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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Erica Garner, Dead at 27

What a way to end this fucked up year...

Erica Garner - activist and daughter of police murder victim Eric Garner - passed away. Her death was announced via her official Twitter feed on December 30th 2017 Saturday morning. She died of complications from an asthma attack she had first suffered on Xmas eve. She was 27 years old and left behind two children, including one born back in August. She named her youngest son 'Eric', after his grandfather which he never got to see. Erica was a tireless activist for police accountability, as well as her father's biggest advocate

As anyone reading may recall, Eric Garner was murdered by a pack of wild animals *aka the NYC Police Gestapo on July 17th 2014. Both Garner and his daughter Erica had suffered from asthma. For the elder Garner, the illness had put him on disability. On occasion, Garner would sell loose cigarettes around his neighborhood in Staten Island to make a little extra change. Police thugs routinely used this petty non-crime as a pretext to stop and harass Garner to no end. Garner had no documented criminal history, other than this. After being surrounded by numerous cops, Garner was ganged up on, forced to the ground, a placed in an illegal choke hold. Garner's entire murder was captured on video for the whole world to later witness. Garner can be heard in that video, saying "I CAN'T BREATHE" 11 times, before passed out. He died on the scene. He was 43 years old.

Daniel Panteleo, the pig most directly responsible for Garner's death, has never been charged with any crime, nor has he faced any measure of punishment. In September 2017, a civilian complaint board finally recommended that Panteleo be disciplined. However, there is no indication that anything ever came of this, despite Panteleo's extensive history of past abuse.       


Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Youngest Victim Of A Police Shooting In 2017

A cop in TX (of course) has recently blown away a six year old child. The little boy has been identified as Kameron Prescott. He is possibly the youngest victim to have been killed by American police in 2017. Welcome to Trump's America... same as the old.

Maniac cop: Deputy Javier Salazar pictured here, along side crime scene. 

Prescott's death occurred on Thursday December 21st 2017 in Schertz, a suburb of San Antonio. The pig responsible for the young boy's "accidental" murder has been identified as Javier Salazar, a sheriff's deputy for Bexar County, TX. Salazar and fellow deputies were pursuing a robbery suspect identified as 30 year old Amanda Jones. According to reports, police had sought Jones for suspicion of auto theft and other offenses, before eventually confronting her on the porch of some random trailer home she had allegedly tried to force her way into. Prescott was inside at the time, though responding deputies just as well assumed there was no one inside the home at the time. Jones - a possible meth addict - allegedly pointed a metal pipe at cops, claiming she would shoot them. That's when Salazar emptied his service glock, killing Jones in a hail of bullets. One of the stray bullets entered the home, striking Prescott in the abdomen. He died on the scene. No other weapon was recovered.  

Bloodbath before Xmas: Kameron Prescott and  robbery suspect Amanda Lene Jones.

A compulsory investigation is underway, but it likely won't make a damned bit of difference. An innocent little boy is dead, days before Christmas. Another family is destroyed and no one will pay for it. All because some tweaker maybe stole a car.

Tasers are supposed to serve as "less-than-lethal" alternatives, meant to gain control over combative suspects without having to murder them out right. But cops never use them in such ways. Instead, tasers are commonly used as cattle prods on [already compliant] suspects who, maybe, aren't following orders fast enough. And everyone else is either gunned down, or choked out, or beaten to death, limbs broken, mauled by k9's, or horrifically maimed in some other way. Deputy Salazar is at best, a gravely incompetent fool, at worst, a sociopathic monster. Because what else can explain a cop who fires widely in a residential area, on the porch of someone's home, on a female robbery suspect holding a pipe (which he knew anyways, since pipes don't look anything like guns. Not even at night)?! Deputy Salazar undoubtedly went on to enjoy [his] Christmas, as well as his paid time off, knowing he murdered an innocent little boy. He likely has lost no sleep over the carnage he's responsible for.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Cops Remove Hate Group's "Memorial" to White Police Murder Victim

