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Friday, February 17, 2017

Pregnant Teen Tased By Cop in NYC

Leave it to bastard-ass cops to reach new lows in humanity. A 17 year old pregnant girl was tasered by a worthless cop in The Bronx, NYC. This shocking (no pun intended) act of violence occurred on Friday February 10th 2017.

Welcome to Trump's America: same as the old America!

The victim has been identified as Dailene Rosario, a Bronx resident. She was reportedly 14 weeks along, but doctors have assured her the baby is fine. This disgusting assault was witnessed by dozens of citizens, and video of the assault has been captured. You can view it: HERE. As of now, the pig who deployed the taser has not been publicly identified. The entire indecent began on Friday night Feb. 10th around 10:00pm, when police were summoned to an alleged disturbance at the apartment complex where Rosario was living. According to reports, two young men - one of them Rosario's boyfriend - had gotten into a fight over a video game. When cops arrived, there had already been dozens of onlookers, including Rosario. At this point details get a bit sketchy, but it's been confirmed that cops attempted to enter Rosario's apt. without a warrant. When she rightfully refused them entry, cops started grabbing her. It was at this point that she was tasered, despite witnesses claiming that the girl was visibly pregnant. 

Rosario was charged with resisting arrest, harassment, and disorderly conduct. She was released the following day with a court date for March 28th 2017. The pig [unidentified] who tased the teen girl has been placed on paid vacation, and no other cops are facing disciplinary measures from the incident. There seems to be no word on whether the two young men involved in the original scuffle are facing charges.       

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