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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ferguson Reduced to POLICE WAR ZONE!

 18 year old Michael Brown Jr. was ruthlessly gunned down by a filthy goddamned COWARD of a cop on Saturday August 9th 2014. Since then, it would be safe to say that ALL HELL has broken loose in Ferguson, Missouri!


Targeting Cops first covered the senseless murder of Michael Brown several days ago. And in the week following Brown's murder at the hands of a Ferguson cop, a Hell of a lot has been happening (and is still happening) in the St. Louis suburb of 21,100 residents.

To begin with, the bastard-ass cop who gunned Brown down has been officially identified as officer Darren Wilson - said to be a six-year gang member of the Ferguson Police Gestapo (FPG). The FPG has withheld Wilson's name for days, giving protection and anonymity to a wanton killer, while at the same time further fueling the anger and frustration of citizens who were finally fed up with years of police harassment, injustice, and killings. 

While Brown's dead body laid in the street exposed for more than four hours last Saturday afternoon, the police regime of Ferguson protected the killer's identity and continued to do so for the next seven days. Fed-up residents have been demonstrating in the streets of Ferguson every day since Brown's murder, and one of their greatest demands was that the bastard's name be released. That finally happened on Friday Aug. 15th, when Ferguson police Chief piggy Thomas Jackson announced Wilson's name during what was likely the most anticipated press conference of the year, so far. 

Fat, ugly, white-haired Ferguson police chief Thomas "Bubba" Jackson seen here, during a Friday press conference in which he names officer Wilson, and also makes fresh accusations of "robbery" against a dead Michael Brown.

Here he is: Racist, sadistic peckerwood Ferguson pig Darren Wilson seen here. This photo was posted onto his dad's facebook page back in Feb. 2014. Here, John Wilson is congratulating his future killer of a son, whom had just received a police commendation during this time. Six months later, he would gun down an innocent, defenseless, college-bound teenager in the street.

Even though the killer cop's name was officially made public during Friday's press conference, neither piggy Wilson, nor his murder of an unarmed teenager were the focus. Instead, chief piggy Jackson spent most of his time talking about Michael Brown and fresh (brand new) accusations of Brown having been a suspect in some "strong-armed robbery" just minutes before being killed. WHAT?! GTFO! 

So, seven days go by and the official word from both Ferguson, as well St. Louis Co. police regimes had been that - Brown was fighting with [officer] Wilson to try and get his gun. Wilson shot Brown in self-defense. That's what Ferguson and St. Louis Co. police had been saying since Sunday Aug. 10th. Now ALL OF A SUDDEN, these filthy, repulsive, low-down dirty-ass pigs change their story completely. NOW they are saying that Brown and [friend] Dorin Johnson were suspects in a so-called "robbery" at a convenience store that had taken place just minutes prior to Wilson and Brown encountering one another. None of this shit had been mentioned prior to Friday Aug. 15th. So just how convenient it is that Ferguson police suddenly decide to mention Brown (and Johnson) being "robbery suspects", right after Wilson's name is announced! Funny how they never mentioned this before. 

Calling bullshit: Grainy footage of [what police say] was Brown roughing up a small man at a nearby corner store. However, little can be decerned from these poor quality stills. Plus, it cannot even be confirmed that the larger individual in these shots is in fact Brown. Also, no actual video has yet been released... only these cheap-ass stills. These cops are all full of SHIT!
  View image on Twitter

So the spin is in: the police are doing what they can to skew things in their favor, and that of course involves a lot of victim-shaming. And true to form as always, corporate zionist mainstream media ades and abets in whatever heinous propaganda law enforcement puts out. Indeed, racist bias in media abounds thoroughly! It was certainly true with Trayvon Martin, when right-wingers, cop-apologists, and racists in general amped up a relentless, fanatical smear campaign, portraying Martin as a "thug" who some how brought upon his own death. It was true right here in Portland when [currently sitting] mayor CharLIE Hales once smeared police murder victim Keaton Otis as a "gang member". It is true in every case where a Person of Color is killed by these police monsters. And the police have been working very hard to smear Brown before his body was even carried away. 

But let's make one thing perfectly clear (and this is for the so-called "liberals" out there and their never-ending quest to find the "perfect" victim) - NO ONE deserves to be gunned down in the street! Whether Brown was on his way to college or robbing a store, it is irrelevant... NO ONE DESERVES TO BE GUNNED DOWN IN THE STREET!!!  

