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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Police Vs. Civilian Deaths for Jan. 2017

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the total number of police deaths for all of 2016, compared to total number of people killed by police. By the end of last year, there were 1151 civilian homicides attributed to police terrorists. By contrast, 140 "official" police deaths were recorded for the same period. The word official is in quotes because police regimes typically don't report cop suicides. Too shameful, one might guess. And that 140 figure also includes K9s and correctional guards(i.e. not actual cops). Non-direct duty deaths were also included - so accidents, illnesses, etc. 

What "war on cops"? Contrary to typical conservative myth, cops are actually safer now then they were when Ronald Reagan was in office. 

So at the end of January, I've decided to revisit this issue to see what deaths have taken place in [just] in the first month of 2017. According to Killed By Police, as of Jan. 31st, cops were responsible for 103 civilian homicides in the country. Comparably, 13 police deaths have been recorded for the month of January. About half of those are homicides, with the rest being accidents and illnesses. This includes a Tribal cop in OK, and a female cop in FL. So far, no police dog deaths have been recorded. 

Safer than EVER: More cops were killed early 1970's when Nixon was in office than in 2011.

The point to take away is, being a cop is safer than most people have been lead to believe. In fact, as much of a security/deep-state fanatic as he was, under Obama's watch police homicides have actually been at an all time low since the 1980's (when Reagan, another "law and order" president occupied the White House). Even accounting for high-profile killings, the number of pigs who die in the line of duty each year is minuscule. By comparison, the number of civilians killed by police each year is at epidemic levels. If such high homicide rates by police regimes had occurred in any other nation, we would be calling them exactly what they are: DEATH SQUADS

Friday, January 20, 2017

Out-Right Fascist Ascends WH, As Cops Unleash Orgy Of Violence!

Told you so. 

As master criminal Donald J. Trump takes the White House in a notorious coup d'etat, police gestapo units predictably overstep bounds and brutalize peaceful citizens who refuse to except this 'new normal'. Taking ques from their new "commander-in-chief", authoritarians have gleefully engaged in human rights abuses in cities all over the country. In Washington D.C., more than 200 people were arrests by the Gestapo following many skirmishes. A limousine was set ablaze, which was nice.

Here in Portland, OR, citizens burned American flags as they prepared themselves for whatever cops had in store. Several thousand had reportedly gathered in down town Portland today to defy the new "president". Cops used pepper spray on non-violence marchers as they attempted to cross Burnside bridge. Numerous arrests were made. Meanwhile, anti-Trump actions have been taking place all over the world. In The Philippines for example, citizens gathered outside the U.S. embassy in the capital Manila to also burn American flags and voice opposition to Trump.  

More to be reported as the weekend progresses. This entry will be updated...


Update 7:57pm 1/20:
Got word form source that Neo-Nazis form out of town are dressing up as Black Bloc, causing trouble in dt Portland. No confirmation on this, as of yet.   

Update 9:29pm 1/20:
Portland Gestapo using flash bang grenades, tear gas, and other "crowd control" devices to corral and harass non-violent protesters in dt. Also, Trimet/MAX either shutting down, or limiting services in dt area. 

Update 8:41 pm 1/21:
At least 100,000 in attendance for Women's March in down town Portland! A massive turnout that this city probably hasn't seen since prior to Iraqi invasion in 2003. Would have been nice to have seen a lot more People of Color present. However, low turnout for them is understandable.   

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence

Let's be real -  Barack Hussein Obama was the charming face on a mostly lousy presidency. Precious few positives happened on his watch, and even then they usually came with a caveat of some sort. And that very few good is far out-weighed by the immensely awful. Some of what he did is unforgivable. But in his final waning days in the White House, Obama finally, FINALLY committed a decent act. Earlier this week, he commuted the unjust prison sentence of heroic whistle-blower Chelsea Elizabeth Manning

The former Army Intelligence analyst had been sentenced to 35 years in American gulags for passing "classified" information to WikiLeaks, exposing horrific war crimes committed by the American government. Most notably, the deliberate murders of journalists and civilians in Iraq by an American Apache helicopter. Manning is now set to be released in May 2017. She had already served seven years in gulags - so most of Obama's tenure. Manning was kept in solitary confinement for much of this time. She was often tortured (in addition to having been kept in solitary confinement). She reportedly attempted suicide at least twice - once in July and again in October of last year. No word yet on whether Obama will also commute the unjust sentences of Mumia Abu-Jamal or Leornard Peltier.

