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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cop Busts Party, Teens Flee, Cop Murders Girl, NO Investigation

In this latest act of police terror, a violent thug of a cop busted an outdoor party full of teenagers and ended up shooting down a 19 year old girl. She was unarmed and completely harmless. The vile pig responsible for the young woman's murder has been placed on paid vacation - standard for all police regimes in this miserable country! 

On Saturday April 26th 2014 Deputy thug Tyler Brockman, 27, had received reports of some kids having fun out in a field. So naturally, the pig went there to KILL someone. Deputy Brockman's victim has been identified as 19 year old Samantha Ramsey. This senseless cold-blooded murder took place in the northern village of Hebron, Kentucky, a small unincorporated community of about 6,000 residents, close to the Ohio state border. Local authorities have their version of what happened: good ol' deputy Brockman was simply checking people for sobriety when all of a sudden, Ramsey tried to "ram" him with her car. Other witnesses however, claim that dep. Brockman instead jumped on top the hood of Ramsey's vehicle, as she attempted to slowly drive away. Despite there having been three other young passengers in the car, Brockman recklessly fired four shots through the windshield, killing Ramsey. No one else was injured, though very easily could have. For his troubles, Brockman was given paid vacation. He's been with the gestapo sheriff's regime of Boone county, KY since 2010. News reports indicate that this is his first murder.

Ramsey, a preschool teacher, was taken to St. Elizabeth hospital in near-by Florence, KY, where she was pronounced dead. A subsequent autopsy declared that she died from multiple gun shot wounds. No illegal narcotics were found in her system. Her funeral has already taken place.

Party pooper: Deputy Tyler Brockman, murderous thug seen here.

Innocent victim: Samantha Ramsey, ruthlessly gunned down by killer dep. Brockman.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/ramsey29n-2-web.jpg

20 year old Chelsey Pendleton, who was sitting in the backseat of that car, claims that Brockman was never hit - that he indeed jumped the hood and just started shooting.

“The cop was in the wrong. I was there. I was in the back seat! That was unnecessary force. He had no right to do that!” - Chelsea Pendleton. 

Pendleton also insists that when Ramsey was killed, her dead body had slumped over causing the car to accelerate. But don't just take a direct witness's word for it. Boone County sheriff's deputies have (surprisingly) released dash cam footage of the incident. The video is little over a minute long (1:18) and can be seen HERE. Much of what happens is just off-camera. However, what can clearly be seen is a white car - driven by Ramsey - slowly moving away, with Brockman (clearly identified by his bald skinhead) standing along the driver's side.

Both the video and accounts from at least one of the passengers in the car have directly contradicted Boone county sheriff's claims that Ramsey "rammed" Brockman, causing him to "fly" onto the hood of the car. By most accounts, Brockman gave no warning nor did he order Ramsey to stop the car. The deputy's safety was never at risk. He simply jumped on the hood and started blasting away like a maniac.  

Ramsey's grieving mother, Brandi Stewart, lays flowers at a makeshift memorial for her daughter.
Friends and family, including Samantha Ramsey's mother, Brandi Stewart, grieve Sunday at the shooting site in Hebron, Ky., located just south of Cincinnati.

She saw it all - Chelsey Pendleton, seen here, was in the back seat of Samantha Ramsey's car that night. She insists that dep. Brockman leaped on the hood without warning and started firing his weapon, killing Ramsey.Witnesses including Chelsey Pendleton, 20, disputed the police version of events, saying Deputy Tyler Brockman leapt onto Samantha Ramsey's car before opening fire. Pendleton was in the back seat and unhurt.

A candlelight vigil took place in Ramsey's honor. Friends, family, and other local residents expressed outrage at the preschool teacher's senseless slaughter and demanded answers. 

"I just want to know what happened. I want answers. He (Brockman) was the last person that looked in my daughter's eyes that saw her face and I want answers." - Brandi Stewart, mother of murder victim Samantha Ramsey

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  1. one can only hope that there is a god to act punishment on this animal cop and the devil to accept him when he goes to hell