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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

UPDATE: McBride Killer Faces Trial in July

Racist Murderer Theodore Wafer will be going to trial in July. As first reported here back in November last year, a 19 year old Black woman named Renisha McBride had gotten into a car crash. She escaped her vehicle, but was injured and desperately seeking assistance. She eventually came across a house and knocked on the door. It was Wafer who answered. He did not help the bleeding, dazed young woman in any way. He did not even call 911... not right away. He instead grabbed a shotgun, pointed it at McBride's face, and blew her away. Wafer waited an HOUR to call 911. Weeks later, he was charged with murder. Months after McBride's family buried and mourned over her, the racist beast who gunned her down will see his day in court.
About damned time!

To recap: in the early morning hours of November 2nd 2013, Renisha McBride was heading home from a friend's home in Dearborn Heights, MI. McBride lost control of her car, resulting in a crash. She managed to escape her vehicle, however, McBride was intoxicated, dazed, and injured from the crash. She wondered for around two hours along a dark road in the Detroit suburb before coming across a house. She knocked on the front door seeking assistance. Theodore Wafer, who owned the home, opened the front door. However, there was an exterior screen door which was not opened and remained locked. It still remains unclear as to what exchange of words took place that night between McBride and Wafer. What is known is that at some brief point, Wafer grabbed a shotgun, pointed it at McBride's head, and shot her in the face, point-blank, through the locked screen door. McBride was dead before she hit the ground. Wafer closed his front door, mulled over what to do next, and after an hour decided to call 911. Emergency personnel arrived to find McBride dead body laying in the front yard. Wafer had initially given police some bullshit story about how his gun had "accidentally" went off. Later, after consulting an attorney, he came up with a new bullshit line about how he had felt "threatened" by the petite, unarmed teenager. McBride was 5"4' and weighed little more than 100lb. at the time of her murder.

Outrage by both McBride's family and the greater Black community of the Detroit/metro area was swift and vocal - not only over the senseless (and racist) murder of this young woman who was seeking help following a car accident. But also outrage that the killer, Wafer, had not been immediately arrested. Eventually however, Wafer was arrested and charged on November 15th 2013.  An audio recording of Wafer's 911 call can be heard here:

Note that the call is brief, lasting only 32 seconds. Wafer mentions that he had just shot someone "banging on his door", gives a garbled description of his address, then abruptly hangs up on the emergency operator without giving his name, nor city. 


Ted Wafer's trial date has been set for July 21st 2014. It is expected to last about three weeks. The racist monster will face charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter. Despite Michigan's own "stand-your-ground" state law (MCL 780-971), Wafer's sorry-ass "self-defense" argument has been rejected by Dearborn Heights judge David Turfe

Renisha McBride's grieving parents, Monica McBride and Walter Ray Simmons, seen here.

Rest In Peace: McBride's funeral.
Pallbearers carry the casket for 19-year-old shooting victim Renisha McBride during her funeral service in Detroit

A mourner holds an obituary showing a picture of 19-year-old shooting victim Renisha McBride during her funeral service in Detroit

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Murder of Keaton Otis: 4 Yrs Later

On this day four years ago, Keaton Dupree Otis was ruthlessly gunned down by Portland Police Gestapo (PPG). A memorial was held in his honor at Allen Temple CME church, here in Portland. Tributes/vigils to Otis by friends, family, and citizen activists have been been held every year since his murder. However, this was the first to have been held without Otis' father, Fred Bryant, as he passed away on October 29 2013 . Bryant's daughter, Alyssa, helped coordinate the event this time. Alyssa Bryant recently spoke in Washington D.C. at a conference addressing the targeted murders and racist profiling of People of Color by police regimes nationwide, as well as armed racist vigilantes (Zimmerman, etc.).