And let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Manning has only had her sentence commuted. She hasn't been given a full pardon. This means that Manning is still a "convicted felon", still cannot vote, cannot legally own a handgun, and is pretty much a second-class citizen at this point. All the indignities which comprise the Corporate-Prison Industrial Matrix now apply to Manning. Despite the fact that she is far more deserving of a Nobel award than longest serving war-monger Obama ever had been. It's pathetic, and it's not normal. 


In other news, police gestapo units all over the country - including here in Portland,OR - are gearing up for violent combat with hundreds of thousands of citizens who plan to engage in anti-Trump protests on Inaugural day (January 20th) as well as weekend actions. Brutal police excesses and human rights abuses are guaranteed. WHEN they happen, I'll be sure to report on them. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Black Vet FALSELY Arrested By Trump Pig!

Pathetic, greasy, alt-right pricks aren't the only ones getting bold in the wake of Trump's coup of the White House. Clearly, this nation's police forces are feeling [even more] embolden. 

An innocent Black man was falsely arrested by two NYC pigs back in August 2016. Now, he is suing. And good for him! 

Fuck racism, fuck Trump, and fuck COPS! Army vet Najja Plowden along with his companion animal Lily Cat, pictured here.

A lawsuit filed by 35 year old Najja Plowden alleges that NYC pigs falsely detained and arrested him on August 17th 2016. The suit also alleges that Plowden was subjected to racist taunts and a pro-Trump lecture by at least one of the arresting officers pigs. Plowden claims that last August, he was taking his dog - a pitbull-terrier mix named Lily Cat - for a late night walk in Crown Heights' Brower park when he was approached by two gang members of the New York Police Gestapo (NYPG). One of the pigs has been identified as officer Nicholas Loweth, who is White. Loweth and his partner (unidentified) asked Plowden what he was doing in the park "after hours". Plowden insisted that there were no such signs posted, indicating "hours". Plus, Plowden pointed out how cops had ignored a White man playing fetch with his dog in the same park, not far away. The cops demanded his identification, but Plowden had left it at home (who needs id when you're just walking a dog?). When they ran his name, an inactive warrant had popped up: a 2013 summons for skateboarding in Union Square park. Plowden explained that both the warrant and summons had been dismissed in court just three months prior. That didn't matter. Plowden was arrested kidnapped. His dog was dropped off at home (Plowden lives with his wife just a few blocks away from Crown Heights' park), and the Brooklyn resident was taken to jail. 

Plowden was booked and forced to spend at least half a day in lock-up before seeing a judge. It was only then that the warrant/summons issue from years ago had been cleared up. The so-called "trespassing" charge for which Plowden had been falsely arrested was also dismissed. While in custody, Plowden claims that pig Loweth had subjected him to racist taunts and also lectured him on the virtues of [then candidate] Donald Trump. Loweth is also said to have bragged to Plowden that Trump would "support polices on policing minority neighborhoods", put and end to "abuse of resources", and "clean up NY's ghettos". Plowden was forced to endure this shit for nearly his entire time in jail. 

Plowden has since retained attorney Joel Berger, and filed a lawsuit on Friday January 13th 2017 in Brooklyn Federal Court. The suit names NYC, officer Nicholas Loweth, and select other cops and supervisors in charge. It also turns out that pig Loweth has a history. In 2014, Loweth was the defendant in a federal lawsuit in which he was accused of taking park in an assault and fabrication of false criminal charges. That case was later settled for $25,000. Apparently, Loweth was never disciplined regarding this matter.  

