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Friday, August 21, 2015

Taking A Break...

Targeting Cops will be going on hiatus for, most likely, the remainder of the year. A busy life and a heavy job (with all that comes with that) are quite a lot, so thus, something has to go. Plus, attempting to keep up with even some of the police murders which take place in this wretched country every day has proven to be quite difficult. Not to mention following up on those cases. But all is not negative, as this also frees up time to take part in other creative endeavors. 

This is just a break, TC will be back. So long as police terrorists act out, there will be much to write about. Until then, consider this blog archived... but it is not going anywhere. Targeting Cops fears NO man, not even the FBI! As always, all comments will be allowed and occasionally even responded to. That goes for racist, cop-loving comments. Spam will be ruthlessly deleted.     

Friday, August 14, 2015

Straight Outta Compton: New Film Portrays World's Most Ruthless Rap Group

Films and music are rarely covered here, but a very proper exception will be made in this case. Friday August 14th 2015 marks the nation-wide release of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON: an autobiographical film based on the most notorious and important Rap group ever, Niggaz With Attitude. N.W.A. were important because of their unflinching message of street life in 1980's Los Angeles. Many of the legendary group's songs spoke directly to life under racist, authoritarian rule for Black people in the ghettos of L.A., as well as for Blacks in America at large. Close to 30 years before Black Lives Matter, before "Stop 'n Frisk" policies were outted, police terror units cracked down on Occupy encampments with brutal calculation, The ruthless Rap group from Compton, CA told shouted tales of relentless police violence and terrorism. Theirs was a message few people wanted to hear back then. Nowadays it seems, folks can't get enough of it all. 

Classic Crew: N.W.A. back in da day. Left to right: Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E(rip), DJ Yella, and MC Ren.

Obviously, cops (being the out-right bastards that they all are) despised N.W.A. from the very beginning. And opportunistic worthless politicians (both Republican and Democrat, mostly White but some turncoat Blacks) did everything in their power to try and destroy the group and silence their truthful words. Racist, White America both loathed and feared them to no end... even though its suburban children were secretly falling in love with both N.W.A. and the burgeoning Gangsta Rap/West Coast Hip-Hop scene for which they helped pioneer. Even though they would last for only a 5-year period from 1986 to 1991, N.W.A. as a unit would prove to be the most influential Rap group ever, having released songs such as Straight Outta Compton, Fuk Da Police, and Alwayz Into Somethin', Theirs is a message that remains distressingly relevant to this day.

Watch the trailer for Straight Outta Compton HERE.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Murder of Michael Brown: One Year Ago Today

Before 'FERGUSON' became known to the entire world, John Crawford (in Beavercreek, OH) and Eric Garner (in Staten Island, NY) would both be slain by terrorist cops. Then, came the murder of 18 year old Michael Brown. Gunned down by a White cop while attempting to surrender, Mike Brown's death occurred on August 9th - one year ago today.

HIS death wasn't any more or less exceptional than all the others. His hadn't even been caught on camera, apparently. Folks were already angry. There was already a deep, visceral, unshakable sense that this country was deadly for a Black person's health. Wounds from the hyper-racialized, polarizing case of Trayvon Martin were still festering (as they continue to do so). Then there was that wretched, police choking murder of Garner - captured on Ramsey Orta's mobile device, it provided the world with a nauseating, trigger-inducing snuff short of police thugs killing an innocent man... from beginning to end, in HD quality. Yet, with the murder of Brown, the camel's back seemed to have been broken. Folks had enough. Enough of bastard-ass cops simply murdering Black people and being soo thoroughly protected by a system hardwired to racism and terrorist, authoritarian state-violence. Enough of a sense that in America, Black lives didn't matter - or not as much at least. With the death of Brown, people were beginning to call out that bullshit. An already burgeoning BLACK LIVES MATTER movement would go international... and this small, largely Black suburb of St. Louis would become a major flash-point!
Desperate times. A protester in Ferguson holds up this sign in the midst of fire and chaos. Peaceful street actions over the murder of Mike Brown would be met with the iron fist of militarized police gestapo. In the following months (and with more police murders and grand juries refusing to indict) this fiery scene would be repeated in multiple American cities.