It's happening: A despaired protester holds up a sign for cameras, whilst heavily armed, militarized police gestapo stand in the background.

Fallujah? Nah, just Ferguson: Another peaceful protester stands with hands up, facing down militarized police gestapo. 

American war zone: Militarized Ferguson police gestapo launched tear gas attacks against peaceful demonstrators. 

But even before Friday's shameful press conference, Ferguson, MO has already been through Hell, with more to come. Violent gang members from both Ferguson and St. Louis Co. police regimes dressed up in heavy armor, green fatigues, gas masks, and kevlar helmets to wage an armed offensive against peaceful protesters. These monsters utilized military assault weapons, anti-personnel vehicles, rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, and hundreds of canisters of tear gas to crush demonstrations. Police terrorists have also enforced martial law, imposing night-time curfews and setting up armed checkpoints at virtually every intersection in town. Ferguson has very much been under absolute police siege since Sun. Aug. 10th - the day after Brown's murder. The police have used the excuse of "looters" and other sporadic alleged acts of criminality for the extreme measures. But even if there have been a small number of opportunists who've taken advantage of an extremely dramatic situation, that fact is that the overwhelming majority of people in Ferguson have been peaceful and nonviolent. Residents have still expressed their anger, as they are well justified to do so. 

FUCK COPS! Brave defiance, in the face of police-state terrorism!

This sort of behavior is very typical of state authoritarians in despotic regimes from other countries. Places such as Egypt, Israel, Sri lanKa, Honduras, Brazil, and Bahrain, have all provided very recent examples of state-police thugs self-militarizing, attacking peaceful activists, firing tear gas indiscriminately, erecting blockades, and enforcing lock-downs and curfews - wildly out of proportion to a miniscule number of sporadic criminal acts. 

OH, and ARRESTING JOURNALISTS, YEAH! That's another thing state-police thugs tend to do a lot of in common dictatorships... very typical, very predictable. It also happens to be what the Ferguson police-gestapo did in the past week. On Wednesday Aug. 13th as gestapo-police goons were busy busting up gatherings and firing tear gas at women and children, these sadistic monsters also decided to take a couple of journalists as well. Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post and Ryan J. Reilly of the Huffington Post were both unjustly arrested by armor-clad SWAT thugs while they were filing their reports inside a local McDonalds. Lowery himself tweeted that he was slammed into a soda machine by cops. Reason given for this thuggish act of police violence was basically, that the reporter wasn't, "obeying orders fast enough". Additionally, an Al-Jazeera camera crew was attacked by police. The crew had their cameras taken and were forced to flee tear gas attacks.  

Ryan Reilly, a reporter for Huffington Post, was also arrested in a McDonald's in Ferguson
The two journalists had been working together in the fast food restaurant when a SWAT team entered

The extreme militarized response of authorities there was by no means an anomaly. In fact, fascist police regimes in virtually every U.S. city - from large metropolises to small villages - possess the capacity to wage a military siege against citizens (& journalists) the way they have in Ferguson. That's because the U.S. govt. and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have been making its military surplus available local police regimes all over the country for years. So the utter militarization of police thugs in Ferguson has been very much by design, with the govt. being implicit in this design. 

Actually, it's all very similar to how the imperial American govt. has been arming (and funding) fascist state-police regimes in other countries for decades!  

Embedded image permalink

This is not nearly the end. Ferguson is [literally] burning right now and this has been a long time coming. What people must understand is that what is happening in this modest St. Louis suburb right now is not only by design, but this shit can happen anywhere and has happened in many places, already! In order to save their own lives, citizens need to ARM THEMSELVES against all forms of aggression which threatens their lives and safety. Forget what the so-called "law" is - laws are designed to disenfranchise and disarm people! WHY do you think there are soo damned many "laws" to begin with??? So many laws, so many reasons/pretexts for police to stop/harass/kill people!!! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

McBride Killer Found GUILTY!

The ruthless, gruesome shotgun murder of Renishia McBride had initially been addressed by Targeting Cops back in November 2013. TC revisited the McBride case again in May this year with an update regarding her killer's [then] upcoming trial. Now, for some good news: McBride's murderer has been found GUILTY

After a trial lasting about three weeks, the cowardly sniveling killer of McBride - Theodore Wafer - was found guilty of 2nd degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, and a felony weapons charge. The verdict was handed down on Thursday August 7th 2014. Wafer's sentencing date has been scheduled for between Aug. 25th, according to Wayne County prosecutors.  

