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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Video DESTROYS Cop Narrative in Michael Brown Case

As part of a new documentary, previously buried video evidence case brand new light on the murder of Michael Brown. You can read more about it, HERE. The truth shall always come out... even when buried under a mountain of police LIES! 

Police/media lies about Michael Brown committing a "strong-armed robbery" just shortly before he was gunned down by [ex]cop Derren Wilson on August 9th 2014 have proven to be just that - LIES. Previously suppressed surveillance video shows that Brown had actually been in convenience store the day prior. It later comes out that Brown was actually trading a bag of marijuana with one of the store employees for a box of Cigarillos. After making the exchange, Brown then hands box back to employee to hold until he returns to next day. This new evidence completely blows out of the water all the lies the general public has been told about Brown!   

Also, pig Wilson admitted in sworn deposition that Brown never tried to grab [Wilson's] gun, never resisted arrest. Probable cause for stopping Brown in the first place was never given. Wilson also admits to having used the word 'nigger' in reference to Blacks, and that he heard fellow pigs do the same. All this taken into context, means that the public has been LIED to for years. Evidence suppressed, victims vilified, while killers walk free. The deliberate demonizing of police murder victim Mike Brown followed a familiar pattern, typical for Black victims of police killings: 

  • First Brown was simply walking down the street minding his own business.

  • Then suddenly he was "fighting" with officer Wilson.

  • Then he was "grabbing" for Wilson's service weapon. 

  • Next thing we know, Brown is dead in the road, his body left there for hours in front of on-lookers.

Police officials stall for more than a month on releasing key info., only to come out with a slanderous video which falsely cast Brown in a negative light. Such a timeline of so-called "events" has always been suspicious, since it had always been cops driving the narrative. Now we KNOW that it was all lies; that Wilson was a racist bastard-ass pig and that he gunned down a 18 year old teenager in cold blood.       

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