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Monday, October 20, 2014

Innocent Man Tasered By Pig... For Refusing to Show Papers!

Acts of police terrorism know no bounds. In the bleak dystopian pseudo-reality of the warrior cop, Civil rights do not exist, everyone is a suspect, and all are immediately subject to violent punitive measures. Like wild rabid dogs, any slightest bit of resistance (including individuals asserting their civil rights) can trigger absolute rage in these monsters.

On September 25th 2014, a passenger in Hammond, IN was electrocuted by a violent police thug... over an alleged seat belt violation! Jamal Jones was riding in the passenger seat along with girlfriend Lisa Mahone, who was driving. Mahone's two small children were back seat. At the time they were rushing to the hospital to see Mahone's terminally ill mother.

They were then pulled over by a gang member of the Hammond Police Gestapo (HPG) over an alleged seat belt violation (pretext/driving-while-Black). Mahone, the driver, was alleged to not have been wearing her seat belt. She produced her license as well as vehicle registration. She also informed the cop from the beginning that they were en route to see her dying mother, so a bit of urgency on the officer's part would have been greatly appreciated. Now at this point, such a petty, pissant traffic violation would typically end with - at WORST - a citation. However instead of letting Mahone get on her way, officer Dickhead decided to hyper-escalate the situation by turning his attention to Jones. Officer Dickhead demanded that Jones, the passenger, relinquish his identification. Jones initially asked why, as he was well within his right to do so. Jones eventually did hand over a ticket explaining that his own drivers license had been handed over already, due to not being able to make car insurance payments. This was not enough. When Jones continued to question this pig's motives, the cop then demanded that he immediately exit the vehicle. Alarmed and sensing his life may be in danger (and for damned good reason), Jones refused to get out of the car. By now, Mahone's 14 year old son Joseph, is sitting in the back seat, recording this incident on his cell phone. Contrary to official police LIES, this eye witness video proves Jone's claims that both he and Mahone were cooperative during the entire altercation.  

Jamal Jones moments before police smashed car window and tased him

At some point, another police thug appears and the two pigs continue their bullying and terrorizing tactics. Having held a car full of law-abiding citizens hostage for several minutes, while the driver's mother lies on her death bed, the two pigs grow tired of fishing for excuses. The second cop suddenly smashes the passenger side window, tasering Jones, and forcibly extracting him from the vehicle. This violent criminal act of aggravated assault was committed in full view of two minor children, sitting in the back seat. Mahone's seven year old daughter Janiya can be heard in the video crying, as these monsters attack Jones.

SUING: Lisa Mahone seen here, along with Jamal Jones and attorney Dana Kurtz.
Indiana Police Smash Car Window, Taser Man During Traffic Stop

Lucky to be alive: Victim of violent, revolting police attack, Jamal Jones is seen here next to his girlfriend Lisa Mahone. Mahone was driving along with Jones and her two children to the hospital to be with her dying mother.
Couple: Miss Mahone and Jones, who was later charged with resisting law enforcement and refusal to aid an officer, are now suing Hammond police for 'overstepping their authority'. Above, the couple

Jones was unjustly arrested and falsely charged with resisting arrest, as well as something called "failure to aid an officer", which sounds like a bullshit penal violation created and designed with the attended purpose of keeping "uppity" Black men in line. Thankfully, Jones and Mahone have filed a federal lawsuit against the Terrorist Hammond Police regime. According to their attorney Dana Kurtz, the two are accusing Hammond police terrorists of having violated their civil rights, excessive force, false arrest, and battery. In the suit, Hammond police terrorists have also been accused of 'malice' and 'reckless indifference'. These accusations are largely due to one cop having smashed the car window, shattering glass throughout the vehicle, knowing there were two minor children in the back seat.

Meanwhile, a panel discussion on a CNN show regarding this incident exploded in anger as panel guests argued the legitimacy of police stops and racist profiling. The heated debate took place on the CNN show 'Legal View' on Tuesday Oct. 7th. On the show, legal "analyst" and racist/clueless peckerwood Paul Callan argued that Hammond police thugs were "well within their rights" to electrocute Jones, abuse his civil rights, and terrorize a car full of innocent civilians on their way to be with a dying family member. However - Sunny Hostin, another legal analyst and woman of color, swiftly fired back, arguing that police were way out of line. In his attempt to defend abusive gestapo authoritarians and police-state terrorism, skinhead Callan denied that racism had anything to do with what had happened to Jones, Mahone, and her two children. Hostin lit into his cracker-ass some more, telling Callan to "GET REAL!", among other things. Good for her! 

"This family was tortured for over 13 minutes. Those children were traumatized. And guess what? The law as it stands right now probably protects the police officers' actions."- CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin


As of the publishing of this post, the federal lawsuit against the Hammond, IN police regime is pending. Most likely, months will pass before a final outcome is reached. Though caught on video, the two criminal pig-monsters involved in this grotesque act of violence have not been officially identified by name. 

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