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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

UPDATE: McBride Killer Faces Trial in July

Racist Murderer Theodore Wafer will be going to trial in July. As first reported here back in November last year, a 19 year old Black woman named Renisha McBride had gotten into a car crash. She escaped her vehicle, but was injured and desperately seeking assistance. She eventually came across a house and knocked on the door. It was Wafer who answered. He did not help the bleeding, dazed young woman in any way. He did not even call 911... not right away. He instead grabbed a shotgun, pointed it at McBride's face, and blew her away. Wafer waited an HOUR to call 911. Weeks later, he was charged with murder. Months after McBride's family buried and mourned over her, the racist beast who gunned her down will see his day in court.
About damned time!

To recap: in the early morning hours of November 2nd 2013, Renisha McBride was heading home from a friend's home in Dearborn Heights, MI. McBride lost control of her car, resulting in a crash. She managed to escape her vehicle, however, McBride was intoxicated, dazed, and injured from the crash. She wondered for around two hours along a dark road in the Detroit suburb before coming across a house. She knocked on the front door seeking assistance. Theodore Wafer, who owned the home, opened the front door. However, there was an exterior screen door which was not opened and remained locked. It still remains unclear as to what exchange of words took place that night between McBride and Wafer. What is known is that at some brief point, Wafer grabbed a shotgun, pointed it at McBride's head, and shot her in the face, point-blank, through the locked screen door. McBride was dead before she hit the ground. Wafer closed his front door, mulled over what to do next, and after an hour decided to call 911. Emergency personnel arrived to find McBride dead body laying in the front yard. Wafer had initially given police some bullshit story about how his gun had "accidentally" went off. Later, after consulting an attorney, he came up with a new bullshit line about how he had felt "threatened" by the petite, unarmed teenager. McBride was 5"4' and weighed little more than 100lb. at the time of her murder.

Outrage by both McBride's family and the greater Black community of the Detroit/metro area was swift and vocal - not only over the senseless (and racist) murder of this young woman who was seeking help following a car accident. But also outrage that the killer, Wafer, had not been immediately arrested. Eventually however, Wafer was arrested and charged on November 15th 2013.  An audio recording of Wafer's 911 call can be heard here:

Note that the call is brief, lasting only 32 seconds. Wafer mentions that he had just shot someone "banging on his door", gives a garbled description of his address, then abruptly hangs up on the emergency operator without giving his name, nor city. 


Ted Wafer's trial date has been set for July 21st 2014. It is expected to last about three weeks. The racist monster will face charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter. Despite Michigan's own "stand-your-ground" state law (MCL 780-971), Wafer's sorry-ass "self-defense" argument has been rejected by Dearborn Heights judge David Turfe

Renisha McBride's grieving parents, Monica McBride and Walter Ray Simmons, seen here.

Rest In Peace: McBride's funeral.
Pallbearers carry the casket for 19-year-old shooting victim Renisha McBride during her funeral service in Detroit

A mourner holds an obituary showing a picture of 19-year-old shooting victim Renisha McBride during her funeral service in Detroit

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