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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Terrorist Cops Arrest Black Man... After Posting Video of Sterling Murder!

Earlier this month, OD covered (among other things) the police murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LO. Sterling's murder had been captured on both a citizen's cell phone video and by CCTV footage from the corner store, in front of which Sterling was killed. The owner of that store, Abdullah Muflahi, has faced his own police terrorist retribution, including the illegal seizing of his store's footage. Now news comes out of another man, in another state, who shared the cell phone video of Sterling's murder... and has been retaliated against himself! 

34 year Christopher LeDay had widely shared the graphic video of Sterling's murder on July 6th. It was sent to him by a friend who lives in Baton Rouge, where LeDay also has roots. LeDay, a musician and current resident of Atlanta, GA, was one of the first people to have helped make the video go viral, sharing it with thousands of followers on social media. For this, police terrorists took revenge on him. LeDay is also an Air Force veteran who is/was employed at Dobbins Air Reserve base. One day after LeDay posted the video, he went into work only to be illegally detained by military cops. He was handcuffed, shackled, and told that he had a warrant for an "assault and battery" charge. This was ludicrous, as LeDay had never been arrested, charged , nor summoned to court for an assault charge. So even before we get down to the meat of the matter, these loathsome pigs are already fucking with him... out of sadistic pleasure, one can only assume. After a short while, LeDay was finally told what the real pretext had been: traffic tickets. That's literally it. A sting operation was set up, involving nearly a dozen military cops, to arrest a man right before entering work, handcuffed and shackled - as one would've shackle a slave in olde plantation Georgia - all over unpaid traffic tickets from two years ago... let that sink in for just a bit.      

HERO: Chris LeDay seen here recounting his unjust experience with Democracy Now!

HERO: Abdullah Muflahi seen here in front of his 'Triple S' store where Sterling was murdered.

LeDay was held in custody at a DeKalb County gulag for 26 hours until he paid a $1200 extortion fee. But that's not all this is costing him. LeDay's job at Dobbins Air Reserve base requires high security clearance. Not easy to get. The 34 year old LeDay had never been arrested, with those allegedly delinquent traffic tickets having been his only infraction. He is also an Air Force vet with an honorable discharge. Yet, this humiliating and vengeful arrest on bogus charges has not only cost LeDay his security clearance, but it has also cost him his job altogether. This is what you get here in America: tell the truth, expose terrorist cops for their crimes, and you get falsely arrested. You get humiliated. You get FIRED

Of course, this isn't the first time criminal cops have retaliated against a citizen for daring to expose police crimes. Ramsey Orta captured what has since become one of the most graphic and high-quality police snuff murders of an innocent man ever. Orta's cell phone video of Eric Garner's murder by NYC police terrorists invoked global outrage and massive protests. For this, Orta and his family have faced contentious harassment and terror tactics by cops to this day. To date, Orta himself has been falsely arrested multiple times on a variety of bogus trumped up charges. Orta is the only person involved in Garner's brutal murder, who has ever faced criminal charges as a direct result... and he's the guy who RECORDED it! Currently, Orta is suing the city of New York for $10 million. Here's hoping he wins every dime! Garner was killed on July 17th over two years ago. To this day, none of the pigs involved have faced criminal charges, and none have lost their jobs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cop Named In Kinsey Shooting

Last week OD covered the police shooting of a Black health care worker and therapist in Miami, FL named Charles Kinsey. Kinsey was attempting to calm down an autistic man who had run out into the street from a mental health facility. That's when an anonymous cop-caller made a false report to 911 of "a suicidal man with a gun". Of course this was far from true, and when cops showed up, Kinsey did everything in his power to chill the situation. For his troubles, Kinsey was shot in the leg, handcuffed, and forced to lie on the street in 90+ degree weather for 20 minutes with a bullet wound. At the time, the pig responsible for this attempted murder had not yet been identified. Now he has

Bastard-ass pig Jonathan Aledda is a gang member of the Miami Police Gestaspo(MPG). He is 30 years old and is reported to have been aligned with the Miami police regime for four years. Aledda is the pig who can be seen in [now famous viral] video barking orders at both Kinsey and the 23 year old autistic man. The 47 year old behavioral therapist pleads with cops, telling them that neither he nor his patient have any weapons, that guns are not needed. The young autistic man (still officially unidentified, but in video Kinsey can be heard referring to the young man as 'Renoldo') was playing with a toy truck. This is what was apparently mistaken as a "gun". In the video, Kinsey can clearly be seen laying down with his back on the pavement, arms out stretched to show cops he is of NO threat. Despite all this, pig Aledda fires his weapon at Kinsey, hitting him in the leg. Aledda was armed with an AR-15 assault rifle. The Miami police regime released a statement later, saying that [officer]Aledda was actually trying to fire at the autistic man in order to "protect" Kinsey, but "accidentally" hit Kinsey in the leg instead. 

