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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hayes' Killer to NOT Be Indicted - Surprise, Surprise!

Well, can't say I'm at all surprised. This was very predictable. Yet another pig gets away with a racist murder. When will cops finally be held ACCOUNTABLE?! 

On Tuesday March 21st 2017, an [all-White] grand jury declined to bring criminal charges against Portland pig Andrew Hearst, for the February 9th murder of Quanice Derrick Hayes. The 17 year old Black teen was murdered by officer Hearst around 7:00 on the morning of Feb. 9th. Ever since then, the Portland Police Gestapo(PPG) have pushed the narrative that Hayes was an alleged robbery suspect who was "armed" with a fake gun. Although a replica/pellet gun was produced during a police press conference days after the racial killing, little context was provided as to the toy weapon. No official statements have been made yet, claiming that Hayes actually threatened cops with the fake gun, or whether it was in his hand or tucked in his pants, etc., or whether the damned thing belonged to the teen at all. Nearly a month and a half after Hayes' murder, and almost nothing more is known than on the day of his death. Though the police continue to throw shade over this case regarding Hayes, almost NO tangible evidence has been [yet] been produced that shows Hearst was justified in shooting the teen. And since there appears to be no video footage, nor witnesses other than the victim and his killer, the PPG have been driving the media spin here. 

In fact, the only real developments that have occurred since Feb. 9th is a medical examiner report stating that Hayes was shot three times - twice in the torso and once in the head. And of course, the recent news that Hearst won't be facing criminal indictment for murdering Hayes. As of this entry's publishing, Hearst remains on paid administrative leave (paid vacation). An event demanding transparency in this case has been scheduled for Wednesday March 22nd. And a public funeral for Hayes is scheduled to take place Friday March 24th. More on this as developments come about...    

Dirty Deeds: Officer Andrew Hearst seen here, accepting an award for murdering civilians, as well as other cowardly acts.

The following is a copy from a Portland Copwatch transcript emailed to all recipients on Tuesday March 21st:

"Hi again folks
Sorry for the 2nd bulk email in a day, but thought folks would want to 
know that the Grand Jury did not indict Officer Andrew Hearst for shooting 
Quanice Hayes on Feb. 9. While in the broad sense this is no surprise, the 
fact that the DA dragged out the grand jury process so long when the only 
know witnesses are the cops and the teen who was killed... gave some 
people hope that there was other evidence that would put Hearst before a 
criminal jury.

There's still the internal investigation, but the last time an officer was 
found out of policy was Officer Frashour in 2010-- and we all know how 
that went (he was fired, then the City was forced to rehire him).

The family's news conference with Don't Shoot Portland is listed on the 
facebook event page as being at 9 AM at the Portland Building tomorrow 
morning, which I imagine is not coincidentally 30 minutes before the 
Council convenes inside that building. I'm thinking here that Mayor 
Wheeler said he will continue to eject people from individual Council 
meetings if they interrupt but just won't issue a long-term exclusion 
until a federal court rules on their Exclusion Ordinance.

In regards to police accountability, the only really interesting item on 
the agenda is the 2nd reading (no public testimony) of an ordinance to 
give $2 million to the PPB so they can buy training ammunition. Which 
really doesn't look good right after a cop gets off the hook for killing a 
(possibly unarmed) African American teenager. Commissioner Eudaly 
indicated she plans to vote against that ordinance, but it only needs 3 
votes to pass..."

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Video DESTROYS Cop Narrative in Michael Brown Case

As part of a new documentary, previously buried video evidence case brand new light on the murder of Michael Brown. You can read more about it, HERE. The truth shall always come out... even when buried under a mountain of police LIES! 

Police/media lies about Michael Brown committing a "strong-armed robbery" just shortly before he was gunned down by [ex]cop Derren Wilson on August 9th 2014 have proven to be just that - LIES. Previously suppressed surveillance video shows that Brown had actually been in convenience store the day prior. It later comes out that Brown was actually trading a bag of marijuana with one of the store employees for a box of Cigarillos. After making the exchange, Brown then hands box back to employee to hold until he returns to next day. This new evidence completely blows out of the water all the lies the general public has been told about Brown!   

Also, pig Wilson admitted in sworn deposition that Brown never tried to grab [Wilson's] gun, never resisted arrest. Probable cause for stopping Brown in the first place was never given. Wilson also admits to having used the word 'nigger' in reference to Blacks, and that he heard fellow pigs do the same. All this taken into context, means that the public has been LIED to for years. Evidence suppressed, victims vilified, while killers walk free. The deliberate demonizing of police murder victim Mike Brown followed a familiar pattern, typical for Black victims of police killings: 

  • First Brown was simply walking down the street minding his own business.

  • Then suddenly he was "fighting" with officer Wilson.

  • Then he was "grabbing" for Wilson's service weapon. 

  • Next thing we know, Brown is dead in the road, his body left there for hours in front of on-lookers.

Police officials stall for more than a month on releasing key info., only to come out with a slanderous video which falsely cast Brown in a negative light. Such a timeline of so-called "events" has always been suspicious, since it had always been cops driving the narrative. Now we KNOW that it was all lies; that Wilson was a racist bastard-ass pig and that he gunned down a 18 year old teenager in cold blood.       