On May 12th 2010 Keaton Otis was driving in Portland's Lloyd district minding his own business, when he suddenly found himself being targeted and tailed by gang members of Portland police' "HEAT" or "Hotspot Enforcement Action Team" unit (a so-called "gang task force" unit set up within the Portland police regime under the guise of "community safety" - actually a specific, targeted control mechanism whose purpose is to keep Black youths in line). Otis was never suspected of violating any traffic laws.  Cops simply assumed he was a "gang member", which is ironic (he was not). Otis found himself cornered at the intersection of NE 6th Ave. and Halsey, when police thugs ordered him to exit his vehicle, no justifiable reason given, no crime suspected. In fear of his life, Otis took rightful measures to defend himself - as every citizen has the right to. With multiple police gestapo firing a total of 32 rounds, Otis was shot to death a total of 23 times. A grotesque level of overkill; a degree to which violent police terrorists all over America seem to reserve exclusively for Black people! One stray bullet from police ended up ricocheting into a Radio Shack two blocks away. So, very easily could some random innocent person (besides Otis) have been injured or killed - this shows the complete lack of regard that these insane, bloodthirsty monsters have for the general public! Otis was 25 years old at the time of his death. He suffered from mental illness, as his mother Felecia Otis has attested, but otherwise, had no criminal history. Grand jury transcripts of the incident that day can be read here: 

A number of pigs took part in Otis' execution. Here's a partial list of their names, both shooting and non-shooting. This is not a complete list, but the main perpetrators are present here:

Shot otis -
James Defrain
Cody Bern
Andrew Polas 

Did not shoot, but present at murder -
Christopher Burley
Don Livnigston
Ryan Foote
Pat Murphy

Skinhead cop: Portland officer Chris Burley, one of the pigs who took part in the murder of Keaton Otis in May 2010. Burley was shot in both legs by Otis but made a swift recovery. Lucky pig.

Officer Ryan Foote, the pig who first falsely identified Otis as a "gang member".

Piggy press conference - from l to r: officers Don Livingston, Burley, and Foote.

Unedited video of Otis' execution, shot by a concerned citizen, can be viewed here:

Otis' father Fred Bryant advocated tirelessly on his son's behalf, holding monthly vigils for Keaton Otis on the corner of 6th and Halsey, where Otis made his last brave stand against Portland police gestapo. Bryant himself died from natural causes in Oct. 2013.

Happier times - Keaton (center) in a 2007 family photo with his mother Felesia Otis (left), step-father Joseph (right), and dog Hanna.

Alyssa Bryant seen here, marching on behalf of her slain brother Otis.

Flyer for the D.C. conference on the targeted killings of People of Color, at which Alyssa Bryant spoke. The conference was held on April 22nd 2014.

There is but ONE specific reason why Keaton Dupree Otis is not alive today: because a bunch of racist bastard-ass Portland cops assumed he was a so-called "gang member" (as if being a member of a gang were in of itself a crime). These filthy pig sons-of-bitches felt that he looked like a gang member (Otis was wearing a hooded sweatshirt at the time. Sound familiar *Zimmerman?). They felt that the Toyota Corolla he was driving was some goddamned how, too "nice" of a car for someone who "looked like him" to have been in. Bottom line is, Otis was targeted because he was Black. He was shot dead by cops because he was BLACK!!! 

It's also worth noting that in 2012 when he was still a mayoral candidate, current Portland mayor/tax cheat Charlie Hales himself (in a bit of vile, shameful victim-bashing) slandered the deceased Otis as a gang member as well.

Additional information regarding the Keaton Otis case can be read here: 

And here, via Portland Cop Watch: 

An interview with the late Fred Bryant can be viewed here: 


Rest In Peace, brother... 
Keaton Otis

Friday, May 9, 2014

TX Cop Guns Down 93 Yr Old Woman

Still waiting to hear about the old, wealthy White guy who gets shot by police! 

This latest cop atrocity comes from Hearne, Texas (yes, TX again) where a local police thug, answering a 911 call, ended up blowing away a 93 year old woman. this murder took place on Tuesday May 6th, 2014. As horrifying and ghoulish as that sounds, sadly, there is already well-established precedent for terrorist police thugs shooting down very elderly and infirmed people (mostly of color). 