Najja Plowden is a military veteran who served in Afghanistan. At the time of his false arrest, he worked as an occupational therapist for children with special needs. But now his job is in limbo, because his employer (Department of Education) has declared him "ineligible for assignments" pending his case. All this according to the lawsuit. Btw - not that it matters in the least, but Plowden has no criminal history. The pig son-of-a-bitch who arrested him - Loweth, actually has more of a criminal history than Plowden does! But this is what this case is all about: an innocent man is out of a job due to a false, racially motivated arrest. And the fucking animal who arrested him... is still working. And to be clear, being in a PUBLIC PARK is not illegal! Being in a park at midnight is not illegal! Skateboarding is not illegal! It's very clear: the criminal here is officer Loweth, not Plowden!   

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Police Vs. Civilian Deaths for 2016

So I briefly touched upon this already in a prior entry written back in early December, which can be read: HERE. Now having taken all of 2016 into perspective, I wanted to expand on the concept of police deaths some more. I often reference the site Killed By Police, a volunteer-run database which tracks every citizen death by cops in America and makes that info. available, segmented by year. Something the U.S. govt. ought to be doing, but doesn't. According to KBP, 1153 citizens have died at the hands of cops in 2016. Obviously, most of these killings did not make the news cycle. It's very difficult to keep up with the ones that have.   

Another site worth paying attention to is the Officer Down Memorial page, a belly-aching police-worship site which tracks all cop deaths - whether they've died on-duty or otherwise. According to the ODMP, a total of 140 "cops" died in 2016. Now the reason cops is in "" is because not all 140 of these recorded deaths were of humans. In fact, 34 of those "police" deaths were K9s. Yes, ODMP counts dogs as well. Of the 34 police dog deaths, the highest number (12) died from... heat exhaustion. Meaning that these dogs were most likely left in patrol cars and forgotten about... by their police handlers. In other words - FELLOW COPS. The most recently recorded cop dog death was of K9 Lina (Madison County Sheriff's office, Arkansas), who died on September 9th 2016. Lina succumbed to heat exhaustion after her pig handler left her locked in a patrol car over night. Other K9 deaths are rounded out by various causes, but only 11 (ten by gunfire, one by stabbing) were attributive to wanton criminal acts. Of the two "assault" deaths recorded, one was actually from a suspect accidentally falling on the dog. The other might have been kicked or injured in a fall. Admittedly, ODMP K9 appears to be a newer feature, with only 2016 deaths having been recorded. Curiously, the site does not currently include mounted patrol horses, including a September 26th 2016 death, when a Denver cop tied his horse up and abandoned it. 

And of the 106 human police deaths recorded last year, only 63 of them were due to gunfire by criminal suspects. Remaining deaths are rounded out by various causes, including vehicular accidents, drownings, heart attacks, accidental gunfire, 9/11 related illness, etc. Curiously, no suicides are mentioned. That's real interesting because statistical evidence suggests that lots of cops commit suicide every year. In fact, according to site Police Suicide Study, cops who off themselves far out-pace cops killed by suspects year by year. According to, 108 cops killed themselves in 2016. Not only does that number exceed all cop deaths by suspect gunfire (63), it exceeds all TOTAL police deaths (106) in 2016! Unless you include K9s. No word yet on K9 suicides - I'm sure someone is looking into that, though. 

Police suicides seem to be far more difficult to track than deaths by other means, but there are reasons for that. Police departments are very reluctant to track and release suicide data amongst its ranks because, let's be honest - suicides don't bring in the federal funds, military hardware, or public sympathy nearly as much as a cop fallen by a violent evil criminal. Again, suicides far out-pace murder by suspects year after year. Cops are already dangerously unhinged. Many are out-right psychotic and it's a damned wonder how many cops pass their psychological exams at all. Many cops are military vets and that comes with its own bag of issues. In fact, it seems clear that PTSD exceeds firearms as a leading cause of police deaths. If the general public had a full appreciation of these facts, then it would have to be concluded that cops are far more a danger to themselves than so-called "criminals"! Perhaps police regimes should be receiving huge increases in the form of mental health services. But instead, they get body armor and war weapons. Of course, any time a cop is gunned down (as rare as that is), it makes headlines and waves of indignation follow, along with pathetic howls of "blue lives matter". Yet, when was the last time you saw a headlining report of a cop committing suicide? Doesn't quite fit the narrative, does it?   

