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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Portland Gestapo Claim Its First Casualty of the Year

A shootout occurred in Portland which ended in the death of one alleged criminal, and injury to another criminal, which happened to have been a cop.

The shooting took place on Wednesday March 12th near a Re/Max store and Wilsonville High school in the Hillsdale neighborhood in SW Portland. Officer John M. Romero, an eight-year gang member of the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG) got into a gun-fight with a man identified as Kelly Vern Swoboda, 49, an alleged suspect in several bank robberies in Eugene and Milwaukie, and the kidnapping of one female in January 2014. Romero was also a "resource officer" for near-by Wilsonville High. Romero was shoot in the hand. He will live.  

Deceased: Kelly Swoboda, seen here.

Officer up: Obese pig John Romero of the PPG seen here.

Now by most accounts, Swoboda was himself a long-time criminal who, at the time of his death, had been wanted in a few jurisdictions for several alleged crimes. He was wanted in Clackamas County for kidnapping and pistol-whipping a tanning salon employee. There was a federal indictment against him for for the robbery of three area credit unions in November and December of 2013. Authorities had also accused him of stalking students in the Portland aera.

In addition, Swoboda had a criminal history which included prison time served for bank robbery, assault, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was born in 1964 an apparently had spent most of his life in Oregon, residing in Portland, Milwaukie, Oak Groove, Estacada, and Molalla.

White trash: Kelly Swoboda seen here in multiple mug shots.

With such a track record, one could assume that Swoboda was pretty much a loser his whole life. Comments to various on-line articles regarding the shooting have openly theorized whether this was just another case of "suicide-by-cop". Speculation, yes - but by no means unprecidented. Of course, Swoboda could just as easily had become a cop himself, had life's circumstances turned out just a little more differently.

 After-all, there really insn't that much difference between the deceased and the man who killed him - officer John Romero. Pedictably, local bias media has regailed Romero as a hero who took down a "bad guy". As well as biased puff-pieces of how "adored" he was by students at the high school where he was assigned patrol/containment duties. Typical.

All smiles: Officer Friendly seen here, granting wishes apparently.

Well, the Portland Police Gestapo could certainly use some good PR... and Hell knows hey have been milking it with this recent incident here. So, CONGRADULATIONS! Thanks for taking out the bad guy!

Why, makes it almost easy to forget about the long history of police shootings in Portland/metro, as well as the equally long list of people (many perfectly innocent) killed by cops in Multnomah/surrounding counties.

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