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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pigs Murder 74 Yr-Old Retired Vet, During Welfare Check!

It goes without saying that War veterans typically face many obstacles and hardships after returning home. Many are lucky to rebuild their lives and enjoy longevity. For Black veterans however, the situation is a little bit different. For many of them (and this is historic), combat operations don't always end, after coming home. For Black vets, the enemy combatants often turn out to be goddamned cops. 

Mary Battle, James Allen's sister seen above.

A 74 year old retired army veteran named James Howard Allen has been gunned down by cops in his own home during a so-called "welfare" check. Allen's murder took place in GastoniaNorth Carolina on Saturday February 7th 2015. Allen, a veteran of the Korean war, just had heart surgery, and his family was concerned about his well being. They had requested a welfare check for him, but unfortunately, this typically involves cops. As has been proven over and over again, cops are not at all equipped to conduct simple welfare checks, nor attend to people's general well being. As a matter of fact, many cops actually take offense to the notion that their job description might include such things. Cops are like wild animals; all they know is violence and death. Even when these animals [supposedly] mean well, too often all they end up doing is ruin people's lives and fuck things up! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Army vet James H. Allen, seen here. Allen survived the Korean war and decades of Southern Apartheid. He was shot and killed by a skinhead cop on Feb. 7th.

According to reports, a family member was concerned about Allen's well being, who was recovering from recent surgery, and requested a welfare check. One cop went to the retired vet's residence Saturday night around 10:30 and knocked on the front door. However, there was no response. An hour later police showed up again, with members from the Gastonia Fire Dept. as well as emergency medical services. At some point a decision was made to break into the home. It was later reported that Allen was hard of hearing, and likely was never aware that authorities nor family were attempting to contact him. When cops broke into his home, failing to announce themselves, a startled Allen grabbed a gun, rightfully thinking they were intruders. Before he knew what hit him, the 74 year old retired vet was blown away. Officer Josh Lefevers of the Gastonia Police Gestapo (GPG) is the pig directly responsible for Allen's murder. Lefevers has been a gang member of the Gastonia Terrorist Police regime since August 2012. No other officers on the crime scene have been identified, as of yet. Police chief Robert Helton held a press conference on Sunday Feb. 8th. Typically, the police version of what had happened differs wildly from what family and friends think happened. Another great big fuck-up on behalf of the police, that will take months to clean up. Allen's brother-in-law Robert Battle told reporters that (Allen) was probably asleep, and was awakened to what he thought were intruders breaking into his home. Long time friend Otis Thompson provided similar accounts, saying that his first reaction would have been to, "grab a gun too". And justifiably, who could blame him? "You kicked the man's door in! He's in his own house, the privacy of his own home!" Thompson remarked. Allen's sister Mary Battle, commented that police were "probably frightened" but made the point that her brother "wouldn't hurt a fly".

Gastonia police chief peckerwood Robert Helton seen here.

Obese, skinhead cop Josh Lefevers seen here.

By now, most of you reading this should know the drill, as it is very predicable: officer involved has been placed on "administrative leave", or paid vacation. An as-yet assembled grand jury will fail to bring an indictment against officer Lefevers, a month or two later. Meanwhile, the N.C. Bureau of Investigations is looking into the matter. Their investigation will take around a year, give or take. That investigation will conclude that officer/s acted in accordance with their training, but will "recommend" policy changes and maybe a review of the police dept's training. And Allen's family will get a little settlement money from the city and Gaston County, within which Gastonia lies. With the threat of criminal prosecution gone, Lefevers will be allowed to walk the streets once again, armed to the teeth, with a renewed thirst for blood. James Allen will have long since been laid to rest, and Black genocide will continue in North Carolina.      

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