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Monday, June 29, 2015

5 Children Run Over in GRISLY Detroit Cop Chase!

In terms of sheer police gangsterism and cop 
criminality, the Detroit Police Terror regime is easily one of the worst in the country, if not the world! Detroit, a long besieged city which has already seen itself on the shit-end of disaster capitalism for decades, has more woes than its fair share. At one point one of the busiest cities in the nation - the home of legendary Motown Records, as well as a cornerstone of American manufacturing, Detroit has now been left a bombed out shell from the ravages of a housing crisis, a ruthless drug war, World Trade schemes, leeching banks, and corrupt whore politicians. Detroit has also had to contend with an out-of-control police force which clearly sees itself as being at total war with the city's residents - innocent and otherwise(makes not a damned bit of difference to them). 

A psychotic, out-of-control police regime which answers to no one and no governing body. A police terrorist regime which feels it can smash in the doors of unsuspecting citizens, burn a 7 year old girl as she sleeps on a couch, shoot her in the head, and not face any reproductions what so ever. This was certainly the case with the murder of Aiyana Stanley-Jones, slaughtered by Detroit cops/sub-human monsters during a fucked-up raid on the wrong address in May 2010. Once again, Detroit finds itself a city that plays host to racist police infanticide murders. Such was the case when five children were run over during a reckless police chase. Two children - a brother and sister - were killed. Three other children were seriously injured. This horrific incident happened on Wednesday June 24th 2015. The two dead children have been identified as Michelangelo Jackson aged six and Mikiah Jackson aged three. The brother and sister were playing in front of their home when they were both run over and murdered during a reckless high-speed police chase. These two babies were slain when the driver of the vehicle being fanatically pursued by Detroit cops was rammed by a police cruisers. This action on the part of cops sent the suspect's car flying directly into the path of the two Jackson children. The car being pursued eventually crashed in a residential home, injuring three other kids in the process. 

Detroit cops murder children: Michaelangelo Jackson and Makiah Jackson seen here. The brother and sister were playing in front of their home when they were struck and murdered during a cop chase in Detroit on June 24th.
Callously, Detroit cops continued their high-speed chase, despite the fact that two very young children had just been run down. At no point did these bastard-ass cops cease to render any aid to the mortally wounded kids. Over the course of the deadly pursuit, three other children would also be run down. They have been identified as Darius Andrews Jr. age three, Isaiah Williams age five, and Zyaire Gardner age seven. All three of these babies survived, but were critically injured. In addition, a 22 year old woman was also struck and injured.

From left to right: Darius Andrews Jr., Isaiah Williams, and Zyaire Gardner. Critically injured in a high speed chase which proved deadly for two other neighborhood children, these three at least survived, but are now familiar with the ravages of police aggression at such an early age.


The driver of the car that cops were soo desperate to catch has been identified as Lorenzo Harris, age 29. According to reports, what little there is, Harris was on parole but apparently had not been reporting to his parole officer. This is about the only consistent fact regarding Harris. It remains unknown as to HOW Harris got authorities' attention in the first place, or WHY they deemed it soo important to capture him. Even if that meant provoking a deadly high-speed chase through a residential neighborhood full of kids - which is against the Detroit Police regime's own guidelines! Multiple reports makes no mention of an arrest warrant. Initially, Detroit Police chief James Craig claimed that one of the occupants of the [suspect]vehicle was "seen with a gun". This LIE was swiftly debunked, however, and chief Craig was forced to change his story several more times.

Another grieving Black mom: Alicia Jackson mourns the horrific and senseless loss of her two children. She now belongs to an exclusive club which NO ONE envies: mothers who've seen their children die before them.

Running from the po-po: Lorenzo Harris seen here. Having allegedly violated his parole Harris was unarmed and posed no immediate danger to the public. Nonetheless, cops saw fit the take him in... by any means. However dangerous to the public. 

Nicole Jackson, grandmother to the two slain children, seen here.

