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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Police Murders Of Terence Crutcher & Keith Lamont Scott

These goddamned pigs, they never skip a beat(ing) do they? Right, let's just cut to the chase, shall we?

Friday Sept. 16th 2016, Tulsa,OK

Terence Crutcher was driving back home from studies when his SUV stalled in the middle of the road. Stranded, Crutcher found himself in need of help. Instead, police arrived to a FALSE report of an "abandoned" vehicle(Crutcher never left the scene). Rather than insist the motorist in any way(which you'd think would be part of a cop's job - to serve the public trust), he was treated like a dangerous criminal right away. Ordered to put his hands up, Crutcher walked slowly back towards his vehicle, hands in the air, fingers pointed towards the sky. He then places them on top his SUV, his hands plainly visible. Without any provocation, Crutcher is then hit with a taser shock. He is then gunned down right there in the street. Crutcher falls to the side of his SUV, his white tee shirt soaking with blood. He was 40 years old. He left behind four children. Tulsa police officials claimed that drugs were found in his vehicle, as if that were any kind of excuse. Remember, when police first approached Crutcher, he had been accused of NO crime. Drugs were allegedly discovered in his personal vehicle after he was gunned down.

The vile pig who murdered him has been identified as officer Betty Shelby, of the Tulsa Police Gestapo(TPG). Shelby fired a single bullet into Crutcher's chest. She would later claim that she "thought" he was reaching into his vehicle for a gun. There is video of this, and as you can see in that video, Crutcher never attempted to re-enter his SUV. The windows are completely rolled up, so he never could have reached in to grab anything! No weapon was found inside the SUV. He was unarmed and compliant with police commands the entire time. Though initially placed on "paid administrative leave"(vacation, standard for all police murders), in a rare move, piggy Shelby has actually been charged with first degree manslaughter! The criminal complaint was filed by Tulsa County D.A. Stephen Kunzweiler on Thursday Sept. 22nd. One can speculate that because she is a woman(again, patriarchy), it's just easier to throw a female cop under the bus. Perhaps that is what's happening here. Video of Terence Crutcher's murder can be viewed HERE. Warning Graphic!

Tuesday Sept. 20th 2016, Charlotte,NC:

Charlotte cops were executing an arrest warrant at an apartment complex. In a nearby parking lot of the same complex, Keith Lamont Scott was sitting in his car. He was waiting for one of his children to be dropped of by the school bus. Scott, also a Black motorist, was not the subject of the arrest warrant. Details on this one remain a bit hazy for the moment. What is known is that Scott somehow gained the attention of cops, and he ended up being gunned down inside his own vehicle. He was 43 years old.

His killer has been identified as officer Brentley Vinson, of the Charlotte Police Gestapo(CPG). Vinson, who is also Black, has been placed on PAL/vacation, while an investigation is pending. Police officials, claimed Scott had a gun. His family says that he was reading a book instead. So we shall see how that turns out. It has also been reported that the victim was disabled as well. Several of the pigs on the scene were said to have been wearing body cameras, but so far that footage has not been released to the public. Following Scott's murder, heated protests broke out throughout the city. Several injuries, damage to cop cars, and at least one arrest have been reported. 

Much more to come...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The State-Sanctioned Murder Of Troy Davis: 5 Yrs Ago

Today marks the five year anniversary of the state-sanctioned murder of Troy Anthony Davis. He was unjustly executed on September 21st 2011 in Jackson,GA. For a crime he never committed. Railroaded for shooting a cop in 1989, Davis would be convicted in 1991. All evidence against him was non-existent. Seven out of nine "witnesses" who testified against Davis at his '91 trial have since recanted their testimony, claiming police threats and coercion. A worthless cop dies, and an innocent Black man takes the fall. AmeriKKKan Justice 101!    

As usual, several links to trustworthy sources will be provided, so you can take in all the details as you choose. For now, here's a basic break-down of the Davis case from August 1989 to Sept. 2011:

On the early morning of August 19th 1989 in Savannah,GA, Davis, along with a friend named Daryl Collins, had just left a pool hall when they drove to a near by Burger King restaurant. While in the parking lot, the two men witnessed an altercation between Sylvester "Redd" Coles and a homeless man named Larry Young. Coles was reportedly violent and assaulting Young pistol-whipping him - a supposed spat over a can of beer. At some point, off-duty cop Mark MacPhail had approached the scene (MacPhail was moonlighting as a security guard for BK at the time). As MacPhail was intervening, he was shot twice and died of his wounds. Bullet and shell casings were recovered that night and were later determined to have come from a .38-caliber handgun. Later that day, Coles walked into the local police station, accompanied with a lawyer, and claimed that it was Davis who had pistol-whipped Young and then used that very same gun to kill MacPhail. On Aug. 20th, police searched Davis' home and reportedly found a pair of shorts that were "supposedly" stained with blood (police official accounts). On Aug. 23rd, Davis was arrested and charged with the murder of officer MacPhail. That .38 gun was never found. 

