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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Black Parishioners Slain By WHITE TERRORIST in Charleston!

Is it time to fucking riot, yet? Maybe some revenge? Looting? Arson? ANYTHING? Really, how much more mush we take? How much more must we turn the other cheek - until we put an end to this shit?!

Between racist murderous police and their civilian vigilante counter-parts, Black people in Amerikkka are clearly under siege! There has never been a more urgent need for innocent citizens to take up arms and DEFEND themselves against such terrorist threats! On Wednesday evening June 17th 2015 A church in Charleston, South Carolina, became the gory scene of a racist terrorist attack. A number of people were worshiping inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church Wed. evening when a White terrorist suddenly pulled out a gun and opened fire, murdering 9 Black churchgoers before fleeing in his car - a 2000 Hyundai GS. The White piece-of-shit has been identified as Dylann Storm Roof. The 21 year old gunman was arrested during a traffic stop on Thursday June 18th in Shelby, North Carolina, which is about 250 miles northwest of Charleston(Of interesting note, arresting officers managed to take Roof into custody, alive, without indecent). So far what is known about Roof, is that the weapon he used in the murders - a .45 caliber pistol - was given to him by his father as a birthday gift(Roof turned 21 just this past April 3rd, according to reports). He is a high school drop-out who grew up in Eastover, S.C. He is said to have had prior arrests for drug possession and trespassing. Roof is also a huge supporter of Apartheid - both in South Africa as well as in the Southern U.S. 

This photo from his facebook page shows terrorist thug Roof wearing a jacket depicting the flags of pre-Apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia.

White christian jihadi: terrorist mass-murderer Dylann Storm Roof depicted here. here's hoping this THUG gets the Death Penalty!

Security footage captures Roof entering the AME church's front 
doors, around 45 minutes before pulling out his birthday gun and murdering 9 people. One might wonder WHY a church would have security cameras in the first place - but that's a different topic.

As mentioned before, 9 parishioners were shot dead by the gunman. Their ages ranged from 26 to 87, and included that church's pastor Clementa Pinckey, age 41. Pinckey was also a state senator, as well as a consistent advocate for civil rights and racial justice. The other eight victims have also been identified and includes a grandmother and a woman who left behind three children. Roof is said to have entered the church unassumingly and sat with his victims during a bible study for nearly an hour. After some point, he pulled out the .45 caliber and started shooting people. Witnesses say he reloaded five times - clear indication that along with the gun, he brought enough ammunition to achieve a maximized body count. He deliberately left one woman unharmed, so that she would "tell his story" to the world... the sick fuck!

The nine victims of the AME church massacre. As you can see, the majority of the victims were middle-aged and elderly women. This ought to emphasize the sheer cowardice of the their killer!

As you might expect, the media coverage on this massacre has been... a mixed bag. Clearly there has been some stellar coverage, and some, not quite so. FOX News, for example, has opted to ignore the glaringly obvious fact that this was a racially motivated hate crime, and instead ran with the narrative that this was an "attack on faith". Other sources of media, as well as many opportunistic politicians are attempting to hijack this event to [once again] push forth a "gun control" agenda. Despite the fact that NO gun law would have prevented this terrorist act. And predictably, most in the media are going on the assumption that the racist mass-murderer must be "mentally deranged". It is a typical narrative, that most of these perpetrators are just "mentally ill". The lone White gunman - never the terrorist or thug... always crazy

America has a problem with terrorism, alright. And THIS is what it looks like!

The Emmanuel AME church where the terrorist attack occurred happens to have a long history. In fact, the church has been subjected to attacks by racist terrorists(state sanctioned and otherwise) since its founding in 1818, and has been burned to the ground at least once. One of its founders was Demark Vesey, a freed Black man who conspired to lead a slave revolt in Charleston. The plot was eventually foiled, however, and Vesey was executed without hesitation in 1822. The dysfunctional state of South Carolina itself has a deep history choked with racial violence and terrorism. Many of these issues persist to this day. In April earlier this year, Black motorist Walter Scott was murdered by a wretched scumbag [now ex]cop in neighboring North Charleston. The pig bastard who killed Scott, Michael T. Slager, has since been arrested and indicted for murder, but Scott's death remained a fresh topic when the AME church massacre took place on Wednesday. As a matter if fact, both Slager and Roof are reported to be cell mates at the Al Cannon Detention center, located in North Charleston. Needless to say, both of these putrid coward-ass scumbags are in protective custody.

#whitesupremacycharleston #whiteterrorism #whitethuggery

Dylann "Stormfront" Roof has been arraigned and charged with 9 counts of murder. His terrorist acts are being investigated as hate crimes, and Roof faces the Death Penalty. We shall see how that all goes, as well as the criminal case of former cop Michael Thomas Slager. After all, the deceased victims in both the church massacre and the police shooting were all Black, and their killers are both White. South Carolina does not have a good track record for handing steep sentences to racist White thugs who harm or murder Black people. This is simply the history and ugly truth of the state.

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