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Friday, August 18, 2017

Charlottesville: More Hate Crimes, Heroism, And Dirty Cops

One week ago today, roving gangs of White supremacist criminal thugs descended upon Charlottseville, VA. Their aim was to protest the planned removal of a statue dedicated to Confederate piece-of-shit Robert E. Lee. They also called for an "ethno-White state", insisting that America was "for Whites, only". The so-called 'Unite the Right' rally was largely led by Neo-Nazi gang Vanguard America. The organizing and pre-planning was largely online and spear-headed by White trash sewer dump The Daily Stormer

As I reported earlier in the week, the Alt-Reich, Trump-approved event began with a tiki-torch-led march reminiscent of nostalgic KKK rallies and Nazi, Germany on Friday night. And it ended the following Saturday evening with a terrorist attack which left one person dead and 19 others injured. The rabid animal responsible for the attack is James Alex Fields Jr. - a 20 year old little shit stain, army dropout, and trust fund brat, with massive boner for Adolf Hitler. More on him later, but first I want to bring attention to some other stories that came out of Charlottesville last week. 

Saturday afternoon August 12th - a 20 year old Black male was savagely beaten by several Neo-Nazi animals who were part of Alt-Reich rallies that weekend. The victim has been identified as Deandre Harris, an instructional assistant at one of the local high schools. The violent hate crime took place in a parking garage. Harris had attended counter-demonstrations earlier, but was leaving as things [seemed] to have died down. Harris was heading to his car when he followed, surrounded, and attacked by a gang of four to five White savages. Harris' friends, who were near by, ran to his rescue, and chased off the rabid animals. In an interview with The Root, Harris says that had it not been for his friends rushing to his aid, he would most likely have been killed. 

A photo capturing the racist attack has circulated widely, going very viral. The parking garage where the cowardly hate crime took place just happens to be adjacent right next to a police station. Yet, no cops came to help Harris. Throughout that weekend, cops remained as useless as could possibly be. And even when a young Black man is savagely beaten by a pack of filthy animals RIGHT NEXT to a police station, cops do nothing! Harris sustained a broken wrist and a deep gash in his head that required eight staples to close. His mother is considering filing suit against the city for negligence. Meanwhile, concerned citizens are busy doing the job cops should be doing: FINDING THE CRIMINALS. At least one of the animals has been identified already. His name is Daniel "Dan" Borden. There is photo evidence of him wearing a plaid shirt, white construction hat, and carrying what appears to be a wooden stick. There is also further evidence of him - photos lifted from his [now deleted] Facebook page, which confirm his identity. As of the writing of this entry, Borden has been named by police as a "person of interest". However, the animal has not [yet] been arrested, nor charged with any crime. Both Harris and his attorney, Lee Merritt, has expressed frustration that no arrest warrants have been issued, almost a week after the assault/attempted murder on Harris. [Once again] it looks like it's going to take immense public pressure just to get these pigs to do their goddamned job! 
should Borden or any of the other criminal Nazi thugs ever be brought to justice, they should be KILLED. These savages are beyond reform. They should simply be put down, as one would a rabid dog. Just kill them and save tax-payers money.

Meanwhile, several swift arrests have been made in connection to the heroic toppling of a Confederate statue in Durham, NC that took place Monday night August 14th. That didn't take long at all, but the mongrels who nearly beat a young Black man to death in Charlottesville remain fugitives. Most of them haven't even been identified. It's pretty goddamned clear where police priorities lay. 


At least one other Black man was almost killed that day. Marcus Martin was also among the antifascist counter-protesters, along with his fiancee Marissa Blair, 27. Martin was one of the 19 survivors of last Saturday's terrorist attack. Blair was not harmed, but she was a personal friend of Heather Heyer, the one person who died in the attack. As that car came barreling down a street full of people, Martin's quick wits told him what was happening. He pushed his fiancee out of harm's way just in time, placing himself in the direct path of the speeding car-turned-weapon. A photographer captured the split second moment in which Martin - as well as other innocent people - were sent flying into the air as they were hit. Terrorist Nazi James Fields then set the Dodge Challenger in reverse and drove at top speed, running over Martin in the process. Martin survived, but sustained a broken left leg. He is a TRUE HERO, in every literal since of the word!

