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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stand Your Ground Law's Latest Victim: 72-Yr-Old W/ Alzheimer's

Not THIS shit again.

On Wednesday Nov.27th a 72 year old man had wandered onto a stranger's front doorstep. The man, identified as Ronald Westbrook, suffered from advanced stages of Alzheimer's. Westbrook, harmless as one could imagine, ended up being shot 4 times and killed by a trigger-happy, incredibly bitch-ass home-renter identified as Joe Hendrix. This happened in rural, unincorporated Walker County, Georgia - another miserable Hellhole of a state with a STAND YOUR GROUND law... big fucking surprise!

As of now there is little more information on this story. The murderer, Hendrix, has so far not been arrested. But no doubt he will be hiding behind GA's SYG law. An autopsy has been conducted on the victim, a retired air force captain. 

One significant detail that sets this [latest] case apart from other infamous SYG incidents/killings, is that the victim is elderly and White. It is presumed that the killer is also White, though his ethnicity have yet to be confirmed. An update on this is soon to come...

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