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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Black Teen Murdered By Nazi - Records Show Courts Lenient on Racist Killer

Many people have been gleefully egging on a race war this year, especially in wake of recent events. Clearly, some of these so-called "race warriors" can't wait, though.  

Hate-Crimed: Larnell Malik Bruce, pictured here. R.I.P.

Larnell Malik Bruce had recently moved in with family in Gresham,OR (a modest municipality adjacent to Portland). Bruce was at a 7-Eleven store on 188th and E. Burnside close to midnight on Wednesday August 10th 2016. He was reportedly charging his phone and talking with a friend. It was at this moment that Bruce was attacked by two white supremacist thugs without provocation. The two pieces of white trash were later identified as 38 year old Russell Courtier and his girlfriend/whore 35 year old Colleen Hunt. Bruce was standing outside the convenience store when the two white thugs drove up in a 1991 Jeep Wrangler. According to witnesses, within seconds a fist fight had broken out between the two men, with Hunt egging her boyfriend on. At one point, Courtier smashed Bruce's head into the store window, cracking the pane. Bruce pulled out a knife (which had been falsely reported in a few articles as a "machete") to defend himself. That's when the two Nazis decided to back away and use their vehicle as a weapon, instead. Bruce ran from the scene, with Courtier giving chase in his jeep - a coward true to form. Courtier attempted to run Bruce down, but missed the first time. The skinhead then jumped a sidewalk and darted across on-coming lanes of traffic, before hitting Bruce head on. The victim was found on the street moments later by cops and EMT personnel. He was bleeding profusely from his head. Bruce died from his injuries two days later. He was just 19 years old. The apartment where he had lived with his mother and younger brother was mere blocks from that 7-eleven. 

White Cowards: Russell Courtier and his Nazi rat bitch Colleen Hunt, mug shots pictured.

On August 18th, Courtier and Hunt were both indicted for murder. As of now, they are not facing enhanced hate crimes charges, despite the fact that the criminals are both white supremacists and the victim was Black. 

Courtier is a member of European Kindred - a white terrorist prison gang first founded at the Snake River correctional Institution in 1998. Its membership is small but known for extreme violence, and are mostly based here in Oregon. Far from disciplined soldiers fit for Hitler's Reich, however, EK are more white trash brutes culled from some of the most wretched ghettos in the state. Many EK members are drug addicts, most are functionally illiterate at best. Many end up as homeless retches after leaving prison, surviving merely by victimizing others even more weak and vulnerable (usually other whites). 

Despite all this, Courtier has benefited from his white privilege. One must keep in mind that Amerikkka does not typically punish its citizens for white supremacist politics or even white terrorism, per` say. And Courtier's rap sheet shows this: 

  • In 2011 he fired a gun illegally from his car, but was not at all punished due to police searching his vehicle without the proper warrant (something only whites get away with. Black people are illegally searched with impunity). 

  • In 2012 he smashed a woman's head in a windshield. For this aggravated assault, Courtier received only probation.

  • And on the night he attacked and murdered Bruce, Courtier was already on parole, having recently served two years in prison for attacking another woman with a knife.   

Just three prime examples culled from a long criminal history. A proven violent thug and menace, repeat criminal offender Russell Courtier should've been taken off the streets long ago. But he's been given break after break by a good-for-nothing legal system that coddles white supremacists like children. And of course, no harm came to the Nazi couple when Gresham cops finally apprehended them - having just committed a violent premeditated murder. Courtier and Hunt are both in jail now, facing murder charges but no hate crimes. They enjoy decent meals, protection, free shelter, a lawyer, and due process. This is all much more than Larnell Bruce ever got. It's much more than victims of police murder ever get. 

And it's awfully strange too, how such a brazen act of racial violence happened on August 10th, yet not make major headlines until damn near two weeks later. White supremacy/terrorism is REAL! It is the TRUE terrorist threat in this rotten country. Hopefully, Courtier and his rat girlfriend never make it out of jail alive. They both deserve to die, but there are many more out on the streets just like them. And they're not all covered in shitty prison tattoos, either. Many of these ticking time-bombs wear a policeman's uniform. 

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