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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Racist Cowardly Thug Covicted of Attempted Murder in Yet Another "SYG" Trial!


Well, another day in FL. Another innocent, un-armed Black child ruthlessly gunned down. Another racist, sub-human, groveling piece-of-shit monster with a gun and something to prove... going out of his way to start trouble, only to hide behind a "Stand your Ground" law.

At least this monster won't be getting away with it this damned time... not completely.

Admittedly, Targeting Cops is a bit behind on this story, as there is soo much shit to try and keep up with in terms if injustice. Here are some basics:

On November 23rd 2012 in Jacksonville, FLJordan Russell Davis was gunned down by a cowardly thug identified as Michael David Dunn. Davis was 17 at the time, Dunn was 45. Dunn, a low-down White man as well as soft-ware developer who lived in Satelite Beach,FL had driven to a gas station in Jacksonville with his [then] fiancée, identified as Rhonda Rouer. The two were in town to attend the wedding of Dunn's son Chris Dunn. While she was inside buying wine, Davis and 3 of his friends had pulled up in a sport utility vehicle after some shopping at a mall. They were alleged to have been playing loud Rap music at the time, which peckerwood Dunn had found extremely objectionable. Now normally, any sensible grown person would've simply brushed it off and keep their damned mouth shut if they didn't like it, right? After all, how much time does someone have to spend sitting around a gas station parking lot??? 

Murderous beast: Racist THUG Michael Dunn pictured here.

But instead of letting simple shit slide and minding his own business, Dunn decided to provoke a needless confrontation with the of teens. Dunn harassed Davis and his friends, yelling at them to turn their "thug music" down. When the teens rightfully refused to be bullied, Dunn pulled out a concealed hand gun - a 9mm Tarus PT semiautomatic - and fired 10 rounds into the teens vehicle. They sped off, with Dunn continuing to fire at the SUV, even as the victims were fleeing. Though his friends escaped serious injury, several bullets hit Davis - killing him. The shooting happened while Dunn's fiancée was still in the store, so she missed most of it. When Rouer got back in Dunn's car and the two drove back to their motel where they were staying. Dunn did not call the police. Assuring his girlfriend Rouer that everything was "alright", he ordered a pizza instead. A witness had managed to get down Dunn's license plate number, which is what police used to track him down. He was arrested at his home the next day, as police waited for him. Dunn was taken into custody, booked, and bail of $1 million dollars was set. He was charged with second degree murder on Nov. 27th. Days earlier, a vigil was held in memory of Davis. On Dec. 17th Dunn's charges were upped to first degree murder and attempted murder.


Dunn would later claim that he himself had "feared for his life" and that he had to "defend himself". He claimed that the teens yelled racial epithets at him, which is pure conjecture on his part (Dunn's use of racial epithets, however, is a matter of official pubic record). He claimed that the teens "pointed a shotgun" at him. This was a BOLD-FACED LIE - no weapon was ever found in the teen's SUV. His lawyers would later insist during trial that they must've "tossed" the shotgun while fleeing. Another LIE - no weapon was ever recovered and no witness (other than Dunn himself) has ever claimed to have seen a shotgun. Plus, he never mentioned a shotgun to his fiancée and did not even come up with his "mysterious shotgun" excuse until several days after he had been arrested.

 From the moment this incident first happened back in Nov. 2012, Dunn has done nothing but LIE and cover his sorry peckerwood ass. Rouer, his own fiancée, has later contradicted him while on the witness stand during Dunn's murder trial. In fact, it's ironic that Davis' friends would have to defend themselves and that Davis himself would have to have his honor defended - postmortem - against an overall racist public perception that they somehow acted like so-called "thugs" that night. Fact is, it was Dunn who picked a fight that night, Dunn who pulled out a weapon, Dunn who fired that weapon into a vehicle full of innocent children, and Dunn who sped off like a goddamned coward! Such dangerous, criminal behavior is truly indicative of a THUG!

Grieving and heart-broken: Jordan Davis' parents Lucia McBath and Ron Davis.
Moment of grace: Lucia McBath told reporters that she pities Dunn because he will live out the rest of his life in torment and she promised to pray for him

The Dodge Durango SUV in which Jordan Davis had been a passenger.
Scene: Jordan and friends were in this red Durango SUV when Dunn opened fire at the Florida gas station

Dunn's EX-fiancée, Rhonda Rouer, seen here taking the witness stand against her former lover.

Former neighbor Charles Hendrix seen here, provides witness accounts on Dunn's violent, criminal behavior.

However, the crazed actions of this deranged, sub-human beast on one particular night aren't the only strong indications of Dunn's propensity for violence... not by a long shot!