I'm just surprised cops didn't arrest him for "obstructing a vehicle". Such cruelty certainly isn't beyond cops.  

True hero: Marcus Martin, along with fiancee Marissa Blair, seen here attending a memorial service for friend and murder victim Heather Blair.  

Casualty of Nazi Terrorism: Heather Heyer's photo placed at memorial in her honor.

And speaking of police cruelty, the sheer level of inhumanity cops are capable of... it never ceases to amaze me. A Springfield, MA pig is in hot water after posting sadistic comments on Facebook, mocking the victims of the Charllotesville terrorist attack. Officer Conrad Lariviere, a gang member of the Springfield Police Gestapo (SPG), made his disgusting comments Sunday, the day after the Nazi terrorist attack. Since then, thousands of citizens have signed a petition demanding the filthy pig be sacked. GOOD! The mayor of Springfield has since issued the compulsory statement condemning Lariviere's vile comments. And the chief of Springfield's police regime claimed that an investigation would be underway. What for? The pig said what he said, it's obvious. And even though Lariviere has deleted the comments and issued an apology (because his sorry White ass got busted), screenshots of the Facebook posts are still easily accessible. The Facebook page is his, those posts are his, the Springfield mayor and police chief have both confirmed this, the bastard himself admitted what he did. So, what else is an "investigation" supposed to turn up, huh? Thousands of public citizens have already demanded his removal. Either FIRE the son-of-a-bitch, or not.    

Absolutely DISGUSTING! heartless, sadistic pig/troll Conrad Lariviere pictured here.

Officer Conrad, the pig bastard, in his own words:

Citizens outraged, demand Conrad be fired:

This only [further] demonstrates whose side cops are truly on. Criminal White nationalist thugs parade through the streets chanting racist and antisemitic slogans - cops do NOTHING. A pack of Nazi savages beat a man nearly to death - just mere feet away from a police station - cops do NOTHING. A terrorist Nazi animal uses his car as a deadly weapon - cops do NOTHING! About the only thing these worthless pigs do (besides standing around collecting OT), is get on social media and congratulate the savages who caused such mayhem. 

Police are the problem. White supremacists are the problem. The only goddamned difference between the two - is the color of their uniforms.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

WHITE TERRORISM: Murder & Mayhem in Charlottesville!

Trump's uber alles are going all out. 
Increasingly emboldened by Der Fuhrer's illegal occupation of the White House, Klansmen aren't even bothering with the hoods and bed sheets anymore. This past weekend - August 11th and 12th - around a thousand White supremacists casually marched and rallied in Charlottesville, VA. Past Alt-Right rallies have mostly consisted of collections of racist nerds, Proud boys, Men's Rights activists, and general Trump supporters (many of whom cosplayed in ridiculous football gear and plastic Spartan helmets). Such rallies (including here in Portland) have also had a smattering of three of four self-hating coons, which allowed Alt-Righters to disingenuously deny the 'racism' tag, so far to no avail. But twin rallies in Charlottesville over the weekend were significantly more sinister. They consisted of hard-core criminal racist thugs, actual Neo-Nazis, un-hooded Ku Klux Klansmen, Confederate militia types (and some Proud boys), etc. The group carried lit tiki torches and shields with racist symbolism Friday night... a deliberate re-enactment of Nazi rallies in 1930's Germany, as well as torch-carrying Klansmen during many cross-burning rituals decades ago. Chants of "Jews will not replace us" and "Blood and Soil" were a common theme. Instead of silly "Kekistan" flags, Confederate and Swastika flags were on full display, zero fucks given. 

Not racist: Raging Nazi Proud boy Peter Cvjetanovic seen in the forefront of this [now viral] photo, during his attendance at the Nazi/KKK rally in VA last Friday night. The U. of Nevada undergrad spent his student loan money to fly from Reno to the Alt-Reich circlejerk, but insists he's not racist.  

