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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hero, Martyr Christopher Dorner: One Year Later

This time one year ago, Ex-LAPG cop CHRISTOPHER DORNER carried out his final mission.

For those of you who may not be aware, Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, was a former member of the Los Angeles Police Gestapo (LAPG), as well as an ex-Navy seal. He first joined the Los Angeles police in 2005. On approximately February 3rd 2013, Dorner made himself known to the world when he carried out the executions of two individuals who had close ties to the universally corrupt Los Angeles police. This was not the act of a mere madman, but rather, a calculated act of revenge intended to address a major grievance and hammer a point across. During the time he was taking such actions, Dorner released a MANIFESTO to the press and public. In it, he clearly stated his intentions and reasons for his actions, but also pointed out the severe level of corruption which infested the LAPG. In it, Dorner identifies specific officers by name whom he claims to have witnessed abusing detained citizens during his tenure as a cop. He also names victims of abuse, and goes into detail on how he was retaliated against and eventually fired for breeching the "Blue Code of Silence".

In his manifesto, Dorner also states that the LAPG has only gotten worse since the days of the Rampart and Rodney King scandals, and that officers involved in those scandals have since been promoted to elevated and executive positions within the regime. He goes on to document in his writings, various examples of racist, criminal, and sometimes ghoulish behavior on the part of fellow cops. However, it was Dorner's allegations of a fellow officer's excessive force which eventually lead to his downfall... and payback.


On July 28th 2007 Dorner was on duty with his training officer, Teresa Evans, when they answered a call to a hotel in San Padro (port district of L.A.) of a mentally ill man allegedly causing a "disturbance". Dorner claims that he witnessed Evans kick the man, identified as Christopher Gettler, in the face twice - even as Gettler was already on the ground, having been tasered and handcuffed. Gettler was reported to have suffered from schizophrenia and dementia. Two weeks after this incident, Evans wrote a "performance" evaluation on Dorner, claiming that he had to "improve" in multiple areas. After this, Dorner filed a formal report against her, alleging the physical abuse he witnessed Evans commit on detained citizen Gettler.

This was when good cop Dorner crossed the [blue] line.

An internal review board made up of two LAPG capos and a city attorney, supposedly looked over Dorner's accusations. Dorner was represented by Randal Quan - a police attorney and former LAPG capo himself. The review board ruled against Dorner, accusing him of "lying" and as a result he was fired on Sept. 8th 2008 by the LAPG's Board of Rights.

Bottom line: Dorner did right by reporting the criminal acts of other cops, but in doing so he broke the Code of Silence. Therefore, he had to go. No room amongst the filthy ranks of the Los Angeles Police Gestapo for an honest cop, that's why there are none! Tell the TRUTH and lose your job. Beat, murder, molest and torture citizens and get promoted!  

Police brutality victim Chris Gettler seen here.

Dorner appealed his wrongful termination to the L.A. County Superior Court, but to no avail. He then filed a further appeal to the California Courts of Appeal, which again did no damned good. On Oct. 3rd 2011 the CA court up-held the lower court's ruling... and in the process sealing Dorner's fate and changing the course of history for the LAPG. Dirty cop thug Teresa Evans has not been fired nor disciplined in any way, but instead has since been promoted to Sargent. Evans remains in hiding and in protection to this day.

The two civilians Dorner executed were Monica Quan, 28 and her fiancĂ© Keith Lawrence, 27. Both were shot inside their vehicle with a sniper rifle on Feb. 3rd 2013. The reason Ouan was targeted was because her father, Randal Quan, was a captain (capo) in the LAPG. Quan later became an inside cop-attorney and represented Dorner during his board hearing (in which Dorner ultimately was retaliated against and fired). Quan ill-represented Dorner and in all likely hood was in cahoots with board members, Evans, and possibly other crooked cops to railroad Dorner out of the LAPG. Therefore, Dorner took revenge against Quan by eliminating his daughter. 