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

TERRORIST Attack In Kansas - One Week Later

A week ago today, a senseless act of terror occurred in Kansas. No, not another one of Trump's fake terror attacks... but a REAL terrorist attack. On Wednesday, February 22nd 2017, a miserable White piece-of-shit walked into a bar in Olathe, KS and shot two Indian men, killing one of them. A third man, who is White, tried to intervene, and was shot as well. The White terrorist responsible for this hate crime is 51 year old Adam W. Purinton, a Navy vet and deranged bigot. After the attack, Purinton fled 80 miles to Clinton, MO, where he attempted to coward inside an AppleBee's. Instead, he was arrested hours later. Welcome to Trump's AmeriKKKa, where nothing changes!

Collateral murder: Left to right - Srinivas Kuchibhotla (deceased) and Alok R. Madasani (gunshot wound, survived).

The murder victim was Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an engineer who worked for Garmin International, a satellite navigation company. The other Indian man who was shot but survived the attack is Alok Reddy Madasani, who is also an engineer at Garmin. The third shooting victim, a White man who heroically tried to rush Purinton, is Ian Grillot. Kuchibhotla is survived by his wife Sunayana Dumala. They were expecting their first child later this year. The couple had married in October 2012. They moved to KS shortly afterwards for Kuchibhotla's job. He had moved to the US from India in July 2005 to pursue a Master's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of TX at El Paso. He had been employed at Garmin Int. since January 2014. On Monday Feb. 27th, his body was flown back to his native India for his funeral. He was 32 years old. 

American dream, turned NIGHTMARE: Srinivas Kuchibhotla pictured here, taking selfie with wife Sunayana Dumala. 

Survived: Alok Madasani seen here, speaking at Vigil on Sunday.

Hero/Good White: Ian Grillot giving interview from his hospital bed.

Inconsolable: Kuchibhotla's parents pictured here.

Alok Madasani Was a close friend, as well as a co-worker tech engineer to Kuchibhotla. The two men lived in Olathe, and were having drinks at local spot Austin's Bar & Grill after work. On Sunday Feb. 26th, Madasani, also 32, attended a vigil for the terrorist attack which left his best friend dead. Walking with crutches, Madasani was still recovering from his gunshot wound. White, blonde, 24 year old Ian Grillot was in no way the target of last Wednesday's hate crime. He could have hid and waited until Purinton had left the bar. Instead, Grillot tried to take him down went he thought the shooter ran out of bullets. Unfortunately, Grillot miscounted and ended up getting shot. He could have been martyred, but was instead the second survivor from that night - along with Madasani. 

When Adam Purinton first walked into Austin's Bar & Grill on Wed. Feb. 22nd, it was packed with customers. People were watching a college basketball game on big screen televisions. It was around 7pm and many patrons were having drinks after work, as the shooting victims had been. According to witnesses, Purinton approached Kuchibhotla and Madasani - two Indian men of Hindu faith - and accused them of being Muslims (because there's something wrong with that, right?). Possibly intoxicated(no excuse), the White trash bigot hurled racist slurs at the two tech engineers, before being kicked out of the bar. But what had been just another one of countless hate incidents to occur in the wake of Trump's Coup D`Etat of the White House, soon became a bloody terrorist attack Around 15 minutes after being 86'd, Purinton returned with a handgun. He yelled at the two men to "get out of his country" before firing. As mayhem ensued, the white Supremacist fled the crime scene - leaving three men shot, one dead. He drove about 82 miles southeast to Clinton, MO. There, Purinton reportedly walked into an AppleBee's and told a bartender that he had "just shot two "Middle Eastern men" and needed a place to hide out". Instead, the bartender called police. Purinton was soon arrested. He faces charges of first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. The FBI is also investigating the attack as a hate crime.


The two Indian men employed at a local tech company had lived in Olathe, KS for several years. By all accounts, they were regulars at Austin's Bar & Grill. The shooter had also lived in Olathe for years and was a bar regular. It's a small city of [about] 135,000 residents. Like the rest of the state, Olathe is overwhelmingly White, with very few Blacks and even fewer Asians. So Kuchibhotla and Madasani definitely would have stuck out. This is simply a reality for People of Color who live in small towns full of rednecks and bigots. It's a certainty that Purinton saw these men before. He could have done this years ago, but didn't. 

White Supremacy. White TERRORISM: Trump, Adam Purinton, and WH spokesLIAR Sean Spicer. Notice how all three have the same color eyes. The same lips...

But since Trump stole the presidency, lowdown Whites have been getting awfully bold. Obama's 2008 election saw a [predictable] spike in hate crimes. But it's nothing compared to what's been happening since November 2016. Many Whites are acting in ways they never have before. Purinton could have made his move long ago. But Trump made him bold. As such, Kuchibhotla's blood is on Trump's little hands! And don't think for a second that Purinton is some sort of aberration. Kansas is a blood-red state whose electorate voted for Trump by over 56%. Obviously, KS is one of the most reliably Republican states in the country. KS also has a long and disturbing history of sheer bigotry and hostility towards education. So basically, the two Indian men who were shot in Olathe were doomed anyways. Had it not been Purinton, it would've been someone else. A bastard like Trump occupying the WH has made these things "ok".