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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Marshal Rapes Woman In COURTHOUSE, Then ARRESTS Her In Front of Judge!


What we have here is one of the most HORRIFYING acts of brazen police terrorism, as well as sheer neglect of justice ever captured on video... and there's been soo damned much of it captured on video already, it is impossible for one to keep up! The following video is hard to watch. It was hard for ME to watch. It may be particularly wrenching for anyone who's ever been a victim of sexual assault, especially at the filthy grubby mitts of vile, disgusting cops!

Monica Contreras, a 28 year old woman who was attending a Las Vegas family court (i.e. not criminal) on a routine divorce preceding - two year old daughter in hand - in August 2011 was suddenly and without provocation nor reason, subjected to an illegal, CRAZY illegal drug search by Marshal/officer/rapist pig Ron Fox. Contreras had only been in court for several minutes, when she was ordered, by Fox, into a waiting room where Fox riffled [illegally] through her belongings for "drugs". It was then that Fox preceded to molest and pretty much RAPE Contreras, groping her buttock and breasts and demanding that she undress. 

Now not with-standing the rape and molestation, to be perfectly clear, it is absolutely ILLEGAL to conduct an arbitrary drug search on someone without context (reason). NEVER MIND the fact that each and every single courthouse in the country (especially the ones in Las Vegas!!!) have security with metal detectors, with machines that search people's personal items for weapons and contraband, and that it is impossible for virtually every citizen to enter any courthouse without having to subject to such security measures - rightly or wrongly. It is also ILLEGAL for a male officer to conduct any search (let fucking alone one that's already illegal) on a female, alone, with no one else present. For these two criminal violations alone, Fox should have been suspended without pay immediately!   

From there it gets worse, unimaginably so. When Contreras is lead back into the courtroom, she immediately protests to judge PATRICIA DONINGER about what had just taken place. Now you'd think any judge, especially a female judge, would take charge and sort out this situation right away. Instead, the OPPOSITE happens. Putting aside her SEXUAL ASSAULT for just a moment, Contreras asks Judge Doninger WHY she couldn't have been searched by a female officer instead. Now there is no video of the actual assault/molestation/rape that took place, since it occurred in another room (though Contreras' allegations were indeed validated by a later investigation). However, you can clearly see from the video the actions that took place in the courtroom itself. What follows is unbelievable and out-right bizarre, as Judge Doninger IGNORES the victim's pleas, pretending instead to play with the two year old girl. It was at this moment that piggy rapist Ron Fox begins to ARREST Contreras! 

Contreras pleads with the judge, as well as a particularly obese Marshal James Kenyon, asking repeated WHY she is being arrested. Fox accuses HER of making "false allegations"!!!
The the pigs in the courtroom, both the rapist Fox and morbidly obese Marshal Kenyon , give Contreras the "ultimatum" of recanting her allegations before the court or going to jail. She momentarily submits, but as soon as she approaches a courtroom microphone, Contreras reasserts her charges that she had been assaulted by Fox. It was then that she was arrested, illegally, while judge Doninger LITERALLY turns her goddamn back on a rape victim, continuing to fool around with Contreras' daughter! Contreras' own daughter sees what is happening, and approaches these filthy-ass pigs, demanding they not take away her mother, in the way that only a two year old child could. 

Contreras continues begging, crying, and pleading with Doninger, as she is being taken away in handcuffs. Her daughter was subsequently kidnapped by other court authorities, and placed into state custody. 

Charges against Monica Contreras were dropped shortly there-after, OBVIOUSLY. Two months after she was victimized, Contreras files a complaint with Court Marshal Internal Affairs. After a six-month investigation, Fox was fired. But to this very day, he faces NO criminal charges - not for the assault, nor the false arrest. He's since lawyer'ed up himself, and is now the miserable piece-of-shit is suing the county there for "wrongful termination". But as fucking always, this goes far beyond just one asshole cop. There are widespread allegations now that numerous court employees deliberately engaged in a COVER-UP of Contreras' case. Not only that, but many other allegations of marshals viciously abusing citizens have surfaced. 

Meanwhile, Patricia Doninger continues to "serve" as a family court judge in Clark County, NV. The fucking cowardly bitch ought to be DISBARRED RIGHT AWAY! But in addition, she should also be brought up on criminal charges of aiding and abetting. None of this has come to pass, of course. And as it stands now, Contreras is suing Clark Country and its courts, along with Fox, Kenyon, and Doninger. Here's hoping for an outcome with some measure of resolve... 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Gun Nuts Saving Up To Buy Zimmerman Another Gun?!