It's at this point where things start to become very sketchy - and life for Davis would be a nightmare for the next 22 years. The overwhelming theory throughout the Davis case in its entirety was that it was actually Coles who had assaulted Young and gunned down MacPhail, then walked into a Savannah police station hours later - armed with a lawyer - to falsely pin the blame on Davis. For his part, Davis had always insisted upon his innocence... right up 'til the very end. On Aug. 28th 1991 Davis was wrongfully convicted of killing MacPhail and sentenced to death. But the deck had been stacked against him from the very beginning.  Davis was convicted on literally no evidence, what so ever! The sole "evidence" against Davis - other than the actual killer Coles fingering Davis as the culprit - was so-called "eye witness" testimony which was later proven to have been faulty. Of the nine witnesses who reportedly testified against Davis during trial, seven of them had recanted, claiming police threats, torture, and other methods of coercion. Davis testified on his own behave, claiming that he had fled the scene before any shots were fired, and did not know with certainty who killed MacPhail. The "bloody shorts" taken from Davis' home were ruled inadmissible as evidence, since cops obtained them without a search warrant. 

It was basically a kangaroo show-trial. Cops lost one of their own, and were engaged. They wanted to put away any "nigger" they could... did not matter who was innocent or not. This was Georgia, after all. Davis would appeal his false conviction repeatedly, and several execution dates would come and go (adding to his already inhumane treatment, this amounted to cruel & unusual punishment, as well as psychological torture).   

Many people had been on Davis' side, as his case for innocence was overwhelming and gaining international exposure. Among his supporters were: Amnesty International, The Innocence Project, NAACP, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, singer/activist Harry Belafonte, nun/author/anti-death penalty activist Helen Prejean, actor/activist for many causes Mike Ferrell, former FBI director and federal judge William F. Sessions, U.S. Congressman John Lewis, Rep.(TX-D) Sheila Jackson Lee, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, and civil rights leader Jesse Jackson Jr. amongst others. In addition, representatives from the Council of Europe and European Parliament also advocated on Davis' behave, calling for his execution to be halted. You can add all of this to the millions of other citizens world-wide who opposed a racist system of capitol punishment in America, and rallied for Davis' plight. As well as his own family and friends. Older sister Martina-Davis Correia had been one of Davis' most vigilant supporters, tirelessly advocating on her brother's behalf. As the final date for Davis' state-sanctioned lynching grew nearer, the pressure was stepped up delay his death, as calls for clemency and a new trial came with increased urgency. On September 15th 2011, the Georgia Board of Parole & Pardons was swamped with petitions containing 663,000 signatures demanding Davis' execution be halted. On the day of his scheduled execution, vigils were held in dozens of U.S. cities (including Portland,OR) in solidarity with Davis. Vigils were also held in front of American embassies all over the world, including one in London,UK

I AM TROY DAVIS: Centered is Martina-Davis Correia, Davis' older sister and his biggest advocate, flanked by supporters. - R.I.P. 

In the end, none of this made a bit difference. On September 21st 2011 - despite last-minute appeals and hundreds of supporters on-site, the state-sanctioned chemical lynching of an innocent man was carried out.  At 11.08pm, Troy Davis was declared dead by way of lethal injection. He was 42 years old. This act of state terror took place at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison; a deceptively convoluted title for a barbaric southern gulag. It was as if Davis was martyred just to spite all those who insisted upon his innocence. Insisted upon his humanity.  Following the martyrdom of Davis, international calls to boycott the state of GA ensued. And of course, people could not help but notice increasingly stark differences in how justice is doled out in this country. How much reasonable doubt one is afforded, depends sharply on who you are.

Five years later, many still remember Troy and remain diligent in keeping his legacy alive. Long after his martyrdom, many activists continue the fight to bring an end to the capitol punishment in the U.S. - once and for all. 

Sadly, Martina Correia died on December 1st 2011. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer some ten years prior. At that time, doctors had given her six months to live. Ten years later, she was still alive against all odds. Some say that Correia lived for his brother Troy, both figuratively and literally. Eventually of course, Troy would be killed by the state. Afterwards, Correia kept up her fight in opposing the death penalty, but would succumb to her illness a couple of months later.     