I first reported on the police murder of Justine Ruszczyk-Damond back in July of this year. You can read that entry HERE. Brief re-cap: On Saturday July 15th 2017, Damond had called 911 from her home in Minneapolis, MN to report a possible assault. Officers Matthew Harrity and Mohamed Noor were the responding cops. When Damond tried to get their attention, Noor panicked (as any punk-ass cowardly pig would do) and shot Damond once in the stomach. She died at the scene. Damond was a 40 year old White Australian national who had immigrated to the U.S. to be with here American partner, Don Damond. Noor is a 31 year old citizen of Somali decent, who immigrated to the U.S. as a child. In the wake of Damond's murder, a White terrorist hate group has chosen to make the victim their personal martyr. Not because they care soo much about cops who gun down innocent citizens with impunity... but because the cop in this case is Black and the victim is White. It's as straight forward and cynical as that!

Police in Minnesota recently cleared away a so-called "memorial" for Justine Ruszczyk-Damond on Friday December 22nd 2017. The makeshift candle-lit display had been erected outside police headquarters. The stunt was put on by Identity Evropa, a White supremacist terrorist group founded in Northern CA. IE was one of the main organizers behind the infamous and deadly Neo-Nazi/KKK rallies in Charlottesville, VA back in August. Even though IE has claimed responsibility for the "memorial", the individual/s who actually carried out the act of vandalism have yet to be identified. And local authorities don't seem to hard pressed on conducting a proper investigation either, despite the fact that a police station was targeted. Yet another example of how cops let Nazi criminals slide.

Earlier in December prosecutor Mike Freeman, the man handling the Damond murder case, addressed a group of police accountability activists. The group, Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar wanted to know what all the foot-dragging was about, and why officer Noor hadn't been indicted yet. Rather than providing real answers, Freeman instead gave a sad song about how his hands were tied, how  investigators weren't doing their job, how Noor was refusing to cooperate, etc... excuses, excuses.

When I first wrote about this incident, I openly theorized that Noor might be swiftly thrown under the bus. After all, female and minority cops find themselves dispensable, as they are commonly tossed aside so that the [greater system] of patriarchy and White supremacy within all police regimes can be upheld. And he may still lose his worthless job over this. But as of the time of this entry, Mohamed Noor still has not been charged in Damond's murder. He still remains employed by the city of Minneapolis, and continues to enjoy his paid time off. Even if Noor does [eventually] get sacked, it seems nearly certain by now that he will never be brought to justice. At some point, the city and county will agree to a multi-million dollar payout to the bereaved family, and everyone will be expected to move on.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cop Murders Man Begging For His Life (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

So, this evil act of police terrorist murder actually happened on January 18th 2016. It has seemingly received very little national coverage. Regarding the reason/s for that, it has been speculated that because the victim and cops involved were all White, an obvious racial element was lacking and just was not perceived as controversial or "juicy" enough. However, I call bs on that theory. Of course, many victims of police violence are White. And some of their cases have received a great deal of deserved coverage. However, this one from Mesa, AZ hardly got any of it. And that's a damned shame, because it's definitely one of the [more] horrific acts of state-police terror and murder to have occurred in recent years.

Senseless: Daniel Shaver, seen here with his wife Laney Sweet and their two children.

On January 18th 2016, Daniel Leetin Shaver was ruthlessly gunned down by a Mesa, AZ pig. Shaver was shot 5 times in the hallway of a La Quinta Inn, where he was staying on a business trip. He died while on his knees, sobbing and begging for his life. He was wearing a tee shirt, loose gym shorts, and nothing else. He was barefoot, unarmed, and posed zero threat to the six Mesa pigs who had responded to a [false] 911 call of a "a man pointing a gun out of one of the hotel windows". He was 26 years old and completely innocent. Shaver, a resident of Granbury, TX, had been a pest control worker who was on a business-related trip in Mesa at that time. Shaver reportedly had two pellet rifles kept in black cases, which he'd use to shoot wayward birds inside stores and other businesses. This was part of his job function. On the night of his death, Shaver, off-duty, had meet two acquaintances in the inn where they were all staying. He invited the two, a man and woman, to his room for drinks. Later when one of his guests asked about the cases, Shaver showed him the pellet guns, explaining how he'd use them for work. Apparently, Shaver just happened to have been standing in front of his room window when his was showing off the guns. Another guest reportedly saw this from the outside, and called 911 claiming that "a man at the inn was pointing a gun from his window". This exact detail has never been verified, and now, never will be. The habitual cop-caller (an accessory to murder) has never been identified. 