Brief recap, many of you should know the details by now: On late night November 1st 2013 Renisha McBride - a 19 year old Black woman - was heading back home from a friend's house. The entire incident took place in Dearborn Heights, MI, a suburb of Detroit. At some point McBride, who was legally drunk at the time, had lost control of her car and crashed. She survived, but was dazed, bloody, and had sustained a head injury. She exited her vehicle and walked in the dark for several hours until she ended up on the doorstep of Ted Wafer's house at around 4:30am that morning. Wafer awoke to McBride knocking or banging on his front door. McBride was injured, confused, and was seeking any sort of help. However, when Wafer opened his steel front door and saw McBride, instead of helping a startled, dazed, and injured young woman, he took the Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun he already had in his hand, pointed it at McBride's head, and blew her away without a moment's second thought. He shot her through a screen door, which hadn't been open. 

Wafer waited a little while before deciding he would bother calling 911. When police and emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they found McBride lying in the front yard, a few feet away from the front porch - dead - with part of her face destroyed. 

Wafer wasn't arrested right away. In fact it would be nearly two weeks before that happened, and then only due to insurmountable community outrage. The pisspoor excuse Wafer initially provided authorities was that his gun had gone off "accidentally". But he changed his story once he discovered that Michigan had a "Stand-Your-Ground" law, a week and a lawyer later. Now this racist monster was claiming "self-defense"; claiming that he was in fear of his life from this petite, 100+ pound 19 yr-old woman. Wafer was probably thinking: if it worked for (POS)Zimmerman, it should work for him too. And honestly, who could have blamed him for thinking such a thing? 

Well, it didn't work! Shortly after Wafer was [finally] taken into custody in mid Nov. 2013, he was indicted on charges of 2nd degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, and a felony weapons violation. His murder trial began on July 21st and he was convicted of those charges on Aug. 7th. Wafer is now awaiting sentencing in which he could possibly face up to life in prison... GOOD! Upon listening to the verdict being announced in court, Renisha's parents - Monica McBride and Walter Simmons, were relieved that they finally were able to see some measure of justice for their daughter.

“I wanted justice. “You know, looking at him to know that justice needs to be served. You did cold-blooded murder. That was murder! That was no accident. That was not self-defense. He did murder!” - Monica McBride, Renisha's mother, giving a statement after hearing Wafer's guilty verdict in court.

“He was a cold-blooded killer. He didn't even know her. She was a beautiful young lady, you know. She had things going for her.” - Walter Simmons, Renisha's father,  commenting on the guilty verdict of his daughter's murderer. 

Justice for her daughter: Renisha's mother Monica McBride gives a tearful statement during a post-verdict press conference.

Renisha's father, Walter Simmons, speaking to reporters back in Nov. 2013, after criminal charges were filed against his daughter's murderer. 

Racist chump... look at you NOW: killer Ted Wafer listens to the evidence that would eventually be used to convict his sorry peckerwood ass during a court hearing back in the Spring. 

Patrick Muscat, assistant prosecutor in Wafer's murder trial, presents his closing arguments in a Detroit courtroom on Aug. 6th. 

Athina Siringas, asst. prosecutor, delivers closing arguments in Wafer's murder trial. 

She gave it her best 'shot': Wafer's defense attorney Cheryl Carpenter holds up a screen door in a vain attempt to try and convince a jury of her client's innocence. So much for THAT!

It has been reported that Wafer was shocked at his conviction. And of course he was - a White man having actually been found guilty under criminal court of law for shooting a Black woman is infact pretty goddamned shocking. Considering that the prosecution team (save for Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy) is White, as well as the jury (of Wafer's own peers, assuming, since Blacks are so rarely ever allowed on juries). And also considering the track record of this miserable so-called "democracy" in which we all find ourselves ensnared. Frankly, he's not the only one who was shocked. Wafer's lawyer, Cheryl Carpenter, has decried that even a 15-year prison sentence would essentially be a "death" sentence for her chickenshit client... given his age (Wafer is 55. 15 years would not be a fucking death sentence, so his lawyer can STFU). 

Well here's hoping Wafer doesn't even last that long. Hopefully his sorry peckerwood ass will end up getting beaten to death within his first year in prison - and he would deserve it too!


Aw shucks: newly minted jailbird Wafer bemoans his lot in life, after listening to a jury hand down his guilty verdict. Maybe the Aryan Brotherhood will protect him in prison.   

