by students at the high school where he was assigned patrol/containment duties. Typical.

All smiles: Officer Friendly seen here, granting wishes apparently.

Well, the Portland Police Gestapo could certainly use some good PR... and Hell knows hey have been milking it with this recent incident here. So, CONGRADULATIONS! Thanks for taking out the bad guy!

Why, makes it almost easy to forget about the long history of police shootings in Portland/metro, as well as the equally long list of people (many perfectly innocent) killed by cops in Multnomah/surrounding counties.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Marrisa Alexander Due for New Trial... With Much higher Stakes

She was serving 20 years in prison. She now has a second chance and a new trial... but is now facing 60 years!

The terminally fucked-up state of Florida has been made ever the more notorious over the last few years over a few very high-profile trial cases - all involving guns, a "Stand Your Ground" defense, a disgraceful prosecutor, and tragedy befalling Black protagonists.

Here is a primer regarding one particular case: a Jacksonville woman/mother of three named Marrisa Alexander had been battered by her estranged husband, Rico Gray. Gray is an admitted wife-beater and woman-abuser and admitted in court documents to having assaulted Alexander while she was pregnant. On August 1st 2010 the two had gotten into a heated argument at their home during which Gray threatened Alexander's life. The victim has just given birth a few days earlier. At some point, Alexander barricaded herself in the bathroom. Gray broke the door down and chased her throughout the house, threatening to kill her. She ran into the garage, grabbed a semi-automatic pistol - legally registered to her - and fired a warning shot above his head, into a ceiling. Two of their young children were present in the home at the time, though were never in danger - except possibly from an enraged Gray.

Protected: ADMITTED violent wife-beater Rico Gray, seen here.

 Unlike in certain other infamous cases in FL, the person with a gun here actually did have a genuine fear for her life being in danger. Yet, in this case no one ended up dead, nor injured. After the incident in Aug. 2010 Alexander was arrested immediately. FL state attorney Angela Corey offered Alexander a "plea-deal" of 3 years in prison... three years in PRISON for having the nerve to not allow her violent husband to beat her to death in front of their children. Alexander turned down this no-deal and went to trial.

In May 2012 Alexander was unjustly convicted of three bogus counts of aggravated assault. The mother of three/domestic violence victim was sentenced to 20 years in prison under FL's 10-20-Life law.

Many activists recognized this as a horrific miscarriage of justice. Alexander's case however, was high-lighted ever more so by the fact that within the same state, the murder of Trayvon Martin had just occurred earlier in February 2012. Martin's killer, the cowardly sub-human beast George Zimmerman had been aquitted of second degree murder in July 2013. For anyone who had paid even cursory attention to both cases, some scary similarities and stark double-standards had become undeniable.

Probably the single scariest connection between Alexander's trial and that of Zimmerman, was that FL state attorney Angela Corey was the prosecutor in both. When Corey was first appointed to the Martin/Zimmerman case in March 2012, it was a glaring and worrisome red flag to anyone who had been familiar with Marrisa Alexander's plight. Corey had aggresively prosecuted Alexander to the point of zealous obsession. However, she completely dropped the ball in prosecuting Zimmerman - a clear and obvious murderer, as well as hibitual LIAR and coward. After Zimmerman's trial, Corey gave a blithering joke of a press conference, inwhich the embattled state attorney prattled on about what a "stand-up" job she had done.

After an overturned conviction, over-whelming national protests, and a state ethics complaint against Corey, Marrisa Alexander, now 33, was granted bail in November 2013. She has also been given a new trial date set for July 2014. Corey has once again been appointed to prosecute Alexander and this time, the low-life state attorney is trying to condemn her to 60 YEARS in prison!


