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Friday, April 4, 2014

Woman Arrested, Terrorized by Booze Gestapo... for Buying WATER!

Un-fucking-believable. You cannot make this shit up, no one can. A college student in VA was arrested for (wait for it)... buying BOTTLED WATER! Now she is suing and good for her!


Student Elizabeth K. Daly and friends had made a stop to a grocery store in Charlottesville, VA to buy ice cream, cookie dough, and a case of bottled water for a school-related event on April 11th 2013. Daly and her company were all students who attended University of Virgina. At that time, police gestapo agents from a state-run agency called "Alcoholic Beverage Control (or ABC)" were running a sting operation in the area in order to bust underage drinking (because taking preventive measures such as seeing to it that retail stores not sell to under-age persons is waaay too much trouble - RIGHT!). 

DROP THE WATER! Elizabeth Daly seen here, in a mug shot (left) following her 2013 arrest for buying water. Also pictured, the store(right) where she went and (insert lower right) the water ABC pigs mistook to have been beer.

As the coeds were leaving the store, 7 plain-cloths agents/Stasi suddenly and without warning swarmed upon their SUV, jumping on the hood, pointing guns, and attempting to break out the windows. Since these cops failed to identify themselves and had no visible badges, Daly and her friends were naturally all terrified (college girls being attacked by strange men - it's been known to happen). The women sped away, grazing two cops in the process. That really made those pigs mad. One of the victims called 911, which point the emergency dispatch operator informed them that is was indeed police they had just fled from. 

 THIS is a case of BEER:

THIS is a case of WATER: 
Can you tell the difference? ABC Cops sure can't!

Once Daly and her friends had realized what was going on, they went back and immediately apologized to the officers - like any frightened, naive, law-abiding citizen would do. But since these low-down, vile, cops never accept apologies (and were very much enraged that citizens would dare defy their authority), Daly was arrested, terrorized, had guns pointed at her face, and was taken to jail where she was held captive over-night. Daly, who was driving, was initially over-charged with several felonies - all of which were eventually thrown out in June 2013 after prosecutors declined to pursue. Her record was expunged in October - she has no prior arrests.

WARNING: being in possession of these items may be a felony offense in Virginia.

On Tuesday March 25th 2014, Daly formally filed a lawsuit seeking $40 million in damages. The suit alleges malicious prosecution, assault and battery, and failure on the state of VA's part to properly train its ABC officers. The state along with 7 cops are named in the suit - the cop's identities have not been released to the public, which is typical. ONCE AGAIN, the criminals remain protected by anonymity while the victim is out and vulnerable.

What's truly fucked up about this - and what many people have been missing - is that had a 20 year-old Elizabeth Daly actually bought alcohol illegally, that does not justify what happened. The crazed, violent over-kill reaction of these so-called ABC cops was still UNACCEPTABLE! We're not talking about a drug raid here, but a [tax-payer subsidized) sting operation where these goddamn cops were trying to bust under-age drinking! Mostly of college students, grown! And if such were a pressing issue in Charlottesville, VA, then as mentioned before, that would be easily headed off in more preventive measures - such as engaging with local retailers (like the 24/7 'Harris Teeter' store in whose parking lot cops were running their booze sting) to make sure they do not unwittingly sell alcohol to under-aged persons.

Too much work for the police, it would seem.

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    Ageist laws break the 1st, 13th, 14th, and 26th amendments and civil and human rights.