That's the best excuse these bastard-ass pigs can come up with. That they were really trying to kill a heavyset retarded man playing with a toy truck, but almost killed another totally innocent man by mistake. OOPS! OUR BAD! Jesus fuck, these goddamned pigs are beyond despicable! 

And like most of these horrific cases, the more you find out, the more goddamned awful it becomes. According to news reports, Aledda was a member of the SWAT unit in Miami. The filthy pig also has academic qualifications in nursing and health studies! Aledda reportedly earned his nursing certificate in 2008. Yet despite his certification, Aledda went ahead with his "standard arresting procedure" of Kinsey. This involved turning Kinsey on his stomach, handcuffing him, and forcing him to lie there in the street for at least 20 minutes, until medical aid was rendered. A gunshot victim with a bullet hole in his leg this whole time. 

[Eventually] Kinsey was taken to a hospital, treated, and released. His has not faced any criminal charges, as he has done nothing wrong. So far as is known, no harm has come to the 23 year old retarded man. For his direct role on the attempted murder, pig Aledda received paid vacation while an investigation is underway. A second cop on the scene that day - commander Emile Hollant - has been suspended without pay. This was reportedly because pig Hollant provided misleading statements to investigators. So basically what that shows is this: the pig who actually SHOT an innocent person, because he missed while trying to murder another innocent person, gets paid vacation. But the pig who LIED about it gets suspended - no pay. Does that not demonstrate how twisted this whole system is??? 

The questions few folks seem to be asking are these: WHY were cops even present in the first place?! WHY would someone call 911, claiming that a retarded man with a toy truck was "suicidal"?! Who on Earth would even mistake a toy truck for a gun?!?! Who is the 911 cop-caller? Why has this asshole not been identified yet, and WHY is he/she not facing criminal charges for filing a false report... if not as an accessory to attempted murder?!?!?! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Black Therapist Tries To Aid Autistic Man - Is Shot By Cop Instead

For fuck sakes.

Here we are in the lovely state of FLORIDA once again! The state where racist vigilante murderers get rewarded, retired geezer cops get to shoot up movie theaters, and infanticide killers get completely exonerated (so long as she's a passably good-looking White woman). FL has been at the top of the crazy list for too long now, giving historically nutter states like TX and AL a run for their money. Now FL is also the state where a Black licensed therapist can lie down on his back, put his arms up, follow every officer's command... and still be SHOT

North Miami: on Monday July 18th 2016 47 year old Charles Kinsey, a behavioral therapist, was shot by a gang member of the Miami Police Gestapo(MPG). This happened as Kinsey was trying to assist a 23 year old autistic man. The young man had ran away from a near-by group home for adults with learning disabilities. The man had sat down in the street playing with a toy truck, when Kinsey attempted to calm the autistic man down. An unidentified anonymous cop-caller had made a false report to 911 dispatch about a "man waiving around a gun, might be suicidal". This description did not even remotely resemble what was actually the case, but nonetheless. 

A by-stander's cell phone video captured most of the incident, but not the shooting itself. This video was released online on Wednesday July 20th and quickly went viral. That video, along with a second video tacked on, can be viewed here. In the video, Kinsey can clearly be seen lying down on the street on his back, his arms out stretched. Kinsey can be heard pleading with officers to "NOT SHOOT!" "I'M NOT ARMED!" "THERE'S NO NEED FOR GUNS HERE!". The shooting itself was not captured on video, and so far little is publicly known about the exchange between Kinsey and the cop who shot him. The fact is, even after having pleaded with the cop, Kinsey was shot anyways, in the leg. The pig son-of-a-bitch who shot the therapist has not yet been identified. He was reported to have been armed with an AR-15 assault rifle. Kinsey says he asked why he was shot, to which the cop replied, "I don't know". After this, an injured Kinsey was flipped over on his stomach, cuffed, and made to lie there on the street for 20 minutes, until medical aid was finally rendered. 