In remembrance of Renisha... 


That Renisha McBride's killer would not only see his day in court, but actually be CONVICTED of her murder is a rare moment of American justice, indeed. That said, moments such as this should never be taken for granted. When police arrived at Theodore Wafer's home on Nov. 2nd 2013 and found a dead young woman laying in his lawn with part of her face missing, they did not arrest him right away. Not even the next day. Wafer hadn't been arrested and charged with a crime until Nov. 15th - damn near two weeks after the fact. And even then, only after much pressure from local citizens, as well as a shitload of national coverage. Wafer was a piece of White trash and he was afforded every benefit of doubt. Even now, people should not breath a sigh of relief because who knows what this bastard's sentence will be...
And just think about this... what if Wafer had been a goddamned cop...

The FACT is, Whites who murder people of color, are then arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to lengthy prison terms is FUCKING RARE! And as far as cops themselves ever seeing significant prison time for murdering POC... 
At the time of this latest blog's entry, 18 year old Michael Brown would have just been murdered by a filthy pig-beast (since identified as officer Darren Wilson) in Ferguson, MO. Just a few days later, Dante Parker would be tasered to death by cop thugs in Victorville, CA. Just a few weeks prior, Eric Garner would be choked to death by rabid police monsters in NYC. 
This year saw the fourth anniversaries of the murders of Portland residents Aaron Campbell and Keaton Dupree Otis. Scars over the racist murders of Trayvon Martin, Aiyana Jones, and Oscar Grant haven't healed yet. And Lovelle Mixon, Maurice Clemmons, and Christopher Dorner are among the few martyrs/heroes citizens have to look to for inspiration.  

Pretty damning article published on DeadSpin shortly after Michael Brown's murder on Aug. 7th. Read here:

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Protests/Outrage Follow Cop MURDER of 18 Yr. Old

Well it's happened yet again. 

An innocent young man has been executed by police terrorists, this time in Ferguson, Missouri. The innocent victim has been identified as Michael Brown - 18 years old. He had just graduated high school, and was set to begin technical college classes this week. Brown's murder took place in Ferguson, MO, a suburb of St. Louis. He was mercilessly gunned down by a gang member of the Ferguson Police Gestapo (FPG). Brown's murder had taken place on Saturday, August 9th 2014. The filthy piece-of-shit cop who killed Brown has not been identified as of yet. But here is one very familiar theme: the cop is White. The victim was Black. 

Too fucking young: Michael Brown seen here in this recent photo. 18 yr. old Brown had just graduated high school, and was scheduled to begin college classes just days before he would be gunned down by a racist, bastard-ass cop. The cop remains unidentified.  

There are some conflicting details regarding this latest police murder. The so-called "official" police report/spin/propaganda/ass-covering, was that Brown had "fought" the officer inside said officer's patrol car and attempted to grab the officer's firearm, and thus [Brown] had been shot by the officer in self-defense. As an 18 year-old kid who just had his high school graduation and was about to begin college courses, attacking a heavily armed cop inside his own patrol vehicle and attempting to grab said pig's gun - that makes "perfect sense".

But as we all know from just as recently as the Eric Garner murder... COPS FUCKING LIE!!! According to various citizen witnesses and his own friends, here's what most likely ACTUALLY happened: Brown, along with his friend Dorian Johnson, were walking along the middle of a residential road with few if any other vehicles. The two were suddenly approached by an unidentified cop in a patrol car, who immediately met the two youths with hostilities - ordering them to "Get the fuck on the sidewalk!" One of the youths replied that they were simply heading to Brown's grandmother's house and were but a minute away from their destination. After this the cop sped up, made a sharp u-turn, doubled back, and drove at the two - stopping just short of running them both over. The cop then violently swung open his driver side door (using it as a weapon) which actually had hit Brown. This cop then reached his arm out and physically grabbed Brown by the neck, attempting to force him into the car. Brown managed to yank himself free, at which point the cop exited his vehicle with his gun drawn. The two youths immediately surrendered, putting their hands up. Despite this the cop began firing his weapon at them. Brown and Johnson fled for their lives, with the cop giving chase. At some point Brown was hit once by gunfire. Brown then halted and partially collapsed, but still holding both hands up yelling that he was unarmed. The cop then shot Brown several more times, killing him. Johnson continued to flee, barely saving his own life. Reportedly, the reason Brown and Johnson had initially garnered the attention of this cop was that they were indeed... walking in the street

Like seriously, this was their "crime"... walking in the middle of a residential street on a Sat. night. For this, Brown had been shot eight times and Johnson had to witness his friend's execution. 