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Murder Of James Chasse: 10 Yrs Ago

Today marks the ten year anniversary of the vicious police murder of James Philip Chasse Jr. Ten years ago on September 17th, Chasse suffered a horrific violent death by police monsters here in Portland, OR. His murderers remain free to this day. They are all still employed as cops.

At the risk of sounding redundant, here is a basic recap of what happened (as if you didn't already know):

On September 17th 2006, James Chasse was walking in down town's Pearl District when he was accosted by a Portland cop for... reasons that remain mysterious to this day(official police accounts have always maintained that Chasse was allegedly "urinating in public", an assertion that never has been and never can be verified). Fearing for his life - with damn good reason - Chasse panicked and ran. Within moments, Chasse was taken to the ground by three pigs. They proceeded to beat, kick, and stomp him within inches of his life, as well as taser him. Chasse was deliberately denied medical care, his limp body hogtied and taken to jail. An incompetent nurse walked by the holding dungeon where Chasse dumped, observed him convulsing on the floor, claimed he was "faking it", and walked off. Some time later, Chasse was checked on again. Only then did another jail nurse declare that he could not be booked, suggesting medical transport instead. By this time he had stopped moving. He was unresponsive. He was loaded back into a patrol car (not an ambulance) to be driven to the hospital. Chasse died in the back of that car, before ever making it. An autopsy later revealed that Chasse suffered severe chest trauma - including 16 fractured ribs and 26 broken bones overall, as well as a punctured lung. He was 42 years old. Chasse was a known musician and creative since his adolescence. Sadly, he fell into mental illness later in his life, having been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Despite this, Chasse had maintained a low profile and was living independently (initial police and media reports falsely claimed that Chasse was transient and drug addict, as if that made his death any more justifiable).

The three animals responsible for this gruesome murder were/are:

Multnomah County Sheriff deputy Bret Burton
Portland Police office Christopher Humphreys
Portland Police Sargent Kyle Nice

All three of these subhuman bastards remain in law enforcement today, and thus, a graven criminal menace to the public. None of them has ever faced indictment for their crimes. 

No suspension, no loss of wages, no formal reprimand, no mark on their career records.

(Then) Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk failed to bring indictments against them. In a criminal effort to both protect these three cops, and cover their sorry asses, the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG) engaged in a cover-up filled with lies and victim-smearing. The D.A. with his special "grand jury" also did his part to protect murderous cops, and cover his own sorry ass as well (Schrunk retired in December 2012 with a dark blemish on his record and blood on his hands, but no-longer having to answer for his failure to prosecute known killers). As for what became of the three animals, here's what is known

Though a Sheriff's Deputy at the time of Chasse's grisly murder, Bret Burton has since switched over to become a Portland police officer. Not only that, but in 2013 the PPG assigned Burton to its Behavioral/Mental Health Unit! 

Burton even appeared in a brief Australian TV documentary about taser use. The doc. is titled 'Taser Troubles' and highlights Portland,OR in particular. It was released in May 2012 and is 20 minutes long. Burton appears to have kept a low profile (i.e. not killed or assaulted anyone) since 2012. Most recent articles on this pig date to 2013.

Christopher Humphreys hasn't been as successful at staying out of trouble. Following his involvement in Chasse's death, Humphreys saw fit to assault and falsely arrest a woman at a MAX stop just outside Gresham city hall. That victim has been identified as Lisa Ann Coppock and was reported to have suffered from mental illness herself. This incident occurred in April 2008. His blood lust still not satisfied, pig Humphreys went on to shoot a 12 year old girl in the leg with a "less-than-lethal" beanbag round in November 2009. This violent assault also happened at a MAX transit stop. Already at the center of a massive lawsuit from the Chasse murder, this beanbag assault on a child did result in an 80-hour suspension for Humphreys. However, an arbitrator later overruled the suspension, and Humphreys received back-pay. Incredulously outraged over the initial suspension, Humphrey's fellow scumbag friends in the Portland Police Union (SS wing of the PPG) saw fit to protest their comrade's "punishment". Of the 600+ pigs and associate family and friends who attended the ad-hoc klan rally, most were donned with freshly minted "I Am Chris Humphreys" tee shirts. Wow. In 2012, Humphreys was elected to sheriff of Wheeler County, located in central Oregon. The pig had previously worked as a sheriff's deputy in Wheeler Co. prior to becoming a Portland cop in 1999. That Chasse suit filed against him and his cohorts was eventually settled in May 2010 - with the city of Portland, Multnomah County, and Emergency Medical Response paying a total $1.6 million to Chasse's family and his estate. It is the most costly wrongful death suit ever paid out in this city. There appears to be no further news on Humphreys past 2012.