The issue here is this:
Each of the three aggravated assault charges for which Alexander was convicted is worth 20 years apiece. However, when Alexander was originally convicted, she was to serve all three sentences CONCURRENTLY. An appeals court has since thrown out her conviction. The reason for this was that during the original trial, Judge James Daniel incorrectly shifted the burden to Alexander, stating that she had to prove that she acted in self-defense. This was in contrast to Judge Daniel's instructions to the jury that Alexander prove her husband was abusive towards her. In effect, Rico Gray was as much on trial too, but all of the burden (and guilt) unfairly fell upon Alexander. A new trial has been set for July 2014, but a second conviction on the same three charges would have her serving sentences CONSECUTIVELY.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Portland Pigs Shut Down Hip-Hop Show

It's been a minute, but the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG) have returned to [their] time-honored tradition of shutting down local Rap shows.

A sold-out Hip-Hop show at the Blue Monk ended before it got fully started Saturday night when performer Illmaculate took the stage, stating that he would not perform as a result of an ever-swelling police presence that engulfed both the immediate blocks around the southeast Portland venue, and inside the club.

Reasons range from flimsy to bullshit. The "official" reason given for Portland cops besieging the show on Saturday March 1st 2014 was "over-crowding". So it sounds like at best, an issue with the promoter/venue. Typically, issues of venues breeching capacity are addressed by a local fire chief. However, police terrorists came in full force to intimidate concert-goers at a small venue because it was, apparently, 35 people over-capacity. Oh, and there might have been some gang members in attendance, according to police - go figure.  

The show in question, held at The Blue Monk on SE 33rd Ave. and Belmont St., featured local Rappers Luck-One, Mikey Vegaz, and Illmaculate who was headlining. However, the sold-out show was brought to an abrupt halt when Illmaculate approached the stage and announced that he would not perform, due to an over-baring and swelling police presence.

Cop Target: Portland MC Illmaculate seen here.

Local Rapper Luck-One
Local Rapper Mikey Vegaz

Cops targeting Hip-Hop shows is nothing new, nor rare. And Portland is by no means an exception. For years, it was routine for Portland pigs to show up in full force, with no specific reason, to Rap concerts at large venues such as The Roseland. Even though private security is always on hand at these larger events, cops feel free to simply "invite" themselves. Such is the modern day Police-State: intimidate law-abiding citizens, let them know "their place", maximize tensions, claim "safety" reasons, all the while padding their paychecks with hours of over-time. Being a damn cop must be a pretty sweet scam.

Police harassment at Rap shows is common and often out-right racist. The latest targeting of a generally friendly show at an intimate bar/venue in inner SE Portland, however, struck a particularly sour note. Over 20 pigs, along with some fire marshals, swarmed upon the show that night, enforcing a Police Occupied Zone (POZ), and shut down an entire square block. Portland Fire Bureau Inspector Rob Cruser was on hand that night, claiming to have counted 135 bodies in attendance. The Blue Monk's website states that it has a max. capacity of 100. The fire marshal's concerns seemed to be mostly that the venue was slightly over-crowded. However, Portland Police Gestapo Minister of Propaganda Pete Simpson made accusations about alleged gang affiliations with one of the performers, Mikey Vegas - accusations which the Portland Rapper strongly denies. Rapper Luck-
One had harsh words for the Portland police that night and rightfully so, calling them 'terrorists' and proclaiming the cop's tactics to be 'terroristic' in nature. Also, for the record, cops made NO arrests that night. And the PPG's jinned-up bullshit over so-called "gang affiliations" and "gang activity" proved to have been just that. Cops wanted to ruin an otherwise peaceful and modest local Rap show because these filthy-ass pigs power-trip just that way... that damned simple. So far as anyone could tell, there was ZERO gang activity that night until the POLICE showed up! 

Portland Police Gestapo Minister of Propaganda Pete Simpson.

In the wake of the incident, the City of Portland's Independent Police Review Division - a civilian over-sight board - announced on Tuesday March 4th that it would be conducting a review of the PPG's policies and procedures on how it engages Hip-Hop music events and venues. The IPR says that when its review is complete, it will issue a public report. We shall see... hope it doesn't take a year to finish. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Female Jogger Arrested for not having ID - But Atleast She Wasn't RAPED!

