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Friday, March 7, 2014

Female Jogger Arrested for not having ID - But Atleast She Wasn't RAPED!

Cops: Keeping Us Safe from JAY-WALKERS!

In a particularly vile and callus form of police terrorism, a TX jogger was recently attacked and falsely arrested by filthy pig-beasts. On Thursday February 20th 2014, a woman identified as Amanda Jo Stephen was out on her jogging routine that morning in Austin, TX. Stephen allegedly crossed a street on a red light without utilizing a designated cross-walk (this is commonly known as "jay-waling", a typical city ordinance "violation" which is almost never enforced, except whenever cops need a weak pretext to rob a citizen of his/her Civil rights or get up their quota numbers). Two gang members of the Austin Police Gestapo (APG) spotted Stephen and demanded that she halt. However, the jogger did not hear their orders as she was wearing headphones at the time. Becoming enraged that someone would dare disobey one of their orders, one of the pigs tackled the petite 24 year-old to the ground.

SHOW US YOUR PAPERS! Two bloated, obese Austin PD pigs take down tiny female jogger for not having id.

Lawbreaker: Austin PD said the woman has been charged with failure to identify herself to police and a class B traffic signal violation

Stephen was promptly arrested for failing to obey police orders and failing to identify herself. She did not have id on her person at the time. It is very common for people to leave their drivers' licenses, state ids, and other such identification at home when they go out jogging. Pedestrians are NOT required by any law [in this country - not yet] to carry id with them.

The incident was thankfully caught on video by a concerned citizen. Chris Quintero, a University of Texas student sitting in a cafĂ© across the street witnessed the entire incident and managed to capture it on his cell phone video recorder. The Daily Texan, a student newspaper for nearby Texas U., confirmed that Austin police gestapo were conducting a so-called sting operation in the area to... bust jay-walkers. A police operation - as well as use of tax-payer funds - that anyone may find to be questionable, at the very least. Video and photos taken by Quintero can be seen here:

Police Rape-Culture: Jogger Amanda Stephen, seen here being taken down by obese, out-of-shape pig-beasts.

This singular act of terrorism by Austin police was by itself horrifying enough. Every citizen aware of this incident should shutter at the reality that they too can end up being abused, arrested, publically humiliated, and hauled off to jail for processing... over the tiniest provocations. Or for not having their papers. Or for nothing at all!

 Alas, ever true to their ruthless, inhuman, and sadistic nature, the Austin police gestapo decided to take an already repulsive criminal act - and make it worse. Austin pig chief Art Acevedo DEFFENDED police actions in a press conference held on Saturday Feb. 22nd, insisting that his officers "did nothing wrong".
Thank you, lord, that it is a "controversy" in Austin, Texas — that we actually have the audacity to touch somebody by the arm and tell them, “Oh my goodness, Austin police we’re trying to get your attention!”    -    Austin pig chief Art Acevedo.

This was his knife in the wound. Acevedo goes on to twist that knife with this following statement:
‘Whew! In other cities, cops are actually committing sexual assaults on duty, so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy in Austin, Texas.’
Yeah, just throw a bit of RAPE CULTURE in there for good measure, why don't cha? How DARE a woman be out in public without her male escort and without papers??? WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?! Basically, Miss Stephens ought to be fucking grateful that those obese Austin thugs did not rape her! All they did was: detain her, handcuff her, humiliate her in public, shove her in the back of patrol car, take her to jail, book/process her, and attempt to saddle her with a criminal record - all for no reason... BUT SHE WASN'T RAPED!

Rape chief: Austin cappo Art Acevedo giving a dismissive, sarcastic press conference two days after jogger Amanda Stephen was arrested for failing to show her papers.
Sarcastic: Chief Acevedo told reporters he thanks God that a jaywalker's arrest passes for controversy in Austin, while elsewhere in the country cops commit serious crimes on duty
Combative mood: Acevedo insisted that his officers have done nothing wrong, and that Stephen should consider herself lucky that she wasn't slapped with a charge of resisting arrest

Having faced a severe public backlash, Acevedo later walked back his slut-shaming comments and provided a half-assed apology  for what he had said. With a shit-eating smug on his face, it was probably one of the most insincere apologies ever given by a police chief or spokesperson. Truly repulsive. This guy has a mother and probably a daughter as well. Let's hope that they are never subjected to the same "consideration" as Stephen had been. 

Last word on Stephen was that all false charges against her have been dropped.

Police Terrorism - plain and simple!


Thanks to student/citizen Chris Quintero for capturing this incident, good cop-watching on his part. We need more citizens to do their part, as well!


  1. What was the outcome of this? Did she end up getting charged or did they just drop it.

    1. All false charges against the innocent woman jogger have been dropped, as they should have been.

  2. I generally support the police but I am alarmed by the culture of cowardice. Women, children, and elderly should be protected. The scene with this jogger screaming in cuffs on the ground for the most petty of offenses is vile and disgusting. If I were the cop I would notify the woman that she is being detained and have her stand off to the side while I write up a ticket. There is no need for cuffs because there is no reason to arrest her or suspect she is violent. If she has no id then ask her for her name and address. It would be foolish to lie and risk a real charge for a $20 ticket. Instead the cops ran her through the same grinder they would run a dangerous criminal. Who cares if she is loud or annoying. She is a citizen and those cops took an oath to protect the constitution including the 4th amendment in this case.

  3. Two bloated, obese Austin PD pigs take down tiny female jogger for ...