Keith Lawrence was a rookie campus cop for Southern CA University, and had also received training as a sheriffs' depute. There is no evidence that Lawrence was specifically targeted - only that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bad association, in other words (sucks to have been him).  

Keith Lawrence and Monica Quan, seen here.

Sins of the father: Randal Quan - Los Angeles terrorist police Capo/lawyer, father of Monica Quan.

On Feb. 7th in Riverside, Dorner allegedly ambushed and took out officer Michael Crain, an LAPG thug who was on routine patrol with his partner. Crain later died of gunshot wounds. His partner, unidentified, had also been shot and critically wounded, but later survived unfortunately.

Officer Down: LAPG pig-beast Michael Cain, Dorner's collateral damage.

In a wild, insane manhunt to capture Chris Dorner - *dead - every cop under every jurisdiction within CA, as well as federally with FBI, NSA, DHS, etc., was deployed. Virtually the entire state and all its citizens were forced under a Police Occupied Zone (POZ). During a period of between Feb. 3rd and Feb. 12th 2013, the citizens of CA were under siege by a militarized Gestapo of law enforcement, with Civil rights being all but halted completely. 


In the hysteria, police shot 3 totally innocent citizens. In one terrifying incident of police terrorism, an innocent man had his truck rammed by bloodthirsty terrorist cops who mistook him for Dorner. In the early morning hours of Feb. 7th 2013 Torrance resident David Perdue was on his way to the beach when he suddenly and without provocation found himself under vicious attack from police terrorists. They rammed his pick-up truck with such violent force that one of the rear wheels was completely knocked off its axel. Perdue's truck was then riddled with bullets. NO warning, NO chance to surrender. These bastard-ass pigs were on a mission to KILL, plain and simple! 

What makes this particular act of police terrorism even more shocking is that these pigs somehow "mistook" Perdue for Dorner! Predue is a slender White male who drove a black Honda Ridgeline pick-up. Dorner is of course muscular and Black and was believed to have been driving a silver Nissan Titan pick-up. Not only that, but Perdue had already passed through two check-points as the area was under total police occupation. Yet somehow, a third police check-point fucked up. Or simply did not give a damn.

Perdue's truck, a black Honda Ridgeline.

Truck Dorner was believed to have had, a silver Nissan Titan.

YEP! they both sure look the same! Easy mistake.

Perdue's truck, after it was rammed by Torrance police gestapo. They thought he was Dorner.
(Source: Brad Graverson)

Amazingly, Perdue was not shot and he is lucky to be alive today. However, injuries sustained from the vehicle impact forced Perdue to quit resign from his job as a baggage handler at LAX. Months later, the corrupt city of Torrance "awarded" Perdue with a measly penance of $20,000... a slap in the face. Considering lost wages, a totaled truck, Rights violated, his life threatened, physical injuries, and mental trauma, $20k is but an insulting pissant fraction of the compensation Perdue is owed. His truck has yet to be replaced. The filthy-ass terrorists PIGS who tried to murder Perdue after thinking he was Dorner have never been punished, never been identified, and remain on the force to date!

David Perdue seen here with his wife Lizette, still recovering from injuries sustained when Torrance gestapo mistook him for Dorner (?!) and rammed his vehicle.

Perdue showing off a shell casing from the many bullets terrorist cops fired at his truck during a fanatical manhunt for Dorner.

To further exemplify the threat that hyper-militarized police gestapo thugs posed to helpless citizens, in yet another incident police terrorists opened fire upon a blue pick-up, injuring two Latina women who were delivering news papers!
Just three days earlier on Feb. 4th Emma Hernandez, 71, and her daughter Margie Carranza, 47, were delivering copies of the L.A. Times in Los Angeles when suddenly and with NO WARNING their vehicle was under a barrage of bullets from wild cops!     

