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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Another Arrest Warrant Issued In Deandre Harris Beating Case... For the VICTIM!

When it comes to the repugnant, malignant disease of racism and the low-down White people it infects, very little surprises me anymore. But I have to admit, such an act of inhumane cruelty was beyond even my imagination. Ramifications from the Nazi/Klan rally that took place in Charlottesville continue to reverberate, in often horrid ways. On Monday, October 20th 2017, a local magistrate judge in that city issued an arrest warrant...for Deandre Harris! That's not a typo. The man who was viciously beaten and nearly killed by a pack of wild animals back in August, is now facing the same felony charge as two of his attackers. It seems that in AmeriKKKa, Black people are in the wrong even when getting the shit kicked out of them!

I've covered the now infamous, so-called "Unite the Reich" rally which took place in Charlottesville, VA back in mid-August. I have since written several follow-ups, including the attempted murder of Harris, as well as the absolute failure of law enforcement to pursue the hate crime case. While writing about events in Charlottesville, I even (semi-jokingly) mused that Marcus Martin (one of the heroes of the Charlottesville terrorist attack) was lucky to not have been arrested and charged with "obstructing a vehicle" (Martin - a Black man and counter-protester - had pushed his fiancee out of the path of a speeding car driven by Nazi terrorist James Fields Jr., saving her life in the process. Martin was run over and suffered a broken leg). Distressingly, that tempered muse has now become grotesquely close to real life, in a way I could never have predicted.

Two months after the crime, and only two arrests have been made in connection to Harris' vicious beating... Daniel Patrick Borden and Alex Michael Ramos (the self-hating Puerto Rican coon who thinks he's Spanish). The racist attack, which was captured on video and photographed, clearly shows Harris being swarmed upon by as many as 6 men. To this day there are several other dangerous criminals involved in a hate crime that remain at large. Their identities remain unknown. And as for the two arrests that were made (much belatedly) - even that would not have happened, had it not been for a combination of clever internet sleuthing and the stupidity of the criminals involved.

Harris currently faces the same felony charge as Borden and Ramos, two of his attackers... malicious wounding. It is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $2,500 fine. Never mind the fact that the filthy rabid animals who beat the 20 year old got out of there without a scratch! Harris' attorney Lee Merritt is adamant that the trumped-up charge against his client is clearly retaliatory on the part of White supremacists. Merritt says that Harris plans to turn himself in within 24 hours. 

There sure as Hell will be more on this to come...

Monday, October 9, 2017

Post-Report From Joey Gibson's Pathetic Rally

Alt-Reich stooge/Trumptard Joey Gibson held a somewhat impromptu rally of sorts in Portland, OR on Sunday October 8th 2017. The rally/meet-up/circle-jerk was held at Terry Shrunk plaza, a federal park space located across from City Hall. Gibson, a self-professed "vlogger", has risen to regional prominence following Trump's theft of the 2016 election. Based out of Vancouver, WA, Gibson reportedly announced his event on Saturday Oct. 7th. He has already held several so-called "Patriot Prayer" rallies in various West Coast cities, including Berkeley, Portland, and SeattleRose City Antifa and other Leftists quickly picked up on Gibson's plans, and showed up in force. Given the short notice, attendance on both sides was relatively small compared to previous events. However, AntiFascists still outnumbered the Trump-supporters at least 2-1 (as opposed to the usual 10-1). The opposing groups arrived at the plaza at around 2:00pm Sunday, amid a heavy police presence. This time no violence occurred, with just a single arrest made when a Reich-winger tried to bring a gun into the federal park. For once, cops did their job and arrested the criminal. Gibson's group was drowned out and silenced whenever they attempted to speak. AntiFascists then ran them out of the park.  Here are photos from the event:


Sunday, October 8, 2017

More Details On Vegas Massacre/Terrorist Attack

It's been one week since the terrorist attack in Las Vegas. More details have emerged from Sunday night's deadly massacre in Las Vegas. For anyone who's interested, my original entry on this can be read: HERE

