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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Viva La Castro... Long Live CASTRO!

One of the 20th century's greatest leaders, Fidel Alejandro Castro, has passed to the other dimension. He was 90 years old. He was 6'3". For nearly 60 years, He defied and/or out-lived ten American despots who've all tried and FAILED to destroy him and his people. Don't mourn, but celebrate his long life, for he is finally free of this world's shackles. The NeoLiberals, CONservatives, IMF/World Banking terrorists, venal politicians, Zionist war criminals, and prostitutes for disastrous capitalist expansionism will all have to find themselves another "demon" to kick around. Perhaps Assad can take his place in that regard. Good bye Castro... LONG LIVE CASTRO!      

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Murder Of Tamir Rice - Two Yrs Ago Today

*Published Nov. 22nd 2016
*Updated Nov. 24th 2016

In one of the more sickening cases of police racial murder, today marks two years since Tamir Elijah Rice was gunned down by a wretched cop. Rice was only 12 years old. He was murdered outside the Cudell Recreation Center in Cleveland, OH on November 22nd 2014. His murderer is officer Timothy Loehmann, a gang member of the Cleveland Police Gestapo (CPG). To this day, pig Loehmann has never been brought to justice. Criminal charges have never been filed in this case. And some ignorant people have the nerve to wonder why BLACK LIVES MATTER

Tamir Rice had been playing outside the recreation center in his neighborhood past 3:00pm on Saturday November 22nd 2014. He was playing with an airsoft pistol toy gun - something countless pre-teen White boys had been doing for hundreds of years, without ever getting shot. An anonymous cop-caller made an erroneous report to 911 of "an older guy waiving around a gun at playground". The lying piece-of-shit who made this false 911 call has never been identified, nor held accountable for making false statements. In the audio of the call, the caller does sound like an old White man, so that's typical. The 911 dispatcher who received that call is Constance Hollinger. In 2015, Hollinger had been disciplined for "rude and unprofessional" behavior, regarding a woman reporting a fatal car crash. After taking down information from the Rice call, Hollinger relayed it to Beth Mandlanother dispatcher on site. It was Mandl's job to relay this info. to responding officers. But she left out crucial details that might have saved Rice's life. Mandl resigned from her position in 2015 after three months of absence. Neither she, nor Hollinger have ever been reprimanded in the Rice case.

Loehmann, a 26 year old rookie at the time, along with his more seasoned partner, 46 year old officer Frank Garmback, responded to the call. Within less than two seconds of pulling up, Loehmann fired two shots at Rice, hitting the young boy in the abdomen. The car, driven by Garmback, had not even come to a complete stop when Rice was shot. Rice lied on the ground for four minutes, as responding cops deliberately denied him emergency medical care. An FBI agent who just happened to be near by administered CPR to the boy. Rice's 14 year old sister, who was also at the rec center that day, ran towards her dying brother after learning he had been shot. The young girl was tackled, handcuffed, and thrown into the back of the squad car. Rice's mother was told by officers that she herself would be arrested if she did not "calm down". What a way to treat a hysterical mother, whom just found out one of her children had been shot. An ambulance arrived on the scene seven minutes after the shooting. Rice died the following day. Having been shot in the stomach and with crucial medical care woefully delayed, Rice would have been in unbearable agony, his death taking much too long. A memorial service was held for Rice on December 3rd 2014, but there was never a burial. Rather than bury him and risk the trauma of an exhumation later on, Samaria Rice kept her son's body on storage in hopes that the homicide investigation might need additional evidence. However, six months later the case was dragging on. On additional cruelty, Rice's mother was being charged $75 a day for her son's storage. In May 2015, Tamir Rice was finally cremated.     

