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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Eric Garner MURDERED By Filthy NY Cops - Shocking Video!

The New York Police Gestapo,
one of the most infamous in the world, is back in the media big time. Yes, it's over the same shit (stop and frisk, and the murdering of innocent Black men), yet always with a slightly different twist. With so damned many pissant "crimes" to run afoul of, New York City cops can never truly get bored. There's only a few select ways in which these goddamn cops murder people, typically. But there are a thousand different pretexts, motives, mood swings, and bullshit justifications for these bastard-ass cops to toss at us. Indeed, one of the most
well-armed members of a criminal terrorist police regime - is its PR spokesperson.

The LIES are all the same, though. And innocent Black men always end up dead.


On Thursday July 17st 2014 another high-profile police murder  took place, when 43 year old Eric Garner was walking down the street minding his own business. The Staten Island man was suddenly stopped by two plain-clothed NY police thugs who questioned him over allegedly selling "untaxed cigarettes". Now to be clear, selling individual cigarettes to people who offer to buy one isn't even really a crime in NYC. It might be an ordinance violation at best, but that's beyond the point. Garner, a man whom had clearly been subjected to repeated and continuous police intimidation for years, decided to engage the two officers - peacefully and respectfully, but not allow himself to be bullied further. 

Cops and racists in general used to (and still) have a word for People of Color who dared asserted their rights in the face of authoritarian overreach... "uppity". Garner had made the fatal mistake of getting "uppity" (i.e. STANDING UP FOR HIMSELF) with these pigs. So they murdered him.

 Eric Garner seen here. R.I.P.
 Cover-up? Eric Garner, 43, died after being held in a 'chokehold' by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo in Staten Island

Garner was walking along Bay St. in front of a beauty supply store when police thugs from the 120th precinct cornered him, accusing him of selling "untaxed" cigarettes (this is about as serious a crime as throwing a house party, then asking for door donations to help cover the cost of alcohol). Garner denied this and demanded to know why police were constantly harassing him. This verbal confrontation lasted several minutes. When one police thug attempted to handcuff Garner (reasons for this arrest were never made clear, in the wake of the victim's death), he allegedly jerked his hand away (cops go blind with rage when you do this). At this point Garner is instantly swarmed upon by several police thugs, much like a pack of rabid dogs. One of the dogs places Garner in a choke hold - banned from use by NY cops. Another dog beats Garner's head on the sidewalk. Within seconds and with four mangy filthy dogs on top of him, Garner is screaming that he "can't breath" repeatedly. Very shortly afterwards, he goes into cardiac arrest and is unconscious. Eventually Garner is taken to Richmond University Medical Center where he was pronounced as dead on arrival. Garner had suffered from several illnesses, including chronic asthma, diabetes, and sleep apnea which prevented him from working. 

Garner is survived by his wife Esaw Garner, six children, and two grandchildren. His funeral was held in Brooklyn on Wednesday July 23rd.      

Another racist police murder: Eric Garner pictured left. His last moments right.

Pallbearers carry Garner's coffin inside Bethel Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY.
Eric Garner’s white satin coffin is carried in for his funeral service Wednesday at the Bethel Baptist Church in Brooklyn.

Garner's mother, Gwen Carr (center), arrives at the funeral to bid a final farewell to her son.
Eric Garner's mother, Gwen Carr (center), arrives to say goodbye to her son.

Eric's daughter Emerald Garner mourns next to her father's coffin.
Emerald Garner stands next to the coffin of her father, Eric Garner, during his funeral at Bethel Baptist Church.

Garner's wife Esaw(left) along with his sister Ellisah Flagg(right) seen here grieving for a lost husband and brother. Murdered by NYC cop thugs!

Esaw Garner seen here holding a photo of her late husband. Sitting beside her are sons Emery (left) and Eric Garner.NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi

Video (practically a damned snuff film) of this latest police killing has surfaced online. The video is very clear, audible, unedited, and captures several minutes both before and after Garner's murder. It was taken by a brave citizen's mobile device. The citizen who shot the video gives commentary, claiming that Garner had actually broken up a fight just minutes earlier, if anything. The footage is very trigger-inducing; you're literally watching a man being murdered right before your eyes.

The concerned citizen who shot the video is Ramsey Orta, 22. The vigilant cop-watcher also attempted to defend Garner, telling officers that Garner had just broken up a fight and was not selling cigarettes.   

“Every time you see me you want to mess with me. I’m tired of it. It stops today!” - Eric Garner

Cop-watching: Ramsey Orta shot the footage of  Garner's final moments, as well as incriminating several NYC cops.
Ramsey Orta, 22, shot the shocking footage.

The filthy racist bastard-ass PIG who is directly responsible for Garner's death has been identified as Daniel Pantaleo, 29. He is an 8-year gang member of the New York Police Gestapo (NYPG). Of course, Pantaleo has a history of violent altercations with citizens. Pantaleo had forced Garner into a choke hold - an asphyxiating restraint tactic which had actually been banned from use in NYC in all circumstances by former police commissioner Raymond Kelly since 1993. In the wake of Garner's murder, current police commissioner Bill Bratton said that he would "remind" officers that choke holds are indeed illegal, and that he would "retrain" if necessary.

Violent thug Pantaleo is a known repeat offender who's racked up numerous complaints against him during his eights years as a gang member of the NY police. This includes: settlements, lawsuits over civil rights violations, a currently pending lawsuit, and homosexual groping of illegally detained citizens. Despite his massive liability, this pig's career has never really been in jeopardy before. However, he went too far this time. In the days after choking Garner, Pantaleo has been stripped of both his gun and badge! 