Child-Murdering freak George "Peckerwood" Zimmerman is undoubtedly one of the most HATED sub-human creatures in America right now, and rightfully so. That said, he has many supporters. Though a sad commentary upon this even sadder and depraved country, it can be safely said that virtually ALL of GZ's "supporters" are White racist chicken-shit fuckwits who would just as well cut his goddamn throat, the moment it suited [their] interests. Now these freaks all want to buy this child-murdering piece-of-shit a gun! Of course, he will get his own gun back and probably has by now, the very weapon GZ used to gun down a defenseless TRAYVON MARTIN after profiling and stalking him. 

Funny thing to consider here, though... had Martin himself been properly armed that night, HE would have had a means to defend himself against a crazed and creepy stalker that night! Think about it for just a moment: (((your))) child is walking home to you and doing nothing else, when suddenly, he/she is being followed and pursued by some grown-ass man with a gun... THINK about that. Unacceptable in every case, accept when it comes to Black children, apparently. And curiously (or maybe not so), the National Rifle Association and all the GunRightsOrNoRights lunatics are audibly, deafeningly silent in regards to MARTIN'S right to defend himself. But of course the NRA (originally begot as a firearm education, safety and advocacy group in 1871 with NO political ambitions) are hardly known for carrying a consistent stance.  Funny how that shit is.

I know, that damned hypocrisy! Watch video below and listen to The Young Turks break this down. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Infamous Pepper-Spraying Pig Begs for Worker's Comp... WTF?!

Remember the pepper-spray pig Officer JOHN PIKE who unloaded a canister of mace on a line of sitting, non-violent, peaceful OCCUPY demonstrators as he calmly walked by them on the University of CA, Davis campus back on Nov. 18th 2011? Turns out that poor officer Pike is in need of some worker's comp for his "distress". I should say former officer Pike, as his sorry ass was fired (about damn time) in July 2012, after an eight-month task force investigation concluded that Pike's outrageous act of police terrorism against peaceful UC Davis students was indeed unjustified. A preciously RARE case of an unfit, terrorist cop actually losing his job... even if it did take eight months and in fact, former officer Pike should have been arrested, criminally charged, tried, convicted, and imprisoned on multiple counts of AGGRAVATED ASSAULT! Such would have been a TRUE degree of justice one can only dream of (or write about) in this miserable messed-up country. As it is, one must take what one can get, and continue fighting. 

But the more cynical among us will also keep in mind that, the ONLY goddamn reason Pike eventually lost his job at all was due to the extremely public nature of his crimes - dozens of videos from cell phones as well as professional camera persons (documenting actions on the UC campus during the height of the national Occupy Wall St. movement, which saw many countless acts of brazen police terrorism all over the country, some of which previously covered by TC) capturing the incident in broad daylight. These videos were immediately uploaded, went crazy-viral, and an endless secession of gifs, memes, and mash-ups followed, making Pike a national mockery and buffoon over-night. Often to hilarious affect. 

This goes on, but you get the point. In the aftermath of all this, UC agreed to pay $1 million to settle a lawsuit filed by demonstrators and the chief of the UC Davis police department (yes, some universities have their own police dept. now, sadly) was forced to resign his post. But this case remains far from RESOLVED! In the brief video accompanying the following link, you can very obviously see sitting and kneeling students being violently swarmed upon by various UC Davis police gestapo:

These were NOT yelling and screaming protesters walking down a street and blocking traffic - they were students holding a PEACEFUL sit-in on the campus of their own goddamn school, which by both school policy and constitutional law, they had EVERY right to do! So this violent attack by these rabid dogs (UC police) was unwarranted to begin with, and Pike was far from the sole offender here. 

TRUE justice would have seen not just one dipshit cop take the hit and one chief thrown under the bus. But EVERY SINGLE COP in this video immediately sacked and brought up on criminal charges! 