In an unspeakably violent assault that was even more horrifying and befuddling than what had happened to Perdue, eight LAPG terrorist thugs had "mistaken" two petite middle-aged/elderly Latina women to be Chris Dorner, unloading a fusillade of more than 100 bullets into the women's pick-up! Once again, the aqua-blue Toyota Tacoma that Hernandez was driving looked nothing like Dorner's truck! In both shootings the victims looked nothing like the desperately sought-after Dorner. Their vehicles did not match in either make, model, nor color. In both cases, protocol was thrown completely out the window, as terrorist police thugs - hungry for blood - began to show their true criminal colors - attempting to murder innocent citizens while placing many others in danger.


In April 2013 the city of Los Angeles announced that it would award Hernandez and Carranza a $4.2 million settlement for the severe trauma, physical injuries, and criminal abuse suffered at the blood-thirsty paws of LAPG animals. Eight pig-beasts involved in the attempted murder of the two women were placed on "administrative" leave (paid vacation).

Victim of police "street justice" - Emma Hernandez, shot in the back twice, was taken to hospital.

Daughter Maggie Carranza, injured by bullet-shattered glass, was also hospitalized. Both women lived, thankfully.

On Feb. 12th Dorner engaged in a shoot-out with two San Bernadino deputes, killing one and wounding the other. The dead sheriff's dep. was identified as Jerimiah MacKay, while his wounded partner was id'd as Alex Collins.

 Officer Down: Sheriff's Depute Jerimiah MacKay - lost gun battle with Dorner.

Later that day Chris Dorner, - hero/martyr - made his last stand. Dorner's where-a-bouts were tipped off, which eventually led low-down law-enforcement to a mountainous cabin in a wooded rural area Northeast of Angelus Oaks. Dorner had barricaded himself inside the cabin and a standoff of EPIC proportions ensued. The cabin eventually was set afire, though conflicting reports cite various causes, including tear gas canisters for who/what initially started the blaze. Having known the police and their ruthless tactics and knowing full well that he would never be permitted to surrender alive, Dorner took his own life later that evening. Specific time of death has not been pin-pointed.

Dorner's last brave stand.

The following day on Feb. 13th, human remains were later recovered from the site of the siege. A wallet and drivers license baring Dorner's name were found amidst the blackened rubble. The cabin where Dorner was hold up was burnt to the ground - little more than a foundation and a chimney stack remained. On Feb. 14th, medical examiners confirmed results from an autopsy, that the remains were indeed that of Dorner.


What must be strongly emphasized here is that at no point did Christopher Dorner pose a threat to ordinary citizens and the general public at large. And as much as the mainstream corporate media frantically tried to tar-and-feather Dorner as a "dangerous rogue madman; a monster who killed indiscriminately", people saw through the media's matrix of LIES and immediately aligned with Dorner's cause. Thanks to him, more people than ever are aware and on-point as to the horrendous crimes and corruption of the Los Angeles police. Cops everywhere were running scared because for the first time, these bullies had met their match!

Random police shootings upon the innocent have lead some citizens to take precautions. 
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Many citizens rightfully sympathize with Dorner.


"Whatever pre-planned responses you have established for a scenario like me, shelve it. Whatever contingency plan you have, shelve it. Whatever tertiary plan you’ve created, shelve it. I am a walking exigent circumstance with no OFF or reset button. JRIC, DOJ, LASD, FBI and other local LE can’t assist and should not involve themselves in a matter that does not concern them. For all other agencies, do not involve yourself in this capture or recovery of me."  -  Chris Dorner, February 2013.

“I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty. You will now live the life of the prey… I have the strength and benefits of being unpredictable, unconventional, and unforgiving.” - Chris Dorner, February 2013.


  1. YOu are as big a piece of trash as Dorner was. IF there is so much corruption in the LAPD, sinking to the level of those who are abusing and killing innocent people is NEVER right. Too many black people are becoming THE RACISTS like many whites were years ago. It is never right to do wrong. Those people that he killed are the true heroes, not the monster Chris Dorner. He was a monster and he is burning in hell right now!

  2. ....but please, excuse all that was done to Dorner. Dont dare bring up the things that pushed him kver the edge...the LIES of the PIGS in control.