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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Child-Killer Zimmerman Armed to the Teeth!

Well is anyone surprised? Yet alarming, nonetheless.

George Zimmerman Cover

As reported in the last post, child-murdering, cowardly piece-of-shit George Zimmerman had been arrested on Monday Nov. 18th after terrorizing his hot blonde girlfriend - pointing a shotgun in her face, forcing her out of the Apopka, FL house they both shared, and barricading himself inside.  When sheriff's deputies arrived, Zimmerman was arrested without [further] incident. He appeared in court the following day, posted bail of $9,000, and is currently awaiting trial on charges of aggravated assault, battery, and criminal mischief.

Even though he essentially got off [once] again, Zimmerman's bond did contain some strict conditions. One of those conditions was that he not be allowed access to any firearms. So when deputies went back to the house/hideout, they ended up confiscating 5 guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition!!! One of these weapons included the shotgun Zimmerman pointed at his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe. No confirmation yet as to whether one of the 3 handguns taken was the one GZ used when he murdered 17 year old Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26th 2012. If the former self-appointed neighborhood watchman hadn't been running scared before, surely he is now without his private arsenal of weapons and ammo. Must be absolutely terrifying for a guy who claims to have received 400 death threats a minute. 

Zimmerman had five guns and over 100 rounds of ammunition in Scheibe's house

The tactical shotgun Zimmerman was accused of pointing at his ex-girlfriend.
zimmerman warrant guns

The five weapons Zimmerman was in possession of, before being confiscated by sheriff's deputies.
So here's what Zimbo got arrested with. Looks like a lot, does't it? But is it, really? Or is he just a lot to deal with? (Image courtesy of

Quite the stockpile for one man, isn't it? Then again, if I were shaking in Zimmerman's boots, I'd want to be as heavily armed as possible too! A pocket knife and religious pendent were also confiscated. Apparently GZ is still a god-fearing man as well. Other conditions of Zimmerman's release pending trial include:
- NO contact with his former girlfriend.
- Must wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.
- Must not leave the state of FL.

these other conditions are no-doubt cake-walks for the child-killer. But having all of his weaponry taken away must be truly painful for him.

 george zimmerman aggravated assault case girlfriend 9000 bond zero contact relinquish firearms suicidal threats monitoring device florida

Poor baby!

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  1. What a joke of an (cough cough) article. As a police officer I have a duty weapon, a backup weapon, a off duty weapon, a shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle for long range and a close quarters semi-automative rifle. I also have thousands of rounds of ammo. Why? Because I practice to be proficiant on a regular basis. Five weapons does not an arsenal make nor does a 100 rounds of ammo require an exclamation point.