Gory details: graphic crime scene and autopsy photos involving Shaver's murder.

His killer is former officer Philip Mitchell Brailsford, who was a gang member of the Mesa Police Gestapo (MPG). In early March 2016, Brailsford was charged with second degree murder. Instead of continuing his paid vacation, Brailsford would be sacked by the Mesa Police regime later that same month. The regime cited unsatisfactory performance and several policy violations. One of those policy violations was Brailsford defacing the service AR-15 he had used to shoot Shaver, by having the words "YOU'RE FUCKED" etched onto the rifle dust cover. As if he were an edgy teenage boy who plays Call of Duty. This alone is evidence that Brailsford, now 27, was an unmitigated psychopath, unfit for his job. Despite this, the crucial detail was not allowed to be heard by the jury during his trial. One week ago today, on Thursday December 7th 2017, Brailsford was acquitted of the murder of Daniel Shaver. Once again, another filthy sub-human pig gets away with murder. His lost his job, but that's it!

Psycho Cop: Philip Brailsford's ugly face, seen here.

Shortly afterwards, police body cam footage of Shaver's death was released. The jury and parties involved in the case (including Shaver's widow) had all watched it, but the video was kept from public view until after Brailsford got off. Because that's how these sneaky bastards operate. In a meantime, a wrongful death suit filed by Shaver's bereaved parents is currently pending. The suit was filed in January 2017 (almost a year after their son's murder) and names the city of Mesa and the Mesa Police Terrorist regime as defendants. In addition, a $75 million wrongful death suit filed by Shaver's widow is also grinding its way through AZ's court system. Even if she win's every penny, it is still but a penance for the tragic loss of her husband, as well as two young children robbed of a father. 

One other thing. If you've managed to watch the horrific snuff video of Shaver's blunt execution in a La Quinta Inn hallway, sorry for the nightmares. But also, the pig you heard barking contradictory orders at Shaver was not Brailsford. That would be fellow micropenis/cop psychopath Sgt. Charles Langley, the senior commanding officer on the scene that night. Langley was allowed to quietly retire from the Mesa police regime several months after his deadly game of Simon Says with an innocent man. To this day, Langley has never faced criminal charges, even though he is a direct accessory to Shaver's murder. A petition to have this cowardly piece-of-shit brought to justice is currently underway.   

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Disgraced Cop Slager Gets 20 Yrs... HURRAY!

And now for a rare ray of good news in, what has been an unseasonably horrendous year - Michael T. Slager, the vile filthy pig who murdered Walter Scott in 2015 has been sentenced to 20 years in prison!
I've been covering this case from the beginning, first reporting on the police murder of Scott shortly after it happened in April 2015. Since then there have been follow-ups, including a hung jury in Slager's murder trial last December, and Slager's guilty plea in May of this year. Now the racist pig has been sentenced to 19 to 24 years behind bars for shooting the unarmed Black motorist in the back as he attempted to flee. Anyone who's been following this case will recall that right after gunning Scott down in cold blood, Slager then casually jogged over to the victim's body and laid his taser right next to Scott. It was obvious that the slimy cop was already preparing his excuse: violent Black criminal fights with White cop/tries to take gun. And in the past, that shit would have worked soo well, too... especially in South Carolina. Special and eternal thanks to citizen cop-watcher and hero Feidin Santana, for filming Scott's murder and Slager's attempts to cover up his crimes. Were it not for Santana's courageous acts, Slager may very well have never been brought to justice! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Indigenous Teen Murdered By WI Cop

Little do White people know, but Indigenous peoples in Amerikkka have been undergoing a slow-burning genocide for decades.With their original population down some 90% since the eve of the 20th century, Native/Indigenous peoples have continued to endure every possible injustice one might imagine. So it should be of little surprise that said people are more likely to be murdered by state-police and least likely to see positive outcomes from the inhumane "justice" system. Earlier this month, a 14 year old child became yet another grim statistic. 