Chief Ruckus: Detroit pig-in-chief/Uncle Tom James Craig seen here.
Harris was driving a red Chevy Camaro on the day cops engaged him. There was also a passenger in that vehicle who reportedly sustained serious injuries from the crash. The  entire chase was said to have lased about 70 seconds and topped speeds at about 95 miles per hour. Such a shocking level of carnage in such a tiny splinter of time... all over what basically amounted to a fucking parole violation! Typically, the Detroit Police Terror regime has been holding out on the details. Police departments often play such tactics... especially when there is both circumstantial and physical evidence that would prove criminal intent on the part of both cops involved and decisions by their superiors. Independent, trustworthy, non-whored media source Voice Of Detroit has since filed a Freedom of Information Act request against the Detroit police, seeking answers to some key questions. 

As of now, neither the passenger in Harris' car, nor the 22 yr-old woman, nor any of the bastard-ass pigs directly involved in this unspeakable tragedy have been publicly identified. Harris was eventually arrested and now faces murder charges, in the deaths of  Michelangelo and Makiah Jackson. But let's be perfectly fucking clear, here - the DETROIT POLICE caused this travesty! THEY were the cause of this! THEY should be the ones charged! MAKE EXAMPLES OUT OF THESE GODDAMNED BASTARDS! MAKE IT PAINFUL AND MAKE IT NATIONAL!!! SET AN EXAMPLE: SHOW THAT THERE IS A SEVERE PRICE TO BE PAID WHEN YOU MURDER CIVILIANS BY DECREE ALONE - INNOCENT AND OTHERWISE!!! 

This is not "law of the corporate jungle". Everyone has rights. The same goddamned rights! Everyone has a fair and reasonable expectation on justice. NO ONE deserves to be murdered in the street on an individual's whim! Even - and this is the hard part, now - even an indefensible wretched criminal deserves the scrutiny of justice!!! Even an OFFICER UNDER THE LAW deserves the scrutiny of justice!!!!! If police cannot abide by this, as everyone else is made to, if cops cannot abide by these bare basic rights... then they should be stripped of their authority! They should be jailed. And where the law calls for it... they should be executed for their crimes! THAT GODDAMNED SIMPLE!  

Innocent Man Gunned Down by Portland Cops - 2nd Time This Year.

After a bit of a lull which lasted a couple of years, It seems that the Portland Police Gestapo(PPG) are on a roll once again. Allen Lee Bellew, 29, was murdered by two Portland pigs on Sunday June 28th 2015. The two pigs responsible for Bellew's murder have been identified as officers Dominic Lovato and Michael Currier. The killing happened in the parking lot of a Winco Foods grocery store in NE Portland, around 11:30 Sunday night. An official police report on the incident claims that officers approached Bellew and two other friends of his, who were standing around the trunk of a parked car. At which point, Bellew "suddenly" pulled out a gun and allegedly pointed it at the officers. Lovato and Currier immediately opened fire, killing Bellew on the spot. A gun later recovered from the murder scene turned out to be a fake replica... supposedly. This is all according to police accounts, mind you. Bellew's two friends were taken into custody for questioning, but later released without charge. They were unharmed, but are no doubt dealing with the trauma of having witnessed their friend being blown away right in front of them. 

Killed By Police: Portland's latest cop murder victim, Allen Lee Bellew, seen here.

This particular police murder is concerning for a few reasons. 

To begin with, the information being released regarding this case is extremely one-sided. At this point, all we have is the cop's perspective. The Portland Police regime appears to be the only ones releasing any information on this murder, so it is a given that they are LYING. It is also highly concerning that this incident seems to have been picked up mostly by The Oregonian(which is about as trustworthy as the NY Times) and a few local corporate-whored subsidiaries such as Kgw News(owned by NBC), KATU News(owned by ABC), KPTZ News(owned by FOX) etc. 

Also of concern - this marks the second police murder in Portland this year. On March 22nd 2015, a man was gunned down by a Portland cop thug in SE Portland who was responding to an alleged burglary. The man slain on that day was Christopher Ryan Healy, aged 36. The responding cop is officer Thomas Clark. According to a one-sided police report, upon officer Clark's arrival, Healy allegedly "lunged" at him with a double-bladed knife. At which point, Clark shot Healy in the chest twice. Healy died of his wounds soon afterwards. To this day, very few details have been released from that murder as well. So far, all that seems available to the public are scant, often biased news reports that only tell the cop's side, while demonizing the murder victim. The Oregonian in particular has published multiple articles on both the Healy case, as well as that of Bellew(from this past Sunday). However, in both sets of reporting(as well as virtually all their coverage of police killings), Portland's so-called "newspaper of record" has acted as little nothing more than a revolting, craven, boot-licking mouth-piece for the Portland Police Terrorist regime. Even though that job already belongs to Portland Police Minister of Propaganda Sgt. Pete "Goebbels" Simpson

The following is a newsletter notification courtesy of Portland CopWatch. Other than a blog posting by the Portland Mercury, PCW appears to have been the only other non-corporate, independent local media/info. source which has given any attention to the two police shootings which have occurred here in Portland... thus far this year.     

