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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hayes' Killer to NOT Be Indicted - Surprise, Surprise!

Well, can't say I'm at all surprised. This was very predictable. Yet another pig gets away with a racist murder. When will cops finally be held ACCOUNTABLE?! 

On Tuesday March 21st 2017, an [all-White] grand jury declined to bring criminal charges against Portland pig Andrew Hearst, for the February 9th murder of Quanice Derrick Hayes. The 17 year old Black teen was murdered by officer Hearst around 7:00 on the morning of Feb. 9th. Ever since then, the Portland Police Gestapo(PPG) have pushed the narrative that Hayes was an alleged robbery suspect who was "armed" with a fake gun. Although a replica/pellet gun was produced during a police press conference days after the racial killing, little context was provided as to the toy weapon. No official statements have been made yet, claiming that Hayes actually threatened cops with the fake gun, or whether it was in his hand or tucked in his pants, etc., or whether the damned thing belonged to the teen at all. Nearly a month and a half after Hayes' murder, and almost nothing more is known than on the day of his death. Though the police continue to throw shade over this case regarding Hayes, almost NO tangible evidence has been [yet] been produced that shows Hearst was justified in shooting the teen. And since there appears to be no video footage, nor witnesses other than the victim and his killer, the PPG have been driving the media spin here. 

In fact, the only real developments that have occurred since Feb. 9th is a medical examiner report stating that Hayes was shot three times - twice in the torso and once in the head. And of course, the recent news that Hearst won't be facing criminal indictment for murdering Hayes. As of this entry's publishing, Hearst remains on paid administrative leave (paid vacation). An event demanding transparency in this case has been scheduled for Wednesday March 22nd. And a public funeral for Hayes is scheduled to take place Friday March 24th. More on this as developments come about...    

Dirty Deeds: Officer Andrew Hearst seen here, accepting an award for murdering civilians, as well as other cowardly acts.

The following is a copy from a Portland Copwatch transcript emailed to all recipients on Tuesday March 21st:

"Hi again folks
Sorry for the 2nd bulk email in a day, but thought folks would want to 
know that the Grand Jury did not indict Officer Andrew Hearst for shooting 
Quanice Hayes on Feb. 9. While in the broad sense this is no surprise, the 
fact that the DA dragged out the grand jury process so long when the only 
know witnesses are the cops and the teen who was killed... gave some 
people hope that there was other evidence that would put Hearst before a 
criminal jury.

There's still the internal investigation, but the last time an officer was 
found out of policy was Officer Frashour in 2010-- and we all know how 
that went (he was fired, then the City was forced to rehire him).

The family's news conference with Don't Shoot Portland is listed on the 
facebook event page as being at 9 AM at the Portland Building tomorrow 
morning, which I imagine is not coincidentally 30 minutes before the 
Council convenes inside that building. I'm thinking here that Mayor 
Wheeler said he will continue to eject people from individual Council 
meetings if they interrupt but just won't issue a long-term exclusion 
until a federal court rules on their Exclusion Ordinance.

In regards to police accountability, the only really interesting item on 
the agenda is the 2nd reading (no public testimony) of an ordinance to 
give $2 million to the PPB so they can buy training ammunition. Which 
really doesn't look good right after a cop gets off the hook for killing a 
(possibly unarmed) African American teenager. Commissioner Eudaly 
indicated she plans to vote against that ordinance, but it only needs 3 
votes to pass..."

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