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Thursday, April 9, 2015

SC Pig Guns Down Motorist - Now Charged W/ MURDER!

Someone take Hell's temperature, the place may very well have frozen over. Yet another police murder has recently taken place. In North Charleston, South Carolina this time. Most of the elements are all the same - the victim is Black, the offending officer is a White, peckerwood piece-of-shit cop. Once again the murder has been caught on video. Far too often in just the recent past, even clear video evidence has seldom been enough to get a killer cop indicted by a grand jury. 

But this time things are a little different. This time, the pig involved went just a bit too far. Just days after gunning down an unarmed man running for his life, this pig has been charged with MURDER

On Saturday April 4th 2015 Walter Scott was pulled over by (now former) officer Michael Slager. The pretext given for Slager pulling Scott over was an alleged broken tail light. There are details still being worked out, but here are the base facts as follows:

33 year old (ex)cop Slager demands identification and registration from Scott. Words are exchanged between the two. At some point Slager tases Scott while he is still in his vehicle. Slager walks back to his patrol car. Scott, who was clearly and justifiably in fear for his life, exits his car and started running. Slager immediately gives chase, but then realizes he has a gun. So the (now former)cop pulls his service glock out and shoots Scott in the back 8 times. Slager walks up to Scott and handcuffs him, even as the victim lays face-down on the ground dying. Slager then jogs back to his patrol car about 30 feet away, picks up his stun gun, jogs back to Scott, and drops the weapon next to Scott's body. Scott, who was 50 years old, was unarmed and no weapon was ever recovered from his vehicle. He had once served in the U.S. Coast Guard. He leaves behind four children.

Death penalty for his killer! Walter Scott seen here.

A father taken away: Police murder victim Walter Scott seen here photographed with his children - Miles(l), Sebastian(bottom l), Samantha, and Walter Jr.
NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi

Murder in progress: Cell phone image stills of Walter Scott in green shirt. Running away from Slager who aims and fires at him. Another still shows Slager standing over Scott's bullet-riddled body. Slager appears to be kicking Scott's body, making sure he's dead.

U.S. hero murdered by common thug: Mugshot of Slager shortly after his arrest, left. Scott during his days as a Coast Guardsman, right.

In initial police reports, Slager would claim that Scott attempted to "wrestle him for his stun gun". Slager would also claim that he "feared for his life" and that he had no choice but to shoot Scott in "self-defense". These are typical cop LIES, and as with just about every other case of police murder, the official police report wildly differs from witness and/or video accounts. Thankfully, a brave citizen cop-watcher captured the murder on his cell phone. It contradicts Slager's claims of what happened on that day. As a direct result of this video evidence, Slager was arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday April 8th. He was also subsequently fired - no paid vacation, no "desk duty" while an already bias prosecutor takes his sweet time assembling an equally bias grand jury... FIRED! This is perhaps the main thing that sets this case apart from so many others. And it is why Slager will not be refereed to as "officer" here. One should not rejoice yet, though. Cops losing their jobs and facing criminal prosecution for murder isn't unprecedented - just rare. And this process has only begun. Don't forget that a completely innocent man is dead, who otherwise ought not be. It's going to be a long time before his killer sees the inside of a prison cell. It's far from a sure thing that even that much will happen. And if it does, who knows how long his sentence will be. After all, Oscar Grant's killer, disgraced former cop Johannes Mehserle, did barely 11 months in prison for his crime. So, the long arduous road to real justice has only just begun, and results befitting justice are far from promised. And since the media typically likes to dig into the history of police murder victims in order to dehumanize them postmortem, it is very much worth mentioning that ex-cop Slager himself has a history. To find out what that history is, you can view this article by The Root HERE

The citizen cop watcher who witnessed Scott's murder is Feidin Santana. It is his cell phone footage which depicts not only Slager firing eight rounds into Scott's back, but Slager also planting his police-issued stun gun next to Scott's body. Santana is a hero, no doubt about that. But now he had better watch his back - the police will be seeking revenge for exposing one of their own in the act of not only committing murder, but also desecrating the victim's body and attempting cover up his crimes afterwards. One must not forget that after Ramsey Orta filmed and exposed the police chock hold murder of Eric Garner in Staten Island, NYC terrorist cops have retaliated against him with a ferocious vengeance! Ever since Garner's death last July, Orta has been arrested no less than twice on phony gun and drug possession charges. Not only that, but his wife and several other family members have all been falsely arrested on bogus charges. More on Ramsey Orta in the next TC submission.      

Watching the cops who're now watching him: Feidin Santana seen here giving a media interview.
Feidin Santana is the bystander who captured Scott’s last moments on a cell phone camera.

Another Black family mourns: Walter Scott's parents Judy and Walt. Sr., along with brother Anthony Scott(l) give a press conference.

OUTRAGED and grieving: Walter Scott's family mourns, as they struggle to make since of a senseless murder.

On Friday April 10th, Mumia Abu-Jamal weighed on the police murder of Walter Scott. From his bed in the SCI Mahanoy prison infirmary in Frackville, PA, still recovering from untreated diabetes complications, Mumia gave his weekly commentary via Prison Radio. It is titled "Of Punks, Predators, and Pigs". The audio for that can be listened to HERE
Democracy Now's Jaun Gonzales recently wrote an op-ed for the New York Daily News titled, "When Will the Killings of Black Males By Cops Cease?" That article can be read HERE.

On Saturday April 11th, Walter Scott was laid to rest in Charleston

Ex-officer/lifelong pig Michael Slager is being held in the Charleston County jail, as of the publication of this entry. according to reports, he is being kept in complete isolation: any time his sorry worthless ass has to be moved, an entire cell block is cleared out and he is flanked by guards who surround him on all sides. This is all with good reason. According to one recently released person, "Slager wouldn't last a week in general pop.". No damned doubt, he wouldn't. Life's a bitch when you're living in fear. Now he knows what that's like! 

  He wouldn’t last one week in the general population before someone shivved his ass.” - Recently released former inmate John Aitchek

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