Scared he was going to die: Michael Brown's friend Dorian Johnson seen here. Johnson was with Brown when they were both attacked and fired upon by a violent gang member of the Ferguson Police Gestapo on Aug. 9th. Brown was shot and killed. Johnson managed to escape with his life. 

This account came from Johnson himself, a direct eyewitness who was also being shot at. Several other witnesses have also corroborated Johnson's account of what really went down that Sat. night. Listen to and watch Johnson's account HERE. After Brown was killed, his dead body was left in the street for more than four hours. Brown's mother Lesley McSpadden was prevented from seeing her own son, and racist police officials refused to even provide her with any information. 

Brown's grieving mother Lesley McSpadden(left) seen here being consoled by her husband Louis Head. 
Lesley McSpadden, left, is comforted by her husband, Louis Head, after her 18-year-old son, Michael Brown was shot and killed by police in the middle of the street in Ferguson, Mo., near St. Louis on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014.

Michael Brown Sr.(left) seen here holding a photo of his son. 

Terrorist skinhead gang members of the St. Louis County police Gestapo stand guard with automatic assault weapons during neighborhood protests following Brown's murder Sat. night.
AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, David Carson

Local residents peacefully gather at the crime scene where Brown was gunned down by a Ferguson police thug on Sat. Aug. 9th.
AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, David Carson

News of Michael Brown's murder swiftly spread throughout Ferguson, resulting in emotional and heated protests. Gang members of both the Ferguson police gestapo and the St. Louis County police gestapo responded to what had been initially peaceful demonstrations, with violence and shock tactics. Reportedly, some individuals had taken it upon themselves to engage in sporadic acts of alleged looting Saturday and Sunday night. Despite this, reactions to the racist murder of Brown were largely peaceful, and any violence that had taken place was on the part of occupying police terrorists. By Monday Aug. 11th, virtually all of Ferguson was an Occupied Police Zone (OPZ). Heavily armed police gestapo were using tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful protesters that same day.  

Mainstream corporate media has already done its part to not only protect the criminal police elements of St. Louis Co., but also put a racist spin on the entire situation. This was done primarily by smearing residential protests as "riots", and over-emphasizing [alleged] acts of looting and localized yet isolated property damage. However, let it be crystal clear about what has happened in Ferguson - an innocent 18 yr. old who had committed NO crime and was a threat to NO one, was ruthlessly murdered by a goddamned cop. This filthy pig's identity remains protected by the local authorities, for the time being. All that has been mentioned regarding this criminal officer, is that he is White and has been placed on "administrative leave" (i.e. paid vacation).  

It is very much worth noting that in this Ferguson racist killing, several references to Trayvon Benjamin Martin have been made. That is because even though 17 year old Trayvon was visiting with family in Sanford FL when he was hunted and murdered by racist vigilante coward George Zimmerman in Feb. 2012, his father Tracy Martin had once been a resident of the city of St. Louis. In the wake of Brown's murder, Tracy Martin has called for calm for the city of Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis. Also Benjamin Crump, the attorney who had represented Martin's family, has now been retained by Michael Brown's family. There are also several other similar ties between the Martin and Brown murders, which have been pointed out. 

Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump has been hired to represent the family Michael Brown. Crump is best known for representing Trayvon Martin's family.

A parent's pain: Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, parents of Trayvon Martin, have reached out to Michael Brown's family in the wake of this latest racist police murder.

St. Louis Co. police chief piggy Jon Belmar LIES to reporters over Brown's murder. Belmar has refused to release the name of the police thug who murdered Brown.

It is also worth noting that Ferguson, MO has a serious fucking racism problem in regards to its residents and the police regime. Ferguson has an estimated population of over 21,100 residents. Of this, 67% are Black. The police force there - the Ferguson Police Gestapo (FPG) is nearly all White. And apparently, almost none of these cops even lives within the St. Louis suburb itself. It has also been reported that a number of Ferguson police gang members are Southern transplants, so that all but guarantees that they are racist! 

Let's seen how this one plays out... 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Garner's Death Officially Ruled HOMICIDE

The torture and murder of Eric Garner by NY pig-monsters had initially been covered here just under two weeks ago.