We received this PPB update through JoAnn Hardesty (many thanks!) because 
obviously, well, they wouldn't want to send something like this directly 
to Portland Copwatch.
The man who was shot and killed last night, Alan Bellew, seems to be 
European American and from Lane County. I include this link to get you a 
photo-- not because I am supporting the Bureau's practice (as predicted, 
below) of releasing the shooting victims' criminal histories:
They used the same photo on the PPB news flash page, as well as a photo of 
the "gun." (I can't see them on my computer for some reason, but they're 
on the Oregonlive page at 

Officer Michael Currier is one of the 23 cops who said they "liked" the 
facebook pages of other PPB cops who said "I am Darren Wilson" last fall. 
(You may recall that Betsy Hornstein, the cop who kicked and punched Thai 
Gurule, also "liked" those pages.)

I can't find anything quick on Officer Dominic Lovato, who was the other 
cop that fired on Bellew.

It seems amazing to me that we're just under 6 months into the year and we 
have just as many officer involved shootings now as we did in all last 
year, but this year the Bureau's under the (supposed) watchful eye of the 
US Dept of Justice due to excessive force. Hmm.

Well, I guess the thundering applause for the New York officers who shot 
and killed the first of the two escaped prisoners there set a tone for 
police to think that's how to resolve confrontations.

--Portland Copwatch"  

To view a detailed data base which has tracked all accounts of police murder within the U.S. since 2013, go to: Killed By Police. Allen Bellew and Chris Healy are the 550th and 259th persons(respectively) murdered by cops in this country, in 2015... thus far. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Black Parishioners Slain By WHITE TERRORIST in Charleston!

Is it time to fucking riot, yet? Maybe some revenge? Looting? Arson? ANYTHING? Really, how much more mush we take? How much more must we turn the other cheek - until we put an end to this shit?!

Between racist murderous police and their civilian vigilante counter-parts, Black people in Amerikkka are clearly under siege! There has never been a more urgent need for innocent citizens to take up arms and DEFEND themselves against such terrorist threats! On Wednesday evening June 17th 2015 A church in Charleston, South Carolina, became the gory scene of a racist terrorist attack. A number of people were worshiping inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church Wed. evening when a White terrorist suddenly pulled out a gun and opened fire, murdering 9 Black churchgoers before fleeing in his car - a 2000 Hyundai GS. The White piece-of-shit has been identified as Dylann Storm Roof. The 21 year old gunman was arrested during a traffic stop on Thursday June 18th in Shelby, North Carolina, which is about 250 miles northwest of Charleston(Of interesting note, arresting officers managed to take Roof into custody, alive, without indecent). So far what is known about Roof, is that the weapon he used in the murders - a .45 caliber pistol - was given to him by his father as a birthday gift(Roof turned 21 just this past April 3rd, according to reports). He is a high school drop-out who grew up in Eastover, S.C. He is said to have had prior arrests for drug possession and trespassing. Roof is also a huge supporter of Apartheid - both in South Africa as well as in the Southern U.S. 

This photo from his facebook page shows terrorist thug Roof wearing a jacket depicting the flags of pre-Apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia.

White christian jihadi: terrorist mass-murderer Dylann Storm Roof depicted here. here's hoping this THUG gets the Death Penalty!

Security footage captures Roof entering the AME church's front 
doors, around 45 minutes before pulling out his birthday gun and murdering 9 people. One might wonder WHY a church would have security cameras in the first place - but that's a different topic.