One last thing worth noting. Of all 2016 recorded "police" deaths, many were "correctional" officers. So of that 140 total, a lot of them were prison guards, as well as dogs. So, in many of these cases, we're not even talking about actual COPS. While KBP's numbers come from hard, researched data, ODMP's numbers are fluffed with animals and people who're just a little too dumb to be real cops. 140 vs. 1153... who's really in danger here? Cops or civilians?            

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Deplorable Dylann Roof Sentenced to DEATH

Dylann 'Storm' Roof has been sentenced to death for his terrorist crimes. The sentence was handed down on Tuesday, January 10th. The jury had deliberated for three hours (about two hours 3/4 hours too long) before deciding Roof's ultimate fate. The jury's decision also makes Roof the first person in the U.S. to receive the death penalty under federal hate crimes laws. The jury itself was reportedly made up of nine Whites and three Blacks... perhaps the most Blacks you will see on any jury in this country ever. Tuesday's death sentence comes at the end of a too-long sentencing phase during which the terrorist/mass murderer represented himself, expressed no remorse, gave no reason for his crimes, and reaffirmed his devotion to White supremacy. No one spoke on Roof's behalf, including his family who has all but abandoned him. It has been confirmed that his older sister Amber Roof is a piece-of-shit, though. The entire trial took place at Charleston South Carolina Federal courthouse - about a mile from Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church where the murders had taken place.  

Now that Roof is off to Death Row, that's pretty much that. And it's too damned bad, as Roof was intent on martyring himself this entire time. Like most mass murderers, he could have committed suicide right gunning down nine innocent Black people, or gotten into a shootout with cops. Perhaps he didn't have the guts to do himself, or let the police do it for him... but this is ultimately the route he chose. Like any wretched White man, he's getting want he wants in the end. And the authorities, the courts, the system, politicians, religious partisans, the media, members of the general public, etc. get to throw this "extreme case" under the bus. This allows everyone involved to pretend that Dylann Roof is simply a "lone wolf" who's not part of a MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM. Because even as we rid ourselves of a miserable little shitstain like Roof, an avowed White supremacist has executed a successful coup of the White House. 

Had Roof been a Muslim or Person of Color and went on a mass shooting, this case would have played out drastically different! It's a fairly safe bet that the FBI has not developed a database profiling emasculated, skinny White men with children's haircuts in the wake of the Charleston massacre. No such COINTELPRO scheme has been conducted against White power terrorist groups. Law enforcement agencies aren't shutting down sites like Stormfront or /pol/. And they aren't raiding Nazi hideouts, executing their leaders on site. That's the awesome thing about White privilege: even when someone like Roof commits atrocities, no one else has to pay for it. 

Other than the people murdered. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Horse DIES After Tied Up by Denver Cop, Forgotten

The sheer cruelty of so-called "law enforcement" knows no bounds... humanly of otherwise. We all know just how evil cops can be when it comes to animals. A cop won't think twice about shooting a barking dog (or a sitting, quiet dog for that matter) for no other reason than getting his sadistic rocks off. It's such a common problem nationwide, that there's even a FaceBook page dedicated to dogs shot by cops

Even though cops have almost no regard for other people's companion animals, at least the K9s and horses used for mounted patrols would be held to a high[er] esteem, right? Well, not always. Turns out that even police animals aren't always safe from the cruelty of their cop masters. 

A cop in Denver, CO tied up his mounted patrol horse and then abandoned him for 16 hours without food or water. The horse - named 'MC Hammer' - DIED as a result. The pig responsible for this act of gross negligence/animal abuse is officer Joseph Teeter - gang member of the Denver Police Gestapo (DPG) since 2006. This utterly revolting incident actually happened back on September 26th 2016. An apparent investigation had been conducted, and a formal "letter of discipline" was issued to Teeter on December 20th. That letter was made public on Monday January 9th. According to reports, Teeter had finished patrolling downtown Denver (as part of that city's Mounted Patrol Unit) before returning to the police unit's stables. Teeter tied MC Hammer to an eyebolt in one of the stalls and removed the saddle. Teeter then "got distracted" by paperwork and allegedly "forgot" about the animal before going home. By the time a barn employee discovered MC Hammer the next day, he had gone at least 16 hours without food or water. It is unknown whether the horse was able to sit or rest during that time. Though he appeared fine at first, the horse was eventually taken to Littleton Equine Medical Center after showing signs of pain and distress. It was there that MC Hammer was diagnosed with colic, and deemed unable to recover. The horse was euthanized.   