Cops: Keeping Us Safe from JAY-WALKERS!

In a particularly vile and callus form of police terrorism, a TX jogger was recently attacked and falsely arrested by filthy pig-beasts. On Thursday February 20th 2014, a woman identified as Amanda Jo Stephen was out on her jogging routine that morning in Austin, TX. Stephen allegedly crossed a street on a red light without utilizing a designated cross-walk (this is commonly known as "jay-waling", a typical city ordinance "violation" which is almost never enforced, except whenever cops need a weak pretext to rob a citizen of his/her Civil rights or get up their quota numbers). Two gang members of the Austin Police Gestapo (APG) spotted Stephen and demanded that she halt. However, the jogger did not hear their orders as she was wearing headphones at the time. Becoming enraged that someone would dare disobey one of their orders, one of the pigs tackled the petite 24 year-old to the ground.

SHOW US YOUR PAPERS! Two bloated, obese Austin PD pigs take down tiny female jogger for not having id.

Lawbreaker: Austin PD said the woman has been charged with failure to identify herself to police and a class B traffic signal violation

Stephen was promptly arrested for failing to obey police orders and failing to identify herself. She did not have id on her person at the time. It is very common for people to leave their drivers' licenses, state ids, and other such identification at home when they go out jogging. Pedestrians are NOT required by any law [in this country - not yet] to carry id with them.

The incident was thankfully caught on video by a concerned citizen. Chris Quintero, a University of Texas student sitting in a cafĂ© across the street witnessed the entire incident and managed to capture it on his cell phone video recorder. The Daily Texan, a student newspaper for nearby Texas U., confirmed that Austin police gestapo were conducting a so-called sting operation in the area to... bust jay-walkers. A police operation - as well as use of tax-payer funds - that anyone may find to be questionable, at the very least. Video and photos taken by Quintero can be seen here:

Police Rape-Culture: Jogger Amanda Stephen, seen here being taken down by obese, out-of-shape pig-beasts.

This singular act of terrorism by Austin police was by itself horrifying enough. Every citizen aware of this incident should shutter at the reality that they too can end up being abused, arrested, publically humiliated, and hauled off to jail for processing... over the tiniest provocations. Or for not having their papers. Or for nothing at all!

 Alas, ever true to their ruthless, inhuman, and sadistic nature, the Austin police gestapo decided to take an already repulsive criminal act - and make it worse. Austin pig chief Art Acevedo DEFFENDED police actions in a press conference held on Saturday Feb. 22nd, insisting that his officers "did nothing wrong".
Thank you, lord, that it is a "controversy" in Austin, Texas — that we actually have the audacity to touch somebody by the arm and tell them, “Oh my goodness, Austin police we’re trying to get your attention!”    -    Austin pig chief Art Acevedo.

This was his knife in the wound. Acevedo goes on to twist that knife with this following statement:
‘Whew! In other cities, cops are actually committing sexual assaults on duty, so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy in Austin, Texas.’
Yeah, just throw a bit of RAPE CULTURE in there for good measure, why don't cha? How DARE a woman be out in public without her male escort and without papers??? WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?! Basically, Miss Stephens ought to be fucking grateful that those obese Austin thugs did not rape her! All they did was: detain her, handcuff her, humiliate her in public, shove her in the back of patrol car, take her to jail, book/process her, and attempt to saddle her with a criminal record - all for no reason... BUT SHE WASN'T RAPED!