Brief recap: On Sunday October 1st 2017 64 year old Stephen Paddock fired upon 22,000 attendees at a Country music concert in Las Vegas, NV. 58 people were murdered, and at least 527 were wounded. Paddock was staying at the Mandalay Bay hotel, which overlooked a grassy open field where the concert was being held. Paddock smashed out one of the windows of his 32 floor room, which he used as his vantage point. The barrage went on for between nine to ten minutes. When cops finally located and broke into the assailant's room, Paddock was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. He was surrounded by 23 semi-automatic assault rifles, several of which had been modified for rapid fire (essentially, turning them into fully-auto machine guns). Even more guns, explosive material, and thousands of rounds of ammunition were found in his vehicle and home in Mesquite, NV (located 80 miles from Vegas). Sunday's terrorist attack has been characterized as the worst mass shooting in American history, if you don't count Wounded Kneethe Colfax Massacre, Black Wall Street, etc. 

DEAD: This leaked photo of gunman Stephen Paddock 
appeared online days after his mass murder spree. It 
appears to be authentic.
There still seems to be no known motive for what set Paddock off - other than narcissistic psychopathy. This seems to be a psychological trait in most White men of Paddock's stature. Here's 
what is known. His girlfriend Marilou Danley is very much alive. Paddock sent her away to her native Philippines two weeks prior to Sunday's massacre (an American of Filipino decent, Danley also has Australian citizenship). Initially considered a 'person of interest', Danley has since been considered to have had no involvement nor prior knowledge of her boyfriend's murderous intentions. While in The Philippines, Paddock reportedly wired $100,000 to her, supposedly to buy a house for her family. Danley flew back into the U.S. Wednesday via LAX, where FBI agents eagerly awaited her return. But so far, even the psychopath's girlfriend seemed unable to provide much insight into Paddock's motives. Meanwhile, the usual suspect cretins have wasted no time taking advantage of this horrifying event. As mentioned in the previous entry, 4Chan's jobless, unwashed Alt-Reich troll army immediately started spreading false news about the massacre. It quickly became a scandal which engulfed Google, as its algorithm picked up on the disinfo. campaign, bumping links to 4Chan's /pol/ as well as other far-right/conspiracy sites to the top of Google's search engine.

Not that mainstream media fared much better. With no Muslim boogie men or Black "thugs" to pin the blame on, over-paid pundits on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. struggled to define an unprecedented tragedy brought on by a wealthy White man with no criminal history. As if most of these mass murders aren't caused by straight White males of privilege. Ever careful to avoid the word 'terrorism', talking heads on major news networks devolved into partisan screaming matches over gun control.

And speaking of gun control, White supremacist terrorist group the National Rifle Association once again found itself in the glare of national scrutiny, following yet another horrendous bloodbath. Predictably, the NRA reiterated its trademark proclamations that White men all Americans be allowed to carry damn-near every weapon of mass destruction that they wish. However, in a slight twist, the NRA did concede that a review of some gun modification devices was in order. These so-called devices, or "bumper stocks" allow for more rapid fire. Essentially, they are a [not illegal] work-a-round assault weapons bans, which convert semi-automatic rifles into fully-automatic machine guns. At least three of the guns found in Paddock's hotel room were equipped with these bumper stocks. 

As of now, no solid motive for Paddock's terrorist rampage has been forthcoming.       

Monday, October 2, 2017

Chickens Coming Home to Roost

For most of September, White people have been tarring and feathering Black athletes who had the audacity to take a knee in peaceful and silent protests of police death squads murdering fellow Black people. Illegitimate president Trump [ironically] smeared Black football players as "sons of bitches". He also said they should be fired. And the nation remained frustratingly divided on whether or not said Black athletes were "being disrespectful" (because taking a knee during the nationalist anthem - possibly the most passive form of protest one can engage in - is just soo out of line, right?). While such madness was underway, a White man in Nevada was plotting destruction.

Reap what you sow: The dead lay in an open field after being mowed down in this Vegas Country music massacre. Ironically, most of the victims were Trump supporters. 

Can't blame Muslims for this: Country music fans run for their lives, as the dead and wounded lay helpless on the field.

