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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Killer Cop Liang GUILTY in Gurley Murder!

The senseless murder of Akai Gurley was initially covered here back in late 2014. It had been a watershed year in terms of the slayings of innocent Black people at the hands of sadistic cops. The highly publicized murders of Eric Garner (July 17th) and Michael Brown (August 9th) that year, among several other barbaric police killings, was what gave rise to a sustained cause known as the Black Lives Matter movement. While most other cases have been frustrated by an almost complete lack of cop accountability, one murder from that year has received considerably more justice - Gurley killer Peter Liang has been found GUILTY

Previous entries on the   Gurley/Liang case can be reviewed HERE and HERE. For historical purposes, here is a brief recap: On November 20th 2014, rookie pig Liang, along with his pig partner Shaun Landau, were conducting a "routine" sweep of the Louis H. Pink housing development in Brooklyn, NY. Despite instructions to simply walk the perimeter of the building, officers Liang and Landau instead took it upon themselves to enter and traverse the building's stairwell. A "vertical sweep" as cops call it. At around the same time, Gurley, along with girlfriend Mellisa Butler, were leaving her apartment on the seventh floor. Since the elevator was in disrepair at the time, Gurley and Butler had no choice but to take the stairs. Thus, all the pieces for a fatal clusterfuck had been set into place. The two scumbag cops were on the 8th floor of the darkened stairwell, with Gurley and Butler on the seventh floor. At some point Liang heard a noise, and like a scared-ass cop he panicked and fired his service Glock in the direction from which the sound had come. The two civilians heard Liang's gun fire and ran for their lives. The couple had made it down about two flights before Gurley collapsed on the railing of the fifth floor. A single bullet from Liang's weapon ricocheted off the wall, hitting Gurley in the chest. As Butler desperately sought help from another of the building's tenants, pigs Liang and Landau were busy getting their story together. The two pigs spent several minutes arguing over whether to report the shooting to their supervisor - standard police protocol. They were really concerned about whether or not anyone had been injured. Eventually, Liang and Landau descended to the fifth floor... only to find their victim grievously wounded. Even though she had no formal CPR training, Butler was desperately trying to apply resuscitation efforts to Gurley. She was on the phone with a 911 operator (called by a neighbor), receiving guidance on how to aid Gurley. Liang and Landau both had CPR training - at least seven damned hours worth, as mandated for all cops in the state of New York. But instead of lifting a finger to help Gurley, they stepped over his dying body to "talk" to the fifth floor resident who had called 911. The two pigs continued to dick around for an unspecified amount of time. 

Around 20 minutes later, emergency medical workers finally appeared on the scene, but by then it was too damned late. Gurley died that night. He was 28 years old and completely innocent. He left behind a young daughter. Pigs Liang and Landau never called 911, never administered CPR per their training, and never called their supervisor per NYC police policy. Liang called his union representative instead... because he was more concerned about losing his sorry-ass job than saving a man's life.   

Rest In Power: Gurley pictured below.

Watched him die: Gurley's partner at the time, Mellisa Butler, pictured below. 

Fight for justice: The mother of Gurley's young daughter, Kimberly Ballinger, pictured along with her attorney Scott Rynecki. Photo taken in January 2015, as they prepare their case against the NYC Police Gestapo.

Partners in crime: Killer cop Peter Liang (left) and crony capitulator Shaun Landau. On Thursday February 11th, Liang was convicted of manslaughter in the November 2014 murder of Akai Gurley. The next day, his former partner Landau was properly sacked!

On Thursday February 11th 2016, a jury convicted Liang of manslaughter over Akai Gurley's death. The disgraced rookie cop now faces sentencing set for April 14th. He could get up to 15 years in prison, but we'll see. Liang could get lucky like Johannes Mehserle and end up doing less than a yearIncidentally, Liang's former partner and fellow rookie Shaun Laudau was fired the day after Liang's conviction. GOOD! It should seem obvious, but for the record Liang was himself unceremoniously fired, immediately following his conviction. Like the rotten scumbag criminal pig he is, Landau testified against his former partner during Liang's trial. In return, Landau did not face criminal prosecution himself. No honor among cops, it can always be said.

This particular case of police terror has garnered a unique juxtaposition rarely seen: the murder of an innocent Person of Color, at the hands of a cop who himself happens to be a PoC. Disgraced cop Peter Liang is of Chinese decent,which shouldn't matter because a pig is a dirty rotten pig. Unfortunately, this has caused some members of NYC's Asian community to rally in defense of Liang, despite his wanton sadism. Rightly or wrongly, suspicions have also been voiced that Liang is simply an Asian Scapegoat. An easy Mark, swiftly thrown under the bus by his former (mostly White) comrades. Such suspicions aren't unfounded, however. After all, Akai Gurley's murder, however egregious, is no worse than the police murders of many other Black male New Yorkers over the years... including that of Eric Garner. And yet Garner's killer, pig Daniel Panteleo, has never faced criminal charges. He, along with nearly all of his White comrades, walk the streets of NYC to this day. 

That given, many others within the Asian community have chosen not to give in to divisionist tactics... 
Solidarity against police terror!

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