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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vegas Cops Wasted in Crazy Double Murder/Suicide!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Targeting Cops does not celebrate nor seek joy in the death of law enforcement officers. We seek to inform citizens of the misdeeds, crimes, and atrocities of corrupt cops, wherever it happens.  That said, no tears will ever be shed over a cop's demise here. And if police ever happen to be killed by perpetrators who turn out to be White supremacists, only to end up committing suicide right afterwards, then it is of no particular loss to humanity.  


On Sunday June 8th 2014, all Hell broke loose in Las Vegas, NV, when a married couple walked into a CiCi's pizzeria and executed two gang members of the Las Vegas Police Gestapo (LVPG) as they were eating (not doughnuts, surprisingly). The crazed couple then ran into a near-by Walmart where they gunned down a random bystander as he allegedly tried to confront them. Shortly afterwards, the two killers died - either in a murder/suicide pact or one being killed by police while the other committed suicide.

The couple have been identified as Jerad and Amanda Miller, ages 31 and 22 respectively. The innocent do-gooder they killed has been identified as Joseph Robert Wilcox, 31. The two cops who perished were officers Lyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31. Right after they killed the two officers, the Millers were reported to have yelled out "THIS IS REVOLUTION!", after which they ran out of the pizza restaurant. The weapons the Millers were reported to have used were a Smith & Wesson 9mm, a Ruger .38 caliber revolver, and a Winchester 1300 12-gauge pump-action shotgun w/ pistol grip.It remains unknown whether these weapons were legally owned by the Millers, especially given Jerad's prior criminal convictions (petty crimes, mostly).

After shooting the two cops, the couple was reported to have drapped a 'Gadsden' flag on one of the officer's corpses, as well as a manifesto with a swastika pinned to the other cop's dead body (though it has been largely theorized that the killers were referring to the cops themselves as 'Nazis' - the alleged purpose behind the use of the swastika symbol). The Gadsden or "Don't Tread on Me" yellow banner, symbolized by a 'coiled rattlesnake', dates back to the so-called "American Revolution" and is very popular amongst the Tea Party movement, to which the Millers Jerad and Amanda were strong adherents. They also ransacked the cop's bodies for weapons and other personal effects.

After this, the Millers stormed into a nearby Walmart store. Once there they shot and killed Joseph Wilcox. Wilcox, as it turns out, was a good guy with a good heart - but did not have the good sense to mind his own business. Wilcox, who was at the store returning a monitor, was reported to be a Concealed Carry (CC) permit owner. When he heard gun shots coming from the back of the store, Wilcox ran towards the scene and upon making eye contact with Jerad, drew his own weapon. Apparently Wilcox had gotten the drop on Jerad with a clear shot. However, the do-gooder was ambushed by wife Amanda who shot Wilcox in the back. 

Word is that Wilcox was an aspiring wannabe cop himself and strongly contemplated joining the LV police academy, despite his mother's concerns. Well, he had his chance to be a cop on Sunday June 8th, or at least try and act like one. Little did Wilcox know, the lunatics he confronted had just successfully clipped two actually cops mere minutes earlier. He could have ran towards the front entrance the moment he heard gunshots (as "Black Friday" sales in recent years have proven, Walmart shoppers have no problem running). Instead, he choose to be a "hero". The result was that he died in a Walmart store. Cleanup on aisle 5. Coffins on aisle 10.  

He should have ran: Joseph Wilcox's mother Debra and younger sister C.J. hug one another after viewing the body of their son/brother at a funeral home Tuesday, two days after he was gunned down by Amanda Miller. 
Aftermath of Las Vegas shooting rampage
By this point, police had been summoned to the store. Initially it had been widely reported that Amanda Miller shot her husband Jerad in the head then committed suicide as police were closing in at the Walmart. It has since been reported that Jerad had actually been shot by a police "metro" rifle, after which, Amanda killed herself. This, however, is coming from the Las Vegas Police and has not been substantiated independently - as of yet. In any case, Jerad and Amanda Miller died and bled out on the floor of a Walmart, in the automotive section.  

Twisted couple: Jerad and Amanda from possibly a year or two ago, in a this candid photo. Note the Avenged Sevenfold poster and toys on the walls. If these two were indeed Nazis, they were poor Nazis.
Jerad and Amanda Miller sans makeup. The couple are believed to be responsible for the deadly shooting of three people in Las Vegas, including two police officers.

He had a good heart: Joseph R. Wilcox seen here. A Concealed Carry holder and wannabe cop, Wilcox drew his weapon on Jerad, only to be gunned down by Amanda Miller. 

Officers down: slain Vegas cops Beck and Soldo seen here.

Monday, June 9th - after the massacre: mourners/cop-lovers gather at a makeshift memorial at "CiCi's" pizzeria where officers Beck and Soldo were slain. Then mourners went inside for the $5 lunch buffet, an awesome deal. 

Last stand: the Walmart where the cop-killer Millers breathed their last breath.
Image: Five Dead, Including 2 Police Officers In Las Vegas Shooting

As many spree killers are want to do in this technological age, the Millers had left a long and very public trail of themselves on the internet - dating back years. Many photos of the couple together, separate, and together dressed up as Batman arch villains The Joker and Harley Quinn have been lifted from their facebook pages. Initially meeting at a flea market in Lafayette, IN several years earlier, the two announced their relationship status on facebook. In 2012 they had gotten married and many photos of the newlyweds, doned in purple sequined outfits, can be found online. Forgoing the politics and murders for a moment, one could easily draw the conclusion that they were mere nerds who dressed up in cosplay, kept toys, and attended comic book conventions. Of course, it wasn't all smiles and kisses and nerdy sweet shit.