On Wednesday November 8th 2017, 14 year old Jason Ike Pero was gunned down by a filthy cop in Odanah, WI. Odanah is a small community located within the Bad River Band Indian reservation. Pero belonged to the Lake Superior Chippewa Tribe. The pig responsible for the boy's death has been identified as Ashland County Sheriff's Deputy Brock Mrdjenovich. He has reportedly been with the Sheriff's dept. there for a year. Official police spin claims that Pero had a butcher's knife in his hand and charged at Mrdjenovich, leaving the officer with no choice but to "defend" himself. However, witnesses insist that it was a cell phone in the boy's hand, and that he was never a threat to anyone. Also, police have yet to produce the alleged knife, nor any video/audio from the incident. This would potentially include dash-cam and body-cam footage. Officer Mrdjenovich, who is White, is enjoying his paid vacation for the time being. 


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

NYC Pigs Quit After Charged W/ Raping 18 Yr-Old

Two New York City pigs have resigned their positions after they both were charged with raping an 18 year-old woman in their custody. The rape and kidnapping happened on September 15th 2017. The pigs involved were NARCS conducting a drug sting at the time. On October 30th the rapist cops were arraigned on a 50-count indictment which includes first-degree rape, first-degree criminal sexual assault, second-degree kidnapping, and official misconduct. They both quit their jobs on Monday November 6th.

Freaky: Officers Eddie Martins(left) and Richard Hall were both indicted on rape and other felony charges following the Sept. 15th assault on an 18 yr.-old woman. The two slimeball cops quit on November 6th.

The two "freaky" pigs and former detectives have been identified as 37 year-old Eddie Martins and 32 year-old Richard Hall. Both had been assigned to Brooklyn's 60th precinct. According to a criminal complaint, on Friday September 15th Martins and Hall were said to have abandoned a 'buy & bust' drug sting operation on Coney Island. They stopped a car with three occupants inside in Calvert Vaux park in Gravesend. One of the occupants was an 18 year old teen, later identified in her social media posts as Anna Chambers. After conducting an illegal search, Martins and Hall allegedly found small amounts of marijuana and a few pills of Klonopin - a legal prescription drug typically used to treat seizures, panic disorders, and anxiety. The two cops took Chambers into custody, and told her two acquaintances to drive away. The cops told Chambers that they were both "freaky" and demanded sexual acts in exchange for not charging her with drug possession. They then dragged her inside their police van [handcuffed] and parked at a Chipotle restaurant lot. They forced the teen to perform oral sex on them both, after which, Martins proceeded to rape her. Martins and Hall are both well over 6 ft. tall, the victim is said to be barely 5 ft. and petite.

After weeks of public outcry, as well as the victim pleading here own case, Martins and Hall were finally charged. They both resigned shortly afterwards... like the cowards that they are.

Not afraid: police rape victim Anna Chambers pictured here. 

Martins and Hall have both posted $250,000 and $150,000 bond, respectively. This was likely paid by their police union, which typically pays for bond and defense of criminal cops. If convicted on all charges, they each face up to 25 years in prison. It'll be a damned wonder if these two rapist pigs receive any time behind bars at all. But here's hoping for the best...      

Monday, November 6, 2017

White Terror Attack at TX Church Leaves 26 Dead

While America continues to fret and fritter over imaginary Islamic boogie men, armed White men are wreaking bloody havoc in plain sight. Yet, no one seems to be all that concerned about it.

Creepy AF! TX church mass-shooter and miserable piece-of-shit Devin P. Kelley seen here. It remains unknown whether or not Kelley had his beard at the time of the shooting. 