The murders of other innocent Black people had of course happened, earlier in 2014, as in many years prior. Best cast scenario, families of victims might receive a settlement after years of fighting and (in more high-profile cases) national attention.  Rarely were killer cops ever held the least bit accountable. Rare was it for a cop to lost his sorry-ass job for killing and innocent person. And so far as serving actual time was concerned... well statically, that never happened (the one case of BART cop Johannas Mehserle, who murdered Oscar Grant on New Years 2009 in Oakland was a rare anomaly. But that outcome came about only after immense outrage and the burn of the national spot light. And even then, the son-of-a-bitch ended up serving less than two years).

With Brown's murder, the outcome remained mostly the same: Darren Wilson, the pig who killed Brown, would go on to not face any criminal charges, and would be fully "exonerated" by a grand jury. With the murder of Brown, another vile pig with blood on his hands had gotten away with it. However, the case would spark some very tangible actions for both Ferguson and the country as a whole. Again, the murder of Brown happened in the context of other high-profile killings, either by cops or racist vigilantes. But it wasn't just that. As Brown's killing would come to reveal, The city of Ferguson, MO didn't just have a severe police problem, but a severe government problem. As of 2014, Ferguson had a Black population of roughly 67%. Yet, the police force was virtually all White. The mayor, City Council, all judges, prosecutors, and all other city officials were White. In 1970, Ferguson was 99% White. However, the demographics would shift to near-polar opposite over the subsequent 40 years, as White-flight, red-lining, divestment, neglect, poverty, and at least a couple of economic depressions would take its toll. 

By 2014, Ferguson had become a largely poor, mostly Black town dominated by White supremacist rule. Residents faced never-ending siege by the Ferguson Police Gestapo (FPG), which acted as a straight-up local gang. In the wake of Brown's murder, a Dept. Of Justice investigation into how the city operated revealed that even in the majority Black city, racial disparities were wildly out of sync. 85% of all traffic stops, 88% of all use-of-force cases (state violence) 90% of all citations (extortion), 93% of all arrests were conducted against Black residents by the police regime. Innocent people were constantly harassed. Rights were routinely violated. More likely to be searched, with or without just cause, yet less likely to have drugs or weapons than Whites. More likely to be shot and killed by cops. Same goddamned story all over the country... but the situation was especially bad in Ferguson.

BUSTED! Mary Ann Twitty(right) seen here in this photo with former cop Darren Wilson(left). The stupid bitch was fired from her job as a Ferguson court clerk for sending racist emails. The photo was reportedly lifted from her facebook page.

That federal investigation also uncovered a barrage of racist emails swapped amongst cops that showed just what these animals really thought of Black people in general. The inquiry revealed a systemic, hard-wired pattern of racism that was casually practiced by both police and other city officials. Eventually, the released emails would result in the sacking of some cops and city employees. One of those fired city workers, Mary Ann Twitty, has since found herself a part-time temporary job in Vinita Park, another St. Louis suburb.

The local municipality itself worked hand-in-hand with the police to oppress the city's Black residents. Unreasonably high fines and citations over the most mundane infractions would be routinely levied against Blacks. In a city with already high unemployment, law-abiding people forced to take precious time of their jobs to meet court dates - which would get delayed or postponed. Those who couldn't pay extortion money to the White city Council had even more fines levied against them. Missed court dates over trivial matters would result in arrest warrants. People were forced to choice between working/eating/housing and doing the court's bidding. So when Mike brown was gunned down by pig Wilson for walking in a residential street on Aug. 9th 2014 with his hands up - his body left to lay in the street for four 1/2 hours - the people had had ENOUGH! 


Given the circumstances, it was no damned wonder people were fed up. Local citizens were now passionate activists. And in the center of it all were Brown's parents,  mother Lesslie McSpadden and father Michael Brown Sr. In November 2014, McSpadden and Brown Sr. traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to testify for a United Nations panel against torture and police state-violence. And state violence was certainly what citizens would come to face, as they protested Brown's murder. And this here was whens the situation really started to become real for everyone. Notoriously, the world would be treated to images of peaceful, unarmed marchers facing off against hyper-militarized police forces. The police were compiled from multiple agencies, including the Ferguson regime, St. Louis police, and Missouri state troopers. And they had every weapon of war afforded to police regimes at their disposal. Cops and police-planted agitators instigated chaos. Besieged crowds became rightfully violent. Mainstream media smeared everything as a "riot". And before long, people were drawing (understandable) comparisons between Ferguson and Fallujah. Indeed, the city was now resembling and occupied police/war zone.

