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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Portland Rapist Cops Ravage Woman at Wedding, Suit Claims

Two Portland pigs, along with the Portland Police Gestapo(PPG), have been named in a newly filed lawsuit. The suit claims that two off-duty pigs attacked a woman at a wedding in 2015, threatened her life, falsely accusing her of theft, and yanked down her strapless dress, exposing her bare breasts. Jessica Stradley is the victim/plaintive in this case, who filed the suit. The two pigs named are officers Patrick Mawdsley and Matthew Ginnow - both gang members of the PPG. The sexual assault occurred at a residence in Boring, OR in August 2015, where a wedding reception was held, according to court documents. Stradley is reportedly seeking $412,500 in damages.

Violated: Jessica Stradley and her husband Cory. Stradley pictured wearing dress that Portland cops reportedly ripped off. 

On Aug, 22nd 2015, Stradley along with her husband Cory Stradley, had attended a wedding party in Boring, OR. There were 200 - 250 guests, many of whom were cops. Neither Stradley nor her husband are cops themselves, but Cory was friends with the groom Ryan Mele, who was/is a Portland pig. 

According to court documents: Mawdsley had falsely accused Stradley of stealing someone's purse. She adamantly denied this, with her husband Cory stating that it would be ridiculous to try and steal something at an event so heavenly attended by police. Despite the couple's protests, Mawdsley and Ginnow tackled the wedding guest. One cop shoved her into another, causing her to be knocked to the floor. When Stradley got back up, she was pushed into a pole, cutting her head. When she attempted to walk away, Mawdsley pulled her strapless dress down, exposing her breasts. This was all said to have occurred in front of many witnesses, with several other [unnamed] off-duty cops participating in the gang assault. While leaving the house, the couple said they would call the police. To which one replied, "Go ahead and call the f****** police! WE ARE THE POLICE!" When Mr. Stradley tried to get the names of those involved, one told him, "Go ahead and call Clackamas County. I'll tell them your wife punched me in the face. Who do you think they're going to believe? You guys, or a bunch of cops?" Another cop said, "We know Clackamas County deputy sheriffs, we know lots of them, and they'll be happy to come down and do a report." In addition, the suit also claims that one cop clamped his hand around Stradley's throat, telling her, "I'm going to f****** kill you!" 

Mrs. and Mr. Stradley were never arrested nor charged with any crime, as they did nothing wrong. But in the suit, Mrs. Stradley claims that because of the incident, she suffers pain, PTSD, humiliation, symptoms of brain injury, and injury to her left shoulder, and various other bruises. A good-looking, White couple. Friends among cops, supposedly. Mr. Stradley was friends with the police groom. Yet, look at how they treat him and his wife. Now, how do you think these pigs regard the rest of us?        

It is an accepted fact that most cops are every bit as misogynist as they are racist. The rates of women having been sexually assaulted by cops are unacceptably high. And with women of color, they doubly face the risk of being killed, as well raped. Rape culture is endemic amongst every police regime in the country. The wedding assault in Boring, OR clearly proves that the Portland Police regime is no different. And even though that incident happened in 2015, now that we've got a real scumbag occupying the White House that openly admits to molesting women, it seems that the gloves are truly off. Women everywhere should watch their backs around cops. Even if you're White and have close associations with cops, you are not safe.    

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