On Sunday October 1st 2017, a White man opened fire upon attendees at a Country music concert in Las Vegas, NV. As of the time of this entry, at least 59 people have been killed, and more than 500 injured... a death/injury toll that's been upwardly revised several times since last night. It has been considered the worst mass shooting in American history (if you don't count Indigenous genocide). The shooter has been identified as 64 year old Stephen Paddock, of Mesquite, NV. Paddock was perched on the 32nd floor of his luxurious Mandalay Bay hotel room. It was from this deadly vantage point that the White terrorist went all Charles Whitman on the concert below. Paddock was later found inside his room, dead from suicide and surrounded by an arsenal of 23 guns. This included assault-style rifles with scopes and weapons which were illegally modified, turning them into machine guns. Because of this, Paddock was able to extract a casualty rate seldom found outside a literal war zone. He reportedly transported his weaponry to his room in ten suitcases. That's not all. A search of his car yielded a stash of ammonium nitrate - the same fertilizer compound that was used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. A terrorist attack committed by another White man, Irish Catholic Timothy McVeigh, which killed 168 people. Cops searching Paddock's Mesquite home also found 19 more guns, more explosives, and thousands of rounds of ammunition.    

This is the WHITE MAN responsible for the terrorist attack in Las Vegas. No border wall nor travel ban would have stopped him!

One man, ten suitcases... yet this did not raise a single eyebrow. Such is the magic of WHITE PRIVILEGE. Speaking of privilege, this guy amassed his collection of weapons visiting gun stores all over NV and Utah, reportedly passing every single background check. He also had a pilot's license and owned two planes. He was a former accountant, real estate agent, and gambler. Oh, and his father was a notorious bank robber who once escaped from prison. By all accounts Paddocks was wealthy, or at least solidly middle class. And like his bank robber dad and the other white terrorists he clearly drew inspiration from, no border wall nor travel ban would have stopped Paddocks. And even if fake president Trump managed to rid this country of every single Mexican and Muslim... 59(and counting) White Country music fans in Las Vegas, (Trump's base, ironically) would all still be DEAD.  

Speaking of Trump, the guy who calls Black NFL players "sons of bitches" and claims that White supremacist violence in Charlottesville "comes from all sides", still couldn't bring himself to call the Vegas shooter the terrorist that he was. In fact, the reliably disappointing mainstream corporate media has been hard-strained to call Vegas a terrorist act. Instead, initial reports focused just as much attention on his apparent girlfriend, Marilou Danley. Such reports were eager to identify Danley by her 'Asian' ethnicity and even published her photo - even though many of the same reports failed to id Paddocks by race or show his photo. Initially described as a "person of interest", Danley is now thought to have had no involvement in Paddock's crimes. But as of now, she is considered missing. If the poor woman turns up dead, though, we'll all know who did it.

And never failing to miss an opportunity, the unemployed troll army of the Alt-Reich have been busy all day and night disseminating false and fake news on the Vegas massacre. These racist slugs doxxed Danley, (because Asian) and found out she apparently once took a trip to Dubai. Therefore, smearing the whole thing as "Islamic terrorism". Even worse, Reich-wing media outlet The Gateway Pundit, that has WH credentials and specializes in pedaling disinformation, misidentified a completely innocent man as the Vegas shooter. Many other media outlets repeated this same dangerous LIE. Why did they all focus on this guy? he's supposedly a Democrat who 'liked'  Rachel Maddow and on his facebook page.

More to come...      

Monday, September 4, 2017

Autopsy Reveals Cops Shot Seattle Mom 7 Times

Back in June, I covered the police murder of a Black woman in Seattle, WA by cops who were originally responding to a breaking and entering call. On June 18th 2017 Charleena Lyles had called 911 to report an alleged break-in at her home. Jason Anderson and Steven McNew, gang members of the Seattle Police Gestapo (SPG) were the responding officers. Minutes after they arrived, Lyles was dead - gunned down in her own living room. The mother of four 30 years old. She was also pregnant at the time of her death. 