In initial police reports, Timothy Loehmann claimed that his gave orders for Rice to "drop the gun" three times. This was later proven to be a LIE, as Rice was shot in less than two seconds of cops arriving. The child had no chance to respond, Loehmann being in such a hurry to kill as he was. Before he stared working for the Cleveland police terrorist regime, Loehmann had been a cop in Independence, OH in 2012. He lasted five months there. He was in the police academy for four of those months. According to the Independence police regime, Loehmann was: "immature, emotionally unstable, unfit for duty, subject to nervous fits, etc." Direct supervisors described him as: "having a lack of maturity" and having an "inability to perform basic functions as instructed". In one particularly disturbing incident, Loehmann was attending a weapons training session at a shooting range, when he suffered what some have described as an "emotional meltdown". Loehmann was said to have waled on in great detail about the supposed relationship problems he was having with his girlfriend at the time. All of this and more went into Loehmann's personnel file. He quit before his supervisors in Independence had a chance to fire his sorry ass. Loehman would go on to apply to, and be turned down by as many as seven other police agencies... until the Cleveland police regime decided to give him a shot (pun intended). Apparently, no one there bothered checking his file. Loehmann had been a beat cop for one month before he was hired in March 2014. He would go on to shoot and kill a 12 year old child just a few months later. Clearly in Cleveland, OH, becoming an officer requires neither experience nor a background check. Becoming a 911 dispatcher seems to require even less. And look at what it leads to...

Officer Frank Garmback, profiled here.

In 2012, Frank Garmback was sued by a Cleveland woman for excessive use of force. The civil rights lawsuit was filed by Tamela Eaton, a Black woman. In that suit, Eaton claimed  that in August 2010 she called police to have a car towed that was blocking her driveway. A routine call about a minor nuisance that typically shouldn't even result in an arrest, instead, turned into a violent misogynistic beating when Garmback rushed Eaton, put her in a chockhold, tackled her to the ground, twisted her wrist, and began punching her in the face. That civil suit eventually moved to federal court. In 2014, Cleveland settled the case, paying $100,000 to Eaton. Garmback was never disciplined in that case either, and was obviously never fired, despite costing the city greatly in litigation. The settlement never appeared in Garmback's personnel file, and was unknown to the public until it had been reported on in December 2014. 

OUSTED: Racist prick prosecutor Tim McGinty seen here.

In June 2015 after dragging their feet for months, investigators in the Tamir Rice murder case handed their findings over to local prosecutor Tim McGinty. In December 2015, a secret - almost certainly all-White - grand jury declined to bring a criminal indictment against Loehmann. Garmback was never under investigation for his involvement in Rice's death. Neither of these pigs had ever been made to give sworn testimony to investigators nor prosecutors. Everyone involved in this case - from wretched cops to incompetent 911 dispatchers to whoever's in charge of hiring/HR at the police regime there - had either pleaded the 5th, or were protected by union-provided lawyers. NO ONE has ever been held accountable for the death of Tamir Rice... except for Tamir Rice himself, which the city of Cleveland blamed. Yeah. In February 2015, in response reaction to a wrongful murder suit filed by Rice's family, the city of Cleveland claimed that the 12 year old boy had been responsible for his own death! WOW. And as if that act of cruelty were not enough (beyond shooting a kid in the stomach and letting him bleed out in the snow), the city of Cleveland also tried to "counter-sue" Rice's family for the $500 ambulance ride that took Tamir to the hospital! Due in part to public pressure and immense shame, the city eventually rescinded the claim. Mayor Frank G. Jackson, who's been in office since 2006, made a face-saving excuse claiming that the $500 bill to Rice's family had been a "clerical error"... ok. Racist piece-of-shit prosecutor McGinty threw this case from the very beginning. He dragged his feet for months before taking evidence to a "secret" grand jury of his own picking. He blamed Rice for his own death, and acted as a defense lawyer for Loehmann and Garmback. In March of 2016, Tim McGinty was up for re-election. Voters finally kicked his ass out in favor of Michael O'Malley, a former Cleveland councilman and assistant prosecutor. O'Malley won over 70% of the Black vote. His dereliction of duty and clear racial bias cost McGinty his job... a teeny tiny victory, perhaps. He will most likely go into the private sector now.     

(l to r)Tamir's sister Tajai along with mother Samaria Rice. They're standing outside the gazebo where Tamir was fallen in Nov. 2014. 

In April 2016, Cleveland, OH settled with Rice's family for $6 million dollars. Half went to Rice's estate, a quarter went to his surviving mother, a quarter went to his older sister. On Tuesday November 22nd, the Cleveland chapter of Black Lives Matter staged a 12-hour sit-in in front of the police station on Cleveland's West side. During the evening, Samaria Rice appeared before the group. She called for the firing of the two pigs involved in her son's death. She also called upon incoming D.A. O'Malley to file murder charges, and asked for a meeting with out-going U.S. attorney Loretta Lynch.