Must be tiki time: More photo evidence from last week's Nazi/Klan rally in Charlottesville.

In a rally dubbed "Unite the Right", the White supremacists were protesting the planned removal of a statue dedicated to despised Confederate general Robert E. Lee. Even though the city and region are conservative (with high rates of White trash and methamphetamine abuse), the racists were challenged by thousands more counter-protesters. Violence has been reported, with racist gangs assaulting Leftist protesters and militia thugs with assault rifles literally taking over public streets. Local and state police, useless as ever, did nothing but stood by as all this went on. Their inaction speaks volumes. Cops have decided which side they're on. Speaking of useless - fake illegitimate "president" Trump refused to call out the racist thugs responsible for the violence and death that took place in the VA town. Initially claiming that there was violence from "many sides", Trump didn't want to rattle his base.  

The following Saturday afternoon, Leftists, progressives, and antifascists marched in the city, posing a counter-force against racists who were holding another rally near-by. In a deliberate act of terrorism, A Nazi Proud boy rammed his gray Dodge Challenger into a group of antifascist activists, who were marching down a street. One person was murdered, and 19 others injured, some seriously. The murder victim has been identified as 32 year old Heather Heyer, a paralegal who worked for a law firm in VA, and was active in Civil rights and other social justice causes. The White terrorist has been identified as 20 year old James Alex Fields Jr., a Neo-Nazi Proud boy who worshiped Adolf Hitler. Fields was photographed earlier in the day, standing rank and file with members of Vanguard America, a terrorist group of Neo-Nazi Proud boys who led the racist marches. Fields is pictured along with others, wearing a White polo shirt and holding a makeshift shield adorning the terrorist groups's insignia.   

Since there is soo much to cover, I will continue talking about events from Charlottesville, the fallout, and related in subsequent entries. Lock and load. Keep up the RESISTANCE! 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

MISS Cops Go To WRONG Address, Kills Innocent Man!

Have I ever mentioned just how fucking stupid cops tend to be? Well in the wretched Hellhole failed-state of Mississippi, cops are soo fucking stupid, they can't even read numbers on houses. On Sunday July 16th 2017, cops in Southaven, MISS attempted to serve an arrest warrant for a man accused of assault. But they had gone to the wrong address. So instead of shooting the suspect on-site - which is what these pigs intended to do - they ended up murdering a completely innocent man. OOPS!

The innocent man has been identified as Ismael Lopez. A native of Veracruz, Mexico, Lopez had lived and worked in the U.S. for years. He was a legal citizen and had no criminal record. He was a husband and father. He was 41 years old. Lopez had reportedly spent some years working as a mechanic in the near-by city of Bartlett, MISS. He also owned a mechanic shop located across the street from his home. The pigs who murdered Lopez have not been id'ed as of the posting of this entry. However, the local D.A. is on record for defending Lopez's killers. Typical.

For the record, the guy these dumbshit cops were suppose to arrest has been id'ed as Samuel Pearman. Pearson, a White man, was accused of assaulting his girlfriend some days earlier. The local sheriff's dept. had issued a warrant for his arrest. The residence where Pearman reportedly lives is across the street from Lopez. Pearman denies he did anything wrong and strangely, has not been arrested yet! The two pigs who gunned down Lopez claimed that Lopez pointed a rifle at them, and that they yelled instructions at the victim the drop the weapon. However, Lopez's wife as well as other witnesses say that they heard no such commands from cops. Furthermore, Lopez's wife claims that though her husband owns a rifle, it was propped up against a wall in the living room and was no where near his body after he was shot. Furthermore, there is at least one bullet hole in the front door - suggesting that it was closed and cops shot Lopez through the door. 

More on this, as details become available... 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Aussie National Murdered By Cop in Minneapolis

Minnesota police terrorists strike again. 