Charles Kinsey seen here, demonstrating to reporters how he continued to have his hands up, even as cops shot him for no apparent reason.

Talking to local reporters from his hospital bed in Miami, Kinsey recounted the entire near-fatal interaction: "I was really more worried about him (the autistic man) than myself," Kinsey said. "I was thinking as long as I have my hands up... they're not going to shoot me. This is what I'm thinking, they're not going to shoot me. Wow, was I WRONG!"

At the time of this entry, Kinsey recovers from a police gunshot wound to his leg. He faces no criminal charges. No harm is known to have come to his autistic patient, who also remains unidentified. The pig who shot Kinsey is on paid vacation, while the incident is under investigation. Kinsey is very lucky to still be ALIVE and able to tell his story. Kinsey was no doubt acutely aware of the epidemic of innocent Black men having been arbitrarily murdered by terrorist cops all over the country. Even though he was doing nothing but his job, Kinsey's survival technique of lying down on his back with his hands up the moment cops appeared is almost certainly what saved his life. It's more difficult for a cop to aim "center mass" when a person is lying down. 

More on this later...      

Monday, July 18, 2016

More BLOODSHED For Baton Rouge

Three members of the Baton Rouge Police Gestapo(BRPG) were gunned down by an alleged Black vigilante on Sunday morning July 17th 2016. This marks the second time in less than two weeks that a highly trained Black army veteran took matters into his own hands, by taking out multiple cops. At the time of this blog entry, this latest news out of the Louisiana capitol is still breaking, with details (and accurate information) continuing to unfold. This incident will be revisited.

Hero/Martyr: military vet Gavin E. Long seen here in one of his podcasts. Rest In Power, brother...

Here's what is known so far: On Sunday morning July 17th at around 8:40am, a man allegedly ambushed several cops at a convenience store in Baton Rouge. The man opened fire, wasting three cops and wounding three more. The shooter has been identified as army vet Gavin Eugene Long. Long engaged in vicious armed combat with cops, but was ultimately out-gunned. Long met his martyrdom shortly afterwards. According to various reports, Long was a resident of Kansas City, MO. Like his fellow predecessors Micah Xavier Johnson and [before him]Christopher Dorner, Long was also a military vet. He served in the Marine Corps for five years, which included a deployment to Iraq in 2008. Long received an honorable discharge in 2010, having won several military awards. Long's 29th birthday occurred on the same day he committed his final acts on Earth. Long also had a strong on-line presence, with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube (which the FBI is no doubt all over like white on rice, by now). On yt, Long had a channel called 'Convos With Cosmo', to which he posted videos of himself giving his thoughts to the world. You can view one of his videos here. It has also been reported that Long at one point attempted to legally change his name to 'Cosmo Setepenra'. Long was reportedly a Black Nationalist, but claimed no formal ties to any organization. It is almost certain he acted alone with no one else on Earth having had any prior knowledge of Long's plans.  

Three new job openings: the 3 cops allegedly killed by ex-Marine Gavin Long, left - right: Montrell Jackson, Brad Garafola, Matthew Gerald.

Obviously Baton Rouge has been in the news a lot lately, due to the police murder of 37 year old Alton Sterling on Tuesday July 5th 2016. Many have openly speculated that Sunday's shootings were revenge for Alton's judicial murder, but this is only speculation so far. More on this later...         

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Black Vet Reaps Vengeance On Dallas Cops - One Week Anniversary

I haven't had the time to give this the attention it deserved, as several major nation-wide events were unfolding. So I thought today was a great time to do this. Today marks the one-week anniversary a Black army veteran struck fear in the hearts of Dallas cops and corrupt, terrorist law enforcement everywhere. And as virtually all of the media go into hysterical fits smearing this person's character, his heroic deeds and his ultimate martyrdom shall always be remembered. 