As mentioned before, 9 parishioners were shot dead by the gunman. Their ages ranged from 26 to 87, and included that church's pastor Clementa Pinckey, age 41. Pinckey was also a state senator, as well as a consistent advocate for civil rights and racial justice. The other eight victims have also been identified and includes a grandmother and a woman who left behind three children. Roof is said to have entered the church unassumingly and sat with his victims during a bible study for nearly an hour. After some point, he pulled out the .45 caliber and started shooting people. Witnesses say he reloaded five times - clear indication that along with the gun, he brought enough ammunition to achieve a maximized body count. He deliberately left one woman unharmed, so that she would "tell his story" to the world... the sick fuck!

The nine victims of the AME church massacre. As you can see, the majority of the victims were middle-aged and elderly women. This ought to emphasize the sheer cowardice of the their killer!

As you might expect, the media coverage on this massacre has been... a mixed bag. Clearly there has been some stellar coverage, and some, not quite so. FOX News, for example, has opted to ignore the glaringly obvious fact that this was a racially motivated hate crime, and instead ran with the narrative that this was an "attack on faith". Other sources of media, as well as many opportunistic politicians are attempting to hijack this event to [once again] push forth a "gun control" agenda. Despite the fact that NO gun law would have prevented this terrorist act. And predictably, most in the media are going on the assumption that the racist mass-murderer must be "mentally deranged". It is a typical narrative, that most of these perpetrators are just "mentally ill". The lone White gunman - never the terrorist or thug... always crazy

America has a problem with terrorism, alright. And THIS is what it looks like!

The Emmanuel AME church where the terrorist attack occurred happens to have a long history. In fact, the church has been subjected to attacks by racist terrorists(state sanctioned and otherwise) since its founding in 1818, and has been burned to the ground at least once. One of its founders was Demark Vesey, a freed Black man who conspired to lead a slave revolt in Charleston. The plot was eventually foiled, however, and Vesey was executed without hesitation in 1822. The dysfunctional state of South Carolina itself has a deep history choked with racial violence and terrorism. Many of these issues persist to this day. In April earlier this year, Black motorist Walter Scott was murdered by a wretched scumbag [now ex]cop in neighboring North Charleston. The pig bastard who killed Scott, Michael T. Slager, has since been arrested and indicted for murder, but Scott's death remained a fresh topic when the AME church massacre took place on Wednesday. As a matter if fact, both Slager and Roof are reported to be cell mates at the Al Cannon Detention center, located in North Charleston. Needless to say, both of these putrid coward-ass scumbags are in protective custody.

#whitesupremacycharleston #whiteterrorism #whitethuggery

Dylann "Stormfront" Roof has been arraigned and charged with 9 counts of murder. His terrorist acts are being investigated as hate crimes, and Roof faces the Death Penalty. We shall see how that all goes, as well as the criminal case of former cop Michael Thomas Slager. After all, the deceased victims in both the church massacre and the police shooting were all Black, and their killers are both White. South Carolina does not have a good track record for handing steep sentences to racist White thugs who harm or murder Black people. This is simply the history and ugly truth of the state.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kalief Browder: An American Horror Story That Should Make Us All Shutter

Even in a nation that has been awash in horrific injustices since its "birth", there are some injustices that simply go beyond the pale. Even when a cop murders an innocent person - that's something that most of us can [at least] get our heads around. But in the case of Kalief Browder however, there is just no making sense of it. 
Perhaps to have been gunned down in the street by cops might have been a more preferable fate. At least [he] would have been spared years of torture, trauma, and suffering. "Unjust" does not begin to describe what was done to Kalief Browder. Go to the Democracy Now site HERE to watch a full story of Browder's case. On May 15th 2010 Browder was arrested in The Bronx, New York City on false accusations of stealing a backpack. He was sent to the infamous Rikers Island. For anyone who does not know about, nor has ever been there, it is easy to think of Rikers as a single, terrifying structure full of hardened adults. Actually, the island houses ten different facilities. Eight for men, one for women, another so decrepit it has reportedly not [ware]housed anyone since 2000. Rikers is situated along the East river, between Queens and The Bronx. That a 16 year old child would be falsely accused and send to a jail known for systemic levels of horrific abuse is by itself an intolerable violation of international human rights. But it gets much worse, and there is no happy ending.