Now results from an autopsy have recently been made public. They were released by the victim's father, Charles Lyles. They show that Lyles had been shot seven times. She was also 14 to 15 weeks pregnant. Now if I were a vile wretched cop, I could understand shooting a harmless unarmed pregnant woman twice - one bullet for her and one for her unborn baby. But seven times??? Do police regimes reimburse cops for each bullet they use? 

Seattle's Worst: officers Jason Anderson (left) and Steven McNew pictured here. 

Say her name: protests take place back in June, in the days after Charleena Lyles was gunned down by cops.

Post-mortem results show that Lyles was hit by bullets in front of her torso and chest. One bullet hit the back of her arm, another grazed the side of her ribs. Several of officer's bullets also cut through her uterus and fetus. She had no drugs nor alcohol in her system.

It's worth nothing that Lyles was Black, and the cops responsible for her death are both White. So, the fact that this murder has a [typical] racial element to it is undeniable. Also, Lyles reportedly had a documented history of mental illness, and audio released from that night prove that pigs Anderson and McNew were very much aware of this. Lyles' children had also been in the home with her at the time, and cops knew this as well. The victim ended up being shot to death in front of her children. Meanwhile, Anderson and McNew remain on paid vacation for their deeds. And the slaughter of innocent Black people at the hands of racist Gestapo pigs goes unabated...

Friday, September 1, 2017

2nd Suspect In Harris Beating [FINALLY] Arrested

Alex Michael Ramos, the second piece-of-shit to have been identified in the hate crime/attempted murder of Deandre Harris, has been taken into custody. More than two weeks after his crimes, this self-hating, Uncle Tom coconut, Puerto Rican coon who calls himself "Spanish", had finally been brought to justice... ABOUT DAMNED TIME!

Gimme that skinhead fade: Perhaps in a vain attempt to alter his appearance, Ramos is pictured here in his recent mugshot, long unkempt hair and scraggly beard shaven off. Nice try, asshole!

Ramos, 33, reportedly turned himself in to authorities in Monroe County, GA on Monday August 28th. His fellow accomplice - 18 year old Daniel Borden - was arrested in OH on Friday Aug. 25th. Ramos, an unemployed construction worker, agreed to be extradited to VA during a court hearing on Tuesday. Borden is fighting his extradition. Both men have been charged with felony malicious wounding, which is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a $100,000 fine - VA Code 18.2-51. No word yet on whether hate crimes enhancements will also be added. 

As previously covered, Ramos and Borden were part of a pack of wild animals who attacked the 20 year old Harris on Saturday August 12th, during a White supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA. Harris - a local resident, aspiring Hip Hop artist, and student aid for children with special needs - was viciously beaten with sticks and pipes by at least six racist thugs. Harris suffered a broken wrist, a chipped tooth, a severe head gash requiring staples to close, and various bruises and contusions. Even though this hate crime/attempted murder happened inside a parking garage directly adjacent to a police station, cops did nothing to help the victim. It was Harris' friends who chased away the animals and got him to safety. Activist journalist Zach D. Roberts was the person who took the now infamous photos of Harris' beating. The photos he took went viral, and help lead to the positive identifications of two of Harris' attackers.

Another HERO from Charlottesville: Zach Roberts. 

It is worth noting that Ramos and Borden were not only out-of-state invaders who traveled to Charlottesville with the intended purpose of causing harm... but both are also unemployed bums. Even though justice for Harris is slowly coming along, it is not nearly enough. It took weeks for these arrests to be made, and only because the savages involved were outed by the public. There are at least four other violent criminals out there who have not yet been identified. They remain at large and fugitives from justice. And police haven't exactly prioritized capturing them, either. Cops are utterly useless. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Baltimore Klansman Arrested For Firing Gun At Charlottesville Race Rally

A Baltimore-based KKK member has been arrested for firing a gun towards a Black man at the now infamous "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, VA. The criminal thug has been identified as 52 year old Richard Wilson Preston. Preston is reportedly an imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan Maryland chapter. Or, the Baltimore-area Confederate White Knights of the KKK. He was arrested on Monday August 28th in Baltimore - more than two weeks after his violent attendance at the notorious (and deadly) white supremacist rally. Preston fired his weapon in a Black counter-protester's direction, but in full view of cops standing several yards away, as well as dozens of eye-witnesses. Thankfully, no one was harmed in this particular incident. 