Loehmann and Garmback remain in the employ of the Cleveland Police Gestapo to this day. No charges or disciplinary actions have ever been filed. 


Killed By Police: November 23rd 2014 - Tamir E. Rice was the 1001st person to have been killed by cops that year.                          

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cop CHARGED In Philando Castile Murder!

I first reported on the murder of Philando Divall Castile by a filthy wretched cop in Minnesota back in July. You can read that entry: HERE. I followed that up with an update last month, which can be read: HERE. Now for some real progress... the cop directly responsible for Castile's murder has [finally] been charged

Jeronimo Yanez, the pig who fired seven bullets into Castile, was charged with one count of felony manslaughter, and two counts of felony reckless discharge of a firearm on Wednesday Nov. 16th 2016. Yanez is a gang member of the St. Anthony Police Gestapo (SAPG). St. Anthony is a suburb of St. Paul, MINN. Pig Yanez is reportedly the first cop out of more than 150 police-involved killings in Minnesota to face criminal charges since 2000. Castile was a school cafeteria supervisor in St. Paul. His partner Diamond Reynolds and their four-year old daughter were in the vehicle at the time. Castile was 32 years old. Reynolds actually live-streamed her boyfriend's murder on facebook. That video has since been shared many thousands of times and re-posted on Youtube. You can watch that video: HERE. TRIGGER WARNING: GRAPHIC DEATH! 

Joseph Kauser, the pig who was with Yanez at the time, was not charged. Kauser was initially placed on paid vacation, and will certainly be a witness in his former partner's up-coming trial. Yanez is scheduled to make his first court appearance on Friday Nov. 18th. 

Killed By Police: Philando Castile was murdered on July 6th 2016. He is number 610.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pig Who Taunted Anti-Trump Rally w/ Confederate Flag Suspended

In more rebel flag-related news, a Michigan cop is under investigation for menacing activists at an anti-Trump rally. Michael Peters, a 18-year gang member of the Traverse City Police Gestapo (TCPG) in Traverse City, MI had driven to an anti-Trump rally on Friday November 11th 2016. Peters, who's White, circled the rally with a huge confederate flag mounted to the back of his pick-up. He then parked and drank a beer in close proximity of demonstrators. The clear intend was harassment and terrorist intimidation. 

Officer Michael Peters - Trump-loving bitch!

The redneck Trumptard cop was off duty at the time. The incident has since gotten Pig Peters suspended with pay, and under investigation for violating the police regime's "code of conduct". Ever the coward though, Peters has also since resigned his position at the TC police regime. He remains under investigation. 

It's worth noting that White Supremacist hate crimes and acts of intimidation have seen a sharp and predictable increase since Trump's electoral theft. This was predicted months in advance, as Trump has closely aligned himself with the shit-stained Alt-Right movement. It is more important than ever that those under threat stay vigilant and ARMED! Lock and load... because the situation in this country - fucked up as it's always been - is about to get much worse! Your life depends on it. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mistrial For Confederate Flag-wearing Killer Cop

The Cincinnati, OH cop responsible for the murder of Samuel Dubose last July got off lucky, it seems. Pig Raymond Tensing, formerly of the University of Cincinnati Police Gestapo (UCPG) had pulled over DuBose, a Black motorist, on July 19th last year for allegedly not having a front license plate. What had been a mundane, bare basic traffic stop quickly turned into a homicide when Tensing (White) needlessly escalated the situation. Fearing for his life, DuBose turned on the ignition of his car. Within .0003 seconds, Tensing shot DuBose in the head while still in his car, still strapped in the seat belt. DuBose was pronounced dead at the scene. He was 43 years old.

This brazen act of murder cost Tensing (33 at the time) his job (a rare thing to happen to a White cop who kills a Black citizen). It also caught the disgraced officer charges of criminal murder and voluntary manslaughter (even more rare). On Friday November 11th 2016, the conclusion of Tensing's murder trial had a more typical outcome: mistrial. After over 25 hours of deliberations, the jury of ten lowdown Whites and two Blacks was hopelessly deadlocked on delivering a verdict, according to reports. District attorney Joe Deters of Hamilton County, OH now has until Nov. 28th to either refile the charges or drop the case all together. Meanwhile, killer cop Tensing remains on $1 million dollars bail - paid for with donations by racist peckerwood cop supporters. 

