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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Killer In Charleston 9 Massacre CONVICTED!

Well you lose some, you win some. 
even as a murderous cop escapes justice in South Carolina, within the same state, the same can not be said for a murderous White supremacist. Dylann 'Storm' Roof was found guilty of all 33 federal criminal indictments against him on Thursday December 15th 2016.

I first covered the racially-motivated massacre/terrorist attack in Charleston, SC when it happened last year. You can review that entry: HERE. On June 17th 2015, [then] 21 year old Roof walked into a historically Black church and gunned down nine Black parishioners in cold blood. Roof then fled the scene, but was captured the next day. Roof is an avowed White Supremacist who had a particular fondness for Apartheid-era South Africa and White-ruled Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe). Roof had reportedly felt "emasculated" after an ex-girlfriend allegedly started dating a Black guy. 

The name of the church where the horrific hate crimes took place is Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church. Here are the nine people murdered by Roof on that day:

Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd, 54
Susie Jackson, 87
Ethel Lee Lance, 80
Depayne Middleton-Doctor, 49
Clementa C. Pinckney, 41 
Tywanza Sanders, 26
Daniel Simmons, 74
Sharanda Coleman-Singleton, 45
Myra Thompson, 59

Roof chose to represent himself during trial. The jury (including three Blacks) took less than two hours to convict the terrorist of all 33 federal criminal charges. This includes 12 hate crimes charges, 12 counts of religious obstruction, and 9 counts of aggravated murder. Roof displayed no emotion as the verdict was read to him in court. One might find it ironic that Roof saw his victims as less than human - considering he himself is such a psychotic, cowardly monster. He would've made a stellar cop. 

Dylann Roof, now 22, faces the death penalty. His next court appearance is scheduled for January 3rd. Roof is also facing state charges for his terrorist acts. Trial for his state crimes is scheduled to begin Jan. 17th. Prosecutors are also seeking the death penalty in that regard.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Hung Jury in the trial of Officer Michael Slager suggests racial animus

I first covered the murder of Black motorist Walter Scott by [ex]cop Michael Slager in April 2015. You can read that entry: HERE. Since then, a major new development in the case. On Monday December 5th 2016, a mistrial was declared in the murder trial of pig Slager. The disgraced, killer cop could still face retrial. More on this later... 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Finally, At Long Last... A GOOD COP!

A White prick is facing hate crimes charges after harassing an off-duty female Muslim officer and her son in Brooklyn, NY. A rare case involving a racist asshole getting what he deserves, and an actually good cop!   

NYC officer Aml Eloskary, and her 16 year old son were subjected to a hate crime on Saturday December 3rd 2016. This occurred around 6:00pm as Eloskary was dropping her son off in Brooklyn's Bay Ridge neighborhood. The officer had been off-duty at the time and was wearing her hijab. After parking her vehicle, Eloskary returned to find a White man shoving and yelling at her son. Eloskary intervened, and the man turned on her. According to reports, this "man" (using the word loosely since no MAN would ever treat a woman this way) called the Muslim cop an "ISIS bitch", threatened to "cut her throat", and yelled at her to "go back to your own country". He then ran off before other officers arrived.

Officer Eloskary is a NYC native with a very NYC accent, as you can hear in this video: HERE. Against all odds, she joined the NY Police regime shortly after the IXXI False-Flag attacks, in order to demonstrate how decent most Muslim people are. She is one of very few Muslim cops in NYC.

The perpetrator has been identified as 36 year old Christopher Nelson, a Brooklyn resident. Police tracked his miserable ass down Monday Dec. 5th and arrested him. Nelson has been charged with menacing as a hate crime and second-degree aggravated harassment. At his arraignment Monday, bail was set at $50,000. During a crime statistics news conference held Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio defended officer Eloskary as he sat next to her. De Blasio stated that, "She's an American, she's a New Yorker, she is already home." The Mayor went on to say that, "Officer Eloskary is an example of everything we would want from our fellow citizens - a commitment to others, a commitment to service, a willingness to do something greater than herself, and what does she get for it? Threats to her life, bigotry and taunts". 

Hero cop, who'd have thought: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio sitting next to Officer Aml Eloskary during a press conference Monday. 