On Thursday July 7th, 2016, an ex-military vet named Micah Xavier Johnson got fed up with the inhumane levels of injustice heaped upon People of Color in this country. As a former army vet who reportedly served from 2009 to 2015, Johnson was once tasked to carry out the bidding of the American Empire as well as corporate interests. After all, that is what the U.S. military is all about - has nothing to do with "defense". His time in included a tour in Afghanistan. But rather than bring harm to innocent people over there, Johnson made a decision to neutralize some actual terrorists here instead. And good for him! Following the police murders of Atlon Streling in Baton Rouge on Tuesday July 5th, and Philando Castile of St. Anthony, MN on Wednesday July 6th, America found itself in the grip of turmoil. Many protests and street actions were taking place all over the country. Dallas, TX was no exception. A peaceful demonstration organized by BLM and other affinity groups was being held in down town Dallas. As usual, this came with a massive, heavy-handed, and heavily armed police presence. Johnson, a trained tactician with sniper capabilities, positioned himself at El Centro college for maximum strategic advantage. He was reported to have been armed with an SKS semi-automatic assault rifle, a hand gun, and was wearing body armor. It was from this vantage point where he reportedly shot 12 gang members of the Dallas Police Gestapo(DPG), wasting 5 and injuring seven others. Desperate and in fear (for a change), lowdown Dallas cops attempted to negotiate a "surrender" with the sniper. Lying, mainstream corporate-whore media would have you believe that these talks had "broken down". The truth is, as both a solider and a Black man, Johnson was acutely aware of one fact: in such situations, police terrorists never take prisoners! Just ask Christopher Dorner

Get-R-Done: This is an SKS Norinco semi-auto assault rifle. It is the same or similar to the weapon Johnson used in last Thursday's deadly shooting with Dallas cops.

Johnson knew he would never be allowed to leave that building alive. He was in this to the very end, and he was prepared for Valhalla. Eventually, cops used a robot to deliver a brick of C-4 explosive close enough to Johnson, which was then detonated, killing him in the process. This is significant, because it is the first time such a method has been used to kill a wanted person on American soil. Still working out the kinks on those drones, eh? Such bomb-equipped robots have routinely been used by the U.S. military as unmanned weapons in war zones... killing both militant combatants and innocent civilians alike. So once again, a WEAPON OF WAR initially intended for military application has also been borrowed by police regimes here for "urban pacification". Years of marine conditioning and special ops training turned Johnson into an effective killing machine. Those barely educated, dimwit cops in Dallas were no match for this 'Black Terminator', so they pretty much had to use a bomb. Police surveillance drones already occupy the skies over this country, mostly over Black urban areas. It is only a matter of time before those pesky legal/civil liberty issues are worked out, so that these drones can be weaponized and employed against American citizens (drones had been one of the options considered during the manhunt for hero Chris Dorner back in 2013. Eventually, after surrounding him in a cabin in Northern CA, police terrorists opted to burn him alive. Similar method was used against MOVE in 1985).


The shooting first started shortly after 9:00 that Thursday night. Several hours later, Micah X. Johnson was martyred in his final act of service. He was 25 years old. He, like others before him, shall never be forgotten. Though his actions may have been extreme, one must remember that these are extreme times we are living in. One might argue that the slow genocide of People of Color at the filthy hands of wretched cops is also extreme. When one has no other preferable, non-violent options, what on Earth is one left with? You take away a man's options and provide NO alternative, can one really blame him in whatever actions he takes next?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#SAYHERNAME: Sandra Bland, One Yr Ago Today

This one is amongst the more egregious, and mysterious, of police horrors that's occurred in the last few years. And yet, it hasn't gotten quite the attention (much less resolution) it deserves. Then again, it's so damned hard to keep up - they are all egregious!

This time a year ago, Sandra Annette Bland was criminally kidnapped, forcibly detained, and ended up dead in a Texas gulag. Previous coverage of this case can be read: here and also: here. But for now though, is a brief recap: On July 10th 2015, Bland, a resident of Naperville, IL, has just finished a successful job interview at Prairie View A&M University, to which she was an alumni. PVAMU is a historically Black college located in Prairie View, TX. Bland graduated from there in 2009. She was driving through Waller County, TX, not far from her alma mater, when she was pulled over by pig state trooper Brian T. Encinia for allegedly failing to signal during a lane change. This is probably the most minor traffic violation there is. What began as a routine inconvenience/racial pretext stop quickly escalated, when Encinia violated Bland's civil rights, demanded she exit her car (under threat of lethal force), and then arrested her. Bland was taken to jail where she was falsely charged with assaulting an officer, and held for several days. On July 13th, Bland's body was found in her cell. She was hanging from a bathroom partition with a plastic trash bag tied around her neck. Results from an initial autopsy at that time listed cause of death as "suicide". Bland was 28 years old. She is survived by her mother Geneva Reed-Veal and four other sisters.