A positive first step that murderous cops rarely see. However, make no mistake that even this little would not have happened, had it not been for the HD video of Garner's murder, along with the community outrage which followed it. Another thug identified as officer Justin Damico has also been placed on "desk duty" (paid vacation) for the part he played in Garner's death, but still retains his gun and badge. Also, four EMT workers have been suspended without pay for their neglectful medical response to Garner. In a second sickening video released online which lasts around seven minutes, EMT paramedics can be seen pretty much standing around Garner's unconscious, handcuffed body, not doing much of anything. One EMT worker is seen making a half-assed attempt to check Garner's pulse for a few seconds, before walking away to leave the victim surrounded by a bunch of filthy cops once again. 

The citizen who recorded that second video has been identified as Taisha Allen - another brave cop watcher.          

Murder, no question: thug pig Daniel Pantaleo using an ILLEGAL chokehold maneuver on Eric Garner. Garner would go into cardiac arrest just moments later. He was delayed critical medical attention and died as a direct result. 

Filthy low-down murderous thug - officer Daniel Pantaleo seen here. 

Racist negligence: one EMT worker is seen here half-assing her job, checking for a pulse and doing nothing else before walking away. She has no life-saving medical gear with her - including an oxygen bag nor a defibrillator. This, despite Garner's obvious distress, as well as the fact the victim was yelling that he 'could not breath', just minutes prior. She, along with three other paramedics, would eventually be suspended without pay... for doing JACK SHIT and getting caught! - Video still courtesy of Taisha Allen.
NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi

Initial police report following Garner's death. As one can see, cops do nothing but LIE, blame the victim, and cover their own sorry asses. Lying about Garner having "resisted" arrest. Claiming he was breathing despite Garner screaming that he couldn't breath. Down-playing his immediate medical condition and dismissing his health overall... nevermind the fact that he was DYING. Bastard-ass cops - FUCK 'EM!

Front page cover of the New York Daily, following news of Garner's murder. Pictured right are lazy EMT workers who barely did anything to try and save Garner's life. In-circled is officer/thug Pantaleo, wearing green shirt and beige khakis.

If you don't think that the brazen, ruthless murder of a defenseless innocent man in broad daylight at the dirty mitts of cops, and having that entire murder captured in HD video wasn't grotesque enough, here's some serious insult for you.

The video footage of Garner's murder from beginning to end - with very clear audio, unedited and uncontroled by corporate whore media - has outraged millions of people. It had gone viral within days of making it online. However, such undeniable footage of NYC pigs ganging up on, and killing a defenseless man has also resulted in hoards of cops crawling out of the woodwork to make known their own opinions of Garner's death, and who they think is responsible. 

No shortage of racist, reactionary, cowardly pigs have taken to social media - but mostly exclusive hideouts such as Thee Rant and Police One - to tar, smear, and victim-blame Garner, his family, and anyone who supports REAL police reforms in general. Here are just a few excerpts from what cops have had to say (note - grammatical errors have been left intact):

"Again if Mr walking heart attack had simply put his hamburger shovels behind his back, he wouldn't have had a heartbattackmfor over exerting himself. The NYPD did absolutely nothing wron. Tomthe guys slamming these NYPD officekrs, I and many here wouldn't want any of you guys around us on a critical,incident. Hopefully you guys are desk jockeys."

"I think they were very generous, maybe too generous in the amount of time they allowed this guy to vent. I wonder if that was because of his size? Or that they were awaiting backup, again due to his size. I also didn't see any kicks, baton strikes, punches, nothing that could be construed as excessive."

"was not a choke hold. he resisted arrest, and was twice the size as the two who tried initially to arrest him. once again, if he would have just turned around and put his hands behind his back, he may still be alive today. he resisted and his heart gave out, not the police fault."

"If he could talk, he could breath. He resisted arrest; they took him to the ground. I didn't see anything improper about the arrest."

"I guess it's the best thing for his tribe.  He probably never worked a legit job. They city will pay off the family and they will be in Nigggaaa heaven for the rest of their lives!!"

"Fat fck perp who was anointed a Saint by all who knew him. Married, noticed how they put that in there, because 9 times out of 10 it's not the case. This video will gain a lot of traction and heads will roll. Pretty much every cop there will be modified."

 "Fuckin (NY police commissioner Bill) Bratton threw the cops under the bus by declaring it as a choke hold.The cop grabbed him from behind yes but did not hold this guy in a position where the breathing of this fat bast*rd was blocked.The medical examiners report will be in the cops favor.Tell Deblowzio to get his azz to Italy."

"Yes, they'll pay off the "family"...
It's a lot cheaper than a riot...
And therein lies the problem...
The cities of America are held hostage by the strong-arm tactics of the savages

Savages. This is what cops think about you and me. This is how they talk to each other when they think no one else is listening. Note the unabashed, free-flowing racism in the comments above - all posted anonymously of course. That's because even in an online forum/hideout exclusive to cops, these filthy-ass pigs are too chickenshit to stand behind their own nasty words - typical. These worthless cops are all so goddamned typical. 

Happier times: Eric Garner along with wife Esaw, enjoying themselves at a ball game.
Eric and Eswa Garner in happier times.

Makeshift memorial and vigil paid to Eric Garner.
Vigil Held For Staten Island Man Who Died After Il

Eerie screen shot comparison of a scene from Spike Lee's 1989 film 'Do The Right Thing', juxtaposed with a video screen shot of Eric Garner being placed in an illegal choke hold in real life.
Spike Lee shared this picture on Instagram with the caption, "Doing the Right Thing for the deceased Eric Garner"

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