Friday, July 26, 2013

Fruitvale Station - New Film Chronicling the Life and Murder of Oscar Grant

Whether a fellow comrade or a bitch-made, disgusting cop-loving lurker, if you're reading this, chances are you know who OSCAR GRANT was. In the past, TC has given a great deal of coverage to this young brother - here is a primer for those of you who might not be familiar. 
Oscar Juliuss Grant III was shot in the back at point-blank range by a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) pig on January 1st 2009. The murder occurred at approximately 2:15 am. BART pigs, looking for trouble on this New Years night, were responding to reports of an alleged fight on a train returning to Oakland from San Francisco, to which Grant hadn't even been directly involved. Grant, along with several of his peers, was pulled off the train at the Fruitvale Station in Oakland and thrown to the floor of the station platform. Grant was on his stomach, with his hands cuffed behind his back. It was at THIS precise point that dirty BART pig Johannas Sebastian Mehserle (who was born in Germany and raised in the Bay area from age four) stood up and without provocation, shot Grant in the back execution-style. Grant was unarmed, defenseless, and physically restrained. He was, at worst, accused of being involved in a drunken brawl. Police would later lie and claim that Grant was "resisting" in order to justify the senseless murder. Grant worked an honest job as a butcher in Oakland. He left behind a grieving mother, sister, young daughter, as well as the mother of his daughter.

 Many dozens of eye witnesses took cell phone video of the murder, which BART terrorist gestapo attempted to confiscate. 
Mehserle, ever the cowardly piece-of-shit that he is, soon resigned (on the day his sorry ass was to be questioned regarding the killing) and high-tailed it to Nevada where he remained a fugitive until massive public and national protests demanded Mehserle be criminally charged with the murder of Grant. Eventually, he was arrested in NV and extradited back to CA to stand trial. However, Mehserle  was later convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter on July 8th 2010. Mehserle was released from prison on June 13th 2011, having served BARELY over 11 months for Grant's murder. 

The new film, FRUITVALE STATION, isn't a documentary, so much as a re-dramatization of Oscar's young 22 years on this planet. It begins with a wrenching scene we're all viscerally aware of - his death on that station platform: helpless, on his stomach, handcuffed, with a big White cop standing over him, with a glock trained on Grant's back. The film then traces back the steps of his life, time spent with family, his childhood troubles, his relationships, his daughter, his friends, his plans for New Years Eve that night on Dec. 31st 2008. His mother's suggestion that he take the train, thinking - in dreadful vain - that it would've been "safer" than driving. Then we are led back to that station platform.

 Many dumb mindless assholes will enthusiastically waste money to see "The Wolverine" this weekend. Anyone of CONSCIOUS will see FRUITVALE STATION instead. Peace.

Killer terrorist pig Mehserle, caught in the act of MURDER!

NEXT time, shoot the pig in the damn face! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tribute to Trayvon Martin in Portland!

Rally for Trayvon in Portland,OR this Saturday!

Angela Corey - One DIRTY Bitch!

Angela Corey was the prosecutor in George Zimmerman murder trial. She effectively blew the state's case when a jury of six women found Zimmerman "not-guilty" on Saturday 7/13/2013. However, state attorney Corey does have ONE notch on her belt: her "successful" prosecution of MARISSA ALEXANDER. Now Alexander's case is real interesting because, not only was she prosecuted by the SAME person as Zimmerman was (albeit wide WILDLY different outcomes), but she also had cited Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law(though ultimately not used by his defense team during trial, Zimmerman and his racist supporters constantly cited FL's "SYG" law in the year following his murder of Trayvon Martin). 

Now before we go into who precisely Angela Corey is, let's get into some background on Marissa Alexander and HER case. Alexander is a Jacksonville woman who had lived in fear of her violent husband, Rico Gray. There are reports that she had been beaten by her Gray while pregnant. The mother of three had a restraining order against him. In August 2010, she fired a WARNING shot into a wall to prevent her estranged husband from advancing upon her. No one was harmed during this incident. However, Marissa was arrested. Marissa attempted to invoke Fl's "Stand You Ground" law, but this absolute Right was denied to her. She had been offered a so-called "plea deal" of three years imprisonment and away from her children. She turned this bullshit deal down and chose to take her case to trial, instead, seeing as she was DEFENDING herself from a violent ex-husband who had already beaten her in the past. In May 2012 D.A. Corey prosecuted Marissa for discharging a firearm and won a conviction. Corey sought, and got, a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years - applicably under FL law for certain gun crimes. As it stands now, Marissa Alexander is serving 20 years in prison - for firing a WARNING shot above her violent ex-husband's head. And she was denied her Right to "SYG" - the same law peckerwood Zimmerman used through-out his own defense for more than a year. Marissa is appealing her case.

