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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


So it's been a while since the last entry was published, and you might be aware that a few exciting (or deceptively banal) things have happened. I can't, not will I attempt to cover them all here. So I've chosen a few that seemed more predominantly newsworthy. This isn't necessarily in order here...


On Tuesday April 4th 2017, reports of an alleged chemical gas attack in Syria started to flood media outlets around the world. President Bashar Al-Assad, whose country has been in a multilayered  civil war free-for-all for the past six years, was accused of using government forces to attack a rebel-held town in Syria's Idlib Province. As a result, fake president Trump(FPT) launched an ineffective missile attack on one military depot in Syria on April 6th. Trump cited his "sudden concern" for a handful of dead Syrians, as well as "national interests" for his authorization for the tomahawk missile strike. Never mind Trump's illegal Muslim travel ban, as well as his general drumming up of snarling anti-Muslim bigotry, which had been one of the cornerstones of his campaign last year. Oh, and never mind that Trump once opposed intervention in Syria. That was a position he held as recently as 2013. In fact, his isolationist "America First" horseshit had been the number one theme of his campaign. All those Alt-Right dumbfucks who voted for Trump did so for this reason, more so than any other. And that leads directly into another unattended - and hilarious - consequence: Trump's unwarranted intervention in Syria over an alleged gas attack proved that he is just another globalist puppet war monger - no different from Obama, Bush, the Clintons, etc. So, the Alt-Right along with many of its self-imposed "leaders" have been in a hysterical frenzy ever since. It's been soo bad that 4chan's /pol/, once a stronghold hive for virginal Trump fanboys and racist trolls alike, has been inundated with denouncements against Der Fuhrer since the missile strikes! Now who would've seen that coming?  


Walking human meme and avowed Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer can't seem to get any respect, the poor boy. Spencer, a self-identified White Nationalist (really, just a racist Nazi prick) has been one of the main dingleberries of the Alt-Right movement since it bubbled up from the sewer in 2015. Spencer was famously punched in the face by a member of Antifa, as he was giving a street interview in Washington D.C. on the day of Trump's fake inauguration. But even he has gone from being one of Trump's biggest fanboys, to sharply criticizing Der Fuhrer over those Syrian missile strikes. You see, for some baffling reason many people actually believed Trump when he was campaigning on a platform of "America First", isolationist, no new wars, etc. So, when Trump proved himself (predictably) to be just another globalist puppet war-mongerer, many of his supporters were shocked - SHOCKED, I tell you! This included Spencer, who lead a D.C. rally protesting military strikes in Syria on Saturday April 8th. To be perfectly clear, Spencer and the gang of White Supremacists who accompanied him are in no way anti-war, so much as isolationist and nationalist. Video of the rally depicting them chanting, "We want WALLS, not war!" proves their racist agenda.

At some point, the Alt-Right boneheads were confronted by Antifacounter-protesters who shouted, "Nazis go home!" and "Nazi Snowflake!". A lot of shouting back and forth happened, as well as some pushing and shoving. D.C. cops were on hand to prevent any major violence from breaking out - but mostly to protect the White Supremacists. Spencer and his entourage were forced to flee, trailed by both police and antifascist activists alike. Spencer eventually made it inside a cab, but was either forced out or pulled from the cab minutes later after reportedly insulting the Indian driver (word of advice, Rich, you might not want to insult the driver of your getaway car next time, fyi). Spencer was subsequently punched in the face [again], as well as glitter bombed. Poor Richard... just can't catch a break, huh?  


I first covered the murder of Terence Crutcher back in Sept. 2016, an unarmed Black motorist who was gunned down by a bitch cop in Tulsa, OK. Officer Betty Jo Shelby (who has since been fired and charged with 1st degree manslaughter) approached Crutcher on Friday Sept. 16th, after his SUV had stalled along a highway. Officer "Becky" shot Crutcher in the back in cold blood, and would later claim that she "feared for her life". This, despite the fact that video footage from a police helicopter (incidentally being manned by Shelby's husband officer Dave Shelby, more on him HERE) clearly shows Crutcher walking away from her with his hands in the air. And even though an autopsy result reportedly yielded trace amounts of PCP Crutcher's system, it's obvious from the Tulsa police's own video that he never posed a threat to anyone. 
Bad Cop...

Former officer Shelby is scheduled to stand trial in May 2017. But lately, she's gone on a media blitz, telling typical cop LIES while smearing the citizen she murdered. During a 60 Minutes interview which aired in late March, the racist dirty bitch described her current situation as being, "no different than that of a lynch mob". All the pretrial self-promotion she's been doing has warranted District Court judge Doug Drummond to give her a judicial smack down. In fact, participants involved in this case - including Shelby's defense team - had been asked to deactivate all their social media accounts prior to trial.   


When above-the-law corporations and police partner up with each other, THIS is what it looks like!
On Sunday April 9th 2017, a passenger was ruthlessly dragged off a United Airlines flight at Chicago's O'Hare. In its insatiable, money-grubbing thirst for profit$, United had carelessly overbooked one of its flights from Chicago to Louisville, KY that Sunday night. A doctor identified as David Dao was told to relinquish his seat to accommodate a United employee. The 69 year old doctor refused, as he needed to get back to his practice in Louisville to see patients. Plus, he was already a paying customer. Asserting his Rights was a "mistake" on Dr. Dao's part, because that's when fascist United management sicced the dogs on him. Video from the mobile devices of several other passengers show Dao having been beaten up, blood running from his mouth, forcibly dragged down the aisle of the plane by gang members of the notorious Chicago Police Gestapo(CPG). In response to the horrific incident, filthy money-grubbing United CEO Oscar Munoz blamed the victim for being violently attacked by police thugs! Dao has since been treated for his injuries. He has also lawyered up, and threatening legal action against United. Good for him!   

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