Proud White Trash: Terrorist and thug Richard Preston pictured here.

Preston was arrested on a fugitive warrant issued in VA. He was being held at the Baltimore county jail, but has since bonded out. He has been charged not with attempted murder or terroristic threats or firing a gun at a crowd full of unarmed people. Instead, he's been charged with, "discharging a firearm near a school". A misdemeanor. Preston's belated arrest came not because police were actually investigating him. But only after the ACLU had discovered video of Preston's actions while reviewing footage from the Aug. 11th and 12th Nazi/Klan rallies. The ACLU subsequently turned that evidence over to authorities. 

The Black counter-protester at which Preston aimed his gun is Corey Long, a Charlottesville resident. Not a life-long activist, but simply wanting to defend his city, Long became a hero when he turned a can of spray paint into an improvised blowtorch... and used it to fend off Nazis! According to verified reports, Long himself did not bring the can to the protest - it was thrown at him by someone on the Nazi side earlier. Later, Long put a lighter to the can and used it in self-defense.

Unhooded: Preston pictured below wearing blue tee shirt and flak jacket. Preston points his gun at Corey Long and cocks the weapon, before aiming downward and shooting the ground at Long's feet. Just out of frame, cops stand in formation mere yards away, yet take no action.

Flame war: In this viral photo, local resident Corey Long is pictured using a spray paint can as an improvised blowtorch to fend off racist thugs, while defending fellow protesters.

By now, police inaction on that weekend (particularly Saturday afternoon, when most of the fascist criminal activity occurred) has been well documented. This case was no different. Video of this incident shows a formation of cops (VA state police) standing just yards away when Preston pulled out a gun, cocked, and fired it at a crowd of people. Despite this clear criminal act, cops do nothing. No police attempt was ever made to search for Preston or seek out his identity. The only reason he was arrested is because the ACLU found video footage of him committing the crime, id'd him, and handed the evidence to police. This incident reinforces the fact that cops were inherently on the side of White supremacist criminals and terrorists. But looking at the big picture, it also shows a greater law enforcement bias as cops are hard-pressed to do their damned jobs when it comes to White criminals with actual guns. But Black people (sometimes children) are routinely murdered by cops because they were thought to have had a gun, but didn't. Or killed within seconds for having a toy gun.

Events from Charlottesville that weekend also unveil another troubling pattern: all the known victims have been local, while all the perpetrators have been out-of-state. 

  • Heather Heyer - murdered in Nazi terrorist attack: local resident
  • Marcus Martin - ran over by car as he pushes fiancee out of harm's way: local 
  • Deandre Harris - viciously attacked by racist thugs - local
  • Corey Long - had gun pointed at him by KKK member: local

  • James Fields - man behind terrorist attack that killed Heyer and injured dozens of others: from Maumee, OH
  • Daniel Borden - one of the men id'd in the Harris attack: from Mason, OH
  • Alex Ramos - another man accused of attacking Harris: from Marietta, GA
  • Richard Preston - klansman who fired gun at crowd: from Baltimore, MD

Indeed, the Alt-Reich/White supremacist rally was organised almost entirely by outsiders. One attendee - Peter Cvjetanovic - flew in from Nevada! He's enrolled at the U. of Reno. By contrast, most if not all the counter-protesters are either local or regional residents. Yet, local and state police did absolutely nothing to protect locals, which is literally their one job! Instead, cops (and Charlottesville's city council) allowed a group criminal outsiders to swarm into town, parade through the streets with torches, commit violent acts, harm and murder innocent people. Cops just stand by, while locals are forced to fend for themselves. And arrests are only made after citizen activists and the ACLU find these animals online and expose them. If cops can't be bothered to do their goddamned job, what the Hell good are they?!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Laws Don't Mean Shit Anymore... Trump Pardons Arpaio

Trump's gangsterism is showing more and more, with every despicable act he commits. On Friday August 25th 2017, illegitimate "president" Trump pardoned ex-sheriff/convicted criminal/racist terrorist/arch nemesis Joe "Pig" Arpaio. The criminal actions of Arpaio have been covered here several times before, most recently last November. Then, Arpaio was facing a federal contempt charge for directly disregarding a judge's order to cease and desist his racial profiling practices. Arpaio had also just lost his bid for a seventh term as sheriff of Maricopa County to [former Phoenix police sergeant] Paul Penzone.