Here are the basics of what's happened over the past year and where this case lies today: In the immediate wake of Bland's death, national outrage ensued. Dash cam footage from Encinia's patrol car was made public, showing the 30 year old trooper being hostile towards Bland, violating her Civil rights, and with taser in hand, threatening to "light her up" if she did not exit her vehicle. Video footage from a by-stander's cell phone was also made public, showing Bland on the ground with Encinia on top of her. In the days following Bland's death, the Texas Department of Public Safety launched an investigation into the situation surround's Bland's arrest. Encinia was placed on "administrative duty" (paid vacation). However, the TX DPS eventually found that Encinia indeed violated traffic stop and courtesy protocols, as well as LIE on an incident report about Bland being "combative" and "uncooperative". Even though the Waller County D.A. initially investigated Bland's suspicious death as a homicide, in December 2015, a TX grand jury failed to bring any charges against any of the staff at the jail where Bland had died. Waller Co. jail was cited for negligence, but nothing ever came of that. In August 2015, Bland's family filed a wrongful death suit against the Waller Co. sheriff's office, jail officials, and the TX Dept. of Public Safety. That trial is scheduled for January 23rd 2017 and will probably take place in Houston. In March 2016, a perjury charge was brought against Encinia, for LYING on police reports about his encounter with Bland and his "justification" for having arrested her in the first place. Shortly afterwards, He was formally fired as a state trooper. If... IF convicted of the perjury charge - a class A misdemeanor - Encinia faces [up to] one year in prison and a $4000 fine.   

Details about this infuriating saga are now known, that were not a year ago. Between TX and IL (but mostly TX), Sandra Bland had been arrested and cited numerous times. ALL of these police run-ins had been for minor, pissant infractions: speeding, not having liability insurance, expired tags, possession of tiny amounts of marijuana, etc. The marijuana charges, in particular, aren't even an arrestable crime in many states! Unfortunately, TX has some of the most draconian and inhuman laws on the books for drug offenses - including pot. TX is also a state with a cruel "poor" tax. What that basically directly means is that, if you are in TX and you get arrested for any reason, and you are poor - too poor to pay for bail, pay for decent legal representation, pay fines, pay off cops, etc. then you will pay DEARLY. TX also has no state income tax. That might sound nice at first, but all that means is the STATE will extract its pound of flesh via other means. And that always means that poor people pay a much higher tax burden... especially if they are arrested. Bland's various arrests in TX came not only with fines, but with extra taxes tacked onto those fines! $25 "record management" fees, $15 "judicial fund" fees, $15 arbitrarily tacked onto every bond, and so on. And if you don't pay your fines, then the state issues warrants for your arrest. So debtor's prisons thrive in TX. This sort of legal extortion is very common all over this country, but especially in TX and in small, rural, largely Black communities (Prairie View, the city in which Bland had been arrested, is 93.51% Black. The city's police, Waller Co. sheriff's dept. and state troopers are mostly all White. YOU do the math). Sandra Bland suffered from depression throughout her adult life. At least one suicide attempt has been documented, referencing several unified slash wounds across her inner left forearm. According to her medical records, Bland became pregnant in 2014, but lost the fetus due to severe complications. And though she graduated in 2009 with a degree in animal science, the country was in the iron grip of a financial depression (and largely still is). Despite having been well educated, Bland suffered a very hard time finding dignified employment. Her misdemeanor convictions (minor as they all were) made work searches even more difficult. Plus being a Black woman in America... that she was on her way from a fresh job interview at her former college when she was unjustly arrested speaks to a pattern of inescapable racism and economic depravity. There's only so damned much one can take. And it is quite possible Bland was driven to utter despair within her last hours on Earth. Thing is, even if Bland had committed suicide that day, she was driven by her jailers, the pig who arrested her, and the larger system every bit as much as by her own hands. She never should've been ARRESTED in the first goddamned place! 

In early 2015, Bland was becoming more conscious, more aware of the dire plight of Black people in the country. She was becoming more out-spoken on injustice issues, posting videos to her facebook page which she titled: #SandySpeaks, aligning herself with the Black Lives Matter movement. These would come to be her final selfless and defining acts on Earth. To this day, family and supporters keep Sandy's voice alive, by aligning her to that greater cause she so stood up for. In large part, that is what this very blog is about. So, I hope to do my part to keep Sandra Bland's name alive and unforgettable, however I can here. 

Sandy deserved much more, she was worth much more. Even in the wake of an apparent suicide (still unconfirmed), she was a stronger human than most of us.