Pearlie Golden, far right, seen here in family photo. Beloved by her neighbors, she was known around town as "sweet Miss Sully". 

The victim has been identified as Pearlie Golden, a long time resident of the TX village of about 4500 people, 150 miles south of Dallas, 120 northwest of Houston. The vile pig who ruthlessly murdered her is officer Stephen Stem. He shot Golden 5 times. She was pronounced dead upon arrival at St.Joseph's hospital in Bryan, TX, 20 miles south of Hearne. Unbelievably, this is officer/piggy Stem's second murder in under two years as a filthy, bitch-ass cop. The rookie pig's first killing happened less than 6 months after he first joined the Hearne Police Gestapo (HPG) on July 22nd 2012, when he shot and killed Tederalle Satchell in the back, in Dec. 2012. At that time, Satchell was alleged to have fired a gun from his car while in a parking lot of an apt. complex. Of course, no one really knows this since the individual never saw his rightful day in court... officer Stem made damn sure of that. Stem was eventually cleared of any wrong-doing by a so-called "grand jury" (anonymous and non-elected, appointed by governor) and returned to his job reaping terror upon the community. Eventually, the trigger-happy thug would go on to claim his second victim - a 93 year old Black woman.

Before becoming a Hearne cop/gang member, Stem was also employed by gestapo police regimes in near-by Lott and Bryan, TX.   

Two-time killer: TX cop Stephen Stem, seen here.

Officer Stem was initially answering a 911 "disturbance" call on May 6th 2014 of a woman allegedly waving around a gun. At this point, details remain less than clear. What is known is that Stem shot Golden 5 times in front of her own home, doing away with her. Hearne police officials assert that Golden was armed with a revolver, though this claim has yet to have been substantiated by any non-police source. It remains unknown who exactly placed the 911 call in the first place. Stem is currently enjoying his paid vacation, while Golden's family grieves and plans her funeral.

The killing is under investigation by Hearne police, the TX Rangers, and the Robertson County district attorney's office. 

Racist terrorist police thug Stephen Stem may have the protection of his fellow goons in dark blue, but not every city official has his back. In his response to the murder, the mayor of Hearne, Ruben Gomez, said that the community has lost confidence in its police and that officer Stem should be FIRED. Mayor Gomez also said that he would recomend as much during a city council meeting to be held on Saturday, May 10th... GOOD! Of course, adherence to true justice would not only see this filthy-ass pig fired, but arrested and criminally charged with aggravated MURDER, with federal hate crimes stipulations!

Hearne mayor Ruben Gomez, seen here.

 Meanwhile, local residents as well as activists from other cities, including Houston, have held demonstrations in front of Hearne police headquarters. A candlelight vigil in Golden's honor was held Wednesday afternoon, the day after her murder. A rally protesting police killings was held on Thursday, May 8th. 

Residents/activists protest another vicious police murder - this time on behalf of Pearlie Golden.

While the fine details of this case steadily trickle out, it is certainly worth noting that the rural town of Hearne (with a predominantly Black population) has a pretty foul history... mostly involving corporate rape, police corruption, and racist drug busts. 

In December 1990, the town Walmart closed. In any other case, the closure of a disgusting Walmart store would be a joyous event worth celebrating. However, when the Arkansa-based corporate retailer first opened up one of its big boxes in Hearne, all the local mom 'n pop stores were grossly under-cut and forced to close. Very bad for an already impoverished small town. When Walmart corp. had completed its long-running strategy of economic rape and pillage with Hearne in late 1990, a deep void was left behind from which the town has never truly recovered. Hearne High school currently occupies what used to be the Walmart store.  