On the night of their arrests, Browder was walking back home with a friend, from a party. Arresting cops claimed that the two boys had robbed a man named Roberto Bautista - a Mexican national -  of his backpack. The backpack was said to have contained a credit card, debit card, digital camera, mobile device, and $700 in cash. Cops searched Browder and his friend, but neither of them had any stolen items, weapons, nor much cash. Despise zero evidence they had done anything wrong, the two were arrested anyways. It should be made clear right now that Browder never robbed anyone, and that the accusation against him was false from the start. After their kidnapping, Browder and his friend were taken to NYC's 48th precinct. Hours later, they were taken to Bronx County Criminal court for processing. A couple of days after their false arrests, Browder and his friend went before a judge. The friend was released. Browder however, was charged with robbery, grand larceny, and assault! Because he had already been on probation from a prior pissant misdemeanor plea months earlier when he was 15, Browder was remanded to custody. His parents could not afford the $10K bail/extortion fee required to get him out. Thus, began his long excruciating nightmare.

Unforgivable: At age 16, Kalief Browder was accused of stealing a backpack. He was innocent, but the state stole his adolescence. Another unresolved crime. Another open sore for this shit country, that will never heal!

Browder was placed in shackles and shipped to Rikers where he was caged in the Robert N. Davoren Center(R.N.D.C.). This unit is where Rikers adolescent prisoners are warehoused, age 16 - 18(New York is one of only two states in which juveniles aged 16 and up are automatically charged as adults. The other state in North Carolina. A cruel violation of international human rights in of itself, which Black and Latino youths find themselves disproportionately impacted). During his stay in NY's gulags, Browder was viciously beaten multiple times by both guards and other inmates. In 2012 Browder was violently thrown the the floor by a Black guard, then beaten relentlessly without provocation. He was handcuffed at the time. In another video from 2010, he was beaten by nearly a dozen inmates, again, with no provocation. The video surveillance of both these attacks can be viewed HERE. Of course Browder, in later interviews, would speak of constant physical abuse at Rikers. Numerous beatings from guards and attacks from "fellow" inmates. Most likely "worse" had also been done to Browder - though he never went into such details. The physical violence was only part of the nightmare, though. Browder also spoke of being starved while in solitary confinement. Already meager meals would often be withheld, not by due punishment or official order - but a guard's whim. If Browder dared spoke up or protested, or a guard simply decided that he did not like his face... no meal. There were times when Browder did not eat for 16, 18, 24 hours. And there was not a damned thing he could do about it either - not while locked up in a small cell, a thing slot in the door, and no human contact for 23 hours a day. And even though his mother often put money on his jailhouse account so he could by snacks and other essentials, Browder had no access to such things while in confinement. All of this was a gross violation of his Civil and human rights, mind you, but that's neither here nor there. 

Sadistic: This video still depicts Kalief Browder being beaten by guards at Rikers.


These following video stills capture a gang of about dozen inmates attacking Browder, as an inept guard does little to stop it.

Sadistic Prosecutors and worthless public defenders leaned on Browder to accept a so-called "plea deal". Plead "guilty", to crimes he had not committed, and he would soon be released with time served. What a fucking SCANDAL! He refused however, on account of his being INNOCENT, and asked for(and kept asking for) for a trial instead. A trial - speedy and just - that he had every damned right to. Even though he was grossly over-charged with multiple felonies, even though he would be facing up to 15 years in prison, had he gone to trial and lost. But the fact is, Browder was innocent and he knew then that what was being done to him was wildly unjust. A series of endless court dates, delays, and bureaucratic foot-dragging would keep Browder locked up at Rikers for over three years. He was kept in solitary confinement for over 800 days, most of his time there. 

Tormented: Kaleif Browder tells his story in an interview with a local ABC affiliate.

