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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pregnant Mother MURDERED By Seattle Cops

On Sunday June 18th 2017, a woman in Seattle, WA was murdered by cops. The woman, identified as Charleena Lyles, was gunned down after she had called 911 to report an alleged burglary. Lyles had made that call Sunday morning, and responding cops claimed she "came at them" with a knife. This police claim so far remains unverified. but is most likely a pretext LIE, which cops are commonly known for. The 30 year old mother was several months pregnant at the time of her death. At least three of her children were present in the apartment at the time. 

One of the pigs who shot Lyles has been identified as officer Jason Anderson, a two-year gang member of the Seattle Police Gestapo (SPG). Anderson is currently on paid vacation, which is standard across the country in police killings ("police officer" is possibly the only profession in the world that actually gives rewards for doing the polar opposite of the job's [stated] intentions: protecting the innocent, serving the public trust, upholding the law, NOT MURDERING PREGNANT WOMEN). He is also reportedly under internal review for having left his uncharged taser in his locker for more than a week leading up to Lyles' murder. Anderson, as well as the other cop on the scene that morning - officer Steven McNew, 9-year gang member of the Seattle Police Terrorist regime - did have other "less-than-lethal" weapons at their disposal, but chose not to deploy them. Anderson and McNew are both White pigs.

Say her name: scenes from a protest that took place in the wake of Lyles' murder. 


Even with my limited free time, I could make this entry much longer than it needs to be. I could talk about the protests following Lyles' murder, as well as actions that continue in her name. I could talk about yet another grieving Black family that just had a loved one taken away from them. I could talk about how the mother of four had struggled with depression and [for a time] homelessness, according to family members. I could also mention how Lyles had been a victim of domestic violence; having been stalked, harassed, and assaulted by the father of two of her children, which inevitably led to past police encounters. I could even detail how Seattle (as well as Portland, OR) was one of 17 cities to have come under federal investigation for excessive use of force in 2011.  

But you know what... what would be the point in exerting myself, really? The basic info. is here, the links are here. I'm up to my eyeballs in tragedy porn. And in a few days or less, I'll be writing about yet another innocent Person of Color having been mowed down by unaccountable, inhuman cops. I may even write about Charleena Lyles again. 

This shit never ends...

And by the way. Even if the [police] account of Lyles allegedly wielding a knife at responding cops is indeed true (and that's a huge IF, considering how cops LIE), her death is STILL unacceptable! Because not only did pigs Anderson and McNew reportedly receive de-escalation training (one of several mandates, a federal Consent Decree following the fed. investigation of the Seattle police regime in 2011), but in the case of White suspects who often prove far more dangerous, cops tend to refrain from deadly force much more often. Here are just two recent cases of knife-wielding WHITES who had just murdered people, but somehow, were still apprehended by cops ... UNHARMED:

16 year old White girl in Illinois steals machete and knife from Walmart, walks right out of store without anyone attempting to stop her. Murders Uber driver, steals victim's car, then crashes it. Found later by cops clutching murder weapons. Arrested... UNHARMED

35 year old White supremacist/Trump supporter harasses Muslim girls on MAX in Portland, OR. Slashes the throats of three good Samaritans who tried to intervene, killing  two of them. Lter cornered by police with murder weapon still in hand. Arrested... UNHARMED


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