Having never been an official part of any organization and with apparent White supremacist/Neo Nazi ties remaining sketchy, the Millers nonetheless expressed anti-govt., pro-2nd Amendment, pro-Tea Party, and stern Libertarian views both online and in real life. Jerad reportedly got into many heated political arguments with his family. He also posted several videos of himself on youtube, ranting (sometimes coherently) about the government, the police, and various conspiracy theories. Some of these videos show Jerad in full Joker character. Amanda has also expressed extreme anti-govt. views as well as vague death threats to no one in particular on her facebook page.

Also, the pair flocked to the defense of anti-tax cattle rancher Cliven Bundy back in April of this year. Bundy, whose ranch is located just outside Bunkerville, NV in Southeastern Clark County,  has been embroiled in a 20+ year legal battle with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management over unpaid grazing fees (totalling about $1 million dollars over the past 20 years) and Bundy's refusal to renew his grazing permit amid rule changes that took place in the early 1990's. Shit came scary close to hitting the fan on April 5th 2014 when the dispute between Bundy and the federal govt. escalated into an armed confrontation. That's when dozens of self-proclaimed "patriots": Tea-party supporters, 2nd Amendment advocates, etc. descended upon the ranch in fierce support of the Bundy family. The group of radical, right-wing protesters also included members of the Sovereign Citizens movement, as well as anti-govt. militia. Many of them were armed and pointing their weapons at BLM officials and ranger federales, who were attempting to round up and remove "trespassing" cattle from allocated federal lands which belonged to Bundy.

Miller time: Patriot cop-killer Jerad gives interview during fed. standoff at Bundy ranch.

The Millers were part of this armed group, and Jerad himself is on video having been interviewed while on the 160 acre ranch. However, Jerad and Amanda were both kicked off the premises by Bundy family members - apparently due to the Millers being "too extreme", as well as Jerad's extensive criminal record. Jerad apparently took the rejection particularly hard. But being asked to leave the Bundy ranch for having "too extreme" views seems strange... especially since Cliven Bundy himself has shown his true colors as being a racist piece-of-shit. Since then many of his supporters, as well as conservative/Libertarian political commentators, have denounced the rancher's racist comments and distanced themselves from him. A video of Cliven Bundy's remarks can be viewed here:

As of now a potential massacre has been averted and Bundy won himself a battle. However, when dealing with a robotic, maniacal, multi-tentacled headless beast such as the American government, memories are long and almost nothing is forgiven. The federales are most likely working on a list of criminal indictments against Bundy. Unfortunately, the rancher has isolated himself and squandered most of the good will he's received. And in the wake of Jerad and Amanda's murder spree, the Bundy family has had to do their own distancing from a married couple to whom they had a very brief and awkward association with... who've since gone on to waste two cops at a cheap pizza buffet. 

Plus, even without the 'slavery/welfare/abortion' comments, it's difficult to muster sympathy for a rural NV rancher claiming rights to land that does not even belong to him, nor the U.S. govt. We're talking about land that actually belongs to Native Aboriginal people, but that fact seems to be completely absent from the Bundy ranch debate.

The armed confrontation between Bundy ranch defenders and federal authorities, as well as the media hyperdrive accompanying the situation, has brought up bad memories of other past govt. standoffs such as Ruby Ridge and the Waco siege - two infamous events in which things ended up very badly for both sides. Alas, the "Battle of Bunkerville", as the Bundy ranch standoff has been punningly referred to, ultimately turned out to be bloodless. Local sheriffs as well as BLM officials elected to call off their attempts to confiscate Bundy's cattle and back off (for now), in a bid to de-escalate an increasingly intense situation. No doubt some people had Ruby Ridge and Waco in mind when this decision was made.    

Jerad, in 'Joker' form, delivering a manic political diatribe via youtube. 

However far out the Jerad and Amanda's views were (which are still being pieced together post-mortem), the two certainly hated cops. This may have been for reasons both justified and personal, as husband Jerad had several criminal convictions ranging from drug dealing to petty theft.

Future cop-killers Amanda and Jerad exchange roses during 2012 wedding ceremony. - courtesy facebook 

Nerd Alert: Amanda Miller seen here w/ lame KISS impersonators, nerding out at a nerd convention. Later on, she would shoot a cop in the face.   

Of course, one can always faithfully count on mass corporate, lamestream media - unwaveringly consistent if nothing else - to take a slightly uncommon shooting and infuse it with a decidedly pro-cop agenda. It is already exceedingly rare for cops to die on the job, even more rare when such deaths come at the actions of violent perpetrators. And yet, this false, obscene narrative persists in major media that being a cop is one of the most dangerous professions there is. And that cops come under increasing threats from increasingly dangerous and armed criminals every year. Incidents like this certainly feed into that LIE. However, many would be very surprised to learn that 'law enforcement' is actually one of the safest professions there is. 

According to this PRO-POLICE memorial website, 105 pigs had their "end of watch" in 2013. But if their stats are to be trusted, barely over 40 of these deaths can be attributed to job-related, criminal aggressors. The rest, the majority were due to a variety of accidents and illnesses. 
See here:

By comparison, sanitation workers are twice as likely to perish on the job as cops. And their job is at least as important, if not more so! As a matter of fact, of the ten most dangerous jobs in the U.S., 'police officer' does not even make the cut! 

All three were armed. All three were trained, two vigorously so. And yet, it did not do them a damned bit of good. 

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  1. Fuck the pigs i have no sympathy for these Nazi bastards who murder us in cold blood and perjure themselves later and get away with it. Quit making excuses for these "hero" pigs, they deserved it. You will change you tune when they start rounding you up and killing your family. This is war sheeple, the sides have already been chosen and you're not cop so you're the enemy to them, wake the f up. I'd have a party to celebrate two less evil pigs in the world.