Pigs in a blanket: Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio pictured here. 

After years of violating human and civil rights, specifically, running a concentration camp (his words) and deliberately targeting Latino residents in immigration raids (with many unjust arrests and many legal and natural-borne residents having been swept in raids), Arpaio's reign of terror finally came to an end last November. Voters of Maricopa Co. had finally gotten fed up with him. And he was found in contempt of court for deliberately ignoring a federal judge's order not to carry out immigration raids and kidnap Latino people, just because he assumed they were "illegal". Initially, Arpaio was scheduled to go to trial for the contempt charge in December of last year, but that trial was postponed. In July 2017, Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt in a federal court. A misdemeanor, the 85 year old Arpaio faced [up to] six months in jail, as well as restitution. He had been scheduled for sentencing in October this year. But now, with Trump's erroneous pardon, that sentencing probably won't happen. A "get out of jail free" card, if there ever was one. Trump, a master criminal, helping out his buddy. Exactly how the mafia operates! 

As grotesque and horrendous as this situation is, it's actually worse than you think, for two major reasons.

1. Pig Arpaio's sentencing had been set for October. Trump could've chosen anytime between now and then to pardon the pig bastard. But he choose to do so on Friday August 25th... on the day that Hurricane Harvey made landfall on SE Texas. A common assumption is Trump cynically did this so that his pardoning of a convicted criminal might get buried in the weekend news cycle, as all eyes focused on the disaster befalling TX and the Gulf Coast. That alone is horrifying, but when pressed about that allegation at a Monday news conference, Trump gave an answer that downright solidifies him as a dangerous sociopath: he timed Arpaio's pardoning on the eve of Hurricane Harvey so that his decision would get "more ratings". Wow. In other words, while millions of people in Houston and surrounding areas braced for utter disaster, Trump was thinking about... ratings

I assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally – the hurricane was just starting.” - Donald Trump on Monday Aug. 28th 2017

What a miserable piece-of-shit, the both of 'em are! As of Tuesday Aug. 29th, Hurricane Harvey has since been downgraded to a slightly less lethal tropical storm. But it is still wrecking havoc and misery. The deadly storm (first staring as a category 1, then increasing to a category 4) parked itself over the Houston metropolitan area this past weekend and dumped 11 trillion gallons of water, so far. Major highways have been flooded. Hundreds of thousands of people have either been rendered homeless, forced to seek shelter, or still facing a flood threat. The death toll stands at 30... so far. Harvey has been declared the worst natural disaster to hit TX... EVER! And it was still going on, as of this entry's publishing. But all those poor folks can rest assured, knowing without any shred of doubt that their so-called "president" does not give a shit about them. Nor the rule of law. 

And speaking of the law, here's the other major reason why Arpaio's pardon is even more horrific than it at first seems.

2. Trump has been under investigation over mafia business ties to Russia and alleged election interference for months. He has been accused of building his real estate empire with his Russian Mob connections, dating back as far as the 1980's. Various former/current members of the Trump regime have been under FBI investigation. Trump himself is under investigation for obstruction of justice If Trump is able to just pardon a known criminal who repeatedly violated a judge's order, who's been convicted of a federal crime - and not be made to suffer any consequences for it - than that means Trump can probably pardon whom ever he damn well wants. That goes for any of his criminal cronies, criminal family members, his Russian mafia business buddies, etc. That means that if anyone with any personal, political, or business ties to Trump ends up getting charged and convicted of a crime, it won't matter. Because Trump will simply pardon them. Trump himself will never have to answer or explain himself. Then, we will be a full-on DICTATORSHIP.