Browder describing his three-yr. ordeal during an Huffington Post interview. And below is his lawyer Paul Presia, who sat beside him.
In June 2013, during yet another court hearing in which Browder had little reason to expect his situation to change, all criminal charges against him were suddenly dismissed. This was mostly due to the fact that Mr. Bautista, the person who allegedly claimed to have been robbed by Browder in the first place, has long since gone back to Mexico. Or so it was claimed. According to some reports, Bautista has a brother who lives in The Bronx that authorities had been in contact with. But after some time, the brother was also unable to be located. After court, Browder was then released... just like that. No apology, no admittance of wrong-doing on the court's part, no atonement of any sort. No real explanation of his accuser's whereabouts, no acknowledgement of the torture and violence Browder endured, no compensation, no bus ticket back home. Browder had spoken of attempting suicide several times while imprisoned. He made a few more attempts after his release. He endured severe psychological, as well as physical torture while at Rikers - most of that time having been in solitary confinement. Browder had his 17th birthday in jail, nine days after his unlawful arrest. And he was 20 years old by the time of his release. He missed the remainder of his junior, and entire senior year in high school. He missed prom, graduation, a sister's wedding, the birth of a nephew, and was left to move back to his old bedroom at his parent's home, while everyone else his age had gone on to college, learned to drive, live on their own, developed relationships, and made full transitions into adulthood(theoretically with minimal trauma). 

Browder did make serious strides to get his life [back] in order. While still at Rikers he continued his schooling, whenever he could. After jail he took GED courses and enrolled in classes at Bronx Community College. He maintained a 3.5 average - which is remarkable, considering the nearly two years of high school he had lost. He was also involved in a lawsuit against the city, and told his story those who would listen, including media outlets such as The New Yorker and Huffington Post. He did all of this, despite battling the trauma he was left with, and the increasingly severe depression and paranoia that was setting in. 

On Saturday June 8th 2015, Kalief Browder committed suicide by hanging in his Bronx home, in which he had lived for most of his young life. His mother had been the only other person present in the two-story apartment at the time, and it was her who discovered him. He was 22 years old. Many people would argue that Browder had indeed been murdered. And they all would have been right - a slow torturous murder drawn out over several years. Though a private woman, Mrs. Browder(her full name has not been released to the public) eventually broke her silence on what she sees as the murder of her son Kalief. She places blame for his death squarely on the entire system which ensnared him to begin with. 

On Thursday June 11th, a vigil was held in Browder's honor and attended by hundreds of people in NYC. There were calls for the entire criminal "justice" system in the city to be drastically reformed. The state's top judge has called for reforms. City officials have called for bail reform. NYC mayor Bill de Blasio has done the same. But REALLY... what goddamned difference will it all make? No one who ever took part in Browder's torment has ever been made to pay for what they did... and they never will be! The racist arresting cops, the judges who allowed soo many delays, the prosecutors, the abusive guards... all of these people remain protected by anonymity to this day.  

Kalief Browder spend three years in jail, for a crime he absolutely did not commit. He was completely innocent, and police kidnapped him right off the street. He was never given a trial and he was never convicted. As mentioned before, Roberto Bautista - the Mexican tourist who supposedly "accused" Browder of having robbed him of his backpack - was said to have long since returned to Mexico, and was never produced as a witness in court. Neither the stolen backpack in question, nor its contents, were ever recovered. There seems to be no indication that Browder ever faced his supposed accuser directly, or that this Mr. Bautista ever made so much as a single court appearance. To be frank, there seems to be NO proof that the individual who "accused" Browder of robbing him EVER EVEN EXISTED. And unless you're looking for a Spanish tennis player, good luck finding a "Roberto Bautista" on the internet. The guards who were known to have abused and tortured Browder have never been publicly identified, and there is no indication that any of these bastards were ever punished. The same goes for the pigs who originally arrested Browder, along with his friend, back in May 2010. None of the numerous judges that Browder stood before in countless court appearances, nor the prosecutors who cynically pursued a boundless criminal case against him, have ever been forced to answer for their actions.

To read an exclusive article on Kalief Browder from October 2014 by The New Yorker, go HERE
To watch a Huffington Post interview with Kalief and his lawyer from 2013, go HERE.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

THUG Cop Terrorizes Teens At Pool Party - Body Slams 15 Yr. Old Girl!


This is really the only accurate way one can describe the cops(as well as some White, racist adults) here. Animals, PIGS even, would be too much of an insult to innocent animals. These people are simply BEASTS! 