And unlike most wretched cops, Officer Eloskary also happens to be a bonafide HERO. In 2014 she ran into a burning building in Brooklyn's borough, rescuing an elderly woman and her granddaughter. She was honored for this selfless act of valor and awarded a medal for Bravery. 

Baby Kayleigh Arroyo and her grandmother pictured here, happy and alive, thanks to cop Aml Eloskary.

Although perp Nelson's political views have not yet been officially verified, it is pretty safe to say he's a bigoted Trumptard. And it would be easy to mock and write this asshole off, if he weren't a dangerous psychopath. Fact is, people like Chris Nelson are indeed dangerous, and have been emboldened since Trump's election theft on Nov. 8th. According to the New York Police Gestapo's own data (so you know these are conservative, under-reported numbers), at least 34 hate crimes have been reported between Nov. 8th and the 27th. Overall, hate crimes in NYC have jumped 30% in 2016 over last year.      

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cop FIRED for Trying to Fight Teens - Once Threatened to BLOW UP School!

In the wake of seeing cop after rotten cop get away with murder, it's sometimes surprising to see just what does get one of the bastards actually fired...

A punk-ass GA cop is already appealing his termination, after he was fired on December 1st 2016 for challenging teens to fight him. The incident first happened on Wednesday, November 23rd 2016 in Social Circle, GA - a small town 45 miles east of Atlanta. Officer/thug James Sanders of the Social Circle Police Gestapo (SCPG) was already tending to a traffic stop when a jeep drove pass. One of the jeep's occupants allegedly yelled "FUCK THE POLICE", which clearly triggered the thug cop. Sanders immediately abandoned the traffic stop he was on, pulled the jeep over, and made it's occupants exit the vehicle. Sanders proceeded to go on a mad tirade, challenging the teens to "fuck him up", all the while cursing and threatening them. He also conducted an illegal search of their vehicle, claiming to take all of them to jail if he found so much as an ounce of pot (the teens had no drugs nor any other prohibited items on them. It's worth noting however, that Georgia retains some of the most draconian and inhumane prohibition laws in the country. A mere two ounces of marijuana can get someone up to ten years in prison. Here in Portland, OR, it's easy to forget - and take for granted - just how thoroughly fucked up so much of the rest of this country is).
Officer Dickhead: Cop James Sanders bullying one of the teens in this dashcam still during an illegal traffic stop in GA on Nov. 23rd. Sanders has since been fired. 

Eventually, another cop with a cooler head arrived on the scene. Having committed NO crimes, the teens were let go. The entire incident lasted around eight minutes, and was captured on both dashcam and Sander's body camera. You, the reader, should realize that for all the power-tripping and terrorizing this pig Sanders did, the teenagers in question committed NO crime on that day. It is not illegal to say "Fuck the police", even in the presence of a cop. Pig Sanders claimed that he initially pulled the teens over for "swerving out of their lane", as if this were a good enough reason to abandon the traffic stop he was already attending to. Sander's claim was proven to have been a LIE, as dashcam footage from his own patrol car showed that the teens touched the divider line in the road only after Sanders had accelerated as he was pursuing them.  So, let's tally up the list of crimes committed by the parties involved on that day:

Teens in jeep: 

  • 0

Officer Sanders:

  • Abandoning traffic stop (dereliction of duty)
  • Illegal traffic stop
  • Illegal search (violation of Fourth Amendment)
  • Threatening and menacing
  • Disorderly conduct 
  • Making false statements

So yeah, it's no damned wonder Sander's fat ass got canned. And it's funny how these official misconduct incidents tend to cause these cops to lose their jobs more than murdering unarmed civilians. Perhaps Sanders should have shot one of the teens instead. That way, he would've been rewarded with paid vacation an a promotion. 

Fat, bald Skinhead cop Sanders seen here - shit-eating grin on his face.

