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Thursday, July 27, 2017

MISS Cops Go To WRONG Address, Kills Innocent Man!

Have I ever mentioned just how fucking stupid cops tend to be? Well in the wretched Hellhole failed-state of Mississippi, cops are soo fucking stupid, they can't even read numbers on houses. On Sunday July 16th 2017, cops in Southaven, MISS attempted to serve an arrest warrant for a man accused of assault. But they had gone to the wrong address. So instead of shooting the suspect on-site - which is what these pigs intended to do - they ended up murdering a completely innocent man. OOPS!

The innocent man has been identified as Ismael Lopez. A native of Veracruz, Mexico, Lopez had lived and worked in the U.S. for years. He was a legal citizen and had no criminal record. He was a husband and father. He was 41 years old. Lopez had reportedly spent some years working as a mechanic in the near-by city of Bartlett, MISS. He also owned a mechanic shop located across the street from his home. The pigs who murdered Lopez have not been id'ed as of the posting of this entry. However, the local D.A. is on record for defending Lopez's killers. Typical.

For the record, the guy these dumbshit cops were suppose to arrest has been id'ed as Samuel Pearman. Pearson, a White man, was accused of assaulting his girlfriend some days earlier. The local sheriff's dept. had issued a warrant for his arrest. The residence where Pearman reportedly lives is across the street from Lopez. Pearman denies he did anything wrong and strangely, has not been arrested yet! The two pigs who gunned down Lopez claimed that Lopez pointed a rifle at them, and that they yelled instructions at the victim the drop the weapon. However, Lopez's wife as well as other witnesses say that they heard no such commands from cops. Furthermore, Lopez's wife claims that though her husband owns a rifle, it was propped up against a wall in the living room and was no where near his body after he was shot. Furthermore, there is at least one bullet hole in the front door - suggesting that it was closed and cops shot Lopez through the door. 

More on this, as details become available... 

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