Since Sam DuBose's murder last year, it has also been revealed that Ray Tensing was wearing a shirt with a confederate flag on it. He was wearing this shirt under his uniform when he gunned down DuBose. A damning detail that came out during pre-trial discovery, it really does demonstrate just what loathsome, racist, prejudice pieces-of-shit these cops truly are. Unfortunately, the additional evidence still was not enough to secure a unanimous guilty verdict (too many goddamned Whites on that jury). Since it is not yet over, we'll stick with this case until there is a final outcome to report...

Killed By Police. Sam DuBose was number 658.          

Monday, November 14, 2016

Massive Unrest Follows Trump "Victory"

In the wake of Donald Trump's so-called "win" last Tuesday, nearly every major city in the U.S. and around the world saw many countless citizens take to the streets in stern opposition to a Trump regime. Numerous cities including Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Dayton, Springfield, and Philadelphia have all been rocked by massive anti-Trump protests every day since Trump's electoral college "victory" over Hillary Clinton last Tuesday.    

Anti-Trump demonstrations continued over the weekend. NYC alone saw tens of thousands of citizens shut down 5th Ave. and surround the Trump Tower on Saturday. Sunday saw continued sustained protests against Trump in NYC, L.A., Philly, etc. as well as cities in Mexico and Germany.  Here in Portland, OR *aka* Little Beirut, street actions and clashes with riot cops have been on-going every day since November 8th. Many dozens of peaceful activists have been arrested between Wednesday and Saturday, as acts of non-violent civil disobedience were met with gestapo tactics by Portland riot pigs. One anti-Trump protester was reportedly shot by two men in a car on the Morrison bridge early Saturday morning. And on Saturday night, 71 citizens were arrested, following a fifth night of clashes with the Portland Police Gestapo(PPG). On multiple nights, including Saturday night, militarized Portland cops fired flashbang/stun grenades and tear gas at non-violent protesters. The atmosphere Sunday was more calm, as several hundred citizens held a march and vigil at Pioneer Square. For the first time in six days, no street action-related arrests had been reported on Portland.

It is worth noting that as repugnant as she is, Hillary R. Clinton did indeed win the popular vote on Election night. Clinton did concede defeat early on, Tuesday night, even as all the voted hadn't yet been counted. Now it appears that Clinton's margin over Trump may be even bigger than previously thought.  

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Madhouse U.S.A.!

I gotta admit, I did not expect this. I had been convinced for more than a year that criminal war-monger Hillary Clinton would've all but assailed to the White House with little more than a phony show election. Her rise did seem under real threat from Bernie Sanders for awhile. But after those leaked emails came out exposing the DNC as having railroaded Sanders in favor of Clinton, she was once again on top. And once the racist joke candidate Donald Trump came out as the sole Republican challenger, it all looked even more clear. Two horrible, racist, criminals yeah, but of course they would give it to Clinton duh! No choice for the voters, not really. It's already been decided. The situation had already been dire, the country already fucked beyond redemption. 

Tuesday night reminded me that as bad as things were, they could (and often will) always get much worse. I now know that this miserable slaughterhouse AmeriKKKa is even more insane and even more overrun with dangerous dumbfucks than I had ever imagined. Gotta admit I'm surprised... but not that surprised. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pig Arpaio Facing Criminal Contempt Charge

Arch Nemesis Joe 'PIG' Arpaio is finally getting a taste of his just desserts! It may not be anywhere near what the son-of-a-bitch deserves, but hopefully it is something. 

The self-proclaimed "world's toughest sheriff" is facing a criminal contempt charge. The criminal complaint was filed as a result of years of Arpaio thumbing his nose at a judge's order that he NOT use racial profiling to detain suspected undocumented residents. Never mind the fact that immigration enforcement is not the job of local/state police anyways. Pig Arpaio's trail date to answer the contempt charge had been set for December 16th 2016. However, a U.S. District judge granted the disgraced sheriff's request for a postponement, citing more time to prepare his case. As of now, no new trial date has been set, but when that happen's I'll be right on it. 

Meanwhile, Old Pig Joe lost his bid for re-election to a seventh term in AZ. His challenger was Paul Penzone, a retired Phoenix police sergeant. Penzone beat Arpaio 55 - 45% to become Maricopa County's new sheriff. Not yet sure how awful or alright sheriff-elect Penzone is, but no one can be as horrendous as Pig Arpaio! So, that's one little bright spot in this otherwise, god-awful shitstain of an election. Latino citizens of Maricopa Co. have at least this one thing to rejoice.  

