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Thursday, February 26, 2015

No Federal Charges Against George Zimmerman

On Tuesday February 24th, the U.S. (In)justice Department announced that it would not be going forward with Civil rights charges against racist cowardly child-murderer, George Zimmerman. Surprise, surprise!

The announcement came at the end of a federal inquiry into whether Zimmerman had committed Civil rights violations, when he gunned down Trayvon Martin on February 26th 2012. Trayvon's murder took place in Stanford, FL. It was a crime that galvanized the country and drew international attention, more than two years before Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Officials from the DoJ stated that there was "insufficient" evidence that Zimmerman was in violation of any hate crimes statutes, when he gunned down Trayvon. Zimmerman is White-Hispanic, though self-identified as White up until February 2012. Martin was Black and unarmed. He was 17 years old at the time of his murder, and had just left a convenient store carrying candy and juice. Zimmerman, now 31, was acquitted of murder charges in July 2013, after which, the federal inquiry was launched.

Once again, Zimmerman manages to worm his way out of receiving his just due, as he seems skilled at doing. Meanwhile, today Thursday February 26th marks the three-year anniversary of Trayvon Martin's murder. Targeting Cops has provided extensive coverage on the Trayvon/Zimmerman case. Archived pages can be viewed below:

- Zimmerman's murder trial HERE.
- Defense rests in Zimmerman trial HERE.
- Trayvon murderer gets off HERE.
- Expose` on D.A. Angela Corey HERE.
- Racists trolls crowd-fund to get Zimmerman gun HERE.
- Zimmerman stockpiles arsenal HERE.
- Zimmerman assaults girlfriend HERE.


George Zimmerman may be free to walk the streets, but his sorry ass is marked - let there be no doubt about THAT! So he can squirrel away as many guns as he wants, con whomever he wants, make all the T.V. appearances he wants, sell as much plagiarized artwork on eBay as he wants. Here is an inescapably solid TRUTH: where ever he hides out or holds up, Zimmerman will be looking over his shoulder for the REST of his miserable, worthless shit life! And that is a curse I would wish upon no one, but my worst enemies. So for his [own] sake, hopefully he's saving up his money (however he's getting it) to buy himself a tiny desert island. Because he could sure as Hell could use it!

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