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Friday, November 7, 2014

Austin Pigs CAUGHT on DashCam Making Rape Jokes

I've said time and time again that cops are every bit as misogynist as they are racist. Women are often subjected to sexual abuse, gender-based violence and dehumanizing taunts by those employed by city and state governments to serve to public. The following case should prove that women are in grave danger when it comes to police!

Two members of the Austin Police Gestapo (APG) were caught making degrading, and even threatening comments and jokes directed towards random women who were walking out in public. The hyper-sexist comments were recorded on their own dashboard- mounted camera, DOH! Sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise that these pigs are soo goddamned stupid - otherwise, we wouldn't know nearly as much of the shit they were up to!

The misogynist comments were made back in May of this year, but have only recently come to the public's attention. Footage of these two disgusting pigs was recorded on May 24th 2014 in Austin, TX - go figure. In it, two cops are sitting in their patrol car, shooting the shit with one another, discussing a minor vehicle accident they had just attended. They talk about how, "shit would get real for the bad guys"... which is ironic. After about a minute of mindless banter, a woman walks by, just out of sight of the dash cam. One of these pigs then catcalls, "Go ahead call the cops. They can't un-rape you." Laughter ensues. The video was later discovered by lawyer Drew Gibbs, who was investigating the very vehicle accident the two cops had attended. An internal investigation is now underway, but don't hold your breath waiting for these two filthy-ass pigs to be punished.

Caught on camera: Two police officers in Austin are being investigated by their department after their dash cam recorded a conversation between them discussing rape

According to local Austin radio station KXAM, the two Austin pigs have been identified as officers Mark Lyttle and Michael Castillo. Both currently remain on duty. The woman towards whom the "un-rape" comment was made has not been publicly identified. It is unknown whether or not she heard the cops.

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