On Friday June 5th 2015 a neighborhood pool party full of kids and teens became an intense scene of violence when a gang of bastard-ass cops showed up. The incident occurred in McKinney - a small city in fucking TEXAS. Already, we're off to an awful start! Here are a few facts for purposes of context: McKinney, TX is about 31 miles north of Dallas, and has a population of over 131,000 residents. 75% of them are White, 11% Black, according to a 2010 census. The city has a history of severe racism, which ought to be of no surprise. As has proven to be soo often the case before, racist White thugs have wasted NO TIME piling on, in defense of police involved. AmeriKKKa's latest past time!

Trending: This would be but a small indicator of what was to come. Similar to the cruel racist backlash that ensued following the murders of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, racist trolls(both in real life and on-line) would pour out of the woodwork to defend police thugs and cheer on violence against innocent Blacks... including children!

Last Friday a group of children started showing up at a neighborhood pool party, which was being held at the Craig Ranch North Community pool. According to an official statement(i.e. LIE) by the McKinney Terrorist Police regime, officers were responding to a so-called "disturbance" call at the community pool, regarding several youths who were alleged to have not been "invited" and refused to leave. But according to the party's co-host, 19 year old Tatiana Rose, that "disturbance" began when a couple of Whites crashed the party and hurled racist slurs at the Black youths. That 911 call was made by a White person later identified as Sean Toon... more on Mr. Toon later. Some of the kids in attendance are Black. ALL of the responding officers are White. And once gang members from the McKinney Police Gestapo(MPG) showed up, that's when all Hell broke loose.

Racist pool crashers: Tatiana Rose(l) tells news reporters that she and her parents were hosting a party at a community pool, when uninvited Whites showed up and started harassing Black youths with racist taunts. Cpl. Eric Casebolt(r) sits on top of 15 yr. old Dajerria Becton, after slamming her to the ground. 
Victim of police thuggery: Dajerria Becton, seen here. In a viral cell phone video, Becton is seen being body slammed to the ground by cpl. Casebolt, who then sits on top of her. She is 15 and was clad in only her bathing suit at the time.

Racist White thugs showing up uninvited to a children's pool party, picking fights, and hurling racial insults at Black youths was only the beginning of the melee. Once cops showed up, they sided with the handful of  White troublemakers and immediately began attacking every Black person in sight. This, despite the fact that the party had reportedly been attended by children of multiple ethnicity. But of all the cops on the scene, corporal Eric Casebolt was the most out-of-control by far. In video which was posted a day or two after this incident, Casebolt can clearly be seen chasing and cursing at children. At one point, he grabs a boy by the arm and slings him to the ground, handcuffing him. In one particularly frightening moment, Casebolt un-holsters his service weapon and points it directly at several children(Remember, this is a pool party full of children and teens. No one has a weapon of any sort. At NO point were police ever threatened.)! This act of criminality was soo outrageous that even two of Casebolt's fellow cops attempted to restrain him. Mr. ToughGuy puts his gun away, thankfully, but then continues to run around like a raving madman - yelling, cursing, and pointing what appears to be his night stick at kids. In the video, you can even see him tripping and doing barrel rolls - as if in some action movie. In another outrageous act of criminal violence, Casebolt grabs a 15 year old girl, twists her arm, and body slams her to the ground. He then climbs on top of her, burying both knees into the petite girl's back. She was later identified as Dajerria Becton. Eventually, Becton along with several other teens were released to their parent's custody. One 18 year old was reportedly arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. Casebolt's actions can be viewed HERE. Surprise surprise, Casebolt happens to have a history of thug-like behavior. 

BUSTED! Casebolt caught assaulting unarmed teen girl in her bikini!

Maniac Cop: Cpl. Eric Casebolt seen here, assaulting another minor. Notice the crazed look on his face!
OOPSY: Corporal Dumbfuck seen here falling on his cracker-ass. He makes a quite save however, by doing his [now famous] barrel roll.

Culture-jacking: In addition to aggravated assault, assault on a minor, sexual assault, threatening and menacing, criminal misconduct, and disturbing the peace, you can also add cultural misappropriation to the list of criminal complaints. This photo was reportedly taken at a 2014 Fraternal Order of Police christmas party. He probably thought no one would ever see this. Or maybe the son-of-a-bitch simply did not give a damn.

