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Friday, July 17, 2015

The MURDER of Eric Garner: One Year Ago.

Upon this day, one year ago, Brother Eric Garner was murdered in cold blood by wild gang members of the New York City Police Terrorist regime. Garner's was one of the most galvanizing police murders of 2014. A year later, not one single pig-ass cop has been prosecuted for Garner's homicide. The death of Garner was first covered HERE in Targeting Cops. This blog has continued to revisit the Garner case many times since, including the outrageous grand jury decision not to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo. The continuous harassment of, and repeated unjust arrests of Ramsey Orta - the brave citizen to recorded the infamous murder of Garner from beginning to end - has also been covered. The most recent entry regarding Orta can be read HERE

On July 17th 2014, Garner was walking along a street near his home in Staten Island, NY, when he found himself immediately surrounded by a pack of wild animals who happen to be cops. These cops had accused Garner of selling "loose cigarettes" - a city code violation which is punishable by a fine and nothing else. Garner denied doing anything wrong. When Garner asserted his right to be left along, the bastard cops jumped him like a pack of rabid dogs, bringing him to the ground. Officer Daniel Pantaleo placed Garner in a choke hold - banned from use by the NYC Police Gestapo since the early 1990's, though cops there have reportedly continued to employ this hold for years without any accountability. Garner immediately yelled that he couldn't breath, over and over. Within seconds he was unconscious. Garner was pronounced dead at a hospital later on. He was 43 years old and the father of six. Garner's funeral was held on July 23rd in Brooklyn. On August 1st, Garner's death had been officially ruled a homicide. The entire incident was captured on a citizen's mobile device. This video, shocking in its visual and audio clarity, went immediately viral, making Garener's death by police once of most galvanizing American crimes of 2014. The brave citizen who took that video, Ramsey Orta, has faced continuous retribution from NY's police terrorists ever since.  

Of all the pigs directly involved in Garner's murder, officer Pantaleo was the only one to have faced potential criminal charges. On December 3rd 2014, a Staten Island grand jury declined to bring such charges against Pantaleo. District attorney Daniel Donovan, a conservative roman-catholic, wiped his hands of Garner and his surviving family, and went on to steal an election for Staten Island's congressional seat in May of this year. On Friday July 17th, thousands of citizens attended a NYC rally to both memorialize the one-year anniversary of Garner's murder, as well as continue demands for cop reform. Dozens of people were reportedly arrested during these non-violent actions. 

Pig Pantaleo was initially stripped of both badge and gun following his choke hold murder of Garner. Unfortunately, he went on to enjoy a year's worth of paid vacation, on the tax payer's dime. Now after a year of free pay, dodging a grand jury's indictment, dodging his neighbors, and hiding out in general, the most hated cop in NYC is reportedly eager to get his job back. Apparently Pantaleo faces federal civil rights violations as well. But if history is any indication, then he may slip away from those charges too. A killer walking the streets and getting free welfare from the state. No other cop or city official has ever been held accountable for what was done to Garner. In fact, the only person to ever have been arrested in Garner's death... is the person who filmed it. 

Meanwhile, Garner's family is still grieving, still seeking closure of some sort. Sadly, we may be here again a year from now... only to find that not a damned thing has changed.  

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