Michael Brown Sr. and Lessie McSpadden, the father and mother of Mike Brown. Since Brown's murder, Brown Sr. and McSpadden have been tireless advocates for their slain son, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement.

Cops with military assault weapons and armored vehicles, harassing terrorizing unarmed local people. Police-installed agent provocateurs disguised as "protesters", as well as other non-residents brought into town to agitate chaos. Police thugs tear-gassing people at random, including journalists attempting to cover events on the ground. Not to mention the always predictable corporate mainstream media, taking a few isolated acts of criminal activity and smearing the entire event as "looting", "rioting", and "thuggery". And along with that, can always count on racist reactionaries, conservative commentators, worthless cop-apologists, and a virtual army of coward-ass online trolls to reliably do their part. But amid all of this, righteous activists, those who support Mike Brown and all victims of police terror, and most importantly - the people of Ferguson, MO itself have persevered and continue to do so! Marches were held on Sunday August 9th to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Brown's murder. As always, there were plenty of bastard-ass cops. There was even a shooting that occurred later in the evening, when cop thugs tried to claim yet another victim! But over-all, the focus stayed on the memory of Brown, Ferguson, and continuous call for justice.     

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Murder of John Crawford: One Year Later

2014 was something of a watershed year for police killings in America. Not to say that 2014 was exceptional (it wasn't, not by a long shot) As homicides, vicious assaults, rapes, extortion, property destruction, and other crimes by gangster terrorist cops are a common occurrence here in this Hellhole of a country. Every day, every year, going back hundreds of years since American police forces first began their original roles as armed militias and slave-catchers. Government thugs, granted legal status and protection, with badges and vast weaponry to carry out all manner of state violence.  

What's left of 2015 will be marked by a series of grim milestones. July 17th marked the one-year anniversary of the murder of Eric Garner. August 9th shall mark the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown's murder, which will be acknowledged here of course. But for now, we take time to remember John Crawford

On August 5th one year ago today, John Crawford the III was gunned down by by police thugs inside a Walmart store in Beavercreek, OH, as he went about his way shopping. Unlike in other police killings, no vague nuances exist here as to whether the victim allegedly ran afoul of the law, or minor traffic violation, or fled from police, disobeyed orders, got "uppity" or anything of the sort. Summoned by a racist cop-caller (since proven to be a LIAR), gang members of the Beavercreek Police Gestapo (BPG) opened fire within seconds of arriving in the store. They gave no orders, gave no allowance for Crawford to surrender himself, and displayed no concern for his life nor the lives of other people (including children) near by. These monsters (and make no mistake, the cops involved here are MONSTERS) simply executed him on the spot! John Crawford, 22, was doomed from the moment he left home on that day. He never had a change to survive, he just never had a chance. 

Even though Crawford's malice death by cops had largely been over-looked, at least on a national level - Targeting Cops has not ignored him. Several entries have been written him on here, including a report a grand jury's (predictable) failure to bring criminal indictments against the cops involved. That article can be read HERE. The most recent entry on Crawford' case was last month, as an update, and can be read HERE. Sadly, there was little news to have written about, other than an on-going civil suit by Crawford's family against the Beavercreek Police Terrorist regime, as well as the Walmart store at which Crawford's death had occurred.

Most of what you need to know about this case can be read in the links included above. There will also be a few links to key articles left at the end of this entry. For now, here are some more basics:

On that day, Crawford was reportedly toy-shopping for a young cousin when he picked up an unpackaged airsoft bb gun off the self in the toy ailse. Crawford was doing nothing the lest bit nefarious with this toy, other than holding it in his hand - as any shopper would. 