On Sunday June 7th Officer Casebolt was placed on "administrative leave", following the release of now viral video, depicting the wild cop chimping out. And in a rare police move, McKinney police chief Greg Conley was hardly defending the maniac cop. In a media press conference, chief Conley himself said that Casebolt's actions were "out-of-control" and "indefensible". OUCH! 
However, Casebolt's paid vacation may be getting an indefinite extension. On Tuesday June 9th, Casebolt effectively resigned. COWARD!

As mentioned before, the Whitetrash who called 911 on the Black pool attendees has been id'd as Sean Toon. Toon, 33, was also one of the thugs who crashed the pool party, harassing kids and hurling racist taunts. At the very least, this grotesque piece-of-shit ought to be facing charges of filing a false report. But for now, being an internet laughing stock will have to do. Thing is, Toon's actions mark the second time in a year that a bloated, racist neckbeard has become a national pariah for calling cops on innocent Black people. The other one is Ronald "Tyler" Richie, who made a false 911 call on John Crawford III in Beavercreek, OH last August. Except in that case, the results were far more tragic

It is worth noting that Mr. Toon is such a fine, up-standing, law-abiding member of the citizenry. Soo much so, that he is a convicted felon, and has done jail time for abusing animals as well as aggravated assault. So yeah, there is that.      

You might be a redneck: Obese, cop-calling neckbeard Sean Toon seen here. This piece-of-Whitetrash was one of the racist troublemakers harassing Black kids at a pool party. Here Toon defiantly holds up a sign, showing his support for cops who beat up and terrorize children.

Safe territory: Morbidly obese, Hella-neckbeard Sean "Loony" Toon seen here, giving an interview to some random bimbo on FOX News. These jokes practically write themselves.

UPDATE: Another White racist agitator at the scene has also been revealed! She has been identified as Tracey Carver-Allbritton. Video has come out which shows Miss Allbritton physically attacking Black minors at the pool party, using racial slurs and acting like a thug! Thanks to an intense online social justice campaign to identify racist Whites who instigated violence at that party, not only has this person been outed, but it has also been discovered that Allbritton is an employee for Bank of America, or at least a corporate vendor that contracts with BofA. She is also an apparent bible reader. No word yet on whether she will face criminal charges for assaulting a minor, but for now at least, Allbritton has been suspended from her job. And there is also an effort underway to see that this thug is permanently fired as well. BUSTED BITCH!!!    


Of all the criminal actions which took place at the now-infamous McKinney pool party melee, the only person arrested was 18 year old Adrian Martin. He was initially charged with "interfering with police" and "evading arrest".  The "interfering" part came when Martin tried to intervene when he saw Casebolt assaulting a minor teen girl in her bikini. And the "evading" part came when Casebolt pointed his gun at Martin, who then ran away in fear of his own life. Both of those charges have since been dropped, thankfully, as they were completely baseless to begin with. Martin has since told his side of what happened that day. He also says that he has no regrets about running to the aid of a child, even though that act of selfless heroism led to his arrest. So good for him!

Another hero in this is Brandon Brooks. He is the person who captured the infamous/viral video of Casebolt running, cursing, barrel-rolling, and assaulting kids. Brooks, 15, also happens to be White - one of the decent White people at that party. And after closer analysis of the video he took, it does make sense... that this person was able to casually walk around with his mobile device, filming criminal actions being committed by police, and how they all just seemingly ignore him. Brooks himself lamented in an interview how he was "invisible" to these cops. 

Brandon Brooks seen here. He was also in attendance at the pool party, along with many other teens. Recognizing his 'privilege', Brooks used it for purposes of GOOD! 

They didn't even look at me. It was kind of like I was invisible.

Former cop Eric Casebolt and his wife are reported to be in hiding, due to alleged death threats. Only his lawyer is alleging this; no credible threats have been verified. And even though Casebolt handed in his resignation, he still gets to retain his pension. There has also been an effort underway, by his lawyer, cop-lovers, and mainstream corporate media, to garner sympathy for Casebolt... by claiming that officer "Barrel Roll" had been "stressed" due to attending two suicide calls earlier that day. This pity party for Casebolt might actually make a little sense to some folks. But one has to then ask - was Casebolt "stressed" when he was molesting a man during a traffic stop in 2007? 

Even though  no one died in this particular incident(thankfully), please check out Data base which documents all murders committed by cops in the U.S. since 2013.