NOW it is official. On Friday August 1st, a New York medical examiner's office has concluded that Garner's death was indeed A HOMICIDE! 

Garner's family, as well as many activists, have demanded from the beginning criminal charges be brought against the pig most responsible for Garner's death - placing him into an illegal choke hold while he and other pigs attempted to arrest Garner for allegedly selling untaxed "loosey" cigarettes. Now that a medical examiner's office has determined from autopsy results that the victim's death was a homicide, citizens are now awaiting news that officer Daniel Pantaleo will actually be charged with murder under criminal court of law.   

Killer cop: racist pig-bastard Daniel Pantaleo seen here. Since being involved in Eric Garner's death on July 17th, Pantaleo has been stripped of both his gun and badge pending investigation. On Aug. 1st a coroner's office determined that Garner's death was homicide.  Activists, as well as Garner's family, are pushing for criminal charges.

Meanwhile, the New York City Gestapo (NYCG) are doubling-down on their efforts of terrorism and intimidation. Ramsey Orta, the man who first captured the infamous video recording of Garner's violent arrest/murder, has himself been arrested by NY terrorists cops on some bogus "weapons" charge! The unjustified revenge arrest occurred on Saturday Aug. 2nd, the day after Garner's autopsy results had been announced (wonderful timing).

Clearly, Orta's arrest is nothing more than naked payback for putting a spotlight on the criminal actions of NY cop thugs. But detaining Orta wasn't enough, so they went after his wife as well! Orta's wife Chrissie Ortiz was falsely arrested on a bogus "assault" charge on Tuesday Aug. 5th

Police revenge: Chrissie Ortiz speaks to her husband Ramsey after having been arraigned on bullshit weapons charges on Monday Aug. 4th. Ortiz herself would be taken by police thugs the following day on a bullshit "assault" charge. Ortiz and her husband have both insisted that they have been intimidated and harassed by police thugs since Garner's murder.

Paying the price: citizen cop-watcher Ramsey Orta being taken into custody by NY police thugs on Aug. 2nd. They would then go after his wife Chrissie on Aug. 5th. Both arrests occurred within blocks of where Garner was murdered.

Ramsey Orta explaining the attack on Eric Garner from the NYPD

Orta's family claims that he has been subjected to continuous intimidation by NY police terrorists since Garner's murder in July. 

This of course is not the first time that police thugs have retaliated against citizens who've video-recorded altercations between people and police. In fact, it is very common for cops to illegally confiscate citizen's cameras of mobile devices - illegal because courts have ruled over and over that recording police actions being conducted in public - whether video or audio - is in fact legal. Many court cases have arisen from various states that have successfully challenged cop's authority to not have their actions recorded by common citizens - including a lawsuit here in Portland, OR. from several years ago.  

Despite all of this however, terrorist police thugs have continued to violate citizen's civil and First Amendment rights. And it's not just Ramsey Orta either - citizens all over the country are still getting arrested for recording on-duty cops.

And it's worth noting btw, how both Orta and his wife Ortiz have been swiftly arrested on trumped up "weapons" and "assault" charges (respectively) and are immediately having to bear the full brunt of the judicial Matrix - including shaming perp walks, immediate incarceration, tens of thousands in bail, indictment, endless court dates, the prospect of years in prison (and all of the associated side-penalties which prison time involves), post-prison supervision, fines, fees, life as a second/third-class citizen, etc. It all really is the sort of thing one spends the very rest of his/her life paying for.

 One's "debt" to society... it is never truly paid for. Not in this fucked up country. 

But Daniel Pantaleo on the other hand... this repulsive piece-of-shit cop, this THUG, he places an unarmed innocent man in an asphyxiating chokehold - BANNED from use within the NY police regime since 1993 - resulting in that man's THUG. But so far, the repercussions suffered by officer Pantaleo have been: he was placed on desk duty and he has been relinquished of his badge and police-issued handgun. And he is still getting his paycheck while he is on "desk duty", whatever the fuck that is, so Pantaleo is really on paid vacation for the time being.       

It could've been him: a local Staten Island resident and activist holds up a sign depicting Garner, moments before his death.

Rest in Peace, brother - Garner's funeral. Officer Pantaleo deserves to have his funeral for this. 

Enough is ENOUGH! Local resident and protester expresses his outrage at yet another innocent man having been brutalized and executed by racist THUG cops in his neighborhood.