Monday, November 7, 2016

Trump & Clinton: Both Are MONSTERS!


So basically we have a "choice" between a megalomaniacal, sociopathic, racist billionaire tyrant... and a megalomaniacal, sociopathic, racist billionaire tyrant. WAIT, which is which?! Yeah hard to tell, isn't it? This is our "choice". Ok, I'm being a tad disingenuous, I must admit. We have a few choices, actually. We can also vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, Independent Party candidate Evan McMullin, Transhumanist Party candidate Zoltan Istvan, and Socialist candidate Gloria La Riva. Some of these names may be long familiar with you (if you at all follow progressive politics, you'll know Stein). But you'd be forgiven if you didn't know some of the other names. Fact is, this dying naked empire has long been ruled by a two-party system (more like a two-headed dragon) that shuts out all other political parties and all opposition. Technically, you can "choose" to vote for multiple candidates this year (not every candidate gets to appear on the ballot in every state. Here in Oregon, you won't see McMullin, Istvan, or La Riva as presidential runners). You can even choose to stay home, throw your ballot away, opt out of voting for the next president/CEO, or focus on local/state races and ballot measures instead. 

But let's be serious here, there isn't much of a choice... not really. You get to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. One promises a protracted civil/race war and the other promises nuclear fallout with Russia. This election is like someone holding a gun to your head and telling you which poison to take. And all you can think of is which one might be less painful... or would it be better to just take the damned bullet? You can try and argue how one is somehow worse that the other, the fact is they BOTH are fucking horrible, and here's why: 


In 1989, Trump took out a full page ad in the New York Times, calling for NY state to re-institute the Death Penalty. For five Black and Latino youths who had been swept up in the notorious Central Park Jogger case at that time. Years later and in their 30's, the Central Park 5 have been completely exonerated. They had always been innocent, and Trump called for their EXECUTIONS. 

In 1996, during a speech in which she was supporting her husband's disastrous'94 crime bill, Hillary Clinton called Black youths "super predators", and said that they should be "brought to heel". Only this year did Hillary finally walk those statements back a little. But she never really owned up to nor apologized for what she said.


Trump's "tough talk" against illegal immigration is complete bullshit, once you realize he [had] his entire empire built with imported slave labor. Meanwhile, Hillary's husband also signed NAFTA, which went into effect in 1994. A horrendous "free-trade" pact that ruined the lives of millions of Mexican citizens, virtually over night. So, look at history. Notice how "illegal immigration" was never much of a hot-button issue in this country before 1994. And ever since '94 it's been a massive issue. Comes up every single election, without fail. Yet, with all of his hot air about "illegals", Trump has never addressed NAFTA in any way. That's because Trump himself has benefited handsomely from the Clinton's trade policies - which includes facilitating slave and sweatshop labor into America. 


Clinton and Trump both pay lip service to "fighting terrorism" and holding terrorist financiers accountable. This is also bullshit on both their parts. Trumps loves taking Saudi money when it benefits him. Even though Trump supposedly hates Muslims. Unless they are rich Muslims who will give him lots of money. Clinton for her part, has been bedding the Saudis for years. The Wahhabist Saudi empire has even financed her campaign, as well as the Clinton Foundation.       


It is no secret that while some of Trump's supporters are merely scared to death and misguided, many of them are violent White supremacists. Some have already taken actions in his name. Trump's base threatens an all-out civil/race war, over phony allegations that the elections are some how "rigged" against Trump. Clinton on the other hand, has never met an act of geo-political aggression she didn't like. From her support of Iraqi sanctions throughout the 1990's, to her vote [with Bush] to invade Iraq in 2003, to the complete dismantling of Libya, a Clinton regime guarantees more war, with almost no limits. Oh btw, she's also egging on a nuclear war with Russia. So, there's that... 


A staple requirement for ascending the U.S. presidency, is unquestionable, unwavering support of the bastard "state" of Israel. This is simply a matter of fact. Trump will have Israel's back, no matter what. While Shillary Clinton is and will always be the quintessential Zionist politician. 

Your only option here is to choose between two different monsters... who're much more alike than you know. Either way, this dying empire is fucked. We deserve this!