Now, onto this fucking bitch Angela Corey. Initially appointed to the Martin/Zimmerman case in 2012 by FL governor Rick Scott (A worrisome red flag in of itself), Corey - an ethnic Syrian, Republican, Episcopalian race-traitor - put up a flawed prosecution from the get go. Ill preparation of witnesses, not bringing forth clear evidence, failing to bring forth 'manslaughter' charges which likely would've resulted in a conviction, allowed the VICTIM to be put on trial and character -assassinated, etc. - all these pretty much seem to have been by sheer design on the part of Corey. Than, there was that ridiculous, silly-ass news conference she put on shorty after the verdict, where she insisted that this whole entire case had NOT been about race, nor gun rights! WHAT A FUCKING DIRTY-ASS BITCH!!!  But you know, there's soo much more to this one: such as her aggressive prosecution of a 12 year old boy for First Degree murder charges. 

Or her zeal for trying to give a 20 year sentence to a 65 year old, disabled veteran for firing two gun shots into the ground. Again, no one harmed. 

Or that she was FIRED from her job as Assistant State Attorney in 2006 for her apparently dismal performance.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trayvon Murderer Gets Off!

Not guilty

THIS was the verdict handed down by a six person, all female (five White, one Latina) jury Saturday night 7/13/2013 in the George Zimmerman murder trial of Trayvon Martin. The jury had the option of either 2nd degree murder - which could have meant a possible life sentence for Zimmerman, manslaughter - which carries a possible 30 year sentence, or setting him free. The latter decision came down Saturday night. Shortly afterwards, Zimmerman's ankle monitor was removed at the Sanford FL court house, and he immediately went into hiding. Zimmerman had been in hiding since last April, after his initial arrest for the murder of Trayvon on 2/26/2012. And only then did his arrest come after heavy community and national protests, demanding the child-killer be brought to justice. Zimmerman, a failed wannabe cop, had received a great deal of protection from the Sanford Police Gestapo (SPG). Because although Zimmerman didn't have a badge, nor an official license to kill, he was indeed one of THEM.

To be sure, there was much that was crooked and dirty about this case and particularly its following trial. Many suspicious questions about the evidence provided, as well as the presiding judge and prosecutor. State Attorney and Zimmerman prosecutor Angela Corey herself has a pretty dubious history. This woman has issues that are too numerous to get into in one blog post. But the major thing that stands out is that Corey was the SAME bitch who prosecuted Marissa Alexander just last year. But THAT is a separate issue all together. 

Zimmerman may be a "free" man now. But rest assured, this crazy-ass cracker/self-hating White Latino will be spending the rest of his miserable worthless life looking over his shoulder and living in fear! Perhaps he'll seek protection from the many White supremacists who supported his sorry ass and pretended that this half-White self-loathing Peruvian truly represented their cause (well, he's also half-German, so close enough). His family may continue to hide him, including his racist brother Martin Zimmerman. Or maybe he will hook up with fellow Floridian child-killer Casey Anthony. The two of them can elope, move to the Bahamas or something, and spawn a whole litter of demonic fucked up offspring. And kill them.

                     Watch yer back, bitch! 

Smirking state prosecutor Angela Corey, putting on her dog and pony show during post-trial news conference.


                                          R.I.P. BROTHER TRAYVON! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Defense Rests In Zimmerman Murder Trial

An obese George Zimmerman declines to take the stand on his own behave, as his defense rests its flimsy-ass case in his trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin, Wednesday 7/10/2013. That Zimmerman refused to testify himself shows what a coward his is, as well as the fact that he is in no way innocent here. One thing though - whether he ends up in prison or [back] on the street, here's hoping this sorry son-of-a-bitch spends the rest of his miserable worthless life looking over his shoulder! 

A much leaner Zimmerman one year ago...

... a morbidly obese Zimmerman NOW

R.I.P. Trayvon. You shall have justice, in this world or the next...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Murder Trial of Trayvon Martin

So I've had a very busy schedule over the last several months and there is SOOO much I need to get caught up on! Some archiving of old posts are in order, as well. One thing I absolutely cannot let slip is the TRAYVON MARTIN case! Trayvon's murderer - George "Peckerwood" Zimmerman - is currently on trial for Trayvon's murder down in Sanford,FL. As of Friday 7/5/2013, the trial had reached its 19th day. Trayvon's mother, Sybrina Fulton, testified on Friday, and the prosecution rested its case. More on this next week...