A former neighbor of Dunn, Charles Hendrix, says he lived next to the dangerous lunatic for eight years. Hendrix claims that Dunn once tried to order a hit on a business rival, used guns to threaten and terrorize two ex-wives, and constantly made racist and White supremacist rants, among other things. Dunn is also said to be an avid gun enthusiast. Hendrix had been interviewed on videotape by lawyers for Davis' parents, who were suing Dunn for wrongful death of their son. That suit was settled in Dec. 2013. Though Hendrix had been initially called as a witness for Dunn's murder trial, his videotaped statements were later rules "inadmissible" in court. Being the violent criminal and thug that he truly is, Dunn has good company in a fucked-up state such as FL.

Come to think of it, this is FLORIDA after all, and we've been right here before, so very recently. Direct comparisons to Arch Nemesis/POS George Zimmerman's murder trial of Trayvon Martin just last Summer are inescapable - and understandably so. Dunn's case has also drawn comparisons to other recent incidents, most notably that of Curtis Reeves - a retired pig who blew away an unarmed man in a FL movie theater. Renisha McBride - innocent teenager blown away while seeking help from car crash, MI. Jonathan Ferrell - innocent college student blown away after seeking help from car crash, N.C. And Ronald Westbrook - 72 year old man with Alzheimer's disease - blown away after wondering onto someone's porch, GA.

There is undoubtedly a racial issue here, but this spat of recent murders points to a more broader issue. Basically, a country facing an epidemic of angry white men - xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, paranoid, and armed to the teeth with a cop-mentality! Michael Dunn is but the latest embodiment of this collective madness. And as in all the aforementioned cases, Dunn perceived a "threat" where there was none, ran for his gun, and started shooting like a maniac. Only to concoct a bevy of excuses afterwards. 

The weapon Dunn used when he was chimping out on Nov. 23rd 2012.

Some highlights from the trial can be seen and read: here.

The trial began on Feb. 3rd 2014. Dunn was facing one count of first degree murder and 3 counts of attempted murder, as well as a felony gun charge. Unlike Zimmerman, Dunn never did make his bail and has remained in custody all this time - good! Like Zimmerman, Dunn would face Angela Corey... yep, that Angela Corey! The same prosecutor who completely dropped the ball during Zimmerman's murder trial last summer. The same prosecutor who put Marissa Alexander in prison for firing a warning shot above her abusive husband's head.

On Saturday Feb. 15th after 30 hours of deliberations, the jury deadlocks on first degree murder, but finds Dunn guilty on all three counts of attempted murder (against the other three people who were in the SUV upon which Dunn had fired ten shots). This however, was widely considered to be a "consolation prize", as many people were left puzzled and angered as to why/how a jury failed to convict the coward Dunn for murdering Davis. Claiming to have "defended" himself, Dunn cowered behind FL's notorious "Stand Your Ground" throughout his trial.   

Now after having been convicted on the three attempted murder counts (20 years a piece - mandatory-minimum for such a felony conviction, per' FL state law ), Dunn is looking at no less than 60 years in prison. He his 47 now, so he will likely DIE in prison. He won't be walking the streets like Zimmerman, hiding or not!

That said, the actual MURDER that Dunn committed still must be addressed. Even though he's facing 60 years as is, that is beyond the point now - at the very heart of this matter is the FACT that Dunn instigated a situation all on his own, pulled out a 9mm semiautomatic pistol, and used it to gun down an innocent child who was fleeing away from him!

And the reason why the jury's deadlocked decision has garnered soo much anger and confusion is because THIS case was even MORE clear-cut than the Zimmerman/Trayvon shooting. Unlike the prior case, there were plenty of witnesses this time. There was never a physical confrontation between the victim and assailant. No one has ever laid a hand on Dunn. These are all facts which even this scumbag's defense hasn't disputed. So in an effort to put a little bit of shine back on her tarnished reputation, FL's most embattled prosecutor announced shortly after verdicts were handed down that she would seek to retry Dunn on the murder count.

For more on Dunn's possible re-trial, and to access interactive menu of key characters, go: here.

 State attorney Angela Corey seen here mugging in front of T.V. cameras.

Lousy dad: Chris Dunn seen here as a character witness, testifying that he had seen his father Michael Dunn only 3 times in 15 years prior to Chris's wedding. 
(Chris Dunn, son of Michael Dunn.)
Phyllis Molinaro - ex-wife of the defendant and mother of Chris Dunn - again, character witness.
(Phyllis Molinaro, Michael Dunn's ex-wife.)

Ronald Davis, Jordan's father, on the witness stand.
(Ronald Davis, father of Jordan Davis.)

Tevin Thompson seen here - one of Davis' friends who was with him that night.

Leland Brunson seen here. Brunson was sitting next to Davis when they were being fired upon.

A slide show providing a timeline of events can be seen: here.

FL state penal code

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