In November 2000 a scandal broke in Hearne involving local law "enforcement". During that one month 15 residents, all Black, were arrested in a series of "drug sweeps" which later turned out to be complete bullshit. In 2002 the ACLU filed a federal lawsuit against the police, various local officials, and Robertson county, alleging that all 15 of those false arrests were unjust, unwarranted, illegal, and based upon the flimsy testimony of one single untrust-worthy informant - which Hearne cops had entrapped over a burglary charge and coerced into "making cases" for them. ALL innocent victims of the phony drug busts eventually had charges against them dropped. A settlement over the suit was reached in May 2005, although details of this settlement have never been made public. A 2009 film called American Violet is closely based upon the false drug arrests and focuses particularly, on the case of Regina Kelly - a single mother of four who was swept up in the racist drug sweeps

Victim/survivor of racist drug war: Regina Kelly seen here.

Regina Kelly was caught in a rogue drug bust in November 2000, but the charges against her were dropped and her record was expunged. A movie based on the bust and Kelly’s experiences will be shown in Hearne tonight. Photo: Sharón Steinmann, Chronicle

Even though the town has barely any money, opportunity, few jobs, poor healthcare, little education, nor any justice to speak of, one thing Hearne does have a great abundance of, are churches. Lots and lots of churches - 28 different churches at last count. Hundreds of extra chairs even had to be set up in one church in order to accommodate a screening of the American Violet film, since there is no theatre.

 A town of less than 4,500 people, with no library, no hospital, no decent grocery store, no movie theatre, no community center, and no college, has 28 churches - an unusually large number of churches in such a small town with so very little of anything else (besides wild dangerous cops running amok). That is a screaming shame, right there!  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cop Busts Party, Teens Flee, Cop Murders Girl, NO Investigation

In this latest act of police terror, a violent thug of a cop busted an outdoor party full of teenagers and ended up shooting down a 19 year old girl. She was unarmed and completely harmless. The vile pig responsible for the young woman's murder has been placed on paid vacation - standard for all police regimes in this miserable country! 

On Saturday April 26th 2014 Deputy thug Tyler Brockman, 27, had received reports of some kids having fun out in a field. So naturally, the pig went there to KILL someone. Deputy Brockman's victim has been identified as 19 year old Samantha Ramsey. This senseless cold-blooded murder took place in the northern village of Hebron, Kentucky, a small unincorporated community of about 6,000 residents, close to the Ohio state border. Local authorities have their version of what happened: good ol' deputy Brockman was simply checking people for sobriety when all of a sudden, Ramsey tried to "ram" him with her car. Other witnesses however, claim that dep. Brockman instead jumped on top the hood of Ramsey's vehicle, as she attempted to slowly drive away. Despite there having been three other young passengers in the car, Brockman recklessly fired four shots through the windshield, killing Ramsey. No one else was injured, though very easily could have. For his troubles, Brockman was given paid vacation. He's been with the gestapo sheriff's regime of Boone county, KY since 2010. News reports indicate that this is his first murder.

Ramsey, a preschool teacher, was taken to St. Elizabeth hospital in near-by Florence, KY, where she was pronounced dead. A subsequent autopsy declared that she died from multiple gun shot wounds. No illegal narcotics were found in her system. Her funeral has already taken place.

Party pooper: Deputy Tyler Brockman, murderous thug seen here.

Innocent victim: Samantha Ramsey, ruthlessly gunned down by killer dep. Brockman.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/ramsey29n-2-web.jpg

20 year old Chelsey Pendleton, who was sitting in the backseat of that car, claims that Brockman was never hit - that he indeed jumped the hood and just started shooting.

“The cop was in the wrong. I was there. I was in the back seat! That was unnecessary force. He had no right to do that!” - Chelsea Pendleton. 

Pendleton also insists that when Ramsey was killed, her dead body had slumped over causing the car to accelerate. But don't just take a direct witness's word for it. Boone County sheriff's deputies have (surprisingly) released dash cam footage of the incident. The video is little over a minute long (1:18) and can be seen HERE. Much of what happens is just off-camera. However, what can clearly be seen is a white car - driven by Ramsey - slowly moving away, with Brockman (clearly identified by his bald skinhead) standing along the driver's side.