I Am A Pig Piece-Of-SHIT: Pro-Humphreys cop Klan rally taking place in downtown Portland on November 24th, 2009. 

Portland police Sgt. Kyle Nice has also continued his criminal thuggery since 2006. Still under internal review for his role in Chasse's murder, Nice got into a road rage incident with another driver in April 2010. The motorist, Neil Ruffin, apparently cut in front of Nice while leaving a Chevron station in Washington County,OR Just outside Portland. According to Ruffin, Nice then followed him, pulled up next to him on the road, cursed at him and made an obscene gesture. Ruffin then claimed that they both eventually pulled over, at which point Nice exited his truck, pulled out a handgun, and pointed it at Ruffin, all the while cursing obscenities at him. At which point, Ruffin called 911. Nice, who was off-duty at the time, then pulled out his officer's badge and told Ruffin, "GO AHEAD AND CALL THE POLICE!". Nice was placed under investigation, adding to the Chasse death investigation he had already been under. The road rage incident had no apparent resolve. Chasse's murder and the ensuing lawsuit have had no effect on Nice's career advancement. In September 2012, after after having been on "desk duty" (i.e. paid vacation) for several years, Nice was placed back on patrol... and once again in direct contact with the public. Like all violent thugs who continue their pathological behavior unless they are stopped, Nice wasted little time acting out his aggression on other innocent citizens. 

Officer "Nice": Kyle Nice seen here pepper-spraying non-violent protesters during anti-austerity actions in down town Portland. This assault occurred on November 3rd 2012 - less than two months after Nice was put back on the streets. Other officers are noticeably reserved by comparison. 

As usual, Nice faced NO punishment for yet another violent attack, despite it having been caught on camera this time. Typically, when a wild rabid dog is on record for multiple vicious attacks, especially if one of them is fatal, that mutt is put down. But not Sgt. Nice! Most recent news reports on this psychotic feral animal appear to date back to 2012. Kyle Nice remains employed by the Portland Police Gestapo to this very day.   


In 2013, a documentary about the life and death of James Chasse was released. It's titled Alien Boy and was directed by local film maker Brian Lindstrom. A trailer for the film can be viewed: here. James, or 'Jim Jim' as he was affectionately known amongst friends, had been a well respected musician, poet, and artist early in his life. Chasse had such an impact on Portland's young Punk scene that one of the early bands, the Wipers, wrote a song about him in 1980. It was titled: 'Alien Boy'. The film of the same name first premiered at the Portland International Film Festival in February 2013, and has been screened at various film fests, theaters, and special showings all over the world since. It covers the life of James starting from an early age and leading up to his murder in 2006. Details can be observed in the film, which had not been part of the narrative up to that point. Like how the cops in question LIED about Chasse being on drugs (he was not) and even collected bread crumbs off the street, pretending it was crack-cocaine. And how one of the cops on the scene told a witness that Chasse had 14 prior arrests for drugs (another LIE). The cover-up that officials in the Portland police regime willingly took part in. The sheer ineptitude and cowardliness of Portland City Council in holding police responsible. The film goes over how Chasse begged incompetent paramedics to not leave him, and how he had suffered in his final moments, surrounded by inhumane cops and jail staff... indifferent to his suffering.

The bastard-ass pigs who murdered Chasse should all be in prison right now, but they are not and they never will be. At the very least, they all should have been sacked, which is such a pitiful request... that a cop lose his job for murdering someone. Instead, Burton, Humphreys, and Nice all maintained their sorry-ass careers in law enforcement. Two remain here in Portland, the other essentially receiving a promotion elsewhere in the state. No one at the jail who saw Chasse that night ever lost their jobs over this, and the D.A. who could have prosecuted this case chose to wipe his hands of it, instead. 

Sorry, no happy ending here. That's all the resolve we get... life is SHIT.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

IXXI: 15 Years Of Lies, Statist Terror, & Global Genocide

Kinda hard to believe it's been fifteenth years already, time flies! Today marks the 15-year anniversary of the so-called 9/11 "terrorist" attacks. In reality, a massive FALSE FLAG operation. There is soo much, and yet at the same time, soo little to say about it, at this point. If you're reading this, you've likely heard it all before. You know the drill. I could dedicate a blog entirely to this, as many others have and currently do. I'm not going to write about this in depth because I'd hardly know where to start, and certainly wouldn't know where to end. That would be far too exhaustive of an essay. Instead, and since it is Sunday, I'm just going to leave a series of links and memes, because that's about all this shit is worth, any damned ways...