On Sunday November 5th 2017, a White man went to a church in Sutherland Springs, TX and murdered 26 parishioners. At least 20 others have been injured. A pregnant woman, an 18 month-old baby, and a 5 year-old girl are reportedly among the dead. The terrorist/psychopath was shot by another church attendee, before giving chase. The suspect was found in his car dead, 11 miles away from the scene. As of now, it isn't publicly known whether the suspect died from the shot he received, or from a self-inflicted gunshot. The gunman has been identified as 26 year-old Devin Patrick Kelley. It's believed that Patrick's terrorist act was part of a domestic dispute, though details are still emerging. The victims have not all been id'ed yet, though it is certain they are all White as well. Sutherland Springs is a tiny village of less than 400 residents located 21 miles east of San Antonio. There isn't much to say about the place, and prior to Sunday's massacre, was probably all but unheard of outside the region. 

Kelley once served in the Air Force, joining in 2010. In 2012 he was court-martialed for beating his wife and child - a crime for which he served a year in a military prison. In 2014, he received a "bad conduct discharge", which apparently is not quite the same as a "dishonorable discharge". Despite Kelley's criminal history of domestic violence, in 2016 he was able to buy an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle. Kelley even posted a photo of the weapon on his facebook page, with the caption, "She's a bad bitch". He would eventually use that very same gun in Sunday's deadly killing spree.

Sunday's bloodbath at the rural TX church took place just over a month after another terrorist shooting massacre at a Country music concert in Las Vegas, NV left 58 people dead. In that terrorist act, 64 year-old Stephen Paddock used similar assault rifles to mow down dozens of concert-goers. Some of his weapons had been modified with so-called bump stocks which convert semi-automatic rifles into fully-auto rapid-fire machine guns. They are perfectly legal and seem to retail for little more than $100US. Attempts to ban bump stocks will likely fail. Paddock committed suicide before police managed to breach his hotel room. As is with Kelley, most if not all of Paddock's victims were also White. To this day, a direct motive for Paddock's rampage has proven difficult to come by.       

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Another Arrest Warrant Issued In Deandre Harris Beating Case... For the VICTIM!

When it comes to the repugnant, malignant disease of racism and the low-down White people it infects, very little surprises me anymore. But I have to admit, such an act of inhumane cruelty was beyond even my imagination. Ramifications from the Nazi/Klan rally that took place in Charlottesville continue to reverberate, in often horrid ways. On Monday, October 20th 2017, a local magistrate judge in that city issued an arrest warrant...for Deandre Harris! That's not a typo. The man who was viciously beaten and nearly killed by a pack of wild animals back in August, is now facing the same felony charge as two of his attackers. It seems that in AmeriKKKa, Black people are in the wrong even when getting the shit kicked out of them!

I've covered the now infamous, so-called "Unite the Reich" rally which took place in Charlottesville, VA back in mid-August. I have since written several follow-ups, including the attempted murder of Harris, as well as the absolute failure of law enforcement to pursue the hate crime case. While writing about events in Charlottesville, I even (semi-jokingly) mused that Marcus Martin (one of the heroes of the Charlottesville terrorist attack) was lucky to not have been arrested and charged with "obstructing a vehicle" (Martin - a Black man and counter-protester - had pushed his fiancee out of the path of a speeding car driven by Nazi terrorist James Fields Jr., saving her life in the process. Martin was run over and suffered a broken leg). Distressingly, that tempered muse has now become grotesquely close to real life, in a way I could never have predicted.

Two months after the crime, and only two arrests have been made in connection to Harris' vicious beating... Daniel Patrick Borden and Alex Michael Ramos (the self-hating Puerto Rican coon who thinks he's Spanish). The racist attack, which was captured on video and photographed, clearly shows Harris being swarmed upon by as many as 6 men. To this day there are several other dangerous criminals involved in a hate crime that remain at large. Their identities remain unknown. And as for the two arrests that were made (much belatedly) - even that would not have happened, had it not been for a combination of clever internet sleuthing and the stupidity of the criminals involved.

Harris currently faces the same felony charge as Borden and Ramos, two of his attackers... malicious wounding. It is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $2,500 fine. Never mind the fact that the filthy rabid animals who beat the 20 year old got out of there without a scratch! Harris' attorney Lee Merritt is adamant that the trumped-up charge against his client is clearly retaliatory on the part of White supremacists. Merritt says that Harris plans to turn himself in within 24 hours. 

There sure as Hell will be more on this to come...