The two filthy cops who murdered Crawford are officers David M. Darkow and Sean C. Williams of the Beavercreek Police Terrorist regime. They were responding to a false 911 call made by another shopper. That cop-calling shooper is Ronald "Ty" Ritchie, an obese, racist neckbeard who has since admitted to knowingly LYING about Crawford having a weapon, loading it, and pointing it at others in the store. As officers Darkow and Williiams blew Craford away in a hail of bullets, a panic ensued and in that process another person named Angela Williams suffered a fatal heart attack. Williams, 37, and her two young children were the only other people in that toy aisle when cops opened fire. They were standing just mere yards away from Crawford and could just as easily have been shot themselves. Williams' death has since been ruled a homicide, along with that of Crawford's. 

This is where things in this case stand, one year later: police criminal thugs Williams and Darkow will never face criminal prosecution for taking John Crawford's life, nor directly causing the death of Angela Williams. And since Williams was the pig who fired the fatal shots, he was the only one who ever even faced a potential grand jury decision in the first place. The only (legal) recourse Crawford's family has had, was to file a federal civil suit against Beavercreek police terrorists, the city of Beavercreek, and the Walmart store in question. That suit was formally filed on December 16th 2014. It is unknown whether the family of A. Williams has initiated a similar wrongful death suit. To but frank, it has proven difficult to research any further info. regarding the deceased mother of two, and it appears that her surviving family has spent the last year stayed away from the media. Either that, or hardly anyone has bothered following up on this. A federal investigation is currently underway. The Cincinnati division of the FBI first launched their inquiry in the wake of last year's grand jury decision not to indict any of the pigs involved in Crawford's murder. The fed's probe into the shooting is embarking on a year. Yet, the head of Ohio's g-man branch - Angela Byers - has provided no details nor updates on the case. 

Pig Sean Williams has remained on desk duty since he gunned down Crawford last August. His dept. has said they will make a decision on the killer cop's fate, once that snail's pace of an FBI investigation is complete... whenever the Hell that will be. Until then, Williams will continue to enjoy his year's long paid vacation, with the full backing of his union and their lawyers. Pig David Darkow is unfortunately back on the streets, and remains as much a public menace as ever. Meanwhile, the Crawford family and supporters have commemorated the one-year anniversary of his murder. 

As for the racist sack-of-shit who called 911 in the first place...
... Many issues with this case remain frustratingly unresolved. Many questions remains unanswered. Among a few of those questions is:

- Why would Crawford, with a fucking bb gun, have been soo hastily shot in an otherwise open and carry state?

- Why has there been soo little media attention on this, one of the most egregious cases of police murder in 2014?

- And why has obese neckbeard Ronald Ritchie NOT been arrested and charged with (at the very least) filing a false 911 report and lying to police YET??? This coward has the blood of two innocent people on his hands, yet he has (thus far) managed to elude all responsibility. Ritchie's exact whereabouts are unknown at this point, as he like remains in hiding. There has been a renewed call for Ritchie to be prosecuted, however. 

One year later, Crawford's death still under review - HERE.

One year later, family still awaits justice - HERE

Action for John Crawford facebook page - HERE.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Black Cincinnati Motorist Murdered, White Cop INDICTED!

The horror continues with yet another senseless murder of a totally innocent Black man, at the filthy hands of a White cop! However, this particular act of police terror stands out for the rarity of its immediate outcome. The dirty, rotten-ass pig involved is actually facing murder charges!

On Sunday July 19th 2015 Samuel DuBose was driving in Cincinnati, OH when he was pulled over by a bastard-ass pig known as officer Ray Tensing. Tensing, 33, of the University of Cincinnati Police Gestapo (UCPG), had pulled DuBose over for allegedly not having a front license plate. Tensing grills Dubose about the plate, a bottle of alcohol lying on the passenger side floor, and demands to see a drivers license. Dubose says that the front tag was in the glove compartment and that the car is his wife's. He also hands Tensing the bottle of alcohol, which is clearly unopened. DuBose says that he may not have his license on him, but asks the cop to run his name instead. Up to this point the situation is relatively calm. Then suddenly (in typical cop behavior), Tensing becomes agitated and attempts to enter the vehicle - instantly ramping things up to a violent and fatal conclusion. Now knowing his life is in grave danger, DuBose turns on his car engine, at which point Tensing shoots him in the head.