On Saturday July 15th 2017, a woman in Minneapolis had called 911 to report a possible disturbance outside her home. When two cops arrived, they shot her dead. The woman has been identified as 40 year old Justine Ruszczyk-Damond, an Australian national who had moved to the U.S. to be with her fiance`, Don Damond. The two were scheduled to get hitched in August this year. The pig directly responsible for Damond's murder has been identified as officer 31 year old Mohamed Noor, accompanied by partner officer Matthew Harrity. Noor and Harrity are both gang members of the Minneapolis Police Gestapo (MPG). According to various reports, Damond called 911 around 11:30 Saturday night to report either a "disturbance" or possible assault in an alleyway behind her home. Shortly afterwards, Noor and Harrity respond. At some point Noor shoots Damond, killing her. Both cops were reportedly still in their police cruiser when Damond was shot. 

American nightmare, it is. Try growing up in this dump!

At the time of this entry, there isn't much more known about this case. The Minneapolis Terrorist Police regime has [so far] been slow and scant on details/incriminating evidence. Both cops had been equipped with body cameras - but they turned off at the time. Damond was apparently alone at the time of her death. Damond's [former] husband-to-be, the couple's shared family, the mayor of Minneapolis, local police accountability activists, the Australian govt., and the general public are all demanding answers. Pigs Noor and Harrity have both been placed on paid vacation, of course. Meanwhile, an internal investigation is underway to try and figure out why responding cop's body cams were not turned on, what prompted Noor to gun down Damond, and whether any video/audio recording of the deadly police encounter exists at all. 

Officer Mohamed Noor of the Minneapolis Police Gestapo, and Justine Damond.

Justine Damond's death comes a month after a Saint Anthony pig was acquitted of having murdered another MINN resident. On June 16th 2017, disgraced pig Jeronimo Yanez was found "not guilty" in the 2016 execution of Black motorist Philando Castile. The Aussie woman's death also took place just under a month after Seattle woman was gunned down after calling 911. On June 18th Charleena Lyles was murdered by Seattle pig Jason Anderson, after Lyles had called 911 to report a possible burglary.

What's the matter with Minnesota: A month before Minneapolis pig Noor killed Justine Damond, pig Yanez got away with murdering Philando Castile in near-by Falcon Heights.

This latest act of police terrorism out of MINN stands out for the obvious reasons: the victim is White and the killer cop is Black. Furthermore, both are immigrants: in addition to Damond being Australian, Noor is of Somali origin. He has reportedly been in the U.S. since he was a very young child. So, it'll be very interesting how this one plays out. Will Noor end up getting away with murder, like all his other fellow police comrades? Will a MINN grand jury indict him at all? Or, will he be thrown completely under the bus and made an example of like no cop ever has before? The racial politics involved are impossible to ignore, so we shall see... 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Racist Neanderthal Murders Black Teen... For Trying to Merge in Traffic!

Racist, armed vigilantes have been a menace to People of Color for hundreds of years in this mad slaughterhouse of a country. It is the origin story of the Ku Klux Klan. And every White supremacist group in Amerikkka has followed suit, right up to today's so-called 'Alt-Reich'. Ironically, the most infamous contemporary example of White vigilante terrorism - George Zimmerman - comes in the form of a mixed race Latino male. This only serves as an example that, sometimes, self-hating coons also take up the Oppressor's cause. And it certainly gives racists "plausible deniability". But a few exceptions aside, the armed vigilante is almost always White. And the victim is always a Person of Color.   

A White man has been charged with the shooting death of a Black teen in a senseless road rage incident. The murder reportedly happened around 5:30 on Wednesday evening June 28th along a highway in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The murderer is 28 year old David Desper, a White neckbearded savage said to be from Trainer, PA. The victim was 18 year old Bianca Nikol Roberson from West Chester, PA. Roberson was murdered as she was driving along the highway in her green Chevrolet Malibu, and attempted to merge from a two-lane, into single-lane traffic. Desper, in a red Chevy Silverado, apparently was not pleased with this, and the two motorists "jockeyed" for position. At some point, Desper pulled up along the driver's side Roberson's car, and shot her in the head. The teen's vehicle veered off the road and crashed into a tree. Desper took off like a coward, and a state-wide manhunt ensued. After several days, the release of highway footage from PennDOT's traffic cameras, and more than a 1000 tips, Desper finally turned himself in at 2:00 early morning July 2nd. Desper's red pickup a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson - the murder weapon - were taken as evidence. The White savage has been charged with first and third degree murder, possession of an instrument of crime, and reckless endangering. He is currently held without bail. Before he turned himself in, Desper deleted his Facebook page. What was his trying to hide? 


Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Systemic MURDER Of Philando Castile: One Yr. Later

To believe Jeronimo Yanez, you would have to believe that Philando Castile, a law-abiding, peaceful cafeteria manager at a local elementary school who had a concealed-carry permit, was for some unknown reason bent on murdering the police officer who had pulled him over because of an alleged faulty brake light. You would also have to believe that Castile, having decided to shoot Yanez, thought it was a good idea to calmly announce, "Sir, I have to tell you that I do have a firearm on me." On June 16th this year, 12 White jurors decided to believe Yanez. 

What else could he have possibly done? No excuses this time. Seriously, what else could he have done? If you are White and believe in a citizen's right to bare arms, and oppose state-tyranny, then YOU ought to be asking the same question. Most likely you aren't though... more on that shit *later.

No justice... EVER! 

If you're reading this, whether you acknowledge police terrorism or defend the bastards at every turn, then you might've heard this story. One of the most horrific, enraging, frustrating, and well-covered cases of police murder since last year, Philando Castile is a name that people should be as familiar with as Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. Past entries on the Castile case can be accessed: HERE.  

One year ago today on July 6nd 2016, Black motorist, law-abiding citizen, loyal wage-earner, father - Philando Divall Castile - was ruthlessly gunned down within moments of a "routine" traffic stop. He was 32 years old. Castile was murdered as his partner and fiancee Diamond Reynolds sat right next to him. The couple's young daughter, four years old at the time, sat in the back seat. This state-murder occurred in Falcon Heights, MINN, a suburban enclave outside Saint Paul. The savage monster responsible for Castile's murder was officer Jeronimo Yanez - gang member of the Saint Anthony Police Gestapo (SAPG) at that time (St. Anthony is another nearby suburb located within greater Metro St. Paul). Castile, a school cafeteria manager with a near spotless criminal record (not that it matters), was also a registered legal gun-owner with a permit to carry. In the initial moments of the traffic stop, Castile informed pig Yanez that he was indeed a permitted gun owner - something that Castile wasn't even legally obligated to do. Under Minnesota law, a citizen is not required to volunteer that they have a concealed gun on them, unless an officer asks. So, Castile was already going above and beyond what was legally required of him... for all the goddamned good it did, though. Lesson: be shady, be crooked, don't be honest, and don't tell cops shit! If they ask, LIE! 

Watched him die: Castile's fiancee Diamond Reynolds seen here. 

The moment law-abiding Castile told criminal cop Yanez of his permit and carry status, the scared-ass pig started panicking. With all professional composure out the window, Yanez yelled at Castile: "DON'T REACH FOR IT!". Castile and Reynolds both repeatedly told Yanez that he was not reaching for his gun, but license and legal papers. Before the couple could get another word out, Yanez pumped 7 bullets into Castile, nearly missing his girlfriend and daughter. Castile was dead in less than a minute after being pulled over... apparently for a broken tail light, which that was never even verified. Using her mobile device, Reynolds live-streamed the immediate aftermath of her boyfriend's murder on Facebook, in graphic unflinching detail. The post-snuff video went viral instantly, and within days Castile's murder was receiving global attention. On November 16th 2016, Ramsey County District Attorney John Choi announced three criminal charges against Yanez: one count of second degree manslaughter and two counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm (because Castile's girlfriend and daughter were placed directly in harm's way). On June Friday 16th 2017, murderer Yanez was acquitted on all charges by an all-White jury. That same day, he was unceremoniously fired from the St. Anthony Police regime. Yanez had been on paid vacation up until that point. He's still eligible to apply at another police regime elsewhere, and they'll probably hire his yellow ass, too. Like pedophile priests who get shuffled from one parish to another in search of new victims, killer cops typically move from one police dept. to another. A proven menace to society, a cop typically retains his position even after taking an innocent life. And even if they are fired (which is rare), these savage pigs often end up getting rehired. Either to the same regime that employed them before, or in another city somewhere else. 