Both the video and accounts from at least one of the passengers in the car have directly contradicted Boone county sheriff's claims that Ramsey "rammed" Brockman, causing him to "fly" onto the hood of the car. By most accounts, Brockman gave no warning nor did he order Ramsey to stop the car. The deputy's safety was never at risk. He simply jumped on the hood and started blasting away like a maniac.  

Ramsey's grieving mother, Brandi Stewart, lays flowers at a makeshift memorial for her daughter.
Friends and family, including Samantha Ramsey's mother, Brandi Stewart, grieve Sunday at the shooting site in Hebron, Ky., located just south of Cincinnati.

She saw it all - Chelsey Pendleton, seen here, was in the back seat of Samantha Ramsey's car that night. She insists that dep. Brockman leaped on the hood without warning and started firing his weapon, killing Ramsey.Witnesses including Chelsey Pendleton, 20, disputed the police version of events, saying Deputy Tyler Brockman leapt onto Samantha Ramsey's car before opening fire. Pendleton was in the back seat and unhurt.

A candlelight vigil took place in Ramsey's honor. Friends, family, and other local residents expressed outrage at the preschool teacher's senseless slaughter and demanded answers. 

"I just want to know what happened. I want answers. He (Brockman) was the last person that looked in my daughter's eyes that saw her face and I want answers." - Brandi Stewart, mother of murder victim Samantha Ramsey

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Global Action (and Police Terrorism) on MayDay 2014

For a long time now, May the 1st has seen an international turnout for progressive/social causes - most notably worker's solidarity and immigrant/worker rights. 'MayDay', or International Worker's Day, has also seen something else turnout: an absolute orgy of police terrorism and [in more recent years] a draconian escalation of the police/surveillance/security-state apparatus. Such a situation has only been further amped up under an Obama regime and this May Day is proving to be (has proven to be) no different. Dramatic reports of police thuggery have been pouring in from Turkey, as well as other countries. 

In a country with a particular history of police-state authoritarianism, capital Istanbul has probably seen some of the most outrageous acts of government-backed police terrorism of any city which had significant May Day actions today. In a mad frenzy of bloodthirst, out-of-control state-pigs did everything in their [state] power to turn an otherwise peaceful mass demonstration into an out-right orgy of violence. Turkish state-pigs fired upon unarmed civilians indiscriminately, using a barrage of less-than-lethal/lethal weaponry including: tear gas, rubber bullets, flash-bang grenades, and bean bag rounds. hundreds of activists were swarmed upon by wild cops with dozens of arbitrary arrests having been made. 

Let it be known that this sort of state-sanctioned terrorism against a Turkish citizenry is well-documented, so what took place today ought to be of no surprise to anyone. Every citizen, from all over the world, absolutely MUST take the initiative to defend themselves against such state thuggery... by any means!

Reports of terrorist police thugs have also been coming in from Ukraine, largely between state police and Russian separatists. Gestapo cops went wild in Germany. As a matter of fact, various cities around the world have experienced heightened incidents of police terrorism, as well as crack-downs. Cop thugs in Seattle spent most of their overtime bullying around non-violent marchers and making at least half a dozen arrests - very typical... this is Seattle, after all.

Wilding cops in Seattle, May Day 2014.

Meanwhile here in Portland, things were comparably (some might argue, disappointingly) peaceful, compared to May Day actions in other cities. A very polite, liberal, city-approved march saw hundreds, possibly up to 2,000 attendees and Occupy Portland vets take to the streets in downtown, complete with police escorts and "peace volunteers" in yellow mesh vests making sure everything was kept nice and cordial. Kinda like a parade. Members of the International Social OrganisationAnarchist Black CrossAntifa, and Black Bloc provided the only radical element in the joyous crowd (and commanded the most attention from cops). Admittedly, Things weren't nearly as violent as had been in past Portland MD marches. A similar march in capitol Salem had also taken place today and most likely was even more family-friendly.