The Honda Accord DuBose was driving sputters off for perhaps half a block, before coming to a stop on the sidewalk at the end of the block. The engine still running and surrounded by terrorist cops with guns drawn, DuBose is already dead. He was 43 years old.    

Sam DuBose pictured here. Rest In Peace...

REVENGE! Former officer Ray Tensing, pictured here.

Tensing LIES, claiming that he was nearly run over. He gives a slightly different story later on, claiming he was being dragged by the car. This isn't the first time these pigs have used such excuses. However, the body-mounted camera on Tensing's person contradicts his claims. Since released to the public and having gone viral, the body cam footage clearly shows Tensing shooting DuBose in the head while the car is still idle. By the time the car starts moving, its driver is already deceased. Tensing's safety was never in the least bit of danger. 

On Wednesday July 29th, now former officer Tensing was indicted for the senseless murder of Sam DuBose. A rare step in yet another case of a cop being caught up in his LIES! Three other cops on the scene that day are on paid leave/vacation. However, they are currently not facing criminal charges, even though they also LIED to cover Tensing's sorry ass. These worthless pigs have been identified as:
officer David Lindenschmidt
officer Phillip Kidd 
officer Eric Weibel

Lindenschmidt, Kidd, and Weibel were all taken off duty the following day after Tensing's indictment was announced. Tensing himself appeared in court that Thursday, in a black and white jail suit, and plead 'not guilty' to charges of felony murder and involuntary manslaughter. No word yet on whether the other cops will face charges for deliberately engaging in a cover-up

Another grieving family: Aubrey DuBose, brother to Sam DuBose, consoles their mother Audrey during a news conference.

Incredibly (but probably not surprisingly), Tensing was involved in another heated traffic stop just last year! It has been revealed that in May of 2014, thug Tensing pulled over two men - both Black. Tensing demands to see both their ids. One of those men, a passenger since identified as Demetrius Pace, asserted that it was his right to refuse id, as he was simply a passenger and was not accused of any crime (of which he was absolutely correct). Pace and driver Sexton Henley argue with Tensing, accusing him of harassing them and being 'incompetent' in general... OUCH! Tensing had reportedly pulled the men over because of a so-called "cracked bumper"... an aesthetic issue which otherwise is not known to impede a vehicle's performance, let along run afoul of any known traffic laws.  But such is very often the case when being racially targeted in police-occupied Cincinnati. Pace was also smart enough to have recorded the tense encounter on his mobile device. Eventually, Tensing's supervisor shows up and let's the two men go about their way, without charge. 

INCOMPETENT! Thug cop Tensing captured in this video still from a May 2014 stop, in which he attempts to deprive two other Black men of their rights, before a supervisor intervenes.

KNOWING YOUR RIGHTS! Cincinnati resident Demedrius Pace pictured here. Pace and cousin/driver Sexton Henley, were pulled over by (future killer) Tensing in May 2014 over an alleged "cracked bumper". Pace recorded the indecent - a wise move which likely aided in saving both his and Henley's lives on that day.

Not surprisingly, sack-of-shit cop Ray Tensing has a violent history. Hopefully, this dangerous criminal will be convicted for what he's done. Lock his ass away FOR LIFE! No possibility of parole. 

UPDATE/CORRECTION: It has been recently reported that an analysis was conducted on that supposed bottle of alcohol/gin that so peaked Tensing's interests in the first place. Turns out, the contents of the bottle were actually air freshener! An interesting detail to know, but ultimately is irrelevant. That bottle could have been filled with gin, air freshener, or rat poison - makes not a damned bit of difference. That fact is, Sam Dubose - like Sandra Bland before him and many others before them - were law-abiding citizens whom had done nothing wrong. These people were simply trying to get from one place to another, as every human being has the right to do. And yet, they were robbed of their right to be left alone, robbed of their humanity, and ultimately... robbed of their lives. 

No cop, no government agent employed to enforce the law, has the authority to simply murder someone over a pissant traffic violation! No cop has the authority to murder someone for asserting their rights! No cop has the authority to murder someone just for attempting to run away! Any cop who kills another person without just cause should be fired right away, charged with homicide, tried, and if convicted, sentenced accordingly!