Murder is murder is MURDER! 

On Tuesday June 20th, St. Anthony police felt it "safe enough" to Release dash cam video of the police stop. Reynold's live-streamed video capturing the moments after Castile's murder have been widely viewed countless times. However, the police dash cam video had been publicly withheld until four days post-verdict. It shows the entire traffic stop from the moment Yanez approaches Castile's vehicle, to the moment his four-year old daughter is hustled out from the back seat by another filthy pig. Had this video been made public sometime last year, Yanez's goose would have been cooked... not that Reynold's Facebook video wasn't evidence enough. Not to mention all the other physical evidence against Yanez. The St. Anthony Terrorist Police regime deliberately withheld potentially game-changing evidence from the general public. They did so because they knew how bad it was! Yanez - a self-loathing Latino cop who willingly conducted the bidding of his White supremacist masters - was swiftly thrown under the bus in the end, despite his acquittal. One pathetic flea on the beasts' backside gets swatted, but the beast remains well and intact. Most likely, Castile's family will go through the motions of a wrongful death suit, which will be settled in two or three years. Michael Brown's parents just recently had to go through the same thing. Perhaps Castile's very young daughter will even get a nice trust fund out of this (for the senseless murder of her father, it's literally the very least anyone can do).  

*Speaking of White supremacy, the National Rifle Association's near-dead silence regarding the Philando Castile murder has not gone unnoticed. One would think that a group that lobbies so zealously for the 2nd Amendment would be outraged that an LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNER would be ruthlessly executed in front of his family by a government thug. And that said thug would later get away with murdering an innocent gun owner. But two days after Castile's death, the so-called "gun rights" organization issued this cautious response in which they don't even bother mentioning Castile by name:

 "The reports from Minnesota are troubling and must be thoroughly investigated. In the meantime, it is important for the NRA not to comment while the investigation is ongoing. Rest assured, the NRA will have more to say once all the facts are known." 

- NRA official statement, June 18th 2016.

Since then, the NRA has remained dead silent regarding Castile. They have issued no follow-up statement since the June 16th verdict. And they have not responded to requests for comments from various news outlets. The NRA has had nothing to say at all. However, they did recently put out this "clinched fist of truth" promotional ad. So the NRA has gone full retard. And notice that the hate speech ad doesn't even mention guns or so much as vaguely address gun rights. This all proves that the NRA is not only a White Supremacist/White terrorist shill group, sure as the KKK - but they don't even give a shit about gun rights in the first place! They obviously don't give a shit about Black people's gun rights, this much ought to be very clear. 

This is the desperate state of affairs Black people find themselves in: terrorist police regimes all over the country, the so-called "judicial" system, mainstream media, and the presidency - all diseased and rendered cancerous with White supremacy! Events of the past year have proven especially eye-opening: the state execution of a legal Black gun owner, a rigged and stolen election, a false and incompetent presidency, a sharp (yet predictable) rise in White terror and White-led violence. Black people are in danger, now more than ever! But they shouldn't let Castile's martyrdom dissuade them from exorcising their rights. Castile was a legal permitted gun owner. He was compliant with police. He did nothing wrong and broke no law. Yet, he was still murdered! THIS is what Black people are up against in this fucked-up country: racist authorities, White vigilantes, an utterly worthless and corrupt legal system. And all are heavily armed. The situation has come full-circle and baring a remarkable resemblance to 100+ years ago. Black people needed to protect themselves then. More than ever, we need to protect ourselves NOW. Our lives are literally at stake! 

Or, you could take your chances with the law and do as you're told. See where that gets you...