Rape chief: Austin cappo Art Acevedo giving a dismissive, sarcastic press conference two days after jogger Amanda Stephen was arrested for failing to show her papers.
Sarcastic: Chief Acevedo told reporters he thanks God that a jaywalker's arrest passes for controversy in Austin, while elsewhere in the country cops commit serious crimes on duty
Combative mood: Acevedo insisted that his officers have done nothing wrong, and that Stephen should consider herself lucky that she wasn't slapped with a charge of resisting arrest

Having faced a severe public backlash, Acevedo later walked back his slut-shaming comments and provided a half-assed apology  for what he had said. With a shit-eating smug on his face, it was probably one of the most insincere apologies ever given by a police chief or spokesperson. Truly repulsive. This guy has a mother and probably a daughter as well. Let's hope that they are never subjected to the same "consideration" as Stephen had been. 

Last word on Stephen was that all false charges against her have been dropped.

Police Terrorism - plain and simple!


Thanks to student/citizen Chris Quintero for capturing this incident, good cop-watching on his part. We need more citizens to do their part, as well!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dunn Jailhouse letters/phone calls released - CONFIRMS Racist Demeanor!

Well we all knew it. He denied it. His lawyers and other supporters all denied it. Now we get to hear it from the bastard's mouth himself!

Shortly after Michael Dunn's [first] murder trial concluded, the state attorney's office released jailhouse letters and phone transcripts to the public which clearly demonstrate the killer's racist thoughts - in his own words. In a rare case in which White Male Privilege (WMP) failed to do much good, Dunn has been incarcerated since he murdered 17 year-old Jordan Davis in November 2012. He was given a bail of $1 million, which he never posted, and has remained in custody up to and through-out his trial.

Understandably, Davis' killing has re-opened unhealed wounds left over from the murder of another FL Black teen, Trayvon Martin - at the filthy, pudgy mitts of racist sub-human beast George Zimmerman. However, unlike in Zimmerman's case, Dunn's was far more clear-cut: his gunning down of Davis was witnessed by several people, several victims were involved, there was zero physical contact between the victim and killer, Dunn was arrested the very next day, and has been in jail ever since.

While behind bars awaiting trial, Dunn had wrote a series of letters and made phone calls (all recorded, as routine of any phone conversations inmates make from jail)  describing his over-all situation, his time in jail, his cell mates, and his own imagined victimhood.

In his correspondence, Dunn dares compare himself to that of a rape victim:
"I was the one that was being preyed upon and I fought back. It's not quite the same but it made me think of like the old TV shows and movies where like how the police used to think when a chick got raped going, "Oh, it's her fault because of the way she dressed." I'm like, "So it's my fault (laughing) because I asked them to turn their music down. I got attacked and I fought back because I didn't want to be a victim and now I'm in trouble. I refused to be a victim and now I'm incarcerated."

Disgusting. What a disgusting piece-of-shit human this guy is. He has some nerve! Also in one letter written to an unknown recipient, Dunn's true racist colors shine through:
"It’s spooky how racist everyone is up here and how biased toward blacks the courts are. This jail is full of blacks and they all act like thugs. … This may sound a bit radical but if more people would arm themselves and kill these **** idiots when they’re threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior."

And in another letter to a relative, Dunn is quoted as saying this:
"I’m not really prejudiced against race, but I have no use for certain cultures. This gangster-rap, ghetto talking thug ‘culture’ that certain segments of society flock to is intolerable."

In Feb. 2014 Dunn was found GUILTY of three counts of attempted murder. Tevin Thompson, Leland Brunson, and Tommie Stornes were also in the red Dodge Durango along with Davis when Dunn emptied his gun on the truck. However, the jury (upon which not one single Black male sat) deadlocked on Dunn's actual murder of Davis. He faces at least 60 years in prison for his attempted murder convictions. An update will be made here when news of Dunn's sentence comes about. Dunn's letters and phone transcripts were never used during the trial, otherwise, there is no doubt that they would have made the jury's decision easier.

To be clear, Dunn's sorry worthless ass will DIE in prison. The bastard is 49 now, so 60 years is truly a life sentence for him and he deserves not a minute less!

However, Davis' murder still needs to be addressed, legally. Until that is done, there can be no sense of closure...