Amazingly (or maybe not), there is more to Sander's criminal behavior. After video of the Nov. 23rd traffic incident was made public, leading to his Dec. 1st firing, a more disturbing incident involving pig Sanders came to light. In 2014, the bully cop made terrorist threats against officials at a high school! During that insane incident, staff at Social Circle High School complained about Sander's conduct as he was doing a paid security gig at a football game. In response, Sanders told a school bookkeeper and receptionist that he would:
  • Taser the school administrator
  • Mail anthrax to the school
  • Blow the school up  

Sanders was never arrested nor fired [then] for making terrorist death threats against a school. However, he was switched to an evening shift in order to "limit" his contact with students. He was also prohibited from setting foot on school property except in cases of an emergency.  

Monday, December 5, 2016

Tacoma Cop Gets Clipped

A cop got wasted in Tacoma, WA during a "domestic dispute" gone bad [for him]. The incident occurred on Wednesday November 30th 2016. The cop has been identified as officer Reginald "Jake" Gutierrez, [formally] of the Tacoma Police Gestapo. His funeral is scheduled for Friday Nov. 9th. 

Honestly, there's isn't much to say. I typically don't have much to say about dead cops - not worth my time. Plus, this one appears to be a fairly straight-forward case... not a whole lot to tell anyways. 

On Wednesday night Nov. 30th, Officer Gutierrez along with his partner(unidentified) were responding to a so-called "domestic dispute" at a residence in Tacoma, WA involving a married couple. When the two cops arrived, the wife(unidentified) had apparently been locked out of the house by her husband. The cops entered the home and Gutierrez went upstairs. It was at this point that Gutierrez, a token Hispanic, was shot by the woman's husband. His partner was still downstairs. Two children(unidentified) ages six and eight were removed from the house unharmed. An hours long stand-off ensued between the alleged assailant and a Tacoma SWAT team. The alleged cop-killer has been identified as Bruce Randall Johnson, a light-skinned Black man. Johnson had apparently barricaded himself in a room on the second floor. Eventually, a sharp-shooter took Johnson out through an upstairs window. Johnson died on the scene. He was 38 years old. Gutierrez died from multiple gunshot wounds in an area hospital later that night. He was 45 years old. Close to retirement age for a cop, anyways. His family will get his pension, most likely. 

Police officials claimed that Johnson had held the two children as hostages, but this is probably a police smear. In fact, all that's said to have happened inside the residence that night is on police word alone, and we all know how much cops LIE. Johnson had suffered mental instability in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 30th incident. He was reportedly fired from his job as a barber some time prior. And also shortly before, an incident in which Johnson was walking through a local shopping mall carrying an unloaded air-soft rifle on his shoulder. This incident got Johnson banned from the shopping center, and mall security summoned police who pulled Johnson over shortly afterwards. However, he was not arrested and nothing more happened on that day. 

Mentally ill, alleged shooter Bruce R. Johnson seen here. R.I.P. 

The landlord who had owned the house the couple and their children had been staying in was also present that night. She was in the process of evicting the family and was gathering items in the basement when Gutierrez was shot. She then cowered in one of the bathrooms, but later escaped the house unharmed. She has been identified as Kristi Croskey. During a press interview a day or two later, landlord Croskey, who is Black, gave statements defending cops in all their actions. She also made further statements about how she "didn't want to hear anything about Black Lives Matter, because ALL lives matter". This self-hating negro's comments were unsolicited, as no reporter had asked her opinion of BLM, nor ever made a connection between BLM and the deadly incident. A self-hating TOM, Ms. Croskey was certainly put up by police officials, who used her dumb-ass for propaganda purposes. Since last week, her foul words have been enthusiastically carried by several conservative right-wight sites, including The Blaze, Liberty Alliance, and the Daily Caller

Uncle Ruckus's sister, no relation: Landlord Kristi Croskey seen here, kissing cop ass while denigrating BLM. SHAMEFUL! 

Even though this shooting was all about one cop and one other person, the Tacoma police have been milking this for maximum victim-hood. At the same time, using this incident to besmirch BLM, which has fuck all to do with any of this. This simply proves that cops - ALL COPS are nothing but wretched scoundrels!          
#blueLIESmatter - Bruce R. Johnson is the 1061st person to have been killed by police this year.
Officer Gutierrez is one of 133 cops who've died this year, so far. This includes all manner of deaths, besides homicides. This includes POLICE DOG deaths. K9s make up 33 of the 133 "officer" deaths in 2016, so far. Yes... they count the DOGS too!