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Friday, July 8, 2016

Cops on A Rampage, Cops on Ice: A Week In Review

It has been a heavy week, to say the least. Starting with the senseless police murders of two (more) Black men and ending with the sniper killings of five Dallas pigs, such events have had people openly speculating an impending race war. Add to that, a presidential election season that's gone full-retard, and a tense situation here in Portland, OR in which a right-wing terrorist pulled a gun on peaceful BLM protesters. All that said, Summer 2016 is promising to get very hot... and I'm not talking about the damned weather! 

Where to even start? How about those two murders, yes? On Tuesday, July 5th, Alton Sterling was murdered by cops in Baton Rouge, LO. Sterling was selling cds when he was tackled by cops, taken to the ground, and executed at point-blank range. Sterling was 37 years old. His killers have been identified as officers Howie Lake II and Blane Salamoni - both gang members of the Baton Rouge Police Gestapo(BRPG). Sterling's murder has been captured on graphic video, which has since gone viral. An anonymous cop-caller summoned 911, claiming that Sterling had been waiving a gun and menacing passer's by. However, the owner of a convenience store in front of which the murder occurred, insisted that Sterling never pointed a weapon at anyone and was not causing any trouble. Sterling died of multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back. The two vile pigs responsible for his death are currently on paid vacation, and the incident is under investigation. We'll see where that one goes... 

RIP: Alton Sterling seen here.

Killer cops: Sterling's murderers seen here.

The very next day, July 6th, Philando Divall Castile was gunned down by cops. This police terrorist murder happened during a routine traffic stop in St. Anthony, MINN, a suburb of St. Paul. Castile was in the driver seat when he was shot. His girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds, recorded her partner's murder on her cell phone. Reynolds was in the passenger seat, the couple's young daughter seating in the back. That video also went viral and again, is very graphic. The pigs involved in this ruthless murder have been identified as officers Jeronimo Yanez and Joseph Kauser, both of the St. Anthony Police Gestapo(SAPG). Same story: paid vacation for killers, horrific death for victim, investigation, outrage, protests, etc. Castile was 32 years old. He was absolutely innocent. 

RIP: Philado Castile seen here.

Watched him die: Castile's partner Lavish Reynolds seen here.

Killers: pigs Joe Kauser(l) and Jeronimo Yanez seen here.  

In response to overall police genocide of Blacks, including these latest twin murders, one citizen in Dallas, TX decided to take matters into his own hands. On Thursday July 7th, a sniper took out five members of the Dallas Police Gestapo(DPG), and injured at least seven other cops. This Act of Valor occurred during a BLM protest, which itself had been in response to the two aforementioned murders of Sterling and Castile. The sniper was Mikah Xavier Johnson, and military veteran, marine, and trained tactician. He had no ties to the BLM Movement, nor any other political group. He simply acted in accordance to his moral code, and instead of murdering innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan, doing the Empire's bidding, neutralized some real terrorists instead. Johnson was martyred when a robot-controlled device was exploded near him. Like Christopher Dorner before him, Johnson is a hero and a martyr - he died in action while performing his TRUE duty: protecting the American public from both existential and internal threats.

At the same time here in Portland, OR, a less deadly incident occurred, when a local right-wing lunatic pulled a loaded gun on activists during a protests in down town. On Thursday July 7th, protests were being held in front of the InJustice Center in dt Portland, organised by Don't Shoot PDX and BLM activists. This action was also in response to the murders of Sterling and Castile, as similar actions had been taking place all over the country (including Dallas). A "counter-protester" identified as Michael Strickland, 36, had pulled a gun on the unarmed protesters. Thankfully, no one was harmed and Strickland was promptly arrested. Strickland is a local right-wing racist thug, Trump supporter, and so-called "journalist" who's been known to harass and menace BLM protests in the past. He is also a youtuber who goes by the handle "Laughing At Liberals". Who's laughing now? His yt channel can be seen here. No harm came to Strickland, despite his wanton criminal acts, but he is facing multiple charges. More on him later. 

REAL terrorist threat: right-wing thug/Trump-supporter Mike Strickland seen here. Mug shot below.

That is it for now. Stay safe, stay vigilant. Lock and load.         

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