MC Hammer was reportedly ten years old, and was donated to the Denver police regime in November 2015. The horse's previous owner has not been verified. In addition to that disciplinary letter, pig Teeter was also docked one vacation day for 2017. That's it. That is literally all the punishment this wretched cop received. Not only is Teeter still a member of the Mounted Unit, but he was reportedly given another horse! 

The thing is, by law police animals are literally regarded as officers themselves. Harming a K9 will get you the exact same charge as if you harmed a human(pig) cop. Even the Officer Down Memorial page counts K9s amongst its fallen cops (curiously, mounted patrol horse MC Hammer's death hasn't been included in the 2016 stats). So it's very peculiar that for being directly responsible for his horse's death, Teeter was punished with nothing but a pissant disciplinary letter and one lost vacation day. Because according to these pig's own rules, Teeter basically killed his fellow partner and is guilty of NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE!

Then again, rules are meant only for us common plebs. Rules don't apply to COPS.     

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Trump Deplorable Roof To Represent Self During Sentencing

The old saying, "He who represents himself has a fool for a client", begets a sick twist in the sentencing phase of Trump deplorable/White terrorist/mass murderer Dylann 'Storm' Roof.

I last covered Roof's conviction in December, which you can view :HERE. Now his case is in the sentencing phase. He faces to death penalty, and the convicted terrorist/mass murderer insists on representing himself, as he has throughout his entire trial. As dozens of witnesses - including family of the victims - gave testimony in court, Roof showed no remorse for his atrocities. To demonstrate this, he drew White supremacist symbols on his jailhouse-issued shoes ,and wore them to multiple court appearances. And while relatives, friends, widows, and widowers of the murder victims spoke of their collective trauma in court, Roof reasserted his christian/alt-right/neo-Nazi convictions. Hardly a more pertinent sign of severe mental illness. Yet, Roof knows exactly what he's doing. No doubt this skinny, moppet-headed Hitler enthusiast would have eagerly voted for Trump, had he been permitted to.

Here are the nine people murdered by Roof:

Rev. Clementa Pinckney, 41
Cynthia Hurd, 54
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, 45
Tywanza Sanders, 26
Myra Thompson, 59
Ethel Lee Lance, 70
Susie Jackson, 87
Daniel L. Simmons, 74
Depayne Middleton Doctor, 49

To view a more complete list of victims, with photos and bios, go: HERE.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

15-Yr Old Girl BODY-SLAMMED By Sadistic Cop!

The heinous crimes of out-of-control cops never ceases. And with a son-of-a-bitch like Trump having stolen the White House for the next four years (impeachment not withstanding), you can expect bastard-ass cops to get even more bold! 

A 15-year old high school girl was body-slammed by a cop assigned to her school. This violent assault happened at Rolesville High School in North Carolina on Tuesday January 3rd 2017. Rolesville is a suburb of Raleigh, that state's capitol. The victim has been identified as Jasmine Darwin. The pig piece-of-shit who assaulted her is officer Ruben De Los Santos, gang member of the Rolesville Police Gestapo (RPG). Santos was a so-called "resource officer" assigned to the school. This disgusting incident began when Darwin attempted to break up a fight between her sister and another student. That's when pig Santos rushed in and, basically, grabbed the first Black child he saw. This was all captured on video, which went viral after its posting to Twitter. Two stills from that video below depict Santos lifting the girl in mid-air, then Santos standing over her as she lays on the floor:

As you can see, the female student is petite, weighing maybe 100 pounds. Santos, who apparently thinks of himself as a pro-wrestler, is clearly twice the girl's size. Since the video's release, wrestler cop Santos has been placed on "paid administrative leave" (paid vacation). As part of this nation's school-to-prison pipeline, Santos had reportedly been assigned to Rolesville high as a "resource officer" for four years. Darwin suffered a concussion, as a result of having been slammed onto a concrete floor. This story will be followed up if there are any new developments regarding Santos facing criminal charges.