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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Police Murders Of Terence Crutcher & Keith Lamont Scott

These goddamned pigs, they never skip a beat(ing) do they? Right, let's just cut to the chase, shall we?

Friday Sept. 16th 2016, Tulsa,OK

Terence Crutcher was driving back home from studies when his SUV stalled in the middle of the road. Stranded, Crutcher found himself in need of help. Instead, police arrived to a FALSE report of an "abandoned" vehicle(Crutcher never left the scene). Rather than insist the motorist in any way(which you'd think would be part of a cop's job - to serve the public trust), he was treated like a dangerous criminal right away. Ordered to put his hands up, Crutcher walked slowly back towards his vehicle, hands in the air, fingers pointed towards the sky. He then places them on top his SUV, his hands plainly visible. Without any provocation, Crutcher is then hit with a taser shock. He is then gunned down right there in the street. Crutcher falls to the side of his SUV, his white tee shirt soaking with blood. He was 40 years old. He left behind four children. Tulsa police officials claimed that drugs were found in his vehicle, as if that were any kind of excuse. Remember, when police first approached Crutcher, he had been accused of NO crime. Drugs were allegedly discovered in his personal vehicle after he was gunned down.

The vile pig who murdered him has been identified as officer Betty Shelby, of the Tulsa Police Gestapo(TPG). Shelby fired a single bullet into Crutcher's chest. She would later claim that she "thought" he was reaching into his vehicle for a gun. There is video of this, and as you can see in that video, Crutcher never attempted to re-enter his SUV. The windows are completely rolled up, so he never could have reached in to grab anything! No weapon was found inside the SUV. He was unarmed and compliant with police commands the entire time. Though initially placed on "paid administrative leave"(vacation, standard for all police murders), in a rare move, piggy Shelby has actually been charged with first degree manslaughter! The criminal complaint was filed by Tulsa County D.A. Stephen Kunzweiler on Thursday Sept. 22nd. One can speculate that because she is a woman(again, patriarchy), it's just easier to throw a female cop under the bus. Perhaps that is what's happening here. Video of Terence Crutcher's murder can be viewed HERE. Warning Graphic!

Tuesday Sept. 20th 2016, Charlotte,NC:

Charlotte cops were executing an arrest warrant at an apartment complex. In a nearby parking lot of the same complex, Keith Lamont Scott was sitting in his car. He was waiting for one of his children to be dropped of by the school bus. Scott, also a Black motorist, was not the subject of the arrest warrant. Details on this one remain a bit hazy for the moment. What is known is that Scott somehow gained the attention of cops, and he ended up being gunned down inside his own vehicle. He was 43 years old.

His killer has been identified as officer Brentley Vinson, of the Charlotte Police Gestapo(CPG). Vinson, who is also Black, has been placed on PAL/vacation, while an investigation is pending. Police officials, claimed Scott had a gun. His family says that he was reading a book instead. So we shall see how that turns out. It has also been reported that the victim was disabled as well. Several of the pigs on the scene were said to have been wearing body cameras, but so far that footage has not been released to the public. Following Scott's murder, heated protests broke out throughout the city. Several injuries, damage to cop cars, and at least one arrest have been reported. 

Much more to come...

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