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Friday, August 1, 2014

Portland Police Nazi Kruger to be Exonerated... WHAT?!

Police captain Mark Kruger is probably the most notorious cop in Portland,OR who hasn't actually killed anyone. Most eminently known for being a shameless Nazi sympathizer who pays homage to dead Nazi war criminals, pig Kruger has also been known for harassment of and retaliation against fellow comrades, as well as violence against peace activists. 

Kruger has a long history here in Portland, which Targeting Cops had previously chronicled a few years ago. Kruger has faced accusations of being a not-so-closeted Nazi-lover going back more than 20 years. In the past the Portland Police Gestapo - who vigorously had his back - along with his personal attorney, would have us all believe that Kruger were simply a mere WW2 buff with no White supremacist political affiliations. However, dedicating a shrine to Nazi era German WW2 soldiers (including the erecting of plaques in honor of dead Nazi war criminals) would seem a tad enthusiastic for someone who were but a mere "war buff". The plaques were nailed to a tree (vandalism) in Rocky Butte, a public park here in Portland, sometime between 1999 and 2001.

Also, prancing around town in Nazi cosplay, whenever he wasn't donning his regular [police issued] fascist uniform:

But in addition to his creepy Nazi obsession, pig Kruger has also gotten into hot water over allegations of evidence tampering, intimidation, violence, and harassment of co-workers. Now the city of Portland is poised to pay out tens of thousands to settle a legal claim involving the Portland police goose-stepper.

Former police lieutenant Kristy Galvan accused cappo Kruger of workplace harassment and retaliation in 2013. Galvan filed a formal notice with intent to sue the city the same year. Because of this notice, Galvan was demoted from lieutenant down to sergeant. In recent settlement talks, Galvan will be paid $50K to basically, keep her mouth shut and not push the issue any further. Hush money.

Smiling fascist: Kruger seen here in this photo believed to have been taken in 2003, while tending to an anti-war protest in downtown Portland. He and other cops had faced federal lawsuits over alleged violence against peace activists during this time. 

Kruger was initially suspended for 80 hours without pay in 2010 for the 'weird Nazi shrine in a public park' thing. He later had removed the plaques while facing federal lawsuits for alleged brutality against anti-war protesters sometime between 2002 and 2005. He handed over the plaques to the city attorney's office where they were stashed for years (and withheld from lawyers representing plaintiffs in those fed. suits)  - until an Internal Affairs investigator managed to get hold of them several years ago. Kruger himself had filed notice with intent to sue the city in January 2013 over claims of "defamation" (he was sick of co-workers calling him 'Nazi' behind his back, sensitive baby). Now as part of this new settlement with the city, not only will $50K be paid out to an ex-female cop who had to endure bullying, intimidation, and threats from Kruger - but the SS officer will also be exonerated of two past disciplinary actions taken against him: the 80-hr suspension as well as a written reprimand for his retaliation against Galvan. Oh, and the city will also give this filthy Nazi thug $5,000 (money he feels he's entitled to over the 80-hr. suspension). Oh, and he will also receive 80 additional hours of free vacation time. Being a piece-of-shit sure pays off, huh?

Sieg Heil: gay-for-Hitler cop Kruger gets two disciplinary actions stricken from his record, and wins himself a cool $5K in a recent settlement with Portland.

One might wonder why Mark Kruger hasn't been fired by now, he's one of the biggest (and most embarrassing) liabilities this city has. Then again, the Portland Police Gestapo has [currently] amongst its ranks several cops who've actually killed innocent people. So being a weird creepy Nazi fetishist who gets off on pushing around women probably is not in much danger of losing his sorry-ass job anytime soon. And again, Kruger is well known by both name and ugly mug - so people will always know who he is and what he did. 

But that said, it is still inexcusable that any cop - let alone a particularly arrogant one - would be allowed to have a clean slate as part of a "deal" so that the city of Portland won't have to be sued by either him or one of his former subordinates. 

Kruger currently heads the Drugs and Vice Division of the Portland police. No word yet as to what he plans to do with his 80 hours of free vacation. Hopefully, he'll stay his ass out of our public parks.  

Local activists gather outside Portland City Hall on Saturday July 26th to express outrage over city settlement which erases disciplinary actions from Kruger's personal file, awards him $